Oh My!!!

The Preakness was one of the most exciting horse races I’ve seen in a mighty long time. Chip Woolley, the trainer of Mine That Bird, asked Mike Smith to lay back and make a late charge. Mike did as instructed but when time came to open up Mine That Bird there was a log jam of horses in front of the fleet footed gelding. He was forced wide and lost valuable ground. By the time they broke around and through the maze of horses, ground had ran out for Mine That Bird to catch the super filly, Rachael Alexandra.  Take nothing away from the girl, she ran a brilliant race, coming from the 13th post to take the lead and never gave it up. Without question she is a super horse. It’s rumored the new owner paid $ 10,000,000 for her.

The Preakness is 3/16 of a mile shorter than the Kentucky Derby. The shorter track didn’t give Mine That Bird enough space to overcome the large lead Rachel Alexandra had.  Down the home stretch Mine That Bird once more sailed past the field and pulled within half a length of winning the race. If the track had been the length of the Derby, there is no question Mine That Bird would have won. I fault the trainer for holding him back too long.  He knew the track was shorter, but some say perhaps Chip has never run a horse at such a short distance. Which ain’t true. He was a quarter horse man before he started training thoroughbred race horses.

What I’m trying to say, save your coins for the Belmont. That track is a mile and half. This will be the biggest promotion of a race we have seen in many years. Boy vs Girl. I expect Mine That Bird to win in the Belmont at least by a full length. Mark your calendar…three weeks till they run again.

One of my eBay family sent me an image of a yard sign, which has to be the top one of the year. I can’t use this one ’cause all of my neighbors are armed to the hilt.

MY Next Door Neighbor wants to ban guns!


Our of respect for their opinions I promise Not to use my guns to protect them.

Last week another eBay family member sent me what I consider the best TEA Party sign of the entire lot.

Somewhere in Kenya a Village is missing an idiot!

It’s going to be fun watching Nancy Pelosi squirm trying to get out of her lies. She has given five versions of what happened on the water-boarding thing. I bet we get the sixth version Monday. I think it’s pretty clear Barry Soetoro doesn’t want her to be Speaker of the House. She is stealing too much attention. She has too much power. He only wants one person in Washington to have power and that is not Harry or Nancy. He will not stand in the way of her removal.

I guess you have noticed Harry Reid has been fairly silent. He is not making waves. Harry knows who the real power hungry person in Washington DC is and if he gets too much attention he will not get the backing of the president in 2010.

I personally don’t think Nancy will survive. She has stomped on too many Democrats and they see this as an opportunity to remove her from power. I don’t mean she will leave Washington, but she may have to step down as the Speaker.  I made a donation to the Republican group who is trying to unseat her. For every dollar I gave the Republican Senators and Representatives gave three to oust her from power. They are giving money from their campaign coffers to see she is removed. I normally don’t give to things like that, but she is the exception.

Who needs As the World Turns or any of the soaps? We have Washington. We have a living, moving Zoo to watch daily on our televisions and read about in our thin newspapers. The suck up press is dying off faster than they can write glowing stories.  The San Antonio Express is thinner than our country weekly. People are tired of the praises for a man who has done nothing.  Just when you think Barry Soetoro has gone overboard with radical spending, he tops his last effort. Reminds me of a friend’s wife. I say friend, he is a guy I know. He is in the oil business and doing very well.  He married a honey and gave her a stack of credit cards. She spent over $35,000 the first month. He asked her to please not be so excessive, so she countered the next month with a $50,000 bill.  Finally he had all of her cards canceled. He had no choice. She then divorced him and tried to get all of his money.  Luckily his lawyers had a strong pre-nuptial agreement in place.  She couldn’t resist the temptation to spend. I feel the president is like that. He never had any money and now he has an endless supply. If he doesn’t have the money in the bank he prints more. We are currently spending $1.00 for every $.50 we bring in. I don’t know about you, but my ranch would not last long if I was spending twice as much as I earn.

I want to leave you with something to think about. Through his spokesman, Barry claimed to know nothing about the TEA Parties. Does he live in a closet? He might. One of his key people said we keep the televisions in the White House tuned in to MSNBC.  Frankly if he didn’t know then he is more out of touch with this country than I thought.

I think I need to start calling him COC. Community Organizer Chief.  As COC he should know what’s going on when thousands meet to protest what he is doing.

I bet he was not aware that people were at Notre Dame protesting him getting a Doctorate. I didn’t hear the speech, but I read where he told the kids they need to find common ground. He was trying to say he was not for abortion. Is he so out of touch he doesn’t realize we all know what he stands for?  He tried to gloss over stem cell research. I also read were $14,000,000 in donations to Notre Dame have been canceled. We have not heard the last of this.

He was unaware that he was listening to the most radical preacher in the United States. He sat there for twenty years and never figured out that Rev. J. Wright hated Jews. That the Rev. Wright hated America.  That the Rev. Wright was a full blown racist. Frankly I want a leader who is a little more aware.

He was not aware that Bill Ayers and his wife were domestic terrorists. They bragged that when they were bombing they didn’t do enough. He started his political run from their living room, but was not aware they had been on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.  Ayers dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan. But the COC says he was not aware.

He was not aware that his aunt was living here illegally. Funny, because his team went to great efforts to make sure she didn’t attend the inauguration. He didn’t try to stop her deportation. I suspect he wanted her out of the country.  She might tell the truth about a Kenya birth.

He was not aware one of his brothers lives on $10 a month.  It seems to me the least he could do would be to send the brother $1,000 and make him rich. He is quick to say we are our brother’s keeper. Which brother, the getto or his own blood?

He was not aware he had another brother who is a child molester and not allowed into the UK.

He didn’t know about the AIG bonuses.

He didn’t know about the even larger bonuses given to Freddy Mac and Freddy Mae head honchos. Those bonuses were almost twice the amount of those granted AIG.

He was unaware his nomination for Secretary of Commerce was being investigated by the Feds for fraud.

His Secretary of Health and Human Services was a tax cheat.

He was unaware that his Secretary of  Treasury was a tax cheat.

His US Trade Representative was a tax cheat.

He was not aware the woman he nominated to be his Chief Performance Officer was a tax cheat.

He knew nothing about Air Force One and two jet fighters flying low over New York City.

I don’t have time to list all the things he says he was or is unaware of. I wonder if he will be aware when we vote him out of office in 2012.

This is it for tonight. Will Cooper <><


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