Kool-Aid Drinkers

I had to stop by a small independent nursery yesterday evening and naturally the topic came up about the president and his recklessness.  The lady owner is more out spoken than her husband. He is more laid back and lets her talk politics. They know how involved I am; therefore, I think they open up more around me.  She said, “Will, I don’t know anyone who likes that guy.  I don’t see why things are not crumbling down around him.”

I agreed that all the people we know think he is doing a horrific job, but our country is made up of lots of  kool-aid drinkers. You would be amazed at the emails I get defending his wasteful spending and irrational handling of Iran and N. Korea.  Some of the language they use is not printable.  I told one woman from upstate New York that she had drank the kool-aid. She quickly informed me she hated kool-aid.

Please let me explain the kool-aid analogy.   When preacher Jim Jones moved one thousand people to Guyana and set up a colony his people followed him blindly. The congregation was mostly black and mindlessly followed him as if he were God.  Jim started out as an Assembly of God preacher, but as he got the taste of power he developed his own brand of church. My mind is a bit fuzzy on this part but if my memory is correct, and trust me that is a very large IF.  A US Congressman Jim Ryan went down to Guyana to check on what was happening and as he was walking to his airplane some of Jim Jones’ people killed him. They thought the US Government was going to interfere with their plans. In truth Ryan was going to write a positive report on how well the people were doing.

Jim had total power and ran the compound like he was a king. Many of his people were on welfare and they turned their checks over to him. I think this was in 1978 and $65,000 a month was a  nice chunk of change. Also at the time of the mass suicide The People’s Temple, Jones church, had $26,000,000 in the bank.  Yet his people lived in poverty. At the time of Ryan’s visit the population of Jonestown was about 1,000 people.

I do have to give Jones credit, he lived in a tiny hut. He didn’t live in a better home than his people. He was a communist’s communist. Jones also got a jeweler’s license so he could import cyanide into the country. He said the cyanide was for cleaning gold, but that was his stash to use in the kool-aid.

Jim Jones had friends in high places.  He was supported by Mondale and Roslyn Carter.  He had Harvey Milk, (the Milk of the movie) write letters to Jimmy Carter. Jonestown, as his compound was called, was 100% socialist. He praised the Soviet Union, Cuba and N. Korea.  In fact he tried to get each of those three countries to allow him to move his compound there.

He knew the game was up after they killed the Congressman.  He had a special cocktail, laced with cyanide, which would kill in less than five minutes.  It looked like red kool-aid.  He called the compound population together and ordered them to drink the kool-aid. They first fed the poison to the children and then themselves.  But before the final time he practiced what he called White Nights. This was where he would have everyone drink what they thought was cyanide laced kool-aid but in actuality the kool-aid was not poisoned. He did several White Night dry runs before the final time.

Over 900 people, mostly black drank the Jim Jones Kool-aid and died.

We have thousands upon thousands who have drank the Barry Soetoro kool-aid and it is slowly killing our country.  It is difficult for us to understand how 900 people could walk up to a table filled with cups of red kool-aid looking stuff and kill themselves. They used syringes with no needles to squirt the juice down the throats of their babies.  We have people doing the same thing, only sans the cyanide.  King Barry still has a very high approval rating. Some polls say 60% of the American people approve of how he is managing the government. How can that be?  Those of us who have not been drinking the kool-aid think they are stupid and they think we are bitter losers.

The kool-aid drinkers can’t see how he is destroying our country and turning us to the left. Hugo Chavez told Castro this past week, “We had better watch Obama or we will be right of him”  Even a leftist like Chavez knows Obama is even more radical than he his.  Chavez said Obama is nationalizing things faster than he did. Yet our kool-aid drinkers think he is the Messiah. They think he can walk on water and get very angry when we speak the truth.

Realize this, 900 people were willing to kill themselves to obey the wishes of their leader, Jim Jones. We have a similar cult following among the Obama supporters. They are so taken with him as a mythical figure, they cannot see the man he is.  I can understand the reason. Almost every week he is on the cover of Time, Newsweek, Life, Oprah or some other slick magazine. He has more air time than any president in the history of the United States. The Hollywood elite praise him, the liberal media fawns over him.  You never see them ask him a tough question. You never here them challenge any of his offbeat ideas.  Even the late night comedy folks don’t make jokes about him. They blasted Bush, but Obama is holy ground and they won’t tread on it. I have never seen a president get so much air time. He has been making his daytime speeches to start opposite Rush Limbaugh. Rush out pulls him and that is making Obama angry.  The left has set out to destroy Rush, but it has backfired. Rush’s rating are the highest in the history of him being on the air. He is kicking butt and taking names.  Yet, will all that popularity, the president’s polls are still extremely high.  His cult will follow him to the kool-aid table. When he says drink, they will ask how much.

Had Bush bowed to a foreign King, it would still be front page news. The liberal press said Obama was looking for a contact lens (smile).

You must accept he is extremely popular with the socialist left. They can forgive his mistakes as long as he presses their issues of socialism. They need have no fear, he only knows one direction and that is a welfare state. He wants America to be like Jonestown.  We give him all of our money and then he decides on how it is to be used. Study Jonestown and you will see the future of America under our current leadership.  Folks, we must vote for a real change in 2010 and make him one and done in 2012.

That’s it for tonight. I hope you will passs my blogs on.  Will <><


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