Ever since the jury nullification in the O. J. Simpson case the use of DNA in trials has swept the nation like a swarm of grasshoppers in the spring. The state of Texas has freed scores convicted of rape and murder when DNA proved them innocent. You cannot turn on a television murder mystery or a series like Law and Order and find one were DNA is not the key component to solve the crime.

In one recent re-run, Law and Order prosecutors tried to indite the DNA of an unknown man. They wanted to indict DNA #121, because the five year limitation to try the perp was about to expire. That would be like indicting a John Doe and twenty years later finding who the DNA belonged to. Since his DNA had been indicted before the statue of limitations expired then he would be out of luck. But even on television they knew that was too much of a stretch.

I’ve heard all the DNA things explained a jillion times and I still cannot tell you what chromasome belongs to the father’s side and the one that belongs to the mother’s side. I do know my dominant DNA and that is the one that says I’m a Texan. I bet if someone took the time to do the research they would discover Texans have a special chromasome that ties us to the state. My Texas DNA is the one that gives me that burning desire to be independent. To live in a free country. My DNA makes me want to know the truth and to stand for liberty. My Texas DNA refuses to have a bit stuck in my mouth, I will not wear the governmen’s harness.

If you are not a Texan you probably won’t understand our overpowering desire to be free of government constraints and shackles.  We are willing to pay our fair share of taxes, but we do not want our wealth to be spread to those too lazy to work. I have no wealth other than that bestowed on me by my God. What little I have been able to accrue has been through long hours of physical labor and my willingness to save rather than waste what little I do earn.

In 1836 Texas was ripped from the belly of the Mexican Dictator General Santa Anna. He marched 6,000 well trained soldiers into San Antonio and was met by a band of independent Texans. Some like David Crockett had only been in Texas a month when they woke up one morning to see the town filled with Mexican soldiers. The Texan’s had set up an old Mexican mission and turned it into a fort. A weak fort at best. The Alamo sat on three acres of land. It was impossible for 186 men to man all the walls yet William Barret Travis wrote, “We will die rather than surrender Texas’s liberty to Santa Anna.”  He was a twenty six year old bachlor, however Texas DNA got into his system. He knew if they could hold the Alamo long enough other Texans would rush to their aid.

One source was the 400 troops at Goliad. They were under the command of Colonel Fannin, who attended West Point, but didn’t have the DNA for fighting. Three times he started to the rescue of the Alamo and then turned back to the fort. They named the mission in Goliad, Fort Defiance, but Fannin never planned to fight. When the Mexican general Urra got near with 2,000 men Fannin took his men and fled. In one of the biggest military blunders in the history of the world, Fannin stopped his men a few hundred yards short of a grove of trees. The spot he selected was a low valley, which gave the enemy the advantage of shooting down on them. The Mexicans pounded them with cannons for a day and an night. With no food or water Fannin raised the white flag.  He got a promise from General Urra that his men would be allowed to leave Texas if they surrendered.  Several were already dead and Fannin was wounded.

Word reached Goliad that Santa Anna had swarmed the walls of the Alamo and killed everyone except a 19 year old woman, her baby and two black slaves. 186 brave Texans were killed on March 6, 1836.  The Texans had done great damage to the Mexicans. The number is not known, but most say the Texans killed over 6,00 Mexicans that bloody morning. The Texans were not given the opportunity to surrender. Those that did try were shot down like a rabid dog.

When Santa Anna learned of the capture of 400 Texans in Goliad he ordered them shot, even though his general had signed a peace agreement.  Using the pretext of taking the Texans to a boat to return back to the states, his soldiers marched them a mile or so from the old Goliad mission, then asked them to kneel.  My grandfather was a raw boned kid of 18, but he realized something was not right. At the first volley of gun fire he broke and ran. The black smoke was so thick the Mexicans lost sight of him at first. Finally he and four other young men made it to a thicket of brush. At one point they scurried up trees as the Mexican calvary rode under them. The five ate leaves and hid for 12 days. Four of them made it back to Texana,  the fifth was too weak to travel. He was later captured by another group of Mexicans heading home to Mexico.

That day at Goliad 380 Texans were murdered in cold blood by the Mexican Army.

Sam Houston, the prodigy of president Andrew Jackson, was a giant of a man. Some say he was 6′-6″ and others place him at 6′-4″.  He fought in the Creek Indian War, served in Congress and had been Governor of Tennessee.  Sam had also spent five years living with the Indians in Oklahoma before he ventured to Texas for a fresh start. On his way into Texas he was riding a bob-tailed horse and met up with a US Marshall assigned to the Indian Territory. As they traveled Sam kept singing the praised of  ‘Old Jack’,  his bob-tailed horse. He explained to the Marshall how big and thick the flies were in Texas.  Old Jack would not be able to defend himself. The Marshall ended up trading him a powerful 17 hand tall bay for Old Jack.

Houston was what Texas needed and Texas was what Houston needed. He was asked to led the rag-tag Texas army against the much superior Mexican troops. Santa Anna didn’t realize how many creeks and rivers Texas had spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.  He also didn’t realize the rainy season made creeks into rivers and rivers into bodies of water too dangerous to cross.  Houston went on the run with the Mexicans on their trail, but the bad weather and thick mud slowed the Mexicans down and scattered their supply lines. Also Santa Anna divided his army into three groups. Houston ran and ran until April 21, when he set up for battle at San Jacinto.  He placed his men so the sun would be in the eyes of the Mexicans then did one more thing. He burned the only bridge onto the small island. Santa Anna would not be able to get additional troops.  At 4:00 pm the Texans attacked. We had about  1,000 men and the Mexicans 1,100.  The fight lasted 18 minutes. The Texans shouting, “Remember the Alamo. Remember Goliad.”  The Mexican’s were shouting back, “Me no Alamo, me no Goliad.”  The Texans killed and killed. Finally Houston was able to stop the slaughter.

After the battle, as the Mexican survivors were being brought in the Texans noticed all the men were bowing to a particular private. Then they noticed the private was wearing diamond studs. Santa Anna had stolen the clothes of a dead private and was trying to not be detected. In exchange for his freedom Santa Anna gave Sam Houston Texas.

When Texas joined the Union Houston made as part of the agreement we could pull away at anytime we were not happy with Washington. Texas is the only state that can succeed from the Union legally. We are allowed to fly the Lone Star Flag at the same level as the Stars and Stripes. Our capitol building is taller than the one in Washington. Texas is allowed to divide into five smaller states.   You can show kids in Japan, China, Russia, Europe and South American the map of Texas and most will know.  You don’t have to know us long before you know we are Texans.  I traveled a great deal before I got so involved in this ranching stuff. When people saw my hat and boots they knew my DNA was Texan.

I could write for hours on this subject.  It’s part of my DNA (smile).

We are seeing our liberties and freedoms exploited in Washington on an hourly basis. The new president is hell bent for leather to make this a government controlled nation. Texans are not going to stand idly by and watch our freedoms and independence striped from us like the bark from a cedar tree.

Texas has the right to form an independent grand jury. Recently 35 citizens indicted the new president for treason. Sounds good, but to be honest these things never get anywhere. You will not be able to find a judge to try the case, or a district attorney to prosecute. A dozen or so cases have been brought to the Supreme Court of the United States to force the president to prove he is legal to hold that office. So far the Courts have refused to hear the cases. If we cannot get a Supreme Court Judge to hear the arguments, then a Texas grand jury will be like a horse fly in June. One swat and he is zapped.  Our best avenue for freedom is to win big in 2010 and elect a new conservative president in 2012.  That we can do. I hold little hope in the Supreme Court trying the president of the United States. To oust him would cause a civil war. Blacks would take to the streets in the thousands joined by liberal whites. They would burn this country to the ground.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to think we could see his birth certificate, draft card, school records and his visas.  Where did he travel and under what name, but that is not going to happen. He has already spent over one million dollars ($1,000,000) to keep that from happening.

My Texas DNA says we just have to stay the course and do what we can to keep our friends and neighbors positive.  Join together and swarm the polls in two years. Sweep the Nancy Pelosies and Harry Reids from office. We need to take America back, one Senator, one Representative at a time. If there is one thing I’m confident of, it is we the people want to govern our own lives. We do not want big government running our life.

This is all I have time for tonight. Will Cooper <><


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