First, let me say a lot of you are all in a dither about the new nomination for the Supreme Court. This is a fight I’m not going to get into. We cannot win. We can waste a lot of effort, but in the end she is going to be appointed. The Republicans will fain a fight, but they don’t have the votes to stop her appointment. You and I have two choices, put our energy into  fights we can still win or wear ourselves out on this liberal, radical woman.  In the end, NO-THING we can do will stop her.  We might can win some elections in 2010 and 2012.  Gear up for that battle. We still have a prayer to slow down the Illegals coming in.

As a kid growing up in west Texas the only thing people were entitled to was a fair trial, before we hung them (smile).   Seriously, we were only entitled to a fair trail, then we brought in the speedy trial.  You were entitled to legal representation. You were entitled to free speech.  Driving a car was a privilege and so was going to school.  We were entitled to go to college, IF we paid our way.  No one was entitled to a free college education.

I have not taken time to write about the entitlements the Illegal Aliens are expecting with the support of Dick Durban and Ted Kennedy. Large rallies were held a couple of months ago demanding their ‘rights’ be met.  Before I get into my true thoughts on the people who broke into our country demanding they get equal treatment as those of us who are native citizens,  here is what they are entitled to.  A speedy trial and a fast bus trip back home, then if they come again it’s a first degree felony.  They are entitled to be arrested and deported.

Harry Truman, a Democrat would have had Homeland Security buses at these staged events and loaded the Illegal Aliens by the bus loads, hauling their disruptive rears south of the border.  He would have asked no questions. You are here illegally so you broke into our home. You can go to jail or go home.

I’m so proud of the great people of California. They stood firm and if some liberal judge doesn’t say their votes don’t count they have stopped big government and higher taxes. Those who live in California know the problems presented by Illegal Aliens. The reason the state is hurting for money is because they spend jillions on Illegal Aliens. Let’s look at some ways California can save. They can stop providing two meals a day for Illegal Alien kids. These kids are fed better than you and I. The waste of food is horrific. Illegal Aliens now feel entitled to two super meals a day.

75% of these Illegal Alien kids have cell phones.  I’m sure everyone of you who read my blogs owns a cell phone. I don’t. I’m too poor to get one, besides I don’t want to be that connected.

Food is so good in the schools 50% of the Illegal Alien kids are obese, just plain fat. They are not the starving kids you see pictures of. They wear expensive sneakers and the boys’ pants show the crack in their butts.

Teenage unwed mothers, as young as 13 are provided day care to park their kids. Diapers, baby milk and food are given to these mothers. They are not taught responsibility. Their goal is to have kids, collect welfare checks and have more kids so the checks will get bigger.  Is it any wonder they come over here feeling entitled?

Insurance???  I don’t think they have that word in their vocabulary. The Illegals drive cars with no insurance; they have no home insurance and no health insurance.  If they have  a wreck then your auto insurance will have to cover both vehicles. They don’t need home insurance, they rent and will sue the owner if there is a fire.  Why get medical, California provides coverage from the birth to the grave for Illegals.  I have no idea of the money they are costing California, but I do know they are dragging the Golden State to the brink of bankruptcy. It’s not just California, this pattern is being repeated all over the country.

It’s a proven fact the Illegal Aliens pack diseases into this country. When the swine flu broke out, Mexicans by the droves came over to the border states and checked into our hospitals. They had no insurance. They know our hospitals cannot turn the sick away. Not just swine flu, they come over anytime they are sick or have a sick child. Even the rich Mexicans come over for the free medical care. They are not entitled to free medical care.

Crime:  30% of the crooks locked up in California are Illegals. Arnold said he was going to free prisoners to cut the budget. Start with the Illegals and you won’t need to touch the general population. Stop feeding them and send them home.  I saw a number, but can’t find it.  If my memory is correct 65% of the crime in Los Angeles is related to people who are here Illegally.  California, if want to save some money, send the Illegals home.  Problem solved. The rich may have to learn to mow their own lawns and vacuum their floors.  You may have to go back to letting high school girls baby sit when you go out.

These Illegal Aliens live in Section 8 housing or get free rent. They move into a new apartment building, some bleeding heart built for them. In a brief time the place looks like a ghetto. Drugs are being sold and consumed. Illegal Aliens are treated better than our vets who end up on the street.

I was in the Mega Wal-Mart a few months back. A woman with eight or ten kids was checking out ahead of me. She didn’t speak one word of English, so a bilingual person was brought over to wait on her. Her cart will filled with junk food which she paid for with food stamps. All the border states have signs in Mexican as well as English. The highway between Tucson and Mexico is in meters and not miles.  We spend jillions on bilingual printed materials.

Our schools have to provided bilingual teachers and books in both Mexican and English. If California were to vote to be an English only state a great deal of the money burden would vanish. Who has the courage to say no?   Not Arnold, he is more liberal than Barney Frank.  He lied to the great people of California to get elected.

I don’t have time tonight, but next time I hope to let you know the truth about the massive protest rallies held recently. It’s criminal.  500,000 Illegal Aliens showed up in Los Angeles demanding their rights.  The vast majority were school kids who skipped classes to attend. Wait till you hear who is behind those big rallies and the kind of people who attended.

This is it for tonight.


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