The Golden State

Twenty to thirty years ago California was the envy of the nation and the United States was the crowning jewel in the world. We Americans were looking at California on how to do things. The best highway system in the world was found in California. The only flaw was no highways crossed the state from east to west, at that time all major roads ran north and south. If you wanted to travel east to west you were stuck with highway 46 from Bakersfield to Paso Robles.  I was impressed how it seemed everyone kept their cars washed and polished. All of the cars on the highways looked like they just drove off a showroom floor. Traveling on the 5 or 15 was like the Autobaun in Germany. Those doing 70 needed to stay in the slow lane.

California had the best schools in the nation. Their police system was top of the line. If you were looking for a job then California was the place to be. There were so many Americans moving to California there was a rumor the weight of the extra people would cause the land to fall into the Pacific.

With people came smog.  I remember driving into Los Angeles and taking the north route around by Pasadena. The haze of orange/brown blanketed the city. Postcards showing people in gas masks were being sold with the slogan, “Welcome to LA.”

I was not smart enough to see that was the beginning of the decline of a once great state. Back then water and electricity were so inexpensive, several small communities didn’t even record usage. Living was easy, even those locked up were housed in the most beautiful prisons in the world.  The way the people from California lived was reason enough to call it the Golden State.  However, that name came from the Gold Rush of 1849.  The gold rush, became a panic rush when the eastern media began writing stories and scam artists began advertising their wares.

One scammer sold an oil the prospector was to rub all over his body, then roll down a hill. By the time he reached the bottom he would be covered in gold dust. Horace Greeley wrote his famous, “Go West Young Man,” causing men to leave their families and head to the Golden State, even though it was not yet a state. Thousands from New York and New Jersey took a boat to Panama. There they either rode a donkey or if the narrow gauge train was operating took it across to the Pacific. The Panama Canal had not yet been constructed. Malaria w as rampant and hundreds died in the jungle. In truth, of the thousands who made their way to California few made a fortune in gold. Saloon owners, women of the night, gamblers and land swindlers seemed to fare best.

With the smog came regulations. By the way, the reason there is so much smog over LA is the mountains trap it in the valley and the ocean breeze keeps it from going out to sea. They had a smog problem way back when people used wood and coal to heat and cook.

I need to interject, California elected Moonbeam Jerry Brown and the downhill slide began. He changed public works being done on a local basis to a state problem. He wanted all the money to be sent to Sacramento.  This is precisely what Barry Soetoro is trying to do to America. He wants to eliminate state rights, just as Moonbeam did for counties in California.

The lawmakers went on a binge of regulations. No gasolene in the country has so many different mixes.  California has huge restrictions on how much pollution you can spit out. Converters and all sorts of things have been added to their cars. You have to get a smog inspection.  Suddenly gas was higher and the cost of a new car was more expensive. To pay for the best roads in the world the people began to be taxed and taxed and taxed. To pay for the best schooling in the nation, the people were taxed and taxed and taxed.  To house the prisoners in the most beautiful prisons in the world the state government had to tax and tax and tax the people. The liberal minded side of California said let’s open the doors to Illegal Aliens. We will treat them as if they are citizens. Never mind they broke into our country, we will keep them safe in sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. With the influx of Illegal Aliens the best schools in the nation were soon over crowded. They had thousands of new kids to feed two meals a day. Bi-lingual books had to be provided. Teachers who spoke both languages were hired and millions were spent on signs and papers in Spanish.

The new kids from Mexico had no respect for education. They called their teachers whores and carved their grafitti on the computers. The finest jails in the world became hell holes, because 1/3 of all the new prisoners were gangsters from Mexico. They started the gangs in the prisons. Guards were no longer safe and the cost to house criminals is $300,000 a year or even double that for the top security prisons. I suggest Arnold deport the Mexicans he has locked up and most of their money troubles would be solved.  Cut off welfare to the rest of the Illegal Aliens and they could balance the budget.

Arnold wants to cut down the carbon emissions by 25% in the next ten years. He could park all the cars and not accomplish that.

More people are leaving California every day than any other state in the country. The state is bankrupt. The brave people stood up and said, NO MORE TAXES.

California is in the shape it’s in not because of hubris and folly. California is hurting because those in government felt they could continue to spend and that the tax payers would grumble, but continue to pay. Reality hit when the great people from the Golden State stood up and said enough is enough.

I mention California, because that is what is going to happen to the rest of the United States if Congress and the president don’t curb spending. We are on a mud slide and there don’t seem to be any small trees to grab.  This VAT tax has me concerned.  I know the president is going to be looking for money and he is not going to cut any of his pet projects.

It’s time for us all to stand up and shout, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”.

That’s all I have time for tonight. Will


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