Brick by Brick

My first trip to the Empire State Building, rather than thinking how tall it was, I was struck with awe that the building had been put together one brick at a time. Think about it, men piled one brick on the top of another until they reached the top.  This is the way America was built.  When the country was converted from a forest to farmland, someone had to capture the land one tree at a time. They didn’t have heavy equipment that could clear a big swatch of ground in a day. They didn’t have power saws or tree removers. One by one they cut down the brush and trees, struggling to remove the stumps.

It was a constant fight to keep the trees and bushes from reclaiming what they had gained. If they were lucky they had a two handled saw, where a man on each end worked back and forth until the trunk was cut through. We are builders. Our forefathers were builders. A big burly guy and his brothers came to Texas shortly after we won our independence. His name was Jim Brown and he started making bricks and building, buildings on Galveston Island. Until Jim got to town all building were made of boards.  I’m not sure what that has to do with the price of eggs, other than for us to realize this great country was not instantly built.  It was put together with one tree cut after another, built up one brick at a time.

Now we have a man pretending to be our president who is determined to destroy all that we hold dear.  He is ready to place exposives in key places and implode what our forefathers worked hard to build.

To get back to my roots I pay an occasional visit to the Alamo or Goliad. I look at the construction and realize the people who constructed those buildings did so one brick at a time. Their bricks were larger and some were made of mud and grass, but they used their hands to erect an edifice to God. The people who built those two missions were mostly native Indians that the priests had converted to Christianity, then made them into slaves. If they tried to leave the mission they were captured by the Spanish soldiers, beaten and returned.

The past is meaningless to Barry Soetoro. He has no roots in America like you and I do. He has never learned to love this country. In truth he is the first man to serve as our president that has not loved this nation. He is meeting with the Muslims to try and placate them.  He is the master of appeasement. As the Native Americana’s would say, “He speaks with forked tongue.”

If you will recall he went to San Francisco to meet with the radical left wingers from that city. He told them the people from Pennsylvania were bitter clingers, clinging to their bibles and guns. He didn’t realize he was speaking in an open mike.  The week before he was in Pennsylvania bragging on them for being such great Americans.

Barry met with Netanyahu trying to pressure him to give a chunk of Israel to the Palestinians. Of course Israel was not about to give up what they had fought so hard to win. They build Israel brick by brick. Then Barry, speaking out of the other side of his mouth, met with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahomud Abbas and told him the U. S. foresees the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.  Barry is not satisfied with ripping down America, he also wants to take Israel apart. Abbas said Barry told his administration in a very categorical way, a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is in the American national and security interest.

Barry told Abbas he would not let Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “get in the way of normalizing U. S. relations with the Arabs and greater Muslim world.”  Barry is going over in the Middle East sucking up to the Muslim’s and blasting our friends in Israel.

If Barry thinks he is going to humble Benjamin Netanyahu into a pawn then he has another thing coming. It shows he doesn’t understand the Jews. If he thinks the Jews will give up Jerusalem, then he is picked pretty green.

Israel will not wait for Iran to hit them with a nuclear bomb. Now they know they can’t depend on the United States to back them. This is a sad day when we turn our back on Israel. During the election Barry was all for Israel in his speeches, when all along he was planning to back the Arabs.

I read, but have not been able to confirm, Barry signed an executive order sending $20,000,000 to Hamas to help them immigrate into the United States. Just what we need is a bunch of radical Hamas terrorists to be over here forming cells. I do know he sent millions to Gaza, which was said to be for rebuilding, but it went into the hands of the radicals.

What we have built brick by brick the new president is ripping down in large chunks. Dear friends, we are living in trying times. I urge you to remain calm, keep your eyes on Old Glory and never lose sight of how this country was put together brick by brick. Hitler bombed and bombed London, but enough walls withstood the blast and that great town never fell. We are being battered, but we are strong. We will survive this president. America will thrive again.

Today the president was back on television and his TelePrompter told him to say that the American people will need to learn to sacrifice. That we won’t see any relief, but our grandkids will prosper. I like it that our leader leads by example. Why he and the First Woman only spent $25,000 on a date night besides using three airplanes and tons of security. He practices what he preaches. You’ve got to love seeing your president sacrifice (that’s a joke).  I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to wait for the economy to get good for my grandkids. I want it to get good in my lifetime. I want to enjoy what America has to offer.  My thought is let’s vote us in a president who wants to join us if there is sacrifice and who will work to bring America back to our greatness. I want a president who loves this country and is proud to be an American. A Christian American.   2012 is not all that far away.

This is all for tonight…please keep the faith. Old Glory will still be flying when we get us a new president.   Will Cooper <><


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