I’m going to Miss You Folks

February 27, 2011

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I find it’s impossible for me to stay up with the current news and blog.  My life has become extremely complicated.  There is so much that needs my attention at the new place.  I have several more things to move from New Mexico. I’m still trying to go up to Fort Worth a couple of times a week to be with my wife.  I feel horrible but I am going to stop blogging.  This is the last Will Cooper blog.  It has become stressful on me trying to find a moment to get on the computer.  Many emails I never get to read.  I still have to restock this new place with cattle and hire some help. I need a day stretcher.  I could use 48 hours each day.

It has been an honor to have you buy my paintings and another one for you to read my blogs.  I’ll even miss my liberal friends trying to prove me wrong.

I promised Lex we would go around the world. Once her mom can walk then we are leaving even if I have not stocked the ranch. My concern is Mr. Obama will lead us into a third World War and we may never get to take the trip.  He has handled Egypt and Libya as poorly as possible.  Jimmy Carter would never have been this bad.

May the love of Jesus Christ fill your hearts as you join me in praying for our great country.  You are the greatest people in the world.  Saying goodbye is very difficult, but I must face reality.  I can’t find the time to do it all.    Yours forever, Will


Qaddafi says Obama is Muslim

February 24, 2011

Obama called this man a friend.

Remember right after President Obama was elected.  Qaddafi (I’m not sure how to spell his name. I’ve seen it five different ways) said it’s wonderful to have a Kenyan Muslim Brother in the American White house.  He repeated this and similar statements several times. Do you think that is why so many American’s believe Obama is Muslim?  Or is it because Obama said the Islamic call to prayer in the evening is the most beautiful thing he has ever heard?  Is it because he had to say he was Muslim to attend school in Indonesia?  Look, I’m just a broken down Texas cowboy with a country education. We have a saying down here,” Where there is smoke there is fire.”

It was 9 days before Obama spoke out on Qaddafi. Then he never mentioned Qaddafi by name. As most of you know a lot of Obama’s campaign money came from Libya. Most of you have already forgotten the Chrysler deal with Fiat.  If you recall Mr. Obama shoved that deal through, telling Chrysler to take the deal or he would take their car company.  Do you remember that Qaddafi is a partner in Fiat?  Was Mr. Obama beholden to Qaddafi for helping him get elected.  The car deal makes more sense now than back then. Could this be why Obama has backed off clamping down on Libya?

Qaddafi wouldn’t allow our airplanes to land to get our people out. They were forced to take ferrys.  George Bush would have told Qaddafi, “I’m sending transport planes to evacuate our people. You get in the way or bring harm to my people then I’ll finish what Ronald Regan started. I’ll blow your butt into tiny pieces.”

Do any of you out there that believe Obama is not weaker than Jimmy Carter?  If there were any doubts this Qaddafi thing has proved beyond all doubt he is weaker than Millard Fillmore.


Ps I don’t get much time on the computer. My days are full arranging moving back. I need to go see Lex, but I don’t have time.  I appreciate all of you who read my blogs.

Ohio is Next

February 22, 2011

Obama couldn’t saddle Reagan’s horse.  It’s a shame for Obama to call himself ‘the Gipper’.

The Union thugs are being bussed in from all over the country to protest in Madison, WI.  Pat, one of my trusted readers from NC sent me a letter from her friend who lives in Wisconsin. The letter painted an ugly picture of how the union people are trashing the Capital.  They are eating pizzas by the truck loads, smearing cheese and pizza sauce all over the floors and banisters.  Like when the Democrats marched on Washington they left a filthy mess.  The Wisconsin union thugs had pictures of Governor Scott Walker with a Hitler moustache.  Had this been the TEA Party people we would have been on national news.  Doctors are giving out fake sick notices to any who ask. This is illegal and those doctors should lose their licenses. Nothing will happen, because they are Democrats.

Ohio is next.  Obama is already rallying the Union Thugs to invade Ohio like they were sent in bus loads to Wisconsin.

May I remind the president with his own words.   We won, you lose.  Wisconsin and Ohio won and Obama loses. He sees what’s happening and realizes this is his Waterloo. He will not win in 2012. The people have spoken and they don’t want what he has to offer.

Our prayers are for Ohio and Wisconsin to hang tough. We need you to stand strong. We the People are behind you.

One note on the schools. Wisconsin 8th graders have 66% scoring, well below average. Only a tiny % qualify for the basics. These kids are being schooled by teachers who cut classes to protest against the Governor.  Their students are at the bottom of the nation. Their teachers are among the highest paid in the nation.  Teachers, go back to work and do your job. We are tired of your lying about being sick.  Thanks Pat, my time is short blogging.    Will

Cowardly Democrats

February 21, 2011

When the cowards in Texas ran up to Ardmore, Oklahoma the second time, Governor Rick Perry canceled their state credit cards and sent trucks to pick up the state cars they were driving.  Within one day they gave up using their own money and returned to work. Scott Walker needs to cut off funding for his running Democrats. Nothing gets a Democrat’s attention like spending his/her own money.

Some of you have asked about our new ranch. Lex’s and my new ranch is north/east of the old place about 50 miles.  We still have the rolling hills covered with live oaks. We have less mesquite trees on this place. The previous owner had them removed.  We have a running creek on the property. County records shows the creek has not gone dry since records have been kept. The ranch house is old, but we will make do until we can build.  The barns are well-kept and the place is surrounded in deer fence.  I have not counted but we do have an abundance of deer.  What I like best is we are no longer in the Mexican Drug Route.  Will and Lady Lex

Ps.  Lex’s mom will have her operation next week.

Why we can’t trust the Democrats.

Scott Walker for President

February 20, 2011

Scott Walker came out swinging. Look out Mr. Obama or you will catch a quick right hook from Scott.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a politician standing behind what he promised when he was running. When the fighting got hot the Democrats did what they always do.  They ran. I remember a few years ago a bunch of Democrats from Texas ran up to Ardmore, Oklahoma to not vote on state re-districting. They were cowards then and these in WI are cowards now.

On top of that teachers are being given fake doctor slips so they have an excuse to stay out of school.  Liberal doctors are passing out slips like Santa does candy at Christmas. They are being paid to teach. Most of the WI teachers earn over $100,000 a year. If I were Scott Walker, I would fire all those with the fake doctor passes. The teachers are being stupid, in fact if they don’t pass Walker’s bill  12,000 will lose their jobs.

With respect Mr. President, take care of our budget and let the state’s handle their own. You have enough to do without getting involved in the mess in WI. Obama acted quicker to condemn Scott Walker than he did Mubarak.  Look what Obama is trying to do to Arizona. I get the feeling he hates state’s rights.

On a personal note. We found a new place. The deal has been made and I’m beginning to move back to Texas.  Money has changed hands and we ended up in pretty good shape. Lex is staying with her mom. I stopped by on my way to New Mexico. I sure miss that gurl.  Will

Home Alone

February 11, 2011

Thomas Jefferson’s Desk. I wonder what he would say about Mr. Obama’s handling of Egypt?

I’m all alone. Lex’s mother slipped on the ice and broke her hip. Lex is staying with her mother while I nail down a contract on our new property. It’s too early to tell, but we think her mom will need a hip replacement. They are now living in Fort Worth and the weather has been horrible. The problem with that part of the country is the sun comes out during the day and melts the snow. Then at night the melted snow freezes making what is fondly called, “Black Ice”.  Lex will stay as long as her mom needs attention.

I read this afternoon, President Obama was watching the television when he learned of Mubarak stepping down. No wonder the world thinks we are incompetent. What world leader has to learn what’s going on by watching television. You can thank your president when the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt. Mr. Obama has handled this situation poorly.  Make no mistake, 84% of Egyptians favor Shari Law.  80% want to toss the Camp David accord and break friendship with Israel.  64% say they have positive feelings toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Only 16% say no to those radicals.  In truth Obama handled Egypt worse than Jimmy Carter did Iran.

Got stuff to do. Will

Hardball’s Chris Mathews says NO Long Form Birth Certificate

February 6, 2011

Chris had a tough time on Hardball trying to explain why no one can find Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate.  He finally said there is no long form. We have to go with the computer generated version. It’s funny to watch the liberal media trying to cover up for the lack of proof that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii.  From what I’ve read, if Mr. Obama Sr. is his father then he has a dual citizenship.

I suspect when the truth is learned we will find Frank Marshall Davis is his DNA father. Thus making both his mother and father American citizens.  Davis is an admitted pedophile, who spent a lot of time with Mr. Obama Jr’s mother when she was a teen.  Davis wrote in his papers about having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Then if he was adopted by Sortoro, as is thought, then he would be required to give up his American citizenship and there are no records of him ever re-applying for his American citizenship.

This is why 11 states are passing strict citizenship laws for the 2012 elections.  If we were fooled once, the states want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Lex and I are watching the Super Bowl at a Green Bay Packer fan’s  home. Uggg. I hate both teams.  Will


February 4, 2011

We drove to Corpus Christi to escape the freezing weather and we ran into more snow down here.

The Democrats should abandon their party after what they have done to our energy problem. Poor New Mexico is freezing. I spoke with some friends in Tularosa (south-east part of the state) who have been without natural gas for two days and are not expecting any relief until maybe tomorrow. That’s not the worst. Taos got down to minus 49 degrees. They’ve had no natural gas for days and probably won’t get any until next week.  I know a gallery owner in Taos who told me she and her teen daughter got all their blankets and covers and went to bed before dark. They allowed their big German Shepherd to sleep on their feet. She said they almost froze to death.

You can thank ex-Democrat Governor Bill Richardson and Mr. Obama for their lack of natural gas. Bill put a freeze on drilling for natural gas in the state. Obama has made it where companies can’t drill all over the country with all the EPA regulations. It’s so bad T-Boone has pulled out of the natural gas business.

Imagine Dallas/Fort Worth having electrical brown-outs.  Where is the power from the thousands of windmills in west Texas?  One nuclear plant could easily supply electricity for the greater Dallas Metroplex.

I know some of you have been sending emails. I don’t have time to read anything on the computer.  We are going to stay down here till we find a ranch that meets our needs. If I can do this right, Lex and I will have a really nice nest egg. I think we have narrowed it down to three places.  Lex loves one place with a river running through the property.  She will probably get what she wants.  Good Night, Will and Lady Lex

Ps. For the survival of this country we must vote in a new president in 2012 and clean the Democrats out of the Senate. We have to elect people who are pro energy. We need nuclear power plants now.

Getting Outta Here!

February 2, 2011

We want to go to Corpus Christi Bay and see the giant White Pelicans.

As soon as Lex gets her bag packed we are heading out. Want to get to El Paso before bedtime.  The roads are pretty bad from our place to the Interstate. I think it’s 8 degrees.  The good thing is we are driving a 4 wheeler.  We are going to San Antonio to meet with my lawyer. One of the problems in selling now is taxes. We would only use about half of the money from the sale of the Santa Fe property on a new, smaller ranch. The Lawyer has to figure a way we can keep some of the leftover cash.  Lex and I want about 1,000 acres. We think we can handle that much property without hiring any help. Other than a lady to clean house and cook dinner. (Lunch for the liberals who read my blogs.)

We didn’t see this coming.  In fact we were pricing Longhorns when the real estate dude came to see us. What we didn’t know is the developer had been looking at this ranch for a year or longer. He had all kinds of maps and plots. They even have rough plans of the golf course. The mistake they made was not letting the guy we traded with know their intentions. They were shocked to learn of our trade.

I will not blog and can’t read any emails until we return.  It’s our intention to be gone until we find a new place down around Goliad or Beeville.  Lex has five places for us to go see. I just hope south Texas warms up before we get there.  Will and the Boss

Carter Lost Iran, Obama Lost Egypt

February 1, 2011

I don’t think even the most liberal, Obama follower would argue against my saying Carter lost Iran.  Likewise it has to be said that Mr. Obama has lost Egypt.  He threw a party Saturday night for Axlerod, has been shooting hoops and playing golf instead of working out a solution with Egypt.  Hillary Clinton asked what would Mr. Obama do when he got that 3AM phone call. The answer was, “Call me in the morning after I’ve had breakfast and shot a few hoops.”

Israel is saying Obama betrayed them by not backing Mubarak. With Mubarak  stepping down and when the Muslim Brotherhood takes control you can expect Egypt to go to war with Israel.

On a high note, the judge in Florida has ruled Obama-care as unconstitutional. It’s just a matter of time ’til the case reaches the Supreme Court where the vote will be 5-4 in favor of ruling the entire thing unconstitutional.

It’s getting ready to get really cold. This morning it’s snowing and 9 degrees.  Going down to -5.  I think we are about to get saved from all of this. This past week we have spent a lot of time with a big time housing developer who wants to purchase our place. He wants to build a gold resort with part of the project being upscale homes in the $2,000,000 range. The part that is off the golf course will sell in the $600,000 to $800,000 price range. This blizzard has Lex wanting to sell. She phoned her father to drive down near where we lived and find us 1,000 acres.  She and I can work a small place without hiring help. Folks. this developer is serious and has the money. I’m thinking we would be stupid not to sell. He asked at a good time. This cold is more than we can stand. I’ve always admitted I was a wimp.

Will and Lady Lex