Say It Ain’t So, Joe!!!

A Broken Down Texas CowboyWhen the Chicago Black Sox threw the world series, the blame was put on ‘Shoeless ‘ Joe Jackson. The following morning the Chicago Press headlines read, “Say it ain’t so Joe.

Joe Jackson was an undereducated country boy with an ability like few others to play baseball.  During that series he drove in more runs than any other player from either team. He had a batting average of 375 for the World Series, had12 hits which was a record for the series and didn’t commit one error. Yet he was banned from baseball and made out to be a villain.  The Chicago newspapers said he threw the game for money.  I have always maintained that Joe Jackson was the only one not involved with the betting scandal.  Kevin Costner based his movie  Field of Dreams on Joe Jackson. Several other movies have been made featuring Shoeless Joe Jackson. I think he ended up in Carolina running a small grocery store.  He was hounded till he died and shamed by the media as a crook. In truth he was the only honest one on the starting roster. The modus of operation for Chicago is to destroy any who might can reveal the truth. They did want Joe to “say it ain’t so.”

I don’t see any Joe Jacksons in this current administration. From the lowest clerk to the King they are corrupt to the core. This bunch are typical Chicago politicians. I would hazard a guess that 85% of the media is in the King’s camp.  He can do no wrong.  The media is quick to  cover up any and all mistakes he makes. He has a Joe who has difficulty finding the bathroom without a guide. Without question Joe Biden is the most inept man to ever serve as a Vice President. He may be the most incompetent man in Washington DC.

The media made a big deal of King Barry raising a little more money than John McCain. Little my foot. He smothered the McCain camp.  McCain was defeated the moment he was nominated. I knew he was another Bob Dole, but what was I to do.  It was clear two years ago Barry Soetoro was going to be bad news for the nation. McCain admitted this past week that his team now knows Barry raised one billion dollars ( $1,000,000,000) .  Barry out spend McCain by twenty one million ($21,000,000) in Florida.

Where did all that money come from?  Let me give you a little background information first.  I don’t remember the exact dollar amount and to be honest none of us know the raw truth how much money was given to Chrysler. The figure of fourteen billion has been offered up ($14,000,000,000) as the number they were given in the bailout. Part of the deal they had to ‘merge’ with the Italian car company Fiat to get the bailout. Barry insisted there would be no bailout unless Chrysler allowed Fiat to own 40% of their company. Why Fiat?  Why the rush? Fiat is not setting the woods on fire over here in sales.

At the time I couldn’t get a grip on why. I did see that the president was pushing very hard for Fiat to get a big chunk.  Wait till I tell you the real reason for Fiat. But first I need to mention Chrysler is going to close a bunch of dealerships (700) and close several assembly plants. Guess what??? They are moving the assembly plants to Mexico.  Barry gave Chrysler fourteen billion ($14,000,000,000) and now they are killing American jobs and moving to Mexico.  Make no mistake, the president and his people knew all along Chrysler was going to close those plants and layoff thousands of hard working Americans long before he pushed to give them fourteen billion dollars ($14,000,000,000).  He gave them the money so they would give Fiat 40% of their company.  I’m livid that  American taxpayer money went to helping Chrysler join Fiat and then they move their plants to Mexico for cheap labor. We are paying for that move. We are paying for them to fire Americans who need jobs.

Mr. Soetoro promised jobs when he was elected. He has created 77,000 new jobs. He hired 77.000 people to go to work for the government since he has been in office.  That is the extent of his jobs program. He is spending $1 for every $.50 cents the government brings in. To date nothing he has done has created one non government job.  I saw a figure that the average government worker makes $74,000 a year. Note I didn’t use the word earn. The guy who delivers my mail is done by 1:00 pm. He complained the other day he went to work at 7:00 am.  Big deal, I have already fed the horses and taken care of chores before he goes to work. He saw the look on my face and wished he had kept his mouth closed.

Jog your memory. Can you remember Barry got a slap on the wrist for getting political donations from Hamas in the Gaza Strip?  They found two brothers to make as scape goats. That was to show how honest the Soetoro campaign was. In truth there were thousands like the two brothers who were making donations that were just under the $125 cap for reporting. If the credit card donation was under $125 the donor didn’t have to be identified. Internet cafes all over the Middle East were churning out donations. The wealthy Muslims were providing unlimited credit cards to their foot soldiers who set up in Internet Cafes and donated and donated and donated until the Soetoro camp was overflowing with cash. Some pundents that know more than I do estimate that more than half of the money given to Barry Soetoro’s campaign was from the Middle East.

Ah, but it gets better. I told you I would explain why Barry would undermine an American Auto Company in favor of Italian owned Fiat.  It happens the Fiat is not totally Italian owned. A nice chunk of Fiat is owned by none other than America ‘best friend’ Mommar Gadhafi.  The same terrorist dictator who president Reagan tried to take out with a surprise attack on his residence, leveling it to the ground. Gadhafi happened to not be home. Gadhafi controls all the money of Libyia.  No one was listening, but Gadhafi gave us a lot of clues before the election about the man who was to become our president.

He said on Al Jazeera Television back in June 11, 2008, “All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applaud this man (referring to Barry Soetoro). They welcome him and pray for him and his success. They have been involved in legitimate contributions to assist his campaign and to enable him to win the American presidency.”

How much money did Gadhafi give or should I say filter into Barry’s war chest?  No one knows, because of the $125 rule. No names or where the money came from had to be reported if the donation was under $125.  I think there is no doubt Barry owes Gadhafi big time.  But there is more. Since the June speech other evidence has surfaced suggesting that Barry raised huge sums of dubious money from  Gadhafi’s neighborhood.

You are not going to see the media digging into this. There is no interest in how he raised a billion dollars ($1,000,000,000). After all the liberal media gets a tingle down their legs when he speaks.

Gadhafi didn’t end with his apparent knowledge of Barry’s sources of campaign funds.  Gadhafi knows Barry’s talk about Israel was done with a wink to the Middle East. Gadhafi said, “We were taken by surprise when our African Kenyan brother, who is an American national, made statements about Jerusalem that shocked all of his supporters in the Arab World, in Africa and the Islamic World. Then we realized in this farce of elections, a person lies to people, just so they will vote for him.” This speech was never covered in the American media. None of us heard those words, because of the protection our media gave Barry.  They knew words like those coming from a Muslim dictator would be damaging to their man.

No doubt Gadhafi has the knowledge of someone on the inside of this administration. He recently predicted a policy of Barry’s we are seeing come true. Gadhafi said, “We thought he would say, ‘I have decided that if I win, I will monitor the Dimona nuclear plant and other WMDs in Israels possession.”

Last week  Barry’s state department announced that the Barry administration would pressure Israel to sign a nuclear nonproliferation treaty that would allow, among other details, Barry to inspect Israel’s nuclear weapons program. This program is something Israel has kept secret since it’s inception.

The Chrysler/Fiat deal is pay back to Gadhafi for his tireless fund raising efforts. Barry can’t let him sleep overnight in the White House, so he did the next best thing, make sure Fiat was part of Chrysler and thus increase the funds Gadhafi will earn in the coming decades.  We are seeing the Unions being paid back, his cronies are getting paid back and so is the Arab-Islamic world.  He is an appreciative man…with our (American taxpayer’s) money.

Thank you for all the information you guys send. The truth of the matter is I could write 7,000 words a day and it would only be a drop in the bucket of the information that needs to be known. Every day this administration adds more ‘stuff’ that needs to be dealt with than one person could explain. That is if I knew enough to explain.  At this point I have to pick and choose what tiny spec of information I’ll cover. Today I had ten items I wanted to address, but time ran out.  I try to organize my thoughts during the day, but even then daily chores get in the way.

This is all I have time to write…check back soon for another Willswordsofwisdom.  Will Cooper <><


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