I’ve addressed the issue of hate in the past. We are taught in the bible to hate sin. I guess I don’t hate sin enough, because I’m still a sinner saved by Grace. We are taught not to hate anyone  and in the heart of my hearts I honor that.  I hate no one, but I do hate their evil deeds.  I don’t hate the new president. I just don’t approve of the excess spending and his dragging our country down the socialist road.

If you want to see hate in action, look at the left and president George W. Bush. They made movies on how to kill Bush. They wrote books on how to kill Bush. They had rallies with signs that said, “We HATE you.”  Never in the history of our country has there been such a display of hate demonstrated as was against president Bush. Even today the left is wanting to blame Bush for all the mistakes Barry Soetoro is making.  Harry Reid, just this week was blaming Bush for our lack of recovery. If you remember the president promised if we did the stimulus bill the unemployment would not pass 8%. Well, we passed his bill and unemployment is at 9.4%.  So much for trusting the president.

What brought this to my attention is a guy on the left has been emailing me some extremely sick messages.  He has attacked my deceased wife and child. He used words I cannot re-print.  To slur me is fine, but my deceased wife and unborn child is the lowest of the low.  To me that is sub human. I can’t call him a man, because a man would never do that.  His slandering my dead wife and child tells me he is not married or has children.  No one with a wife and child could say the things he has.   His email address says it all.  It ‘s ObamasGod@….. I won’t give you the server to give him his privacy.  He is obviously a man with mental health problems. He makes up stories about his private jet and how he owns a large construction company.  I suspect he is like a lot of those on the left who spew hate, he is probably living in his mother’s basement and spends hours on a computer. No doubt he is on welfare and is probably here illegally. I suspect he is an Illegal Alien. That’s why he only uses Lefty Gomez as his fake name. He says he is from Spain.  I don’t think Gomez is Spanish. Sounds Mexican to me. Funny how so many Mexicans want to say they are from Spain. My twins and Mandy’s family are from Spain. They came to Texas in the 1810ies or maybe before that. They are Spanish.

The guy believes Obama is god.  I told you in my kool-aid blog that there are lots of that kind of blind followers on the left.  Some of you are worried that he and others like him will hurt me to the point I’ll stop.  I have no inclination to slow down.  However, I do feel sorry for this guy whose god is Obama.  His email address says it all.  I get about one of his type a week. Some are not as bitter as he is, nevertheless none of them are wishing me the best (smile).  I consider the source and find myself feeling sorry for them.  I get a sick feeling in my belly knowing we have people who are that deep under Barry’s spell.  By the way, I use Barry Soetoro because that is his name.  If he wants to show the American people a birth certificate that has a different name then I’ll be happy to call him by the one on the original birth certificate.

Until Barry proves he is legal to be president, then I have to assume he is not legal. I see no hate in my wanting to know the truth. I see I’m in love with America and don’t want anyone to be president who is not constitutionally legal to serve.

Hillary Clinton started to vet Barry on the birth certificate, but then she backed off.  That was the time she was spilling the beans that Barry sold drugs in college. Not my words, but those are from the Clinton group. Then for some reason she backed off. I suspect the heavyweights like George Soros told her to shut up. Maybe the message came from the King of Saudi Arabia (smile).

Remember the guy from Michigan who said he had a homosexual affair with Barry?  He passed a lie detector test, or that is what was reported.  I can’t remember his name, but he dropped out of sight.  Is he alive?  Maybe some of you will know his name.  Maybe the guy who is writing me hate emails will remember his name.

He enjoys calling me a racist. Too bad he can’t speak with Mandy and the twins.  Mandy would love that he called her a girl. She wouldn’t appreciate him calling her a slave girl. Shows how little he knows. I was more Mandy’s slave than the other way around.  But all of you know this.  She told me how high to jump and I obeyed.  By the way Mandy is doing well.  I think she misses being down here, but where she is she can visit her husband.

The left wing hater also slammed Sarah Palin and called her daughter some of the most vulgar names that can be spoken. At least Sarah’s daughter didn’t have her child murdered. I don’t understand the left, they smear Bristal Palin for having a child out of wedlock, but it would have been perfectly fine if she had killed the baby and kept the whole thing secret. It’s okay to murder a baby, but not have one. What kind of thinking is that?

Can you imagine the courage it took for Sarah to tell the world her daughter is having a child out of wedlock?  Can you imagine the pressure she was under on a national stage?  Not only that but Sarah had to courage to have her son who they knew had Downs Syndrome.  I fell in love with Sarah because she showed courage you don’t see these days.  I fell in love with her honesty and straight talk.  I fell in love with her down home ‘talkin’.  Before some dirty mind gets too active I have no lust for Sarah, even though I think she is a darling girl. My admiration is not for her pretty face or sleek figure, but for her mind and courage. May God Bless Sarah Palin and give our country more men and women like her.

Only a sick mind could trash the daughter and Sarah. But the left is full of mentally challenged people. Keep the faith dear friends and the few old sore heads that log on from time to time. I don’t mind the hate mail, it shows me I’m getting my point across.  Start now on the 2010 and 2012 elections. If you want a change, then the place to start is at the polls. We already have seen enough, we know we must correct this mess or lose our country.

On a side note and a funny one. The people of Israel are rebuilding the shanty towns in the West Bank and calling the houses Obama Huts. They are building the houses in defiance of Barry wanting them to give their homeland to the Arabs.  Good for them. I love the title Obama Huts.  I guess that is for his brother who is living in a Kenya hut on $12 a month. Barry not helping his brother shows a lot about who the president is.

That is it for tonight, Will Cooper <><


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