May 8, 2009

I think I’m up and running. I appreciate you hanging with me while I got the blog thing worked out. Now perhaps I can say a few things without being in violation of some mysterious rule that gets me yanked off eBay.

Maybe I’ve got a cowboy sense of humor, but it struck me as funny that the two ‘macho’ men, Barry and Bumbling Joe would slip off and grab a burger rather than be served by the White House Staff.  Please allow me to tell you the real story of the reason for the burger photo-op. There has been a great email floating around the Internet that’s titled Real Men. The first image is George W. Bush with two freshly chopped cedar trees,  about six feet tall, one over each shoulder. His tee shirt is dirty, gloves well worn. He is wearing a Texas Cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses. He looks like a real man.  The next image is Ronald Wilson Reagan and he has a big chain saw in his hands. Reagan was historically known for cleaning brush and cutting firewood when he was on his ranch.

Then there is Barry.  He is hanging a set of fu-fu lace curtains over a window. A perfect contrast between the three men. I’m confident rabbit ears Barry and Bumbling Joe saw the emial, or their handlers did. They wanted to show the American people there were real men too. (smile) Down here it is easy to spot a drugstore cowboy. You can tell by the kind of hat the wear and the way it sits their head.  You can tell by the kind of boots they wear or the jeans they select. We can spot a phony a block away. The same goes for a real man. Barry and Joe can arrange any photoshoot they wish, they can never be real men. They are both sissies.

Bumbling Joe had a face lift or maybe even several. His eyes look Asian, they have been pulled back so much. Barry is not real man enough to stop smoking. He is the leader of the free world and yet cannot break the habit of smoking. How can anyone respect a man with so little will power? What kind of example is he sitting for our kids?

Looking at the sissy we have as president, aren’t you a tad ashamed you blasted George W.?  It appears to me the more we see of Barry Soetoro the better Bush is looking. You that have followed my rants, know I like George W. Bush. I didn’t like some of his spending, but I loved the way he protected America and stood behind our great men and women of the military. In turn the military loved him.

It’s pretty clear Barry has chosen to support Israel’s enemy. He has secretly given $20 million to bring Hamas illegals into our country.  This is a hot bed of terrorists and he is going to import them onto American soil. What is this REAL MAN thinking?  I said real man with tongue in cheek. His big wife could beat the stuffing out of him in a stand up fist fight. Some think he is repaying the debt for his education. There are those who think the King of Saudi Arabia is the person who controls Barry. Why else would Barry be bowing to the King? If that is true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then it makes sense that one of the repayments would be to import radical Muslims into this country.

Someone paid for his college. You don’t go to Harvard washing dishes in the cafeteria.Even back when he was going head to head with Hillary Clinton there were rumors that the King of Saudi Arabia was filtering millions into Barry’s race.  John McCain said Barry outspent him $21 million in Florida.  He raised one billion dollars. I wonder how much of that came from terrorist countries? They are not stupid people. They know if they can control our leader, things will lighten up and they will have time to rebuild and be stronger than they were before 9-11. Bill Clinton’s weakness allowed the terrorists to grow strong and freely come and go at will in this country. Barry is not only going to equal Clinton, he is going to do his best to beat Clinton.

Barry’s stupidity of telling how we interrogate our enemies is one of the most dangerous things he could have done. He did that to smear George W.  Everything is Bush’s fault according to the Barry bunch, but lets also give W. credit for keeping us safe. I sincerely believe the only reason for us not to get hit with another 9-11 is there is an agreement with Barry and the radical Muslims. He won’t go hard after them if they leave us alone. In the meantime they are about to take over Pakistain. When the radical Al-Quida and Taliban seize control of Pakistian they will have the keys to the nuclear bombs.  This is a very real posibility.

The next 3 years and 9 months are going to challenge us. We must remain calm and fix our eyes on the 2010 and 2012 elections. We have to make a big dent in taking our country back in 2010 and return a conservative to power in 2012.  A lot of people are grumbling, but if you are not willing to get into the trenches and work to get some good people elected then I don’t want to hear you bitch. Put your money where your heart is or sit back and let the liberals control this country for the next 40 years.

Yesterday Barry refused to take part in the National Day of Prayer. This is the first president who has disrespected the Day of Prayer since it was set up. He has been to church one time since taking office. Yet his mouthpieces keep telling us he is a man of faith. That I believe, but I think his faith is more Muslim than Christian.

All this presidency is about is photo-ops. Everything is about posing for pictures.

This is the end of tonight’s blog,

Will Cooper


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