My heroes are living in California. The people of the Golden State shouted at the polls, NO MORE BIG GOVERNMENT.  NO MORE TAXES.  Not verbally, but with their voting. We always say things start in California and work their way east.  I’m confident this will be the case on taxes and bigger government.  Colin Powell no doubt hates the conservative wing of the Republican party. He slams Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter in almost every speech he gives. Powell owes all he has to the Republicans and now is doing all in his power to destroy the conservative side.  Powell is an Arlin Spector turn coat.  He voted for Barry Soetoro over McCain. He has a liberal slant on things.  Recently Powell said, “The American people want a bigger government and they don’t mind paying higher taxes.”

Where has that man been living and what is he smoking these days? All he has to do is look at California. The people spoke and in clear terms said,”We don’t want a bigger government, we want a responsible government. We don’t want higher taxes. We want a government that can live within their budget.”   I’m so proud of you great people. Even in the face of a $24 Billion dollar budget deficit you guys went to the polls and said no. Without a miracle by July 1st when the fiscal year starts, the state will be a quarter of the state’s general fund in the hole.  The great people of the Golden State told Sacramento, we want to overhaul the government. It is not working as it currently is.

There is a movement among business men to re-write the California constitution and add in protections. As it is now California is a boom or bust state. When things are good there is money, when things are bad they don’t have any.  It’s too easy to rob the emergency fund for pet projects. The rainy day money is used capriciously on new projects with no thought of what the money was put back for.

That would be like me digging up all the coffee cans I have stashed in the back yard for an emergency and also as protection from robbers. Instead of tin cans I use plastic buckets. Now you know my secret, but that money is not touched unless it is indeed an emergency. I have a note in my safety deposit box with instructions as to where to dig (smile).

The people of California said, we no longer want the Legislature to balance the budget with higher taxes, complicated transfer schemes or borrowing that keeps pushing the state’s problems off into the future. To credit their ultra liberal Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear he intends to close the gap almost entirely through drastic spending cuts. Wake up Washington.  Learn from California.

The governor’s cutback should include the state’s main welfare programs for the poor. If he would cut off the Illegal Aliens from welfare he would have most of the money he needs. He could eliminate bi-lingual schools. He could cut out the Title One schools where Illegal Alien kids are served breakfast that would compete with Hilton. They are served fresh fruit, pastries, cereals, milk, juices and in some cases fried bacon and eggs. The waste is horrific. They fill their trays and then dump half of the food in the trash.  75% of these Illegal Welfare students have cell phones. The schools are providing day care for girls with babies. Some mothers are as young as 13.  If Arnold wants to cut the budget then start with the Illegal Alien problem. 30% of the crooks locked up are Illegal Aliens. Send them back to Mexico and stop them from crossing the border again.

The vast majority of the Illegal Aliens in California don’t pay taxes. They send their cash back to Mexico. But this group expects free medical care. They expect food stamps and welfare checks. They are a tremendous drain on California.  Will Arnold have the courage to tackle the Illegal Alien problem?

He says he is eliminating health coverage to 1.5 million poor children and halting cash grants to 77,000 college students.  Poor babies. I never had a grant. I have never taken a penny from the government for schooling. What happened to the idea of working and paying your way. One of my friend’s granddaughter is working on her Master’s in landscape design at San Luis Obispo. She waits tables and sometimes works two jobs to pay for her schooling. She didn’t get a government grant. Her grades are so good Harvard is considering her for their doctorate program.

Schwarzenegger is going to shorten the school year by seven days and lay off thousands of state workers and teachers.  If California is like Texas, we have some teachers who should be fired for failure to teach. Not all teachers do a great job and this would be a good time for California to get rid of the bad apples. He plans to slash money for state parks and release thousands of prisoners early.  The early release of prisoners is nothing new. Most states do similar things when their jails get over crowded.

To Schwarzenegger’s credit he said, “I understand that these cuts are very painful and they affect real lives. This is the harsh reality and one we must face. Sacramento is not Washington, we cannot print our own money. We can only spend what we have.”   Washington are you listening?

The way Washington is printing money, inflation is sure to follow. I expect we will see a jump in interest rates by October. It may just be a blip at first, but hang onto your hat, it will start to climb. If I were Barry Soetoro I would be shaking in my boots.  He needs to read the tea leaves. Folks at the TEA Parties are saying, no more taxes, make the government smaller. California has just echoed the sentiment of the American People.  Colin Powell, you are wrong. The American people are on the same wave length as California. We want Washington to live within a budget. We want them to stop printing money.

Here is an interesting fact about California. Taxes have killed California. Unemployment is at 11%. Personal income declined this year for the first time since 1938 and unemployment is a whooping 11%, probably only Michigan is higher. Earlier this year the people were strapped with almost $13 Billion in tax increases and blessed with $15 Billion in cuts. Toss in the Billions in Federal stimulus money, they are still in a huge $24 Billion dollar hole.

For the California Republicans this calamity is a blessing. They have long wanted less government and a reduction is spending. A revolution is taking place on the Left Coast. A separate commission is expected to release a proposal to rework the state’s tax structure, which is vulnerable to booms and bust. There is bi-partisan support. Democrat, former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzbers has joined a group seeking to change the state’s budget system. The group said, “The real problem of California is we need to bring government closer to the people, so the role of the state is much narrower.” Are you listening Washington?

Come July these huge cuts will hit and affect nearly every one of the state’s 38 million residents. Every year, California borrows money on the bond market to cover its day-to-day expenses and pays the bonds back when tax receipts flow in. But the tight credit market and questions about the states ability to repay its obligations could make borrowing almost impossible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and some Democrat lawmakers have asked Barry Soetoro for a bailout. I love California, but I don’t want to pay for their social programs to Illegal Aliens out of what little I have at the end of the year.   Fortunately the measure has to be approved by Congress in Washington.

God Bless you good people from California for standing up and doing what is right.


I think I need to expand a little on Gitmo. Barry wants to bring those terrorist thugs to America. He was preaching the need to close Gitmo all week. He wants to put them in American prisons and those he feels safe to release just let them go free among us.  Can you imagine what recruitment power those group of thugs would have on a prison population? Three of the four terrorists who were planning to kill a lot of Jews this past week in New York City were converted to the radical jail house Muslim faith while in prison.

This will grab your attention. 10% of the American prison population is jail house radical Muslims. Those converted in jail do so for several reasons. One reason is they are fed Halal food. I don’t have a clue what that is but the inmates say it is superior to jail house food.  They get the protection of being a Jail House Islam member. Prison Islam is a twisted version of the true religion. In New York there are 64 prison systems and only 40 imams (Muslin Priests) to deal with all the Jail House Islam converts. To add to the problem a large % of the Islam imams are radical. The number is not clear, but there are several that are using the Jail House Islam converts to recruit terrorists. There is a lot of anti-America being taught in these gangs.

I have a friend in Odessa that ministers to prisons and has for the past twenty five years. He is alarmed at the number of radical Muslim converts that he is told about by the men in his bible classes.  He said the number is growing at an astonishing rate.

Make no mistake, if Barry gets the Gitmo thugs in American jails, these guys will be seen as heroes. They will have powerful influence over the Jail House Muslims. The Gitmo bunch will teach them the glory of dying a martyr and dangle the idea of 70 virgins in front of them.  These American Jail House Muslims will be told how our soldiers are killing, raping and butchering men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. One terrorist from Gitmo can sway hundreds of weak, bitter black inmates who think the American justice system has wronged them.  Never mind they killed their girl friend, it’s still the government’s fault.

There is grave danger if Barry integrates the Gitmo thugs in with a militant prison population. You don’t hear any one saying this, but i’s obvious. Just look at the gang of four in New York. They admit they learned their hatred for America after they were converted in jail.

That is it for tonight, Will Cooper <><


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