The Anti-Christ

First I want to warn you to be careful opening emails!!!

If you get an email Titled: Nude Photos of Sarah Palin… beware, it is a virus.

If you get an email Titled: Nude Photos of Nancy Pelosi… beware, it contains nude photos of Nancy Pelosi.

I have received at least  1,000 emails expressing negative views of the current president. There is no way for me to know how many, but one theme seems to be prevalent each month. The email either says “Obama is the Anti-Christ” or they ask “is he the Anti-Christ?”  I will admit from a lot of his actions he does appear anti Christ, but is he the Man of Sin (Predition) that Paul wrote about? Is he the Anti-Christ?

There is a lot of miss-conception on the use of the word Anti-Christ.  One would think there were several references to the Anti-Christ in the scriptures. The only place you find those words are in I John and II John. These two small letters were written by the Apostle John who wrote the Gospel of John.  Most real Greek scholars say the John exiled on the Island of Pathmos was not the same man who wrote the Gospel John and letters 1 and 2.  What I’m saying is a second and different John wrote the book of Revelation. “Why is that important?” you ask.

What I’m saying is there was no continuous theme between the writing of the Apostle John and the John on an isolated island. There is no tie between the Anti-Christ of John and the beast of Revelation.

In the letters you will find antichrist four times and antichrists once. They are not in capital letters. I John 2:18 KJV “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. These letters were written thirty or forty years after the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Note he says antichrists. Plural. More than one and that they were already living in his day. Almost 2,000 years ago there were antichrists. This was before Revelation was written. Most place the date of Revelation is 90AD.

No place in the scriptures is anyone called The Anti Christ.  John simply says antichrist.  The word anti means, opposed, challenging, dead set against, defiant and unwilling. John was saying there were those already dead set against the Messiah. They opposed him. They were defiant against Christ.  Only John doesn’t capitalize the world Christ, instead he uses christ. Why?  I’m not sure, but I do know he was not speaking about one man.

From the beginning of Christianity people have pointed to different leaders and said they were the Anti-Christ.  Nero was one of the first to carry that badge. This title has been granted to a few Popes.  The German Kaiser, Stalin, Hitler, Teto, Mussolini, were all at one time or another said to be the Anti-Christ.  Even Ronald  Wilson Reagan was said to be the Anti-Christ. The mark of the beast is 666 and Ronald is six letters. Wilson is six letters and Reagan is six letters, thus 666.

It’s easy to find things in most leaders that can point to them being the Anti-Christ.

Obama fits a lot of predictions. A young leader from the east.  He is in his mid forties and was born a Muslim, in all probability in Kenya. He has went out of his way to appease the Muslim countries. He bowed to a Muslim King and made his first televised speech after being sworn in on an Arab television station.

He has shown to be anti Christ (against Christ) when he spoke at George Washington University, a Catholic University. He made the school cover all signs of Jesus Christ. In that light he is anti Christ. He trampled on the core belief of the Catholic Church in his speech to the Notre Dame grads. He told them to find middle ground on abortion.  I think it’s pretty cut and dried. Abortion is either murder or it isn’t.  We who believe the unborn is a living human thinks it murder to kill the child in the mother’s womb.  Barry Soetoro thinks it’s okay to kill an unwanted child even after a botched abortion.  How can you find middle ground on murder? You either believe in the murder of a baby or you don’t.  It’s wrong to ask those young kids to go against their Church’s teachings. That is anti Christ.

He dodged the Day of Prayer. When pressed his hacks says he spent private time praying. Makes us wonder if he was using a rug and looking east. A lot of people pray, but not all go through Christ Jesus our Lord.

In Notre Dame he credited a Chicago Catholic Bishop for introducing him to Christ, but he joined the Rev. J. Wright’s non-Christian church. If there is one church in America that is the perfect example of an anti Christ church it’s the one Barry attended for twenty years.

In Europe Barry Soetoro said we are not a Christian Nation. This does rise the question, is he a Christian?  In truth only God knows his heart.  We can be fruit inspectors, but in the final test only God knows.

What I’m saying is there is ample evidence he is anti Christianity.  To say he is The Anti-Christ is a mistake. You are falling into the same trap as those who said Ronald Wilson Reagan was The Anti-Christ.

According to John the antichrist were already on the earth. When you think of anti Christ, think of someone standing against, in defiance of, or challenging. I’m no theologian, but I also will not take words from the Bible to make them fit what I’m thinking.

You are wasting your energy and causing yourself unnecessary worry over the idea that this president is The Anti-Christ.  He may be anti-Christ, but not The Anti-Christ.

He is with out question the most radical man to ever serve as our president. He is self centered. He has rabbit ears, literally and figuratively. He hears too much, but says he didn’t know. He is doing more to destroy our American life than Two World Wars and the Muslim Terrorists who killed over 3,000 Americans on 9-11. He is destroying our financial base.

Mark it down on your calendar. We are going to see high inflation. I suspect by fall the interest rates will begin to rise. I don’t need an Ivy League degree to see the damage being done by the excess printing of money. We can expect inflation. How high?  I hope he doesn’t match Jimmy Carter, but it would not surprise me. There seems to be no end to his spending.

You can dislike Barry Soetoro, but you must respect the office. Do not hate. If you hate only you are hurt.  You can strongly disapprove the policies and reckless spending, but don’t hate the man. Hate never solved anything and it always hurts the hater.

Just when you think you have heard it all,  I saw an interesting story out of Florida. Some Atheist is offering to deliver messages to friends of those left behind in the Rapture. As you know when Christ returns, those not covered by His blood will be left behind. People left will wonder what happened to those taken. This guy is charging a small fee to deliver mail to those who didn’t make it. He already has several hundred who paid their fees and have given him a list of those they love who they don’t think will be taken up in the rapture.

I also get a lot of emails wanting to know if I think we are living in the end times.  Paul and John were living in the end times.  They were expecting Christ to return. That is the general theme of Acts, written by Doctor Luke. Had the Jews repented then Christ would have returned back then. Since the days of Paul, Luke and John we have lived in the end time. Christ can come today or He can come 100 years from now, or 1,000 years from now. Each day is in the end time. Only Christ knows that moment and what day. He will come as a thief in the night. That means when you least expect. My advice, “Keep LOOKING UP!”   And don’t get caught up in setting dates. Leave the time to the Lord. The best thing we can do is make sure our daily walk is in step with His wishes.

This is the end for tonight. Will Cooper


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