Weak Dog!!!

I get more stuff on Barry than one man can possibly address. He has not slowed down to be president, he is still in full campaign mode.  It’s like no one has taken time to explain to the new president the race is over. He won. Or perhaps someone needs to remind the teleprompter Barry is no longer running.  When he reads his speeches they are filled with campaign promises. He sounds like he is stuck in the middle of last October. Nothing of substance is ever said. If he makes any choices they are teenage in mentality.  Like after three days in office he said he was closing Gitmo. No thought was given on how to try those guys or where would they be moved to. Worse yet what would happen if some judge with a Code Pink mentality set them free? Where would they go?  No doubt on our streets. He never considered how the Gitmo thugs will recruit other jail house Muslims to be martyrs.

Remember Reid, the shoe bomber? The guy who was trying to light his shoe bomb when an alert flight attendant spotted him. He was a jail house convert. He converted to radical Muslim in a London Jail.

In 2005 President Bush’s FBI foiled a plot hatched in Folsom Prison to kill scores of Jews on the fourth anniversary of 9-11.  These guys were jail house Muslim converts.

Jose Padilla converted to radical Islam as a teenager locked up in Broward County, FL. After he got out of jail he hooked up with a radical group.

In Barry’s 6,072 word speech on Homeland Security he failed to mention the 4 black Muslims who tried to bomb Jews and shoot down airplanes. How could he bypass something so obvious? He was warning against terrorists, yet didn’t mention the jail house converts who were trying to kill hundreds of Jews while they were worshiping.  Trust me folks, if it’s not on the teleprompter, he won’t mention anything off script. I have come to the conclusion he is lost without someone telling him what to do. I bet his wife picks his suit and tie.

Out of naivety or stupidity he thought he could tell Israel what to do. Since 1948 Israel has faced off against the 57 Arab states and stood her ground. On a side bar, do you recall Barry saying he was going to visit all 57 states during his campaign?  He was so pro Arab he forgot we only have 50 states.   When Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came over here a couple of weeks ago Barry laid down the law to him.  Netanyahu is a war hawk in the ilk of David Ben-Gurion.  Ben-Gurion stood firm for an Isreali state and so does Ben Netanyahu.

The King of Jordan came over and visited with Barry, before he met Ben Netayahu and laid down the law to Barry.  The King told Barry he had to force Israel into a divided state within six months or the 57 Arab states would think he was just like Bush. Remember Barry promised his support to the Arabs when he went over there during the election. If you recall Israel caught him speaking out of both sides of his mouth to the terrorists in Gaza.  The wise old King of Jordan put Barry’s tail between a rock and a hard place. Like a dumb school boy Barry gave Ben Netanyahu orders to divide into two states. That is like me telling Mean Joe Green to fetch my boots. The Jewish leader is not going to have some drippy nosed kid give him orders.

It’s really interesting when you look closely at the photos taken of Netanyahu and Barry at the end of their meeting. Barry had laid out the orders the King of Jordan gave him. The Hawkish Jew told Barry where he could stick the orders. The camera flashed on them and the tape is rolling. Barry slumps in his chair,  neck lowered into his body. He looked like an egg eating dog. When he spoke to Ben Netanyahu, Barry refused to look the Jewish leader in the eyes. Even a beginner of reading body language could see which one was defeated. It was a double whammie for our weak leader. He now has all the 57 Arab states thinking he is another Bush.  Barry has done all in his power to make George Bush out to be a criminal and the worst guy in the world and now his Arab buddies think he is the same kind of man.

Barry made the pronouncement with Ben Netanyahu that he would give Iran a year to clean up their act or else. The following week president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said they have missiles that could hit Israel and a lot of our military bases. Evidently he is telling the truth. Barry has ordered Israel not to take out the Iranian nukes.  Ben Netanyahu will pay about as much attention to what our president ordered him as when he was commanded to split the Israeli nation into two parts. Israel will do what it takes to save their country.

It’s one thing to hold a town hall meeting where you can read speeches from a teleprompter and another to deal with world leaders. He shines when he has a room full of kool-aid drinkers listening to him read, but when he gets one on one with some of the wisest men in the world he falls woefully short.  Have you ever seen two dogs fight?  I don’t mean in the Michael Vick kind of criminal dog fighting. I’m talking about just two street dogs.  The meanest dog sizes up the situation and flashes his teeth, the weaker dog will lay down on his back and reveal his bare neck. The mean dog wins without ever having to take one bite. Each dog knows its place. The mean dog expects to dominate and the weak dog is obedient.  I’m afraid we have a weak dog in our fight. The world leaders walk into the room, flash their teeth and our guy lays down, belly up.  He gives up before blood is ever drawn.

What should we expect? He goes to Europe and apologizes for America. He tells them what a horrible country we have. I read an article from a London newspaper asking, “why does our president hate America so deeply?”  The author said Barry is the first American president to hate his own country. Leave it to the Brits to tell it like it is.

I do think Barry has a good excuse for his hatred of America.  He sat in a church were America was hated for twenty years. His minister, the Rev. J. Wright spent weeks upon weeks, months upon months and years upon years cussing and blasting America.  He is an out and out racist. You cannot sit through that kind of hate and not have some rub off on you.  Then his close friends were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. These two hate America so much they tried to blow up the Pentagon and Capital Building.  Barry was friends with Louis Farrakhan. They did a good job hiding his association with Farrakhan, but remember the Rev. J. Wright honored Farrakhan with some kind of award. I can’t remember what it was called.

Barry’s mentor, Frank Davis in Hawaii, was a black from Arkansas who saw America as an evil nation. Davis was a communist and mentored Barry from age 10 to 18. Some sources say Davis may have been more than a mentor. Some say he may have been Barry’s biological father and that when his mother learned Davis was not going to marry her ran off with Barry’s “father”.  She was sixteen and had Barry early into her seventeenth year of age.

Why would he not hate America?  Everyone he was close to, including his mother, hated this great country. Michelle Obama, the first lady hates America, or did till her husband was elected. He was married to a woman who hated America.  Barry never had a chance. He is weak and easy to influence. His mentor, his pastor, his wife, his close friends all hate America and told him what a horrible place he was living in. He wanted an America more like Europe. If we are not careful, he will get his wishes.

He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, because he was the weaker dog. When the King faced Barry, our president did like the weaker dog, he fell on his back exposing his neck. The sign of surrender. Since there were television cameras rolling, Barry opted to bow, which says the same thing. I surrender to your wishes.

As bad as Jimmy Carter was, he loved America. Carter never blamed our country or apologized for our sins. Barry Soetoro is making Jimmy Carter look like the second coming of Barry Goldwater.

I’m just getting warmed up, but I have to stop for the night. I still have a lot of stuff to read, emails to answer and art to make before I go to bed. Will Cooper <><


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