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Here Comes Da Judge

May 31, 2009

Let’s face the facts, unless newly appointed Judge Sonia Sotomayor screws up big time, she will become our newest Supreme Court Justice. It’s hard to beat up on a Democrat woman. Never mind they eviscerated Sarah Palin, the Democrats consider that is fair. Sarah is a conservative. She doesn’t get the same protection by the media.  Sarah is fair game and if they don’t have a story on her then it is perfectly fine to invent one. The goal of the liberal media is to destroy those who stand up to them, even if they have to use doctored Adobe Photoshop photos. If someone dares to tell the truth about Sotomayor they will be demonized.

When the Republicans vet her, they will have to do so with kid gloves. No hard ball questions or they will be portrayed as beating up on  a defenseless woman. The racist comments that Sotomayor has made in her speeches will be glossed over.  We will get some play with her saying it was judges who make policy.  By the time of her Congressional vetting that statement will have been explained away by Barry and his eunichs. The spin is on.  The buzz words are she has led an interesting life and raised herself up from her boot straps.

Did she go to Princeton on affirmative action?  How did she pay her way through Harvard?  Where did the money for her schooling come from?   Will this be vetted?  I bet not. The Republicans are really between a rock and a hard place. I know some of you will be angry that your Senator or Representative is not going for her throat, but please believe me if they do the media will expose where their kids go to school and where they get their cleaning done.

When animals are fighting they find the soft spot to attack. A Pit Bull will go for the jugular, a longhorn bull will rip through the his opponent’s body with his massive horns. Judge Sotomayor has a soft spot and that is her position on the Second Amendment.  She doesn’t think the Second Amendment applies to states. This means this lady (I use lady without knowing if that is true) does not believe in state’s rights. The very foundation of this country is that each state in the Union is sovereign.  Her president Barry Soetoro, doesn’t believe in state’s rights. This is why Barry got so upset when Texas Governor Perry said Texas could pull out of the Union.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I have seen some material that said Montana has passed a law making it illegal for the Feds to take the guns of anyone living within the state. They exercised their rights as a state.  This will not sit well with Barry Soetoro. He considers states to be no more than counties. He believes the Federal Government has the power over the sovereign states.

If the Republicans want a soft, safe spot to go after Judge Sotomajor, they can attack her weak position on the Second Amendment. She is anti-guns. Her voting record is in line with Barry on gun control. If they had their way they would take all of our guns and melt them into molten steel.

I had not planned to write about Sotomajor, but since no one is talking about her dangerous position on the Second Amendment I felt I needed to give you the red flag alert. If we use her position on gun control, there is a strong possibility we can send her back to the Bronx.

Speaking of Montana, there is a tiny town named Hardin, that has built a shiny new jail. They spent $27,000,000 to build a low security jail. It’s a first class jail, but it has never housed a prisoner. In fact Hardin, population 3,400 has not had a police force since the 1970ies.  It’s a mystery why they built the jail. They now are saying it was to rent bed space to other jails and therefore bring jobs to their town. I will admit, spending $27,000,000 on a jail with no police does seem a little whacked.

But not as whacked as what the city is now proposing. They want to make it a maximum security jail and let the Gitmo prisoners be brought to their fair city (village). The city council said they could install concertina wire, a couple of towers, an improved locking system and be ready to take the Gitmo thugs into custody within three months.  One councilman made a brash statement, “All of us around here have guns and should one escape we will be able to take care of them.”

What the good people of Hardin, Montana haven’t taken into consideration is the Gitmo thugs have friends on the outside. Hardin would become an instant target. The Gitmo Thugs would not be locked up there for more than six months until there would be a major jail break, helped by terrorists on the outside. The good citizens of Hardin don’t seem to realize these men are not shop lifters, drunken drivers or someone caught smoking pot. Deadly is their middle name.

I lost a little respect for General Petraeus this week. He said Barry was the same kind of Commander in Chief as George Bush. They equally cared for the men and woman in the military. Hog wash!!!  When Barry realized he couldn’t make a photo-op out of visiting the wounded service people in Germany he canceled the visit. His Senate record shows he has a hatred for the military. He was a draft dodger. Petraeus also fell in line with the spin that Gitmo was creating terrorists. There was no Gitmo when the USS Cole was attacked, the Kobal Towers, the first World Trade Center, and there was no Gitmo for 9-11.  Gitmo has not made terrorists, it has kept them off our streets.

General Petraeus is clearly a political suck up.  He lost my respect when he came out and all but blamed Bush for the terrorists attacks, even though they started before Clinton. Petraeus is two faced and is all about himself. I seldom see interviews on television, but for some reason I happened to catch him on Fox.  All the good things I thought about the General went out the door when he started blaming Gitmo and though he didn’t say it directly, Bush. I got the feeling he wanted to blast the the ex-president.  Keep an eye on General Politician Petraeus.

This is all I have time for tonight, Will Cooper <><


The Golden State

May 31, 2009

Twenty to thirty years ago California was the envy of the nation and the United States was the crowning jewel in the world. We Americans were looking at California on how to do things. The best highway system in the world was found in California. The only flaw was no highways crossed the state from east to west, at that time all major roads ran north and south. If you wanted to travel east to west you were stuck with highway 46 from Bakersfield to Paso Robles.  I was impressed how it seemed everyone kept their cars washed and polished. All of the cars on the highways looked like they just drove off a showroom floor. Traveling on the 5 or 15 was like the Autobaun in Germany. Those doing 70 needed to stay in the slow lane.

California had the best schools in the nation. Their police system was top of the line. If you were looking for a job then California was the place to be. There were so many Americans moving to California there was a rumor the weight of the extra people would cause the land to fall into the Pacific.

With people came smog.  I remember driving into Los Angeles and taking the north route around by Pasadena. The haze of orange/brown blanketed the city. Postcards showing people in gas masks were being sold with the slogan, “Welcome to LA.”

I was not smart enough to see that was the beginning of the decline of a once great state. Back then water and electricity were so inexpensive, several small communities didn’t even record usage. Living was easy, even those locked up were housed in the most beautiful prisons in the world.  The way the people from California lived was reason enough to call it the Golden State.  However, that name came from the Gold Rush of 1849.  The gold rush, became a panic rush when the eastern media began writing stories and scam artists began advertising their wares.

One scammer sold an oil the prospector was to rub all over his body, then roll down a hill. By the time he reached the bottom he would be covered in gold dust. Horace Greeley wrote his famous, “Go West Young Man,” causing men to leave their families and head to the Golden State, even though it was not yet a state. Thousands from New York and New Jersey took a boat to Panama. There they either rode a donkey or if the narrow gauge train was operating took it across to the Pacific. The Panama Canal had not yet been constructed. Malaria w as rampant and hundreds died in the jungle. In truth, of the thousands who made their way to California few made a fortune in gold. Saloon owners, women of the night, gamblers and land swindlers seemed to fare best.

With the smog came regulations. By the way, the reason there is so much smog over LA is the mountains trap it in the valley and the ocean breeze keeps it from going out to sea. They had a smog problem way back when people used wood and coal to heat and cook.

I need to interject, California elected Moonbeam Jerry Brown and the downhill slide began. He changed public works being done on a local basis to a state problem. He wanted all the money to be sent to Sacramento.  This is precisely what Barry Soetoro is trying to do to America. He wants to eliminate state rights, just as Moonbeam did for counties in California.

The lawmakers went on a binge of regulations. No gasolene in the country has so many different mixes.  California has huge restrictions on how much pollution you can spit out. Converters and all sorts of things have been added to their cars. You have to get a smog inspection.  Suddenly gas was higher and the cost of a new car was more expensive. To pay for the best roads in the world the people began to be taxed and taxed and taxed. To pay for the best schooling in the nation, the people were taxed and taxed and taxed.  To house the prisoners in the most beautiful prisons in the world the state government had to tax and tax and tax the people. The liberal minded side of California said let’s open the doors to Illegal Aliens. We will treat them as if they are citizens. Never mind they broke into our country, we will keep them safe in sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. With the influx of Illegal Aliens the best schools in the nation were soon over crowded. They had thousands of new kids to feed two meals a day. Bi-lingual books had to be provided. Teachers who spoke both languages were hired and millions were spent on signs and papers in Spanish.

The new kids from Mexico had no respect for education. They called their teachers whores and carved their grafitti on the computers. The finest jails in the world became hell holes, because 1/3 of all the new prisoners were gangsters from Mexico. They started the gangs in the prisons. Guards were no longer safe and the cost to house criminals is $300,000 a year or even double that for the top security prisons. I suggest Arnold deport the Mexicans he has locked up and most of their money troubles would be solved.  Cut off welfare to the rest of the Illegal Aliens and they could balance the budget.

Arnold wants to cut down the carbon emissions by 25% in the next ten years. He could park all the cars and not accomplish that.

More people are leaving California every day than any other state in the country. The state is bankrupt. The brave people stood up and said, NO MORE TAXES.

California is in the shape it’s in not because of hubris and folly. California is hurting because those in government felt they could continue to spend and that the tax payers would grumble, but continue to pay. Reality hit when the great people from the Golden State stood up and said enough is enough.

I mention California, because that is what is going to happen to the rest of the United States if Congress and the president don’t curb spending. We are on a mud slide and there don’t seem to be any small trees to grab.  This VAT tax has me concerned.  I know the president is going to be looking for money and he is not going to cut any of his pet projects.

It’s time for us all to stand up and shout, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”.

That’s all I have time for tonight. Will


May 29, 2009

Who can you trust these days?  When I was a kid if a farmer told you his goose would pull a wagon, you would start looking for goose harness.  When a horse trader told you his horse was sound, you knew he was telling you the truth. Black is now white and white is now black.  Now nothing is ever as it seems. Last week I went to a small town truck dealership, located about fifty miles from my ranch. I had to deliver a couple of horses in that area and thought I’d check out the prices on a new truck.  A young man who clearly didn’t know what he was talking about waited on me. In the conversation I discovered he had only been on the job a month.  He turned me over to his hot shot sales manager.

The sales manager was a recent import to Texas from Kentucky. He had been with the major car company several years and attended all their sales programs. I guess because my boots showed wear, my wranglers were dusty from rubbing against the horses and my old black hat had a sweat mark under the hat band he assumed I was a ‘macho’ cowboy and wanted a man to talk like a man. His mouth was filthy.  He was silk smooth in his approach.  He assured me the pickup truck I was looking at was in hot demand and he was not sure if it would be on the lot by dark.

I guess he also thought I was stupid. Finally he spilled out another blast of vulgar words hoping to impress me on his manhood. “Sir?” I inquired. When I had his silent attention I asked, “I bet you don’t have a third grade education.”

He blistered. His face turned a flamingo pink and then he stammered, “I want you to know I have my degree from the University of Kentucky.”

“I bet they are ashamed they gave you a diploma.”  I pulled a half smile across my face. “You see sir, from where I stand I can’t tell you ever went to college. You have the most vulgar mouth of any man I’ve run into for a mighty long time.  Educated men tend to speak with more grace and are not forced to rely on four letter words to express themselves. I’m one potential client who doesn’t appreciate vulgar man talk.”

He profusely apologized, explaining he only got three hours sleep the night before.

I think I hate people who make excuses even more than liars. He was clearly lying to me about the fast truck sales, besides he had five on the lot.

I went to the small town dealer, knowing they have to be honest or they couldn’t stay in business very long. People talk and spread the word if they are cheated. Before I left I discovered the auto company had a new owner. A big car dealer from San Antonio had just bought the old reliable company. He sent in his hot shot sales manager to get things going. He certainly got things going. He got me going out the door.

I get a lot and I do mean a lot of good stuff from my friends and eBay family members. Some of it sounds so good and perfect. In fact I cannot tell you how many emails I’ve sent on, only later to find they were bogus. The people putting the information together are very wise. They take the truth and add a little twist. Since 80% of the information is true, we then assume it all is.  I used to just use the information as if was gospel, but after being burned a few times I became cautious. I try to check things with Snoops, but even they can be wrong.

Snoops was started by a husband and wife team in San Francisco. They are screaming, bleeding heart liberals. What I’m saying is they have a bias toward the truth. Truth to them is the liberal agenda.

I get a lot of great stuff that I’m afraid to share.  I don’t know if i’s true. I strive to give you information you can take to the bank.

The American people believe Bill Clinton is a liar. There is nothing Bill can do to make people think he is telling the truth. A man who can look into the faces of the American people and say, “I did not have sex with that woman,” will lie about other things.  Her blue dress had his sperm on it. DNA proved she had sex with him, but he would never face up to the truth. John Edwards in his 28,000 square foot home said he was not cheating on his wife who has cancer.  Now it’s pretty clear, pretty boy Edwards is the father of a child by a girl he had an affair with. He used campaign funds to care for her and now she is going to force John to give up his DNA and force him to pay child support.

John Kerry lied about his war record.  He lied about atrocities he said he saw. No one, not even the Democrats trust John Kerry.

George H. Bush (the father) lied when he said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”   Then he raised our taxes. I think that was the start of the decline of the Republican party. People lost faith when Bush Senior lied to us.  What were we to expect? He had been the director of the CIA.  The CIA is not known for its honesty.  Being head of the CIA is the same as being the head of the KGB.

It’s clear Nancy Pelosi lied when she said she didn’t know anything about waterboarding. She says no one told her, yet the CIA has notes of her in attendance.  The problem is the CIA has lied so much in the past, the Pelosi people are saying the CIA is lying again. Once a liar it’s difficult to ever gain trust.

I will never trust that car dealership. The American people will never trust Pelosi. Bush Senior will go to his grave with the slogan on his head stone, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

When I don’t use email information, it is not because I don’t trust the sender.  It’s I’ve learned the sender can be duped by someone they trust. The Internet is rife with lies. If I capriciously forward the information, then soon you won’t trust me.

On a side bar, I’ve been invited a dozen or more times to join someone’s Facebook or MySpace page.  I decline, because of time.  I don’t have chat time. I don’t have time to exchange pictures. If I had a cell phone, I’d not be a Tweeeter or whatever that is called.  Time is my most valuable commodity and I’m always short on it.  Please don’t take it personally if I’m not on your Facebook or MySpace.  I don’t do YouTube either.  I’m stuck in the time when people only used the phone for emergencies and business.  I have two choices, chat on the phone and Internet or paint and write blogs.  I cannot do both.  I have chosen to write the best and most informative blogs I can and paint as well as I can to list on eBay.

In closing I want to say the reason I like Sarah Palin is I get the feeling she tells the truth and lets the chips fall where they may. I think Bobby Jindal is also a truthful young man. There is hope for the Republican party. I can’t remember the name of the man running against Crist in Florida, but he was Speaker of the House and from what I know is honest. The truth will set us free.  I pray we get a bunch of truth telling candidates this time around.  We know Barry Soetoro is not in the truth telling class.

This is all the time I have time for tonight.  Will Cooper <><

Which Passport???

May 28, 2009

I’m concerned about my lack of readership. Since I’ve been forced to put my blog into the About ME section on eBay I have seen a steady decline in readership. I’ve pushed to make my blog more interesting, but it’s not working.  I wonder if I’ve been kicked in the head one time too many by a horse. I keep on trying when there are clearly less people interested in what I’m saying. This evening I’m wondering what I can do to bring you back. I fight to find time to write, because I care about this great country. I am concerned with what Barry Soetoro is doing to MY America. Everyday he tops the radical thing he did the day before. I wake up wondering what government surprises are waiting.

As some of you know there is an on going battle to make Barry Soetoro produce his certified birth certificate. Barry has spent over $1,000,000 blocking anyone from seeing his original birth certificate, which shows me he has something to hide.

Let’s consider this. How did a skinny college kid, without even enough money for a room, land in New York City in June 1981 and suddenly come up with the price for a round trip airplane ticket to travel around the world?  An even larger question is what passport did he use shuttling between New York City, Jakarta and Karachi?  What passport was he offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration?  I think the American people deserve that simple question answered. The answer will tell us if he is legal to be president.

We can end the debate over Barry Soetoro’s citizenship in a flash. is placing big billboards across the country asking, “Where is the Birth Certificate?”  I made a small donation for the billboards. I don’t think we will ever see the birth certificate.  But there is another simple way. One that would answer the question immediately.

Question?  Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981 at the age of 20?

Answer:  He said he did. He boasted about traveling to Pakistan and Kenya.

Question? What passport did he travel under?

Answer: One of three. We know you must have a passport to travel to Pakistan and Kenya.  A.  An American Passport.  B. British Passport. C. Indonesian Passport.  Let’s eliminate the American Passport. It is not possible he used the American passport,  because Pakistan was on the US State Department’s “NO TRAVEL” list in 1981. This means when young Barry Soetoro traveled to Pakistan he was using either a British or Indonesian Passport.

If he used a British Passport to travel to Pakistan  this would mean he was born in Kenya August 4, 1961 and not Hawaii as he claims.

On other hand, if he used an Indonesian Passport that would provide proof  he had relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American prior to being adopted by his Indonesian step-father in 1967. He would have had to become an Indonesian citizen to receive their passport.

I think we have the right to know what kind of passport he traveled around the world under.  Don’t you?

Trust me, someone knows. Remember the blowup during the elections when someone was looking at Hillary Clinton’s visa record. I would bet my boots my best boots they also saw the Passport Barry Soetoro used when he traveled around the world. They are afraid to come forward for fear of their lives and their family’s lives.

Some say George Soros funded his trips and others say it was the King of Saudi Arabia, the one he bowed to recently.  We do know he didn’t hit the lottery. I’ve done a lot of International traveling, before I became a ranch slave and trust me it’s not cheap. AND you must have a passport and for several countries a visa before entering.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the mess California is in because of the state granting entitlements to Illegal Aliens. In fact they get more ‘entitlements’ than the native born citizens. This entitlement attitude is promoted by the Open Border Lobby.  We have people in the United States who want Illegal Aliens  to enter our country as easy as we drive from state to state as if they were citizens. They want that process to start when they leave Canada or Mexico.  When I drive to California and pass through New Mexico and Arizona I’m not stopped at the state line. Recently the Open Borders gang organized huge rallies where school aged children cut class to form big protests. In Los Angeles the number was estimated to be 500,000.  450,000 of those were school children. Buses were provided and some came in from as far away as Bakersfield and Palm Springs.  These kids ran recklessly into the middle of the expressways, stopping traffic.  It’s a miracle some were not killed. If you have ever driven in LA then you know what I’m talking about. If you are driving 70 you need to move over to the slow lane (smile).  I’m serious, driving an LA freeway is like the Indy 500 everyday.

The Goal of the Open Border Group is to freely allow Illegals to walk or drive into the United States without any check or delay. They are pushing a guest worker policy. How well do you think that will work? Do you think grape pickers will come during the season and then return to Mexico?  If you do then you are part of the problem. You want an Open Border. The guest worker programs won’t work and neither will granting 20,000,000 Illegal Aliens citizenship.

The Open Border adults pushed the radical Illegal Alien kids into the cops and had them totally shut down traffic.  They flew the Mexican flag and sang the Mexico national anthem. These rallies were as anti-American as if they had been staged in Cuba.

The big rallies are being funded by unions, ACORN, George Soros and a littany of other radical left wing groups. They hauled thousands of school children to the rallies and tried to make us think the rallies were spontaneous. For weeks Mexican DJ’s were pushing for Illegal Aliens to show up and demand their rights.

What rights do they have?  The right to a speedy trial. These people broke into our country as sure as a burgler does a home. I promise you, if some sleeze breaks into my home he will planted six feet under.  I’m not going to let some drugged crazy do me harm just to get money for a fix. I think we need to treat these Illegals as if they are burglers…because that is what they are. They broke the law and in this country we deal with law breakers, unless of course they happen to be Illegal Aliens who one day might vote.

If our government was doing its part they would have taken buses flying Mexican flags to the Mexican rallies, loaded them up and deported the entire lot. Had they shipped 300,000 home from the LA rally then we would not see anymore rallies spring up again.

My beef with John McCain is his wanting to grant amnesty. You know Barry wants to make 20,000,000 Illegal Mexican’s American Citizens.  That’s 20,000,000 Democrat votes.

Open Borders will destroy the America we know and love. Terrorists will flood in and no city will be safe. Folks the Muslim Terrorists want us all dead.  Not just some of us, but ALL Americans, old women, young kids and anyone who is not Muslim.

That is it for tonight. Please tell a friend to tune in.   Will Cooper <><


May 27, 2009

In guerrilla warfare you have to pick the fights you can win. Make no mistake, we ordinary American citizens are in a fight for the survival of this country. The Red Coats have invaded our shores and we have to pick weaknesses where we can break and win.  We are not going to be able to stop the appointment of Sonja Sotomajor. She is a  lock. The Republicans will gently vet her, but you won’t see any blood drawn. The only way she loses is if she makes a major mistake when being questioned and even then the Democrats will find forgiveness, like they have for all the tax cheats now in office.  There is no use getting hot and bothered over the gay marriage issue.  We who read the bible understand the word marriage means man and woman. You can spill a lot of energy in a failed effort. I’m going to give you a battle we must fight and cannot afford to lose. This is one we have to be willing to get bloody over.  I’m speaking metaphorically. I am not saying grab your guns and take to the streets. That is exactly what the left wants us to do so they can say we are domestic terrorists.  But we must be willing to fight a mental battle. If we lose this one then what we know of as America is lost.

I had not planned to be talking about VAT (Value Added Taxes)  tonight. If you had put a million dollars in an account for me to win and asked, “Will, what is the most radical thing this new president can come up with?” I could never have guessed VAT.

With his Supreme Court Pick an off the wall, unqualified person for judge, the most radical budget in the history of the world, national health care that would put us on par with Europe,  his wanting to close Gitmo and turn them loose here in America and scores of ridiculous things he has already done.  Never in my dreams would I have thought he was going to be pushing a VAT tax.  Sometime back I shipped a painting to Sweden and the poor people had to pay, if I remember correctly, a 25% VAT.  Value Added Tax.  That is 25% on top of they paid me for the painting and the shipping.

The new president, through his White House Budget Director Peter Orszag, has hired Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel to advise him on health care and how it could be paid for with VAT taxes.  Even Paul Volcker,  chairman of a task force for Barry Soetoro, assigned to study the tax system is leaning in the direction of VAT. Volker has expressed a deep interest in a VAT as a way to raise the money to pay for all the excess piled up by the government.

God forbid that we will follow Europe down that road. With the budget deficits soaring and the president pushing for a $2,000,000,000,000 plus expansion of health coverage, they are looking for ways to extract what little money we have left. The easiest way is through taxes and the fastest way is to install a VAT.

They are getting advice from the most radical, far left bunch of nut cases they can find. Earlier this year at a White House conference on the government budget a room full of tax experts pleaded with Treasury Secretary “Tax Cheat” Timothy Geithner to consider a VAT tax. When I heard it back then I dismissed it as too radical even for this president. This shows I’ve been kicked in the head one time too many by wild horses. There has been a flurry of books and papers on the subject, which I think was by design. I think the plan was to get these books and papers into the hands of those in Washington.  This is the softening of the idea, before they spring the trap. First comes the books and then a test among the liberal Democrats. If they are on board then the president will go in full press coverage expounding the virtues of the VAT and how fair it is.

Senator Kent Conrad a Democrat from ND said recently, “I think a VAT and a high-end income tax have got to be put on the table.”  No doubt Kent has read some of the books and papers.  Hello.  Kent, what about cutting back on spending?  California found the people would not bail them out for their reckless spending.  It sounds good to say tax the rich, but if you take their money, who will there be to invest?

Who do they think will be absorbing the VAT?  I will give you the answer, it’s the consumer. The person who shops at Wal-Mart and drives a Hugo will be hit the hardest, because their income is already low.  The president and his people are toying with a VAT of between 10% and 25%.  That is ON TOP of your income tax. Milk will cost 25% more a gallon. Bread will cost 25% more a loaf.

So much for the president’s promise of a tax cut for 95% of the American people. He was only going to tax the rich. Since I earn over $200,000 a year then he considers me rich. With the VAT everyone in America who consumes will be taxed.  A family of four, earning $30,000 a year and averaging $200 a week of food will see their grocery bill go up by $50 a week. That’s $2,600 a year going to VAT.

I guess they are wanting a real TEA party.  If they try to push this radical VAT down our necks the American people will take to the streets like this country has never seen before. I wish I had more time to write about this insane idea.

If you want to get lathered up, then this is an issue you need to get your teeth in. This is an issue you must become informed about. I’m for fighting gun control, I’m for fighting to save unborn babies, I’m for smaller government and a lot of other important issues, but if we let this slide by then the others will automatically be lost. This is the kingpin of the battle for our country.  We must say NO to VAT.  I have started my fax program to my congressman and Senators.

This is all I have time for tonight.  Will Cooper <><


May 26, 2009

First, let me say a lot of you are all in a dither about the new nomination for the Supreme Court. This is a fight I’m not going to get into. We cannot win. We can waste a lot of effort, but in the end she is going to be appointed. The Republicans will fain a fight, but they don’t have the votes to stop her appointment. You and I have two choices, put our energy into  fights we can still win or wear ourselves out on this liberal, radical woman.  In the end, NO-THING we can do will stop her.  We might can win some elections in 2010 and 2012.  Gear up for that battle. We still have a prayer to slow down the Illegals coming in.

As a kid growing up in west Texas the only thing people were entitled to was a fair trial, before we hung them (smile).   Seriously, we were only entitled to a fair trail, then we brought in the speedy trial.  You were entitled to legal representation. You were entitled to free speech.  Driving a car was a privilege and so was going to school.  We were entitled to go to college, IF we paid our way.  No one was entitled to a free college education.

I have not taken time to write about the entitlements the Illegal Aliens are expecting with the support of Dick Durban and Ted Kennedy. Large rallies were held a couple of months ago demanding their ‘rights’ be met.  Before I get into my true thoughts on the people who broke into our country demanding they get equal treatment as those of us who are native citizens,  here is what they are entitled to.  A speedy trial and a fast bus trip back home, then if they come again it’s a first degree felony.  They are entitled to be arrested and deported.

Harry Truman, a Democrat would have had Homeland Security buses at these staged events and loaded the Illegal Aliens by the bus loads, hauling their disruptive rears south of the border.  He would have asked no questions. You are here illegally so you broke into our home. You can go to jail or go home.

I’m so proud of the great people of California. They stood firm and if some liberal judge doesn’t say their votes don’t count they have stopped big government and higher taxes. Those who live in California know the problems presented by Illegal Aliens. The reason the state is hurting for money is because they spend jillions on Illegal Aliens. Let’s look at some ways California can save. They can stop providing two meals a day for Illegal Alien kids. These kids are fed better than you and I. The waste of food is horrific. Illegal Aliens now feel entitled to two super meals a day.

75% of these Illegal Alien kids have cell phones.  I’m sure everyone of you who read my blogs owns a cell phone. I don’t. I’m too poor to get one, besides I don’t want to be that connected.

Food is so good in the schools 50% of the Illegal Alien kids are obese, just plain fat. They are not the starving kids you see pictures of. They wear expensive sneakers and the boys’ pants show the crack in their butts.

Teenage unwed mothers, as young as 13 are provided day care to park their kids. Diapers, baby milk and food are given to these mothers. They are not taught responsibility. Their goal is to have kids, collect welfare checks and have more kids so the checks will get bigger.  Is it any wonder they come over here feeling entitled?

Insurance???  I don’t think they have that word in their vocabulary. The Illegals drive cars with no insurance; they have no home insurance and no health insurance.  If they have  a wreck then your auto insurance will have to cover both vehicles. They don’t need home insurance, they rent and will sue the owner if there is a fire.  Why get medical, California provides coverage from the birth to the grave for Illegals.  I have no idea of the money they are costing California, but I do know they are dragging the Golden State to the brink of bankruptcy. It’s not just California, this pattern is being repeated all over the country.

It’s a proven fact the Illegal Aliens pack diseases into this country. When the swine flu broke out, Mexicans by the droves came over to the border states and checked into our hospitals. They had no insurance. They know our hospitals cannot turn the sick away. Not just swine flu, they come over anytime they are sick or have a sick child. Even the rich Mexicans come over for the free medical care. They are not entitled to free medical care.

Crime:  30% of the crooks locked up in California are Illegals. Arnold said he was going to free prisoners to cut the budget. Start with the Illegals and you won’t need to touch the general population. Stop feeding them and send them home.  I saw a number, but can’t find it.  If my memory is correct 65% of the crime in Los Angeles is related to people who are here Illegally.  California, if want to save some money, send the Illegals home.  Problem solved. The rich may have to learn to mow their own lawns and vacuum their floors.  You may have to go back to letting high school girls baby sit when you go out.

These Illegal Aliens live in Section 8 housing or get free rent. They move into a new apartment building, some bleeding heart built for them. In a brief time the place looks like a ghetto. Drugs are being sold and consumed. Illegal Aliens are treated better than our vets who end up on the street.

I was in the Mega Wal-Mart a few months back. A woman with eight or ten kids was checking out ahead of me. She didn’t speak one word of English, so a bilingual person was brought over to wait on her. Her cart will filled with junk food which she paid for with food stamps. All the border states have signs in Mexican as well as English. The highway between Tucson and Mexico is in meters and not miles.  We spend jillions on bilingual printed materials.

Our schools have to provided bilingual teachers and books in both Mexican and English. If California were to vote to be an English only state a great deal of the money burden would vanish. Who has the courage to say no?   Not Arnold, he is more liberal than Barney Frank.  He lied to the great people of California to get elected.

I don’t have time tonight, but next time I hope to let you know the truth about the massive protest rallies held recently. It’s criminal.  500,000 Illegal Aliens showed up in Los Angeles demanding their rights.  The vast majority were school kids who skipped classes to attend. Wait till you hear who is behind those big rallies and the kind of people who attended.

This is it for tonight.


May 25, 2009

My new readers may not know the two key people on my ranch are twins. Their families reach back those settling Texas. I don’t know if they are seventh or eighth generation Texans. They are Mexican, but dislike illegal immigration more than you and I do. They see what it does to the native born Mexican. Trust me folks, the Illegal Alien issue courses deep in the heart of us folks in Texas.

Today is Memorial Day and we celebrated, with bar-b-que and all the cold watermelon we could eat. The twins are veterans of Desert Storm. I think they joined the National Guard in college. Yes, they went to college. They didn’t finish, but they each have a couple of years. Desk jobs and ties are just not for them. They, like me, love the freedom of ranch life. In their case they couldn’t work harder if they were my slaves.  When they came home from the “instant war” they married sisters. Trust me, they married well above their heads (smile).  Then they started their respective baby factories. I think each family has at least twenty five kids.  Or that is what it seems like when we all get together.

We had a great time today. I had the old rancher who traps me at the Dairy Queen out. He was a Marine and had many war stories to tell. I even think a couple of them were true (smile). He seemed to enjoy himself and we all enjoyed him. The twins made the mistake of playing dominoes with him. He is a pro and gobbled them up. I knew better. I have seen him in action. The kid with the broken collar bone joined the game. He was like a fish out of water.

I’m proud to be able to honor them for their service. I tried to join the Marines but my old football knees rendered me 4-F. I also want to honor all the men and women currently serving or who have served. They keep our country safe. God bless them and theirs.

As you know Barry Soetoro recently ordered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop all construction in the West Bank. He told the Prime Minister to freeze all settlement activities. If you know anything about Jews you know they do not cotton to someone giving them orders on how to run their own affairs.  In a diplomatic answer Netanyahu said, “We do not intend to build any new settlements, but it wouldn’t be fair to ban construction to meet the needs of natural growth.” It was a nice way to say we will continue to build as fast as people need homes. The pace of building will continue at the same rate, he just worded it to sound like it’s an overflow into the area.

Netanyahu’s defiance came less than a week after he and our president met. I don’t know what Barry was expecting, this is the stance the Israeli Prime Minister took when he was running for the office.  Barry is trying to prod Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu to re-open peace talks.  Abbas said he would not talk until Netanyahu would agree to a two state deal. That ain’t goin’ to happen.

There are 280,000 Jews living in the West Bank. It’s not like you can tell them to move into the city. Where would they go?  Ehud Barak, the Defense Minister said he was going to remove the outlaw settlements. But he made the same vow two years ago. These outlaw settlements are in most cases trailers and tents.  Much like the old gypsies who roamed in caravans. Only these feel they are doing their duty to claim holy ground.

In many ways Netanyahu reminds me of that great Israeli general, Moshe Dayan. My memory is foggy at best, but Moshe Dayan was the leader who won the six day war. Some of you will know, but wasn’t he called the “Desert Eagle”?  He had a black patch over one eye and when the Arab enemies of Israel gathered on the border he brought up 70,00 reserves. As you know every young person in Israel has to serve two years in the military. Men and women. Debbie Winger, the actress, spent two years in the Israeli military.

Moshe Dayan was faced with a daunting task. The three main countries gathering on the Israel border were Egypt, Jordan and Syria. But they were helped by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.  Little Israel was much like David and Goliath. While the Arab enemies were gathering along the Jewish border Dayan struck. He hit them before they could hit him.  The war was one of the quickest in the history of the world.

When the dust settled, Israel had gained the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, The West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Thanks to previous American presidents Israel has given up much of what they gained. You see what thanks they got from the recent Gaza Strip mess. The thankful Muslims in Gaza have shelled Israel with 3,000 rockets.

Barry also gave the Prime Minister orders not to hit Iran’s nuclear weapons plant. Netanyahu will pay about as much attention to Barry as your kids do you when you leave them alone and tell them not to stick raisins up their nose while you are gone.  If Israel’s intelligence finds Iran is nearing an attack on them, they will take out the nuclear weapons. One Iranian bomb could wipe Israel off the face of the planet.

Iran is paying no respect to Barry. They see him as a weak dog. Barry wants to talk.  Teddy Roosevelt said it’s okay to talk, but carry a big stick. You all know the joke about the farmer and his mule. He talked and talked till he was blue in the face trying to get the mule to pull the wagon. Finally he hit the mule between the eyes with a fence post. The farmer said, “Sometimes you must first get his attention.”   We don’t have a leader who will do anything to get Iran’s attention. The Jewish people know this and in a recent poll they voted 55% to hit Iran NOW!!! The people know the value of hitting first and fast, like they did in the Six Day War.

Barry is going to Cairo early next month to suck up to the Arabs. He is probably going over to bow to the King again. He is going to try and convince the Muslim world he is their friend. They should already know that. He is the first American president not to be pro-Israel.  George Bush was a great friend to Israel and so was Bill Clinton. I think in Bill’s case he wanted the Jewish vote. For Bush he saw the Jews as God’s chosen people.  Barry was raised Muslim and he sees the Jews as the enemy to Allah. If you doubt me, look at Barry’s attitude toward Israel and then tell me I’m wrong.

There is one blessing in Barry going to Cairo. He won’t be here spending more money.

That is all for tonight, Will Cooper <><

Weak Dog!!!

May 24, 2009

I get more stuff on Barry than one man can possibly address. He has not slowed down to be president, he is still in full campaign mode.  It’s like no one has taken time to explain to the new president the race is over. He won. Or perhaps someone needs to remind the teleprompter Barry is no longer running.  When he reads his speeches they are filled with campaign promises. He sounds like he is stuck in the middle of last October. Nothing of substance is ever said. If he makes any choices they are teenage in mentality.  Like after three days in office he said he was closing Gitmo. No thought was given on how to try those guys or where would they be moved to. Worse yet what would happen if some judge with a Code Pink mentality set them free? Where would they go?  No doubt on our streets. He never considered how the Gitmo thugs will recruit other jail house Muslims to be martyrs.

Remember Reid, the shoe bomber? The guy who was trying to light his shoe bomb when an alert flight attendant spotted him. He was a jail house convert. He converted to radical Muslim in a London Jail.

In 2005 President Bush’s FBI foiled a plot hatched in Folsom Prison to kill scores of Jews on the fourth anniversary of 9-11.  These guys were jail house Muslim converts.

Jose Padilla converted to radical Islam as a teenager locked up in Broward County, FL. After he got out of jail he hooked up with a radical group.

In Barry’s 6,072 word speech on Homeland Security he failed to mention the 4 black Muslims who tried to bomb Jews and shoot down airplanes. How could he bypass something so obvious? He was warning against terrorists, yet didn’t mention the jail house converts who were trying to kill hundreds of Jews while they were worshiping.  Trust me folks, if it’s not on the teleprompter, he won’t mention anything off script. I have come to the conclusion he is lost without someone telling him what to do. I bet his wife picks his suit and tie.

Out of naivety or stupidity he thought he could tell Israel what to do. Since 1948 Israel has faced off against the 57 Arab states and stood her ground. On a side bar, do you recall Barry saying he was going to visit all 57 states during his campaign?  He was so pro Arab he forgot we only have 50 states.   When Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came over here a couple of weeks ago Barry laid down the law to him.  Netanyahu is a war hawk in the ilk of David Ben-Gurion.  Ben-Gurion stood firm for an Isreali state and so does Ben Netanyahu.

The King of Jordan came over and visited with Barry, before he met Ben Netayahu and laid down the law to Barry.  The King told Barry he had to force Israel into a divided state within six months or the 57 Arab states would think he was just like Bush. Remember Barry promised his support to the Arabs when he went over there during the election. If you recall Israel caught him speaking out of both sides of his mouth to the terrorists in Gaza.  The wise old King of Jordan put Barry’s tail between a rock and a hard place. Like a dumb school boy Barry gave Ben Netanyahu orders to divide into two states. That is like me telling Mean Joe Green to fetch my boots. The Jewish leader is not going to have some drippy nosed kid give him orders.

It’s really interesting when you look closely at the photos taken of Netanyahu and Barry at the end of their meeting. Barry had laid out the orders the King of Jordan gave him. The Hawkish Jew told Barry where he could stick the orders. The camera flashed on them and the tape is rolling. Barry slumps in his chair,  neck lowered into his body. He looked like an egg eating dog. When he spoke to Ben Netanyahu, Barry refused to look the Jewish leader in the eyes. Even a beginner of reading body language could see which one was defeated. It was a double whammie for our weak leader. He now has all the 57 Arab states thinking he is another Bush.  Barry has done all in his power to make George Bush out to be a criminal and the worst guy in the world and now his Arab buddies think he is the same kind of man.

Barry made the pronouncement with Ben Netanyahu that he would give Iran a year to clean up their act or else. The following week president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said they have missiles that could hit Israel and a lot of our military bases. Evidently he is telling the truth. Barry has ordered Israel not to take out the Iranian nukes.  Ben Netanyahu will pay about as much attention to what our president ordered him as when he was commanded to split the Israeli nation into two parts. Israel will do what it takes to save their country.

It’s one thing to hold a town hall meeting where you can read speeches from a teleprompter and another to deal with world leaders. He shines when he has a room full of kool-aid drinkers listening to him read, but when he gets one on one with some of the wisest men in the world he falls woefully short.  Have you ever seen two dogs fight?  I don’t mean in the Michael Vick kind of criminal dog fighting. I’m talking about just two street dogs.  The meanest dog sizes up the situation and flashes his teeth, the weaker dog will lay down on his back and reveal his bare neck. The mean dog wins without ever having to take one bite. Each dog knows its place. The mean dog expects to dominate and the weak dog is obedient.  I’m afraid we have a weak dog in our fight. The world leaders walk into the room, flash their teeth and our guy lays down, belly up.  He gives up before blood is ever drawn.

What should we expect? He goes to Europe and apologizes for America. He tells them what a horrible country we have. I read an article from a London newspaper asking, “why does our president hate America so deeply?”  The author said Barry is the first American president to hate his own country. Leave it to the Brits to tell it like it is.

I do think Barry has a good excuse for his hatred of America.  He sat in a church were America was hated for twenty years. His minister, the Rev. J. Wright spent weeks upon weeks, months upon months and years upon years cussing and blasting America.  He is an out and out racist. You cannot sit through that kind of hate and not have some rub off on you.  Then his close friends were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. These two hate America so much they tried to blow up the Pentagon and Capital Building.  Barry was friends with Louis Farrakhan. They did a good job hiding his association with Farrakhan, but remember the Rev. J. Wright honored Farrakhan with some kind of award. I can’t remember what it was called.

Barry’s mentor, Frank Davis in Hawaii, was a black from Arkansas who saw America as an evil nation. Davis was a communist and mentored Barry from age 10 to 18. Some sources say Davis may have been more than a mentor. Some say he may have been Barry’s biological father and that when his mother learned Davis was not going to marry her ran off with Barry’s “father”.  She was sixteen and had Barry early into her seventeenth year of age.

Why would he not hate America?  Everyone he was close to, including his mother, hated this great country. Michelle Obama, the first lady hates America, or did till her husband was elected. He was married to a woman who hated America.  Barry never had a chance. He is weak and easy to influence. His mentor, his pastor, his wife, his close friends all hate America and told him what a horrible place he was living in. He wanted an America more like Europe. If we are not careful, he will get his wishes.

He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, because he was the weaker dog. When the King faced Barry, our president did like the weaker dog, he fell on his back exposing his neck. The sign of surrender. Since there were television cameras rolling, Barry opted to bow, which says the same thing. I surrender to your wishes.

As bad as Jimmy Carter was, he loved America. Carter never blamed our country or apologized for our sins. Barry Soetoro is making Jimmy Carter look like the second coming of Barry Goldwater.

I’m just getting warmed up, but I have to stop for the night. I still have a lot of stuff to read, emails to answer and art to make before I go to bed. Will Cooper <><


May 23, 2009

My heroes are living in California. The people of the Golden State shouted at the polls, NO MORE BIG GOVERNMENT.  NO MORE TAXES.  Not verbally, but with their voting. We always say things start in California and work their way east.  I’m confident this will be the case on taxes and bigger government.  Colin Powell no doubt hates the conservative wing of the Republican party. He slams Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter in almost every speech he gives. Powell owes all he has to the Republicans and now is doing all in his power to destroy the conservative side.  Powell is an Arlin Spector turn coat.  He voted for Barry Soetoro over McCain. He has a liberal slant on things.  Recently Powell said, “The American people want a bigger government and they don’t mind paying higher taxes.”

Where has that man been living and what is he smoking these days? All he has to do is look at California. The people spoke and in clear terms said,”We don’t want a bigger government, we want a responsible government. We don’t want higher taxes. We want a government that can live within their budget.”   I’m so proud of you great people. Even in the face of a $24 Billion dollar budget deficit you guys went to the polls and said no. Without a miracle by July 1st when the fiscal year starts, the state will be a quarter of the state’s general fund in the hole.  The great people of the Golden State told Sacramento, we want to overhaul the government. It is not working as it currently is.

There is a movement among business men to re-write the California constitution and add in protections. As it is now California is a boom or bust state. When things are good there is money, when things are bad they don’t have any.  It’s too easy to rob the emergency fund for pet projects. The rainy day money is used capriciously on new projects with no thought of what the money was put back for.

That would be like me digging up all the coffee cans I have stashed in the back yard for an emergency and also as protection from robbers. Instead of tin cans I use plastic buckets. Now you know my secret, but that money is not touched unless it is indeed an emergency. I have a note in my safety deposit box with instructions as to where to dig (smile).

The people of California said, we no longer want the Legislature to balance the budget with higher taxes, complicated transfer schemes or borrowing that keeps pushing the state’s problems off into the future. To credit their ultra liberal Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear he intends to close the gap almost entirely through drastic spending cuts. Wake up Washington.  Learn from California.

The governor’s cutback should include the state’s main welfare programs for the poor. If he would cut off the Illegal Aliens from welfare he would have most of the money he needs. He could eliminate bi-lingual schools. He could cut out the Title One schools where Illegal Alien kids are served breakfast that would compete with Hilton. They are served fresh fruit, pastries, cereals, milk, juices and in some cases fried bacon and eggs. The waste is horrific. They fill their trays and then dump half of the food in the trash.  75% of these Illegal Welfare students have cell phones. The schools are providing day care for girls with babies. Some mothers are as young as 13.  If Arnold wants to cut the budget then start with the Illegal Alien problem. 30% of the crooks locked up are Illegal Aliens. Send them back to Mexico and stop them from crossing the border again.

The vast majority of the Illegal Aliens in California don’t pay taxes. They send their cash back to Mexico. But this group expects free medical care. They expect food stamps and welfare checks. They are a tremendous drain on California.  Will Arnold have the courage to tackle the Illegal Alien problem?

He says he is eliminating health coverage to 1.5 million poor children and halting cash grants to 77,000 college students.  Poor babies. I never had a grant. I have never taken a penny from the government for schooling. What happened to the idea of working and paying your way. One of my friend’s granddaughter is working on her Master’s in landscape design at San Luis Obispo. She waits tables and sometimes works two jobs to pay for her schooling. She didn’t get a government grant. Her grades are so good Harvard is considering her for their doctorate program.

Schwarzenegger is going to shorten the school year by seven days and lay off thousands of state workers and teachers.  If California is like Texas, we have some teachers who should be fired for failure to teach. Not all teachers do a great job and this would be a good time for California to get rid of the bad apples. He plans to slash money for state parks and release thousands of prisoners early.  The early release of prisoners is nothing new. Most states do similar things when their jails get over crowded.

To Schwarzenegger’s credit he said, “I understand that these cuts are very painful and they affect real lives. This is the harsh reality and one we must face. Sacramento is not Washington, we cannot print our own money. We can only spend what we have.”   Washington are you listening?

The way Washington is printing money, inflation is sure to follow. I expect we will see a jump in interest rates by October. It may just be a blip at first, but hang onto your hat, it will start to climb. If I were Barry Soetoro I would be shaking in my boots.  He needs to read the tea leaves. Folks at the TEA Parties are saying, no more taxes, make the government smaller. California has just echoed the sentiment of the American People.  Colin Powell, you are wrong. The American people are on the same wave length as California. We want Washington to live within a budget. We want them to stop printing money.

Here is an interesting fact about California. Taxes have killed California. Unemployment is at 11%. Personal income declined this year for the first time since 1938 and unemployment is a whooping 11%, probably only Michigan is higher. Earlier this year the people were strapped with almost $13 Billion in tax increases and blessed with $15 Billion in cuts. Toss in the Billions in Federal stimulus money, they are still in a huge $24 Billion dollar hole.

For the California Republicans this calamity is a blessing. They have long wanted less government and a reduction is spending. A revolution is taking place on the Left Coast. A separate commission is expected to release a proposal to rework the state’s tax structure, which is vulnerable to booms and bust. There is bi-partisan support. Democrat, former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzbers has joined a group seeking to change the state’s budget system. The group said, “The real problem of California is we need to bring government closer to the people, so the role of the state is much narrower.” Are you listening Washington?

Come July these huge cuts will hit and affect nearly every one of the state’s 38 million residents. Every year, California borrows money on the bond market to cover its day-to-day expenses and pays the bonds back when tax receipts flow in. But the tight credit market and questions about the states ability to repay its obligations could make borrowing almost impossible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and some Democrat lawmakers have asked Barry Soetoro for a bailout. I love California, but I don’t want to pay for their social programs to Illegal Aliens out of what little I have at the end of the year.   Fortunately the measure has to be approved by Congress in Washington.

God Bless you good people from California for standing up and doing what is right.


I think I need to expand a little on Gitmo. Barry wants to bring those terrorist thugs to America. He was preaching the need to close Gitmo all week. He wants to put them in American prisons and those he feels safe to release just let them go free among us.  Can you imagine what recruitment power those group of thugs would have on a prison population? Three of the four terrorists who were planning to kill a lot of Jews this past week in New York City were converted to the radical jail house Muslim faith while in prison.

This will grab your attention. 10% of the American prison population is jail house radical Muslims. Those converted in jail do so for several reasons. One reason is they are fed Halal food. I don’t have a clue what that is but the inmates say it is superior to jail house food.  They get the protection of being a Jail House Islam member. Prison Islam is a twisted version of the true religion. In New York there are 64 prison systems and only 40 imams (Muslin Priests) to deal with all the Jail House Islam converts. To add to the problem a large % of the Islam imams are radical. The number is not clear, but there are several that are using the Jail House Islam converts to recruit terrorists. There is a lot of anti-America being taught in these gangs.

I have a friend in Odessa that ministers to prisons and has for the past twenty five years. He is alarmed at the number of radical Muslim converts that he is told about by the men in his bible classes.  He said the number is growing at an astonishing rate.

Make no mistake, if Barry gets the Gitmo thugs in American jails, these guys will be seen as heroes. They will have powerful influence over the Jail House Muslims. The Gitmo bunch will teach them the glory of dying a martyr and dangle the idea of 70 virgins in front of them.  These American Jail House Muslims will be told how our soldiers are killing, raping and butchering men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. One terrorist from Gitmo can sway hundreds of weak, bitter black inmates who think the American justice system has wronged them.  Never mind they killed their girl friend, it’s still the government’s fault.

There is grave danger if Barry integrates the Gitmo thugs in with a militant prison population. You don’t hear any one saying this, but i’s obvious. Just look at the gang of four in New York. They admit they learned their hatred for America after they were converted in jail.

That is it for tonight, Will Cooper <><

Old Dog – New Tricks!

May 23, 2009

We have a saying in Texas, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  I have a take on that. If your old dog is not willing to learn new tricks then it’s time you got you a new old dog. ‘Cause there are some old dogs that never learn. One is’ foot in the mouth’ Joe Biden. He can make goofy statements and gaffes and the media just laughs. He can reveal the secret hiding place of the Vice President in the event of an attack and the media never grabs the story. He is let slide. Rush Limbaugh and several other talk radio hosts made fun of Biden’s gaffe when the silver tongued Joe told a state Representative to “stand up Chuck”. The problem was Chuck couldn’t stand up, he was in a wheel chair.

“Stand up Chuck, let’s give Chuck a big hand. Oh my God, Chuck you can’t stand up.  Folks, let’s give Chuck a big hand.”  The old dog with the face lift stepped right in it, but the media acted like nothing happened. Had Dick Cheney made that mistake then it would have been front page news and the New York Times story of the week.

Remember when Joe “Old Dog” Biden said he forgot the Website NUMBER for the White House. He turned and asked one of his aids what was the number for the website at the White House. Even as country and back in the sticks as I am I know its called the URL.  Universal Resource Locator.  Can you imagine what kind of stink the media  would have raised over such a screw up if it had been President Bush???  Needless to say it would have been the lead story on all the left wing news outlets.

Old Dog Biden was on Oprah and announced he could be either Vice President or Secretary of State which totally dismayed  Barry and Hillary Clinton. The Secretary of State had already been promised to Clinton. You would think after such a big mistake Joe would have muzzled himself.  I do know Barry has been extremely frustrated with Old Dog Joe’s gaffes. But to get on national television and announce the choice was yours as to which office to choose, when nothing had ever been suggested about him being the Secretary of State.

Joe did say one thing correctly. He said Hillary would be a better Vice President than he. I think Joe the Plumber would have been a better Vice President that Old Dog Biden.

But it’s too late. We are stuck with an old dog that cannot learn new tricks.  He said, “I’m going to be myself.”   That’s the problem Joe. Being yourself is not enough to be Vice President. To say he is the most inept ever may sound strong, but let’s face it folks, who do you know that was worse? Well, I guess there is Al Gore (smile).  Al can give Joe a run for his money for the title of the worst Vice President ever.  But at the end of the race, even Al Gore would come out ahead of Biden.

We are stuck with Joe Biden. He is one old dog we will have to tolerate for 3 years and 8 months. I can promise Barry will not ask Joe to serve a second term. The White House is angry and frustrated with the lack of professionalism they see in Biden.

I have a theory on Alzheimer’s. It appears to me the people with Alzheimer’s once had extra active minds. Let’s look at president Reagan. Most people don’t know, but he wrote all of his radio addresses. He had no speech writer. He didn’t type so he wrote those addresses by hand. He was a brilliant man, even though the liberal press like to portray him as a dunce. They played the movie Bedtime for Bozo or whatever the title was that showed Mr. Reagan with a chimp as his co-star.  It was his idea to cut taxes and give support to the free market. It was Reagan that stood down the Russians and made them take down the Berlin wall.

After he retired, he and Nancy moved to his Santa Barbara ranch. He didn’t make speeches. He stopped writing his radio addresses, which he had done for twenty five years. He had no movie lines to remember. His powerful mind was placed in nuetral and like all muscles, it began to wilt with the lack of exercise. There was nothing to challenge his thinking, so he shut that part of his brain down and then what followed was Alzheimer’s.

Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr and Jimmy Carter are all active in their retirement. Carter travels the world visiting with Muslim terrorists and those who hate America.  Bill Clinton is traveling the world, checking out the babes and raking in millions speaking to any who will pay him. Now with Hillary’s gig he can’t rake in the big bucks speaking. Barry just made him Ambassador or something to Hatti. I guess Bill accepted. What I’m saying is those three have very active lives and constantly are using their minds. Neither of the three have Alzheimer’s.

Charles Heston, one of the top movie stars that Hollywood ever produced, was the voice of the NRA. Great American and God loving individual.  He was either making movies or speaking around the country on gun control and its evils. The movies stopped coming, so there were no scripts to memorize.  It became difficult for him to travel, so the speeches stopped.  Heston ceased to use his brain. The lack of mental activity weakened his brain muscles…if the brain has muscles.  The sad result, he became an Alzheimer’s victim.

I know an older attorney and his wife. Not on a social basis, but through friends. He was one of the top attorneys in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. He tried cases before the Supreme Court. When he turned 65 he retired. I think retiring is the worst thing a person can do. You are never too old to learn new tricks, unless you are Joe Biden.  The lack of brain work slowly led to Alzheimer’s.

I’m confident some medical smart people will tear my theory apart. But you can do your own study.  Look at the folks you know who have Alzheimer’s. How many shut down the use of their brain at the level they had been using it?  Yes, there are young people with Alzheimer’s, but was there a mental change in their lives before it was announced to the world?

I believe we need to keep our minds in shape, the same as we do our bodies. If you don’t exercise for a week you can tell the difference. If you miss a month you are in rotten shape. The mind is part of the body and you have to work it or lose what you have.

This is all for tonight, Will Cooper <><