3 Cheers for Old Notre Dame — NOT!

The leaders of Notre Dame University, one of the most prestigious Catholic Colleges in the nation, have tossed what they believe and asked Barry Soetoro to be the speaker at this year’s graduation. The choice has brought a hail storm of protest from faithful Catholics and for good reason, he doesn’t believe in their foundation of faith. Real Catholics believe abortion is a sin and they are dead set against stem cell experiments. The Pope is being political and saying nothing, but that is not the case with dozens and dozens of Bishops here in the United States.

One of the bright spots to arise is Mary Ann Glendon. Notre Dame was going to honor her with their Laetare Medal, the highest honor the school can bestow. To receive her medal she would have had to stand beside Barry Soetoro as he was bestowed a Doctrate. She did the most amazing thing.  Mary Ann told the school she would not accept the medal if she has to share the stage with a man who supports killing unborn babies and those just born if they have less than perfect bodies.

Barry Soetoro would have allowed doctors to kill Sarah Palin’s son after he was born with Downs Syndrome. Mary Ann Glendon was Ambassador to the Vatican for a time. Isn’t it great to see someone stand up for what they believe?

This week a group of graduating seniors from Notre Dame got permission to hold a pray vigil at the time Barry Soetoro is giving his speech. Notre Dame graduates about 1,800 students and so far about 100 have decided to not attend in protest of his being allowed to give the commencement address. John Daly, one of the student leaders, made what I thought was a brilliant observation. Daly said, “Obama’s honorary law degree is a betrayal of what Notre Dame stands for. We are not opposed to him sharing ideas in an academic forum. The commencement address is a monologue. For him to have a dialogue is one thing, but it’s entirely different for him to stand on Holy Ground when he stomps on the fundamentals of our faith.”

Remember back a month or so ago?  Trust me folks it seems like he has been in office for ages. I almost said four or five months ago and then I realized he has only been in office a little over one hundred days. He spoke at George Washington University, another Catholic school.  He made the school cover every item that would show they were Christian. The school caved and covered the crucifix of Christ and all signs of Christianity. What kind of American President would be ashamed of the cross?  What American president would be ashamed of Christ Crucified?  What kind of American President would refuse to join the nation in a Day of Prayer? Then later try to cover up by saying he had a private moment of prayer. Who was he praying to?  Did he kneel and look east?

Next month Barry Soetoro will be going to Egypt to deliver an address to the Muslim world. He is going to deliver the speech from one of the oldest Mosques in the world. Will he demand all Muslim signs be covered?  I am willing to bet my boots, my best boots that he proudly stands in that Mosque and delivers a speech that says how bad America has been. He will no doubt slam president Bush several times during the address.  He will apoligize to the Muslim world for all the evils this country has done. He will tell them what a horrible country America is, but HE is the savior. He is going to fix all that’s wrong with our country.

I’m just a hick from the sticks and perhaps I do wear rose colored glasses but I’m having problems seeing what’s so bad about America. I like us the way we are. Or maybe I should say were. No nation has ever done so much for others. We lead the world in helping. Our standard of living soars past whoever is in second place. Even during these trying times 92% of the American people have jobs and are paying their bills on time. What we call poverty in America would be wealth in India.

Our military at this present time is far superior to any other nation’s. Barry, like Bill Clinton, hates the military. He has plans to dramatically cut the military budget. He wants the military to be weak like him. I’m reminded of a thing that happened in to me in high school. We had a bully that continued to pick on weaker kids. He never messed with guys like me or my friends, but he preyed on the weak. We had a skinny Mexican kid move into town. He was shy and didn’t mingle. I really didn’t know him. Athletes tend to run with other athletes. What we didn’t know is the skinny kid was from Fort Worth where he was the Golden Glove State Champion for his weight class. I didn’t see the fight, but it was news all over the school before we even got our pads on for football practice. The bully shoved the skinny kid into the lockers and the next thing anyone saw was the bully was flat on his back with blood gushing from his nose. With lightening speed and precise skill the boxer hit the bully a dozen times square on the nose, knocking him out in the process.  Our military at this time is like the skinny boxer, we can hit with lightening speed and very effective skills. With Barry cutting the military budget I had no idea what we will have left.

Monday I was in the local Dairy Queen and my old time rancher friend was in the back with his buddies. I didn’t wait for him to call me. I got my burger, fries and vanilla shake and joined them. He didn’t have a joke for me, which is not normal, but I did notice he was wearing a khaki shirt with a round Border Patrol patch on each shoulder. I could tell he was waiting for me to ask so I fell for the bait.  “What’s the patches for?”

“Well, Will I had to take a friend to the emergency room over in Corpus Christi and that Christus Spohn Hospital is always crammed full of Illegal Aliens. Some time back I found these patches on eBay and had the gal at the cleaners sew them on this shirt.  I heard it would help get you in to see the emergency room doctor. When my friend called me and said he had been bitten by a snake, I threw on this shirt and off we went to Corpus Christi.  When we got to the waiting room it was filled with Illegals with a bunch of crying kids. I asked my friend to take a seat. I slowly walked through the waiting room, carefully checking people out as I walked. I felt like the Lord healing people. By the time  I got to the end and turned around the hospital was almost empty. I guess I healed them. It was no time till my old buddy was seeing a doctor.  They did a little doctor work on him and I hauled him home. He is fine. I’ll  just wear my shirt the next time I eat at the Mexican Cafe.  Then he smiled and returned to his game.

I ate and watched them play. Just as I was getting up to leave one guy, who I know by sight asked, “Will you got any horses?”

“A few.”

“Do you know, Joe so and so?”

I did. Then he asked, “Would you be willing to haul a horse over to his place and help him round up some wild cattle?  His horse died and he hasn’t been able to buy another one.”

Me and my big mouth. I told him I’d be happy to help. Just what I needed. I can’t even keep up with all I have to do, but part of being a Texan is your willingness to help your neighbor. I suspect them knowing I’m not married they feel I have a lot more free time. I saddled two horses and trailered them over to his little ranch. He is a big German feller with hands the size of a tennis racket and as strong as a pit bull’s jaws.  With both of us working we made a pretty quick roundup. He was selling eight head.

He wanted to pay me. That is just the way real Texans are. I declined and asked if he would like to borrow the horse I brought for him to ride?  His round face turned beet red. I can’t write in his brogue but you would think he just arrived from Germany. He insisted on paying to use the horse.  I asked if he made any venison sausage this winter? He looked perplexed, but answered he had.  I told him, “I’ll make a trade. I’ll trade you the use of my horse for a mess of venison sausage.” Knowing the Germans are known around this area for their sausage I considered it a good trade. My mouth was already watering.

He promised to only use my horse three months. Then he thought he would have the money to buy one.  I took three rings of sausage, took my saddle off the horse I let him keep and was back at my ranch by 8:30.  I took a shower and then ate a bowl of red chili with a tall glass of cold buttermilk. The wife of one of my men makes me a big pot of chili that I divide into meal sized amounts and freeze in zip lock bags.  By the way for you up north, real chili has no beans.

There is so much that needs to be said, but not tonight. This is it. Will Cooper


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