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June 30, 2009

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Things are not always as they seem. On a cold January morning in 2007 near the Washington DC Station a young man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time around two thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. They rushed by as if he were a mannequin. After about three minutes a middle aged man noticed the musician playing. He slowed for a few seconds and then followed the rush.

After four minutes the violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw the money in the hat and without stopping continued to walk.

Six minutes passed, then a young man leaned against the wall to listen to the violinist play.  His hesitation was brief, he glanced at his watch and was gone in a flash.

Ten minutes into his playing a three year old boy stopped his mother, but his mom yanked his arm and tugged him along. The little kid stopped to look over his shoulder at the violinist, causing his mother to pull harder. This action was repeated over and over with parents and children. The more interested the child was, the greater the force exerted by the parent.

After forty five minutes of the musician playing continuously, only six people stopped and listened for more than two minutes. About twenty gave him money, but they continued to walk at their normal pace. He collected a total of $32.

After an hour he finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.  No one knew, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world.  He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written on a violin worth $3.5 Million dollars.  Just two days before Joshua Bell played to a sold out theater in Boston, where the price for an average seat was over $100. Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people’s priorities. The question the Post wanted answered, was in a common place environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty and greatness?  Do we really recognize talent in an unexpected context?

No one would expect the best in the world to be doing a free concert for pennies thrown in a hat. Many times greatness is about us and we can’t see the tree for the forest. I know one artist on eBay who is a very famous portrait artist. He decided to do an eBay experiment and see if greatness could be discovered among the mundane art of the masses. I can’t tell you his name or what his eBay user name is.  I will say he does stunning abstracts and people all over the world are buying them for a small pittance. I want to shout to the world, you have an opportunity to buy greatness and you are haggling over should they bid more than $25.  I remember the first dozen or so he auctioned off went for $1.  I don’t know how long he will continue the test, but I’m sure he feels like Joshua Bell standing on the corner with people dragging their kids away from him.

I mention this because there was a time when you could have purchased a G. Harvey painting by buying him a meal. He was ignored in the art world and yet he plodded on. At his last show in Scottsdale $1.5 million of his art was sold.

You never know you are in the presence of greatness many times if the props and signs are not there. I’m reminded of the time Gary Cooper, the great actor, no relation that I know of, saw an old couple broken down beside the road. He stopped and helped the old man change his tire. The old woman insisted he come home for supper. She fed him a modest meal.  They had no idea who was eating with them and Gary had enough grace not to remind them. It wasn’t until months later when the old man saw a movie poster did he realize who the tall young man that helped them was.

Who knows, if you saw some of Will Cooper’s major works in one of the top art galleries in New York or Santa Fe your perception of me would be much different. You would suddenly see me as a fine artist with great talent. On eBay I’m perceived as a broken down cowboy who dabbles with paints. I think your eBay portrait is probably closer to the truth, but perceptions can fool you.

Be careful and don’t miss greatness because you are in such a rush. Slow down enough to enjoy the things God has provided. You may run into a Joshua Bell and be too busy to capture the magic of the moment.

That’s all for tonight. Thank you for reading my blog. Will Cooper



June 29, 2009

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Thanks to my eBay family member Ed I have the names of the eight Republican turncoats who passed the Cap and Trade bill in the House of Representatives. The bill passed by seven votes. Just two of our Republicans could have stopped the madness. Just like the Stimulus bill in the Senate. We had three turncoats. Had two of those stood firm there would not have been a 800 Billion dollar stimulus/pork bill passed.

I going to give you the names and phone numbers of these turncoats. We need to remember them in 2010 so we can vote them OUT.

1. Mary Bono Mack, the widow of Sonny Bono. She got his seat when he was killed in a skiing accident. She even had Betty Ford as her campaign chairman. Mary Mack is in Palm Springs, CA.  Maybe that explains why she fell for the global warming scam.   Her phone number is 202.225.5330

2 Mike Castle of DE.  He has been in Washington since 1993.  It’s time he retired.   His phone number is 202.225.4165

3. Mark Steven Kirk of Ill.  Yep, he is one of the Chicago boys. I’m sure he was told how to vote. Now he is thinking of running for the Senate. Surly we can find someone better. You will need to go to Google for Kirk’s phone number.

4. Leonard Lance of NJ. Phone 202.225.5361

5. Frank LoBiondo of NJ.  202.225.6572

6. Chris Smith of NJ.  Three of the Republicans who voted for the Cap and Trade bill were from NJ. He has posted on his website that he is not accepting faxes, letter, emails or phone calls from anyone not in the 4th district.  Brings a smile to my face. This means he was deluged with calls, emails, letters and faxes and yet he voted with Nancy Pelosi. Those of you in his district will have to Google his information.

7. Dave Reichert of WA. This is his third term. Why don’t we make it his last?   202.225.7761

8. John McHugh of NY. Just nominated by Barry as Secretary of the US Army. Maybe this is what he sold his vote for.  We don’t need people who take bribes to influence how they vote. We need representatives who do what is right for the American People. 202.225.4611

I had not planned to write about this tonight, but after I got Ed’s information I went on google and found out what I could about these turncoats.  The problem is we don’t have enough people with spines in Washington. The other night I saw Law and Order: SVU.  Robin Williams played a great role.  He said people were sheep and followed. I think he is right. We have a lot who follow in Congress. I know some of you think it’s early, but we need to start now working to electing men and women who have a backbone and can stand up for what is right.

Man doesn’t change the climate. Global warming is a hoax dreamed up to find ways to tax us. Spain tried to go green and discovered they couldn’t afford the cost. Several countries in Europe are no longer green.  China, India, Pakistan, N. Korea, S. Korea and a lot of third world countries are never going to go green.  Even if going green would help, which it won’t, we are a drop in the bucket.  Have you ever been to Beijing?  I have. Pollution is so thick you can’t see ten feet in front of you.  Have you ever been to Mexico City? I have. When you fly in you can’t see the tall buildings because of the brown soupy smog.  I have never been to India and frankly have no desire to go, but I’ve seen enough photos to know they can never go green.

Our only way out of this green house mess is to elect a president who understands man can’t change the climate.  We need to begin now working on 2012 for a leader. Pray nothing happens to our current president. I want to see his reaction when we change administrations three and a half years from now.   You may not think that is possible, but it is. Unemployment is going to rise to over 10% in the next two or three months. School kids with summer jobs might keep up a false employment number, but when they go back to school, then we will see double digit unemployment.  Interest rates are not far behind and so is inflation. By this time next year things will be a lot different. Those who voted for ‘him’ will realize they are not getting what was promised.  The rest of the country will see the rise in interest rates, inflation and unemployment and realize the stimulus/bail outs did nothing.  His luster will start to dull.  Even the media, who is star struck, won’t be able to keep his ratings propped up.

Hang firm and let’s work hard for real changes in 2010.  That’s all I have time for tonight.  Will <><


June 27, 2009

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Before I get into tonight’s blog, I have something of interest to tell you. A guy on eBay says he has obtained a certified copy of Barry Soetoro’s Kenya Birth Certificate. He had it for auction on eBay for a Buy Now of $1,000,000.  To no one’s surprise, he was yanked.  He posted it a second time after correcting what eBay said was wrong with his auction. With this auction he posted a photo of Barry with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. World Net Daily this afternoon (Sat. 27th) said the listing had been posted again and this time the seller was letting people bid on his story how he got the birth certificate and that the winner would receive a gift of the Kenyan birth certificate.  Guess what, by the time I got home it was kicked off again. I did get to see either the first or second listing.  World Net Daily had the wrong eBay number, but one of my eBay family members found the listing.  I, better than most, know you will get kicked off if you are the least big negative towards King Barry.  It will be interesting to see if he does have a actual certified copy of the birth certificate. Talk about a barn burner. I’ll keep a watch on World Net Daily ( ) to see how this unfolds.

I feel betrayed by Washington for their actions Friday afternoon. I’m especially angered by the 8 Republicans who switched over and joined the Democrats in the Cap and Trade vote in the House. The bill passed by 7 votes.  Had the 8 Republicans stood firm, the bill would have failed. Barry and Nancy pushed as hard as they could to get the 7 vote win. I feel betrayed by those turn-coats the American people elected to protect us. Without going into details, the Cap and Trade deal is nothing but the biggest tax raise in the history of the United States.

I don’t feel betrayed by King Barry. We knew who he was long before he was elected. He is doing everything we expected him to do, back when he and Hillary were fighting to be the Democrat presidential candidate.  I told you back then, if he beat the Clinton machine, LOOK OUT.  He crushed Bill and Hillary, which is no easy thing. He stole the Clinton’s key people. When people do what you expect then that is not betrayal, but when a ‘conservative’ switches sides to pass the biggest tax hike EVER, then that is betrayal.

We need to find the names of the 8 traitors and make sure they are gone the next time they are up for election. We have to have the memory of elephants. Any of you that com up with the names of the 8 traitors, please write me and I’ll post their names so we can target them for defeat.  This Cap and Trade vote has my dander up. Fortunately at this time there are not enough votes in the Senate. Last I heard Democrats had less than 50 for the Cap and Trade.

All is not lost…but it will be unless we stay hot and heavy on the Senators. People don’t want Cap and Trade.   I understand Friday the House switchboard had one point five million calls and 97% were against the Cap and Trade.

Set your sites on 2010.  We have to begin working now to vote the liberal Republicans and Democrats out on their butts.

Yesterday it was 105 degrees, but today we had a cool spell. Got down to 103.  I came home and switched on the news. All I could find was Michael Jackson. You would think a president had died in office. I have never seen such news coverage. Why?  Everyone knows O. J. killed his wife and everyone knows Michael Jackson is a pedophile.  He paid off the families whose sons he abused. There is no telling how many children he has abused all over the world. I feel betrayed that the American people are overlooking what Jackson did. Frankly I never saw anything special about his music. I want a man to sound like a man, not a teen aged girl. Television is 24-7 on Jackson. There are other things more important than his  death and what is going to happen to his money.  Enough news about Jackson. Let’s focus on the saving of America. Jackson doesn’t represent the American people.

We MUST get the message to the Senators we don’t want Cap and Trade.  Even if you have not called in the past, emailed or sent faxes, please start now.  I implore you to call, write letters, fax and send emails.   You can find the information  on your Senators on

This global warming thing is a money making scam for those who invested in green. The United States could become the greenest country in the world and it would have NO impact on carbon pollution. India or China belch out so much, our little efforts would go un-noticed. It’s arrogant for man to think he can affect the climate. We can’t prevent hurricanes. We can’t make it rain.  If we could south Texas would not be in the worst drougth in recorded history. We can’t warm the climate, because if we could we would stop the record cold in the northern states.  Cap and Trade has nothing to do with global warming, but an excuse to tax the American people and for friends of the administration to clean up. Al Gore is set to become a billionaire if Cap and Trade passes.

It’s also an agenda driven program. King Barry wants us all to drive Smart Cars. You know, those golf carts with tops on them. He would be satisfied if all of us were on one level. That level is 100% dependent on the government. In his heart of hearts he believes a big government is the answer. The American people and the president are at what we call a Mexican standoff.  We know he is wrong and he is deeply devoted to seeing us become government slaves.

I want my independence and I know you do as well. I can think of nothing the government can do better than the free market.

We were betrayed by Nancy Pelosi and the president rushing the bill through. What was the urgency? The urgency was if the people had time to find out what was in the Cap and Trade tax bill they would have rejected it.  Just like the stimulus bill. They rushed it through before it could be read.  The president is going to try and push Sonja Sotomayor through in a rush.  He is going to try and rush health care through.  He is going to try and rush gun control through. He is going to try and rush amnesty for Illegal Aliens through. Rush, rush, rush, rush, this keeps the opposition from having time to focus their efforts.

He betrayed us when he promised everything would be posted on the Internet and we would have five days to read all the bills before they were voted on.  King Barry makes Bill Clinton seem like a priest.  We expected Bill to lie to us. Those of us in Texas knew Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. We knew he was a walking lie, but this president is much better than smooth talking Bill. Perhaps he has better speech writers.

One thing you can look for. When the president makes a promise, you can expect the direct opposite. He said no new taxes and now is jamming through Cap and Trade which is the largest tax increase in the history of the world.  He promised we, the citizens, would have 5 days to read a bill before it was voted on. But he shoves them through so fast, not even the Members of Congress have time to read them. So much for transparency.

If this won’t push you to the polls then you need a blood transfusion. You are walking around dead.  That is all I have time for tonight.  Will <><

Health Care???

June 26, 2009

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I didn’t watch the ABC fiasco.  I think ABC should be called by it’s correct name, All Barack Channel. I didn’t think a news organization could get more in the tank for King Barry than CNN and MSNBC, but I was wrong. ABC has pulled to the front in the worship of the King race. I was emailed and asked to boycott ABC.  I told them I had done that for years. If there was any doubt about where ABC stands all that has been erased. They are not  news media, but a political wing of the Democrat party. As you probably know, ABC and Barry were at the bottom of the barrel in ratings. They posted dismal numbers. Punditsho w saw the show said it was a filibuster, Barry hogged the camera 60 % of the air time. Does that surprise you?

I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but in my neck of the woods I can’t find anyone who is for government health care.  Might remind you of Hurricane Kateria.  New Orleans was cleaned up by the government.  It’s still a mess. Millions of dollars went into the pockets of crooks; local, state and federal.  Down the road, the Gulfport, Mississippi area was hit harder than New Orleans. The locals took control. Within six weeks most of the debris was gone and people were starting to rebuild. Today Gulfport/Biolxi is back better than it was before the storm and New Orleans still smells like a pig pen.  This is what happens when the government runs things. Bush is gone from office, but New Orleans is still blaming him. George Bush didn’t keep 3 dozen school buses parked, that was the mayor of New Orleans. Buses that could have carried people to safety.

You can’t name me one thing run by the government that is making money or not in shambles. Before one of you says the US Military, let me quickly remind you, the military is run by Generals and Admirals. They only get funding from the government. We have a Commander in Chief who is not listening to his generals on the damaging photos the liberals want released. What I’m saying is our Commander in Chief is about to deliver a damaging punch to our brave men and women on the front lines.  He could classify the photos, but so far has not opted to do what is best for our military.

The postal service is losing money, even though we have a stamp price increase about every six weeks.  Look at AmTrak.  Need I say more?  Now this same bunch wants to take control of our health care?

Barry wants us to have the same great health care Canada does.  God Bless the good folks from Canada. Death rates are 16% higher for those with cancer in Canada than here in the United States. There is an eight week wait for radiation therapy for cancer patients in Canada. I have a dear friend who discovered that prostate cancer had gone halfway up his back. The next day Mayo Clinic had him on the radiation table. That was five years ago.  Quick service saved his life. Had he waited eight weeks, the cancer would have taken his life.

42% of Canadians die of colon cancer. The number in the United States is 31%. I’m not sure our treatment is better, we just get faster medical attention once the cancer is discovered.  Also Canada has a huge cutback in diagnostic testing so people aren’t diagnosed as early, thus their chances for survival are diminished. If Barry has his way he will put us on the same level as Canada.

Canada has not made the best medications for chemo-therapy available because of the cost. I have a gallery friend from Taos who is alive today because of advanced chemo drugs given to her.

Once you are in the Canadian system, there is no way out.  I don’t care how much money you have, unless you want to fly to the United States and pay for your own treatment. Which, by the way, a lot of Canadians do.

Why is there such a difference in health care north of the border? Because there are not enough doctors to treat everyone. Think about this. King Barry wants to cut Medicare fees to physicians by 21% and make a $2,500 cut in health costs per capita. He is intent on us having the same medical care as our friends in Canada. The doctors they have are great, they just don’t have enough of them.  Barry wants to add 46,000,000 people to our health care system. We are going to end up with too few doctors to treat everyone.

Keep in mind we may have as many as 2o,ooo,ooo Illegal Aliens who are already finding ways for us to pay for their medical care. No ER is going to turn someone away because they don’t have insurance. You all read the story about the ER in Katy, Texas.  Nine people visited the clinic 2,600 times in six years. They had no insurance.

Dr. Eric Novack reported to Congress that 15,000,000 of those among the 46,000,000 Barry is talking about not having insurance, are un-insurable. They are chronically uninsured. He said, “We have people between 18 and 30, probably another 10,000,000 that don’t want insurance.”  He also pointed out that in Barry’s number are people who qualify for programs such as S-Chip and Medicaid, but have not signed up.

I’m not smart enough to lay out a health plan, but even an old country boy like me knows we need one that protects individual liberty, preserves privacy, and prevents government bureaucrats from having limitless power over our health. If you are going to reform, then swing it toward the citizen and not government control. We must put patients first.

Barry wants to be able to decide how old a person should be when the plug is pulled. Barry said, “Instead of giving them a pacemaker, give them a pill that will relieve their suffering.” In other words make them comfortable while they are dying. All of us are going to get old. We don’t want to be treated the way King Barry has planned for us.

Good Night…I would say sleep tight, but how can we knowing what the president is planning for us?  Will <><

Internet Scams

June 25, 2009

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WWW in the URL does mean World Wide Web. If you are going to post a website you need to be careful what you tell. The information can become a gold mine for scammers. If you are on Facebook or Myspace, be aware scammers are scanning these sites to gain information. I love movies where the scammer is scammed. The original movie Four Queens was remade as Criminal with John C. Reilly.  He is a con man that in turn gets conned big time.  Both of these are classics, but see Four Queens first. The better con men find all the information they can about their mark. They more they know, the easier their job. This is where the social network sites come in. People bare their souls on these sites and provide a lot of information for crooks who stay up at night figuring ways to get your money.  If you have a cell phone you are a target. Even old broken down cowboys like me get his, because I have a land line. But the most fertile ground is the Internet.

One scam has been going around for a very long time. Artists are contacted and asked to sell some pieces of art. The buyer is in a rush. He is usually from London, but not always.  He will want to pay you by cashiers check or money order.  He tells you he is going to FedEx you a check for the $13,000 to cover all the paintings he has purchased and has added another $1,000 for shipping. Then he drops the hook.  His cashiers check is for $20,000. He has a cousin living near you and after you cash the check you can give his cousin the extra $7,000. Artists desperate to make the sale fall for the scam. I know a girl who sold her Harley for $15,000, they gave her an extra $5,000 for shipping, but the cashiers check was for $25,000.  She shipped the bike and sent them the $5,000 extra.  Two weeks later the bank called, the cashiers check was worthless. She lost her bike, the shipping cost and the $5,000.  RUN FROM anyone wanting to pay you by cashiers check or money order.  I do take money orders, but only for the amount of the eBay auction.

One sector of our country that has really been hit hard is Asians. The crooks gain vital information off social websites and personal ones, then they  extort $10,000 to $50,000 out of the victims with death threats and violence. They know so much about the target that the victim feels vulnerable and thinks it’s for real.

All of us know that there are real Mystery Shoppers. I have a friend from Dallas whose wife used to be a Mystery Shopper. This is what makes this scam so real.  By scouring social websites they learn who is a stay at home mom. I understand they have software that will pull up key words that lead them to moms who stay at home. Usually they mail a personal letter to the mom promising a way for her to earn a lot of money. About $400 for three hours of shopping. Plus a check for several thousand dollars for her to use to buy goods. After a few days shopping the company asks the mom to wire back the $2,000.  In another week she is notified by her bank the check is bogus. She lost the $2,000 she wired, plus the money she used for the items she purchased.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

The Millionaire Scam. Here is how this works. You are offered a shot on the Oprah Winfrey Millionaire Contest Show. In order to take part in this, you must first send the scammers contact information and you are required to buy airline fare and tickets to the show in advance. The victim is then asked to fill out forms with sensitive information that gives the con a way to steal your identity. Another twist is the Oprah Show Summer Sweepstakes.

The Hit Man Scam. In this email scheme, scammers send letters claiming that the boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse of the recipient has arranged for their death. The letter will read something like, “Joe Smith, your 28 year old boy friend with the tattoo of a kitten in the middle of his back has hired a hit man to have you killed.”  The letter provided enough evidence about Joe Smith the victim thinks it’s real. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and MySpace the cons can get all the information they need to pull off the scam. The letter continues, “But if you pay me $15,000 I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen.”  Another version popular along the Border, “your loved one has been kidnapped.” Trust me they know enough details about your loved one, son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, etc to make you believe they are for real.

All of us have grandparents, even if they are dead. Grandparents are easy victims. The phone rings, “Hello grandma, it’s your favorite grandson.”  The startled grannie asks, “Tommy, is that you?”  “Yes grandma, it’s Tommy. Listen Grandma, my wallet was just stolen and I’ve lost all of my money. Do you think you could send me some money to make it through the end of the month?”  Or, “I’m in jail in London on a mix up. There was a traffic accident and I need $15,000 to get out.” Some of the smart ones already know the grandchild’s name and something about him/her. They do their home work.  Excited to help, granny sends the money.

Military cars. All of us know kids in the military sometimes have to sell their cars before deployment. In step the scammers. They run ads in the classified and Craigslist saying the owner of the car is being deployed and they are acting as a secured third party.  Of course the price is well below the market and besides most people want to help the military. The problem is you are probably buying a stolen car, or a salvaged one. If it’s out of state, chances are you will never see a car of any kind. If the deal is too good to be true, then it is a scam.

Jury Duty. This is a hot scam right now. You get an email with a fake subpoena ordering you to testify before a grand jury. These look real, with your full name and a case number.  Beware, these emails contain malware that can freeze up your computer and allow them to get all your information. ‘The other version is a phone call that will require your Social Security number. If that happens, hang up and call the local sheriff or fraud department. Get enough information from the scammer to be helpful to law enforcement.

There is always the old Nigerian scam, where someone left $50 million dollars and they want you to help invest it for them. Never mind you are a stranger, they want to turn all that money over to you, after you give them a good faith deposit. This is a $2 Billion dollar a year scam.

One you may not expect is the FBI scam. The FBI says there have been tons of complaints about emails from people claiming to be FBI agents.  Some appear to be from an Internet Crime Complaint Center and say the receipient has extorted money and must refund the money or face prosecution. The other twist is the email comes from the Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crime Division. They inform you that you are the beneficiary of millions in inheritance.  To get your money you have to supply them with your full name, address, bank account number and SS number.  These scammers find real events that the FBI is involved in and weave it into their scams.

If something comes over the Internet, don’t trust it. Becareful how much information you give out on your social sites. NEVER give anyone your vital information unless you are 100% sure who you are talking with. Then tread lightly.   I got long winded, but I think it’s important to warn you.  If you get burned, now it’s on you.

That’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading my blogs. Please keep coming back.  Will <><

Internet Hoaxes

June 24, 2009

eBay Will's Blog Portrait ImageMercy me, you can find a lot of stuff on the Internet and some of it’s actually true. I get some of the same internet myths re-cycled to me over and over. I will not try to address all the hoaxes in this blog. I would be writing for days. I’m not sure how you can verify things. A lot of stuff sounds true and if it’s something we want to happen then we put  on blinders.   We cannot fully trust Snoops, they are owned by two radical left wingers. They verified the birth certificate, which any fourth grader could tell was not real. When you bring up the possibility that the president might not be a naturalized citizen, the left shows us the live birth certificate certified by Snoops. This is a short form and tells nothing. If you get a copy of the short form birth certificate and believe it to be the real document, then you may be a victim of a hoax.  We will never know for sure if Barry is legally qualified to serve until the long version is released. It seems like such a simple thing for us, show the birth certificate and shut up the right wing truth seekers. Instead Barry has spent $1,000,000 on lawyers to prevent the long version from being seen.

World Net Daily is offering a $10,000 reward for a copy of the long version of the birth certificate. They will continue to raise funds until the amount gets too tempting for someone in the Hawaiian government, hospitals or who has access to that information to not collect the reward. If you want a good cause to donate to then consider helping with the reward. WND is all over trying to find out the truth. They will also accept someone who was in the room the day/night the president was born. A nurse, an aid, someone was there when he was born. His Kenyan grandmother says she was in the hospital in Kenya when he was born, but since she made that statement she has been silenced.

Likewise there is an email circulating that says Barry’s school records at Occidental College have been released. They quote a London newspaper. The email says they have copies of his papers and he enrolled as Barry Soetoro, a foreign student from Indonesia.  The email says he applied for the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program and that is who paid for his schooling.  You have to be foreign to get that aid.  It sounds very good, but I don’t think it’s true. If it were true then WND would have the story at the top of their web page. Also there is a lawsuit that is to be heard July 13th intent on doing that very thing. If the information had already been released, there would be no reason for the lawsuit. If his papers had been opened and it proved he enrolled as a foreign student, don’t you think Fox News would be on it like a dog on a bone?

Folks, just because an email or blog happens to agree with your thinking, you can’t pass it on until you know it’s true. Trust me, I have sent my fair share of un-true emails and blogs on to you and other friends. A few months back I sent out a piece on eBay that was not true and as a result I ended up with egg on my face. Please understand, no one sends false information on with malice. None in my circle. I would not say that about the left. The left spread horrible lies about president Bush.

I got an email from a lefty that said Barry had stopped smoking.  Nice try. He just doesn’t smoke in front of his kids. He still smokes. I was talking with a car salesman and he told me he didn’t smoke during the day, because clients didn’t want to smell his bad breath. Come on guy. If you can stop on the job, then you can stop when you leave.

One myth that has bounced around for a long time is about Ollie North testifying before Congress in 1987. The myth goes that Al Gore was questioning Ollie North on the money he spent on home security. Supposedly $60,000 and Ollie told Al Osoma bin Laden was trying to kill him and his family.  We all saw it on television. We remember Ollie saying he would meet the terrorist anywhere, anytime. He just wanted to keep his family safe.  The hoax email reads Oliver North said he and his family installed an expensive security system after they were threatened. Then Al Gore asked, “Threatened by whom?”

“By Terrorists Sir.”

“What terrorist could possibly scare you that much?’

“His name is Osama bin Laden, sir.”

Here is the real testimony. Ollie actually said, “The issue of the security system was first broached immediately after a threat on my  life by Abu Nidal.  I’m sure you on the intelligence committees know the principal, foremost assassin in the world today. He is a brutal murderer.”

John Nields (not even a a senator and not Al Gore said, “Abu Nidal is thought to be living in Iraq under the protection of Saddam Hussein.”

Here is the actual transcript by Ollie North

“1. It was the committee counsel John Nields, not a senator who was doing the questioning.

2. The security system was installed at my home just before I made a very secret trip to Tehran. Cost according to the committee is $16,000, not $60,000.

3. The terrorist who threatened to kill me in 1986, just before that secret trip to Tehran, was not Osama bin Laden, it was Abu Nidal, who works for the Libyans, not the Taliban and was not in Afghanistan.

4. I never said I was afraid of anybody. I did say that I would be glad to meet Abu Nidal; on equal terms anywhere in the world, but that I was unwilling to have him or his operatives meet my wife and children on his terms.

5. I did say that the terrorists intercepted by the FBI on their way to my house in Feb1987 to kill my wife, children and me were Libyans, dispatched from the people’s committee for Libyan students in McLean Virginia.

6. I did say that the Federal Government had moved my family out of our home to a military base (Camp Lejeune, NC) until they could dispatch more than 30 agents to protect my family from those terrorists. A liberal Federal Judge allowed the Libyan assassins to post bond and they fled.

7. Those Federal agents remained at our home until I retired from the Marines and I was no longer a government official. By then the United States Government has spent more than $2 million protecting the North family. The terrorists sent to kill us were never re-apprehended.”

The truth is dramatic enough, but someone thought it cute to add in Al Gore and Osama bin Laden.  This is why it’s hard to trust the internet.

One more internet hoax that I want to deal with. The email claims that Mohammed Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. He was captured and imprisoned, but Clinton and Warren Christopher demanded his release as part of the Oslo agreement with Palestine. Thus Atta was free to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center. One small mistake. It was Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta who bombed a bus in Israel in 1986. He was captured in Venezuela in 1987. Deported to the US, who then allowed Israel to extradite him there. In 1991 he was sentenced to life in an Israeli prison.  Then Mohammed Atta led the crew on 9-11. Close, but no cigar. It’s pretty evident someone who hates Clinton started this email. They don’t know how much their false emails hurt those of us trying to tell the truth.

If you want to pass something on, then use this blog. It clears up a lot of myths and hoaxes.  Good Night, Will <><


June 23, 2009

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I have been meaning to tell you that I have a counter on my blog that lets me know how many times it has been read. My blog on child abuse is at  the   bottom of blogs read. How will we ever stop child abuse when the heart and core of America, my eBay family won’t even take time to read a blog on abuse?  You folks are the bedrock of America. I know you. I know you care about children. I know you hate abuse. My confusion is why so many skipped that blog.  I’m going to speak out even if only one person reads my messages and that person is me.

California Charlie called to tell me he has sold his Texas ranch. I really wanted to buy his place, but the thought of borrowing that large sum of money put a damper on my ambitions. Charlie had made several improvements, including installing some mighty fine fences.  He built new cattle guards, fixed up the old ranch house and put in a new fancy entrance gate. That boy spent some serious money on the place, but we are talking around ’bout 5,000 acres and with the president’s health care to pay for I didn’t think I should take on the extra debt. I could have borrowed the money by using my ranch as security. Can you imagine what a big shot I’d be with 7,500 acres?  I would be able to live with myself.  Shaving would be nigh impossible, I’d keep thinking Cattle Baron when I looked at myself.

I spoke with my banker and he said their main office in San Antonio was interested in loaning me the money to buy CA Charlie’s ranch. Then we got in the middle of roundup and I got a dose of reality. I sold 40 head and took a beating. This  drought is going to cause me to cut my herd even deeper. I hate to say it, but we need a hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast for us to get enough rain. We need 12 inches. I know you get tired of my complaining, but when you know all you own is in jeopardy you do starting thinking less than rationally.  I hear from you all over telling me you wish the rain would stop, me I’m just hoping for a drop (smile).

The people who were leasing Charlie’s place offered him a cash deal.  He called me to see if I had worked a way to buy his place. Bless his heart, he even offered to carry the paper if that would help.  I think if the economy had been a little better I mght have jumped in.  Or, if I were 15 years younger I probably would have made the deal.

I’m deeply concerned about our country. We have the weakest leader in the history of our nation. Iran is mocking him and N. Korea has our leader wanting to hide under his bed. No country fears him. Now the Taliban is saying they want to capture the nuclear weapons in Pakistan and use them on Americans. Japan is nervious over N. Korea’s threats. Japan knows we will do nothing to protect them.  Israel, our closest friends in the Middle East, now feels abandoned by our president. People living in Hawaii are on pins and needles. They still remember Pearl Harbor. N. Korea says they are going to hit Hawaii on July 4th.

What I’m trying to say is I didn’t need to borrow a bushel full of money at this time. Too bad, because large chunks of land are hard to find. Especially land in my area. We have some of the best coastal grass in the country. No rocks, just sand and grass burrs. Oh yeah, and rattlesnakes.  I think we have more than our share of rattlesnakes. This hot weather has them on the move. They love the cool shady area of my barns and like to cozy up under a plow. The kid with the broken collarbone was moving some planks and found three. One was at least six feet long. He had their skins tacked to the side of the barn when we came in.  He is a crazy kid.  He grabs the rattler by its tail and bull whips it. You know how the lion tamers pop the end of their whip? Or the way the old wagon masters popped the end of a bull whip.  If you ever get a chance to see Man from Snowy River the young hero uses a bull whip like a master. Anyway that crazy kid grabs the rattlesnakes by the tail and throws them back over his head, giving a yank. When the end pops it smashes the snake’s head.

The twins found a den of rattlesnakes a month or so ago. I may have mentioned it. We had a big burr oak fall and it was hollow inside. The snakes took over the big den in the oak. I can’t remember, but I think they said they killed 9 snakes, two very big ones and the rest were small…probably babies.

I know CA Charlie was dissappointed that I didn’t buy his place. At one point he said he would finance the entire amount at 5% interest, which is extra good.  I got out my pencil and pad and started to do the numbers. The monthly payment on such a place would have been crushing if this drought continues.

Looks like I’ll have to cut my corn into silage. This dry weather has stunted the growth. I do thank God for giving me a few showers to get my seed to sprout and then another shower to get my stalks growing.  I can’t complain, silage is better than no food.

There are so many issues facing us. Gun Control, Amesity, Government Health Care, Supreme Court selection, Gitmo, Huge debt, Gay Marriage, Abortion, States Rights, Individual Freedom, Prayer, Smoking, ACORN and the list just keeps growing. I had planned to talk about the drug cartel’s presence in the United States, but CA Charlie’s call caused me to switch. Not to worry, we have plenty of time to cover all of the above issues and lots more. Nothing can be done ’til 2010 and then we will make the big change in 2012. In the meantime we can swat flies…no wait, that is the president’s job. He is the fly swatter.  The press marvels at what we do everyday down on the farm (smile).

The media reminds me of a proud parent whose brat just marked up the walls with crayons. They clamor about all of the child’s graffiti. The media did the same thing when the president swatted a fly on his arm.  I didn’t know that was so important or I’d have been recording the kills I make each day.  The one thing we can’t do is let small things like the fly swatting get us distracted. Our focus has to remain on 2010 and 2012.  Yes, there are little battles we can fight, but we must not wear out too fast. We need to stay the course.

I do want to say one more thing. We can’t preach to Iran about crooked elections. We have ACORN to thank for our current administration. Make no mistake, the Middle East knew what happened in our election. ACORN is 100% Democrat.

I’m proud for Charlie. I think they will be good neighbors. I hope so.

That’s it for tonight,  Will <><

V for Victory

June 23, 2009

I find it strange, the most important blog I have ever written has gotten the fewest readers.  Child abuse should be at the top of the list of things to expose and when I write about the horrors and how a victim can be healed, my readers abandoned me in droves. I had the smallest number of readers on the abuse blog than anything I have written. This shows me the reason there is so much abuse. If good citizens don’t want to deal with the subject then where does that leave the poor defenseless child?  I am very disappointed in my readers. I thought I knew you better than that. I guess I didn’t realize the shame associated with child abuse.  Good people are ashamed to even read about it.

You can hide your head in the sand, but child abuse will not go away. I don’t watch much television, other than movies. There is one show I watch when I find it. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Marilyn Mansfield’s daughter plays one of the cops. The show deals with sexual abuse, not just children, but adults as well. But from time to time they do a show on a child being abused. I think this is the most important television show on the air.

If we don’t speak out about child abuse then who will?  Frankly I’m so discouraged that no one is reading my blog on child abuse, I not going to say anything else tonight. My heart is troubled that Americans will sit back and cover their heads in the sand when our most valued asset is being abused, leaving scars that will last a lifetime.

I had planned to write about  V for Victory, but after being so dissappointed about the lack of readers on my abuse issue I’m at a loss for words.  Will <><

Child Abuse

June 22, 2009

This week in New Jersey the police arrested an 18 year old, Illegal Alien Mexican for sexually molesting seven girls under the age of 9.  The girls ranged in age from 4 to8.  He knew the little girls and the cops believe these seven are just the tip of the iceberg.  They think he has molested a dozen more and are asking families to come forward and help nail him. Here is the kicker, he was friends with all the victim’s parents. I have read that sexual abuse to Mexican children is extremely high. It is difficult to find a Mexican boy or girl that has not suffered some from of sexual abuse. Incest is common place.

I personally think a man caught sexually abusing a child should have his testicles cut out. Women who abuse should have part of their tongue whacked off.  Just as a reminder not to do it again or their entire tongue will be removed.  We need to tattoo a 2″ tall, red letter P in the middle of all abuser’s foreheads. P for pervert or pedophile.

Most of the young girls who are promiscuous  in high school are victims of sexual abuse. It’s sad to say the number one abuser of girls is the father. The very person she should be able to turn to for protection is the one making her do all sorts of evil.  When I hear one of those sicko’s say, “She wanted it” or “She came on to me”, he is describing his 5 year old daughter. The stupid @%X!#&@ is too sick to realize his lovely child only wants to please her father. He taught her to flirt. Babies don’t want sex, they want to please their parent.

After fathers come brothers, uncles and close friends of the family. I’ve read several horror stories where the stupid parents hired a neighborhood teenage boy to babysit while they went to the movies. That is asking for a disaster. You have just provided the perfect setting for the boy to rape your girls. I mention girls, a lot of boys are also sexually abused.

Most men who molest have been molested.  Those molested stand a much higher risk of being child abusers. It’s a viscious cycle. The molested becomes the molester. The cycle of child molestation is a continuous rotation until one of those molested breaks the string.

Almost 100% of girls selling their bodies were sexually molested. Their only worth is their body. They were taught that by their youth minister or father. I don’t want to leave out stepfathers. Many pedophiles marry women with small girls. It is also common for the stepfather to get the mother to engage in abusing her daughters.

This past year San Antonio arrested 9 teachers for having sex with their students.  Two were women having sex with boys as young as 12.  We live in a strange world. If a boy has sex with an older woman it’s “he became a man today.”  When in truth he is confused and damaged. Boys who are abused by a man carry deep guilt. Stats show 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused. 1 in 4 girls. I think the girl number may be low.

Once a child is abused they feel WORTH-LESS.  Grades will fall to the bottom or they may compensate and score off the roof to try and prove they are normal.

Those who abuse know how to scare a child into not telling.  One lady I know was abused by her father and older brother. Her father told her if she ever said a word he would kill her and cut her body into tiny pieces . Then he would scatter them all over town, so when Jesus returned He would not be able to find her. Even ’til this day Easter is a tough time for her. She knows it’s not true that Christ couldn’t find her, but that image is set in her mind. Even though she knows it’s false it still haunts her when the resurrection is being preached.

Leggs, the tall drink of water I dated a year or so back is the victim of sexual abuse. Her choice of men is off the charts.  I think I’m the only man she has dated who didn’t beat her up. In her mind if a man doesn’t hit her, he doesn’t love her.  She is getting help, but it’s going to be a long, slow road to recovery. One of the toughest aspects to deal with is low self esteem. Abused children live in fear even as adults that someone will find out how horrible they are. Perpetrators are so skilled at blaming the victim, the shame is carried over into adulthood. They think, “If you really knew what a bad person I am you wouldn’t like me.”

It’s very common for a victim to be overtly sexual. Woman will ‘sleep around’ and men try to show their prowess by seduction. In truth they are acting out the abuse, trying to get it ‘right’. The victim believes that if they could do it ‘right’ one time everything would be okay. Women who are victims marry men like their fathers. Men marry women like their mothers.  The power of abuse is profound.

I have found dealing with Leggs, her confidence level is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I liked her a lot and at the time didn’t understand much about child abuse. I thought it was old men with tobacco dripping down their chins and wearing patched overalls who abused children.  I now know child molesters come in all forms, doctors, coaches, teachers, police, preachers, social workers, Scout leaders, mail carriers, truck drivers and an endless list of so called respected professionals.

I knew nothing about the horrors of child abuse until I met Leggs. Since then I’ve read at least a dozen books on the subject. I have been meaning to write about this tragedy for a very long time. Especially after I became comfortable with my knowledge on the subject.

Some signs are anorexia, compulsive spending or compulsive stealing. Some girls turn to drugs and prostitution. Others become alcoholics and most marry an abuser. He may not physically abuse, but verbal can be as bad. Abuse is abuse. Since the woman feels so Worth-Less they will think it’s their fault.

If you have been abused write this down and put it on your wall.  You did nothing to cause the abuse. There was nothing you could do to prevent it. Children are powerless. You are not to blame, blame the scumbag that abused you.

The best thing you can do is start a journal and write every day any memory you might have. No one needs to see this journal. It’s your private journal. Put down any little thing. As long as you keep it stuffed inside the bad feelings are like a brick on your chest. What happens to garbage in a sealed plastic bag? It begins to rot. If you want healing then you need to put what happened to you in the light. The sun will dry it up and cause the ugly memories to go away. As long as you keep the secret you will endure pain.  Free yourself by exposing the abuser.  May God be with you. Will Cooper <><

Hate Crimes

June 21, 2009

I wrote about hating not long ago; however tonight I want to question the issue of hate crimes.  I can see that when the KKK was dragging black men from their homes in the middle of the night and hanging that could be considered a hate crime. That was horrible.  But was it a hate crime or was it the Souths’ way of dealing out what they thought was justice?

Let’s go back 130 years to a time when if a man was caught on a stolen horse he was hanged on the spot. I was reminded of that the other night as I was watching Lonesome Dove for the jillionth time. Jake Spoon, an ex Texas Ranger fell in with a mean bunch.  As Call and Gus were moving a cattle heard north to Montana they came upon a wounded man. He told them horse thieves had killed three of his friends and stolen their horses.  Call said, “We can’t let them get away with stealing horses.”   He was not concerned about the dead men, but he wasn’t going to tolerate stolen horses. When they caught the gang of four killers and horse thieves, their old buddy Jake Spoon is in the group.  Call tells his men to get out their ropes. Within an hour of catching the bad guys, the four, including Jake were hung.  Hanging horse thieves was not considered a hate crime, but rather a Texas brand of justice.

Do you see what I mean?  The KKK lynchings may not have been because of hate, but their warped idea of controlling the blacks, who they believed to be some kind of dark skinned animal. Remember back then many people didn’t consider blacks to be equal beings. Lincoln said they had one third of a white man’s brain. They were often referred to as animals. Maybe the lynchings were to the south what hanging horse thieves was to the Texans.  Justice as they saw it, swift and final.

I want to put in a disclaimer. I have never hung a horse thief or been at a hanging. I know very little about the KKK, other than what I’ve seen on television and read in books. I am not justifying either.  I’m just saying in most cases hate had very little to do with either. Instant rage, yes. The report of a white woman being raped by a black man fired the KKK men into a frenzy. The word that a horse had been stolen did the same thing to the old time Texans.

It’s true white women would have an affair with a black men and when caught say she was raped. Her lies always ended up with a black man being hung.  Sometimes a fellow would end up on a stolen horse that he recently traded for. That was his misfortune, he would be hanged from a tall tree.

I think the guy who killed the Holocaust Museum guard was off his rocker. He hated everything and everyone.  Now the press is saying he killed a black guard. Trust me folks, he would have killed a white guard just as fast. The color of the museum guard was not in question, but it’s an opportunity for the press to tout hate crimes by a ‘right wing extremist’. Even though this guy hated everyone on the right, the media has made him right wing. That sounds more impressive than an old man who lost his marbles went to the Museum to kill. He went there to make a big splash. His last great thing. He was only carrying a 22. This shows me he was nuts. His wife said he wanted to do something big before he died. Is wanting to kill people so you can make the news really a hate crime? I think he probably expected to be killed in the confrontation, in his mind going out in a blaze of glory.

Why is it a hate crime when a white kills a black and not one when a black kills a black or a black kills a white?   Why is it a hate crime when a white man rapes a black woman and not a hate crime when a black man rapes a white woman?   I’m from the country and being stuck out in the woods doesn’t let me understand these complicated things. I don’t see things as black and white.  The truth is more blacks kills blacks than whites do. Black men rape black women at a much higher percentage than white men rape black women.  Black on black crime is at a mega level.  Black men raping black women is very common, but that doesn’t make sensational news.  Remember it’s all about the headlines. It’s about ratings. If they can tag a story with HATE CRIME, then it has more weight.

There are crimes of hate. One white man may hate his neighbor, then one day snap and kill him. That is a hate crime, but the media will call it a feud. Don’t you think the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s hated each other?  No one called their killings a hate crime. Texas has a history of family feuds. These feuds grew out of  hate.

Harry Reid is trying to push through a hate crime bill he is calling the Mathew Shepherd Hate Bill.  I may not be exact on the wording but this is a farce. Mathew Shepherd was not killed because he was gay. The press has spun the story that the two guys who killed him had been listening to the Christian right and they built up a hatred for gays. This is a bald faced lie. One of the two that killed Mathew was bi-sexual.

The night Shepherd was killed he went to the seedy bar to score some meth. He had the misfortune of running into Arron McKinney and Russell Henderson, two local thugs who had a rap sheet six feet long.  They each had a history of violence and drug use.  Mathew was looking to buy methamphetamine (meth) and they needed money to buy meth for their use. Mathew was a troubled University of Wyoming student who was HIV positive. He was not “GAY and PROUD”.  He was profoundly troubled. He was depressed and on the verge of suicide. He was a drug addict. The pair persuaded  Mathew to leave the bar with them on the pretext they would go get him some meth.

Let me side track for a moment. I don’t care to write about the gay lifestyle.  I don’t know enough about it and I don’t want to come off as a bigot. From what I’ve read in most cases being gay is not a choice.  Many gays, both women and men say they knew they were different at an early age. I honestly don’t think anyone would chose to be gay, considering all the shame and despondence associated with being different. I could be wrong because I’ve not spent much time with gay men or women. I suspect I’ve known gays who remained in the closet and never let me know of their sexual orientation. It’s not my position to judge people.

I did have one experience with a gay woman. I was dancing with a pretty young ‘thang’ and a tough looking woman slipped up to my side and whispered, “Don’t get any ideas young man. She is mine and I’d just as soon stick a knife in your neck as look at you.”  That dance ended pretty fast and I found another young lady to spin around the dance floor.

Back to the Mathew Shepherd case.  His mother has started the Mathew Shepherd Foundation and to fan the flames she is telling everyone it was a hate crime. Her son was killed because he was a homosexual.  If  proved wrong then her bird nest on the ground would vanish. The foundation would close and she would no longer get a free ride off the death of her son.

The night Shepherd was killed McKinney and Henderson were out looking to see who they could rob. Mathew fell into their laps. They thought he had money so they got him to leave with them. Once they got his money they decided to kill him so he couldn’t identify them.  To prove it wasn’t a hate crime, these two thugs tried to rob two straight men after they left Shepherd. One of them pistol whipped one of the victims and 22 stitches were required to stitch up his head.  The other victim fought back and hit one of the robbers with a stick, fracturing his skull or those two victims probably would be dead as well. It didn’t matter to the two thugs, if the victim was straight or gay as long as they had some money.

McKinney and Henderson were each given life without parole. In Texas they would have been sentenced to death.  Our justice has always been pretty stiff.

What I’m saying is the death of young Shepherd was no different than hundreds of robbery/murders that occur across our country each year. His sexual preference was not what got him killed, but his addiction to meth was.  Drugs cause more murders than hate ever could.

I do think the radical members of the gay lifestyle are doing more harm than good. I think in America today very few have a problem with two men or two women living together and going through a commitment ceremony. The issue comes when the radicals decided to push gay marriage and make it the same as a man and woman. I have no problem with a gay couple having a legal union that gives their partner the same benefits as a married couple.  I think the problem arises when gays want to change the meaning of the word marriage. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. When you are told by a man, “I’m married,”  you know he has a wife.  Legally gays can have the same benefit without hijacking the traditional word marriage which means a union between a man and a woman.

Using the word marriage doesn’t make the gay couple closer. Their closeness is in their hearts and not the word. A legal union could do the same and not cause so much discord. Just because we are not lining up to support gay marriage doesn’t mean we hate.  The left uses any little thing to say we are homophobic, which is stupid. I don’t go to known gay bars and I doubt if many gays go to where I sometimes do a little dancing.

I can’t judge a person for their sexual orientation. I can judge them if they flaunt it in my face. That goes for ‘straights’ was well.  I don’t want anyone flaunting their sexual preference in my face. I think that sex is private. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been had I been born with a gay gene. Before we slam another person, we need to walk in their shoes.

I’m running long, but I want to close by saying there is no need for a hate crime law. We have enough laws to cover every crime imaginable. The thugs that killed Mathew Shepherd were not convicted of a hate crime. They were convicted of murder. I think the hate crime law is widening the divide between gays and straights. If any thing the hate crime bill only makes people more aware and increases resentment.   Murder is murder, rape is rape. The why is not all that important. I know I’m going to make some liberals angry. I just hope he or she doesn’t turn to hate crimes (smile).

That’s all for tonight, Will <><