We have an amazing president, he sent Hillary Clinton to Mexico and then followed up with a brief visit.  They went down to solve the drug cartel wars. What other president could make a short trip and solve the drug smuggling and killings that have been growing for decades? As Messiah he solves the Mexican drug problem one day and the crisis in the Middle East the next. He speaks and things get fixed.  Like General Motors and Chrysler.  He had a meeting with the car companies and wallah, the problem is solved.  He met with the bankers and solved that problem in a couple of meetings (that was a tough one).  He met with a few doctors and has solved our health problem.  He met with the leaders in Israel and Palestine and has settled a 1,000 year war.  I’ve never known such a powerful man. He is going to talk with N. Korea and they will melt under his charm.  Iran will turn their nuclear weapons stations into building energy. He has spoken and it will be so.

Funny thing, the Mexican Drug Cartels must have not heard his speech when he as in Mexico. They continue to kill at a record pace. They are still cutting their opposition’s heads off and tossing their bodies alongside the road.  Last week several mayors and police chiefs were arrested for being on the drug cartel’s payroll.  This confuses me. Surly the mayors and top cops heard his Mexico speech.  If they did they would have fallen in line. I suspect poor television transmission is to blame. Or what about the Mexican General and some of his aids being arrested for helping the drug cartels get their drugs through a Tampico port?  More than forty Mexican military officers and foot soldiers were arrested this past month for being on the cartels’ payroll.

I think our president needs to send several thousand I-Pods with his speeches to Mexico and see that they are spread to the base population. You know, speeches like he put on the iPod he gave to the Queen of England.  The speeches have made her not want to support the drug cartels. In fact no English newspaper has even hinted she is involved with the sale of drugs.  I think it was those powerful speeches on the iPod that turned her into a caring and loving person.  Barry speaks and the world changes.

This week in the resort town of Acapulco the police and drug cartel got in an old fashioned gun fight. The problem was the gun fight was in the tourist populated hotel zone. When the gun fire stopped sixteen people were killed. I blame this on poor communication in Mexico. I bet those in the gun fight never heard Barry’s speech. That is the only explanation I can think of. Had they heard him explain his plan to curb drug violence then there is no way they would have been blasting away at each other.

The Mexican Drug Cartels earn $25,000,000,000 each year on drug sales in the United States. They use that money to buy small submarines, special stealth boats and to pay bribes to get the drugs into Mexico.  Their distribution in the United States is so fine tuned even small town America is exposed to their drugs. You can’t move to a spot where Mexican drugs are not being sold. Even out here in the boonies where I live we are faced with a drug problem.  It’s not just the people living in trailer houses, the drugs have reached Main Street, small town America.

The Mexicans are always one step ahead of our law enforcement. They are using women to set up taco stands near the border fences to look for a breach in the security. Never mind she has no clients, she stands faithfully by her stand and pretends to be selling, when her only goal is to find when it is safe to transport either humans or drugs across the border. Since these women are doing nothing illegal there is not much that can be done to remove them. It’s clear these taco selling women missed Barry’s speech to Mexico.

Another ploy by the Mexican drug cartel uses children. Children are trained to spot police movement in the bigger cities so the Drug Cartel’s agents can avoid a trap. These small children have become the drug runners’ eyes.  They report who is working the border bridge and what guard is on the take. Since the bridge switches guards around, those on the take have to be found before the contraband is hauled onto the bridge and across the border. Kids play on the bridge all the time, so for them to be there spying is nothing out of the ordinary.

The latest is parachutes. The Mexican plane flies near the border, but not over into American air space. Then their drug runners  jump out and guide their landing over in America. One man can bring a 750 pound load.  They buy ultra light planes that slip in under the radar and drop 200 pound loads.  When they make a big drop they send a couple of dozen down at one jump. This is to insure several get through. Also each of those jumping have a GPS and can coordinate where they are to meet.  With $25,000,000,000 you can buy a lot of things.

At the top of the list is another way they use children. They have a child get stuck in a crack in the border fence. Then 9-11 is called and the first responders dash to the scene. While they are freeing the child drugs are pouring over the border.  When we figure out what they are doing, the drug cartel will just invent another way. They are always two steps ahead of our law people.

How naive of our president to actually think he can make a speech and solve the drug cartels’ smuggling. How naive to believe he can stop the killing by addressing the Mexican Parliament.

How naive of him to think he can tell Israel to stop building and they will obey. How naive of him to think he can tell Israel to not bomb Iran when they know the Iranians have a nuclear warhead pointed at Jerusalem. Of course Israel is not going to sit on their thumbs and allow their country to be destroyed just because a Muslim loving American president tells them to. He is picked plenty green if he thinks the Jews won’t defend their country.

We have a dangerous leader. He believes he is a Messiah.  He believes he can walk on water. He honestly believes that when he makes speeches he is changing the world. He believes appeasement is the only way to end the animosity in the Middle east and the drug wars in Mexico.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has asked for 600 soldiers to be stationed along the Texas-Mexican border.  He has been seeing the bloody wars spilling over into our state. He has seen the increase in kidnappings and drug related hits. We are not going to get the help. Barry has already visited Mexico and made a speech. What more should Perry expect of him? The problem is fixed, we Texans must relax and realize what Barry did for us.  I will admit it’s hard for me to be a believer, when I keep seeing Americans being killed and kidnapped.  I know the problem is solved, because the president says it is, but I’m having a tough time not believing what my eyes are showing me.

That is it for tonight.  Sleep tight, because your president has spoken.  Will Cooper <><


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