I jumped the gun on the Preakness. Looks like the girl is going to run with the big boys. After Rachel Alexandra won the Kentucky Oaks her owner was asked, “why didn’t he run her in the Derby?” His answer was firm, “Girls should run with girls and boys with boys.”

The reporter stuck the microphone back in his face and pressed, “Her time was faster than the Derby winner. Why wouldn’t you go challenge the ‘boys’?”

The stately, elderly gentleman answered in a soft voice, “We will run her a few more times, then use her for breeding. I won’t be running her in the Preakness or Belmont.”

I took him at his word. But the thought of 1 million dollars dangling in the air, like a brass ring on a merry-go-round became a temptation too large to walk away from. The owner caved to the thought of winning all that money and asked Calvin if he would ride her next week.  Calvin said yes so fast the old man’s head spun around several times.

Now the big question is who will ride Mine That Bird.  I’d like to see Mike Smith get the mount. He is a great individual and superb jockey. Mike knows how to ride the big races.

Rachel Alexandra did have a much faster time than the Derby winner, but if you follow horse racing at all you know a lot can happen coming out of the gate. I would almost bet my boots, my best boots that she gets squeezed and pushed to the rear. How will she handle dirt in her face? Back when Holy Bull ran in the Derby he was by far the best horse in the race. One of the men who helps load the horses in the gate grabbed Holy Bull’s tail when the gate opened. He fell behind and the mud in his face was such a distraction he lagged way behind. I suspect Rachel has never had mud in her face. She gets out front and blazes out of sight.

I plan to bring the men in, serve them a beer or two and enjoy the Preakness with renewed interest.

Barry Soetoro said this week the lower home loans that people are using to refinance their places are a tax cut.  He actually had the gall to suggest lower interest rates were his doing and were part of his tax cuts. Please, some of you bright people and even my faithful liberal readers, explain to this old broken down, undereducated cowboy how paying a 5% home loan is lowering our taxes.  Down in this neck of the woods, less interest means less to write off.  I was paying 6.25% on my house. The land is paid for. My banker suggested I refinance. I got a 4.8% loan.  The top end of a loan is mostly interest. I was shelling out a lot more on the 6.5% than I am on the 4.8%. This means I have a lot less to write off. For me, based on Barry’s numbers, taxes went up.

There was big news this week that Barry was going to slash his $3.5 Trillion dollar budget by $17 billion. He is being praised in the media like he is performing miracles. President Bush’s budget was 1/3 of what Barry has posted and when George W. wanted to cut that budget by $32 billion the Democrats were all over him for doing so little. The media blasted him. On the campaign trail John McCain boasted he could cut $18 billion out of the pork bills.  Barry went after that number as trivial. He joked that $18 billion was chicken feed. Now when he is offering a measly $17 billion he is saving the country.

I got an admonishing email suggesting I give Barry a chance. He has had over 100 days and all we have seen is the biggest spending spree in the history of the United States. He has already spent more than all the presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush and the scary part is he is just warming up. I honestly don’t think the American people realize the gravity of his wasteful spending.  His dishonesty makes William Jefferson Clinton look like a saint. For instance he shouted from the roof tops that he would be transparent. He would post his budget on-line so the American people could read it line by line. When time came for the budget it got rushed through so fast Congress didn’t have time to read what was in the bill. NO ONE KNEW what they were voting for.  So much for an open government.

When the swine flu was all the panic, Barry played golf.  When our brave captain was being held hostage by pirates, he waited three days to allow our SEALs to do their job. N. Korea shoots a missile that can carry a nuke and he wrote them a letter.  Don’t you know Kim was shaking in his tiny shoes when he got a letter saying don’t do that again? Kim immediately started getting ready for another shot. He is working on being able to reach Hawaii and that is not long in coming. He met with the Afghan president and the head honcho of Pakistan and told them to do better. In turn they asked for money. They see him as a soft touch.

During the Great Depression hobos would mark houses where you could get a hand out. Those who were soft touches had a steady stream of hobos coming for their handout. Countries have marked Washington DC with a big piece of caulk.  Now third world countries are lined up looking for a few billion. It’s coming soon. We will send a big bailout to several African countries. The money will never reach the people. The war lords will grab it first like they do the food.

I love the spin that Barry and the Fashion Icon had a private time of prayer. My question to you is this:  Was a rug used when they faced east? After we all made such a stink his eunuchs rallied behind him. They came up with the ‘private’ day of prayer.

And while I’m at it.  How ’bout Hawaii having a Muslim Day?  I bet the Hawaiian Muslim population is less than 2%.  With a leader who believes in appeasement as a way to solve things you are going to see more and more things like what happened in Hawaii. I bet he was pushed around in high school.  As Ann Coulter would say, “He’s a wuss!”

This is it for the night. Will Cooper <><


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