What’ Happening?

The left wing guy is still sending me vulgar messages. His personal attacks against my wife and unborn child are beyond sick. But that is what the left does.  Last night on David Letterman, in his opening monologue he came out commenting about Sarah Palin being in New York.  He failed to say she was there to help raise funds for disadvantaged children. While in town Rudy took her family to a Yankees’ game. That’s Rudy, he loves the Yankees and wanted to show off the new stadium.  I saw a video clip of Letterman. I would never watch him or any of the other late night bunch.  He said there was a disturbance with the Palins during the 7th inning stretch. He said, “A-Rod knocked up Sarah’s daughter.”  A-Rod is the Yankee ball player who admitted using steroids.  He made another remark saying Sarah looked like a slut. This is the left at its best.  Or I guess I should say worst.

Is Lefty so scared of me he has to slander my dead family?  Is Letterman so scared of Sarah that he has to say vulgar things about her daughter on National Television?  The truth is no one watches Letterman. His ratings are really low  and if not for YouTube no one would have seen his slanderous statements.

One of my eBay family members suggested that Lefty, the guy who is so vulgar, is a young man. I suspect they are correct and he is probably 23 or 24. No doubt lives with his mother. He is not married and has no children. I doubt if he has ever had a girl friend.  His world is his computer and his email address says  it all, ObamasGod@…. He worships a man.  On the other hand, no doubt Letterman has women issues.  Letterman’s remarks are inexcusable.  Lefty Gomez, I can forgive.  He is so brainwashed by the Obama machine he can’t think for himself.  He can’t defeat me with facts, because I’m right, so he resorts to insults.  Just like Letterman. He thinks slander is comedy.  Will Rogers never dipped that low and he was a great political comedian.

This is what happened to the 900 people who killed themselves at Jonestown.  Jim Jones was their god.  Anytime man chooses a false god he is off a solid foundation. We need to build our lives on Christ, the solid rock.

I do want to say one more thing. In his fantasy Mr. Gomez said he owns a private jet. I’m inviting him to fly into Corpus Christi.  I want to meet him and give him the discipline he is not getting at home. It’s amazing what a good butt ‘whupping’ will do for an attitude adjustment.  Welcome to Texas Lefty. I’ll be happy to make time for you.

While I’m at it I want to deal with this race issue. Obama is HALF white and HALF black. His color or lack of color has nothing to do with my supporting him.  I would vote for Condi Rice in a  heartbeat. I think Clarence Thomas is a great American. I think Colin Powell is a traitor. He is not a Republican. He voted for Obama and against McCain.  It’s not a man’s skin color that matters, but rather the color of his heart. Powell is a liberal. Obama is a RADICAL  liberal. We need conservatives to once more lead us out of this malaise. And by the way, Condi and Clarence both have slave blood. I’m not sure Colin does and we know Obama doesn’t.  Obama is a Kenyan. The Kenyans are the ones who captured the blacks and put them on slave ships.

I love magic shows.  I’ve seen several. David Copperfield is the weakest and the best I’ve seen was a young man in a small hotel in Las Vegas. I can’t remember his name. He is better than Lance Burton or Sigfried and LeRoy. (ooops Roy)  I also saw a girl, I think Melinda. She was as cute as a new born calf in the spring, but her magic wasn’t much.  We now have a magician in the White House.

You have seen his slight of hand trick with numbers.  Back in November 2008 when he was elected unemployment was 6.4%, this month it has risen to 9.4%.  We have lost 6,000,000 jobs and yet he working his magic. With Joe Biden to act as his distraction, he coined Jobs Saved.  Of course he didn’t invent those words. That is the work of David Axelrod.  Magician’s don’t build their tricks, they buy them. They don’t invent the tricks, they just perform them. Barry is a great performer. Biden’s gaffs distract the viewer just enough for Barry to perform the trick.

Jobs Saved. What a brilliant concept?  It works.  I know I Saved 300 jobs down here in south Texas. I have saved those jobs in the last six months. Can you proved I didn’t?  I made up a magic potion and sprinkled it around the area and my magic saved 300 jobs. I dare you to prove I didn’t save those jobs.  I’m safe. No one can prove jobs saved. There is no measuring device to count jobs saved. Barry says he saved 150,000 jobs and none of us can prove he didn’t.

This is the most clever marketing scheme I’ve ever seen.  If we lose another 2,000,000 jobs he can say, “I saved 1,000,000 jobs. The number of unemployed would have been 3,000,000 if I had not saved those 1,000,000 jobs.”

Remember the guy standing on the street corner snapping his fingers? “What are you doing? a passerby asked.

“Keeping the elephants away!”

“There are no elephants on the streets of New York?”  The curious questioner replied.

“Shows I’m doing a good job,” he answered and kept on snapping his fingers.

This is the jobs situation. No one could prove that snapping his fingers was not keeping the elephants away. We can’t prove Barry is not saving jobs. The Labor Department doesn’t keep such figures.  The Treasury Department admits they have no way of counting jobs saved. Not even the Bureau of Labor Statistics has a way to count jobs saved.

Barry promised if Congress passed his stimulus bill that unemployment would not get above 8%.  He was going to stimulate jobs with heavy government spending.  As you already know that was no more true than him saving jobs.

Look, if he can save jobs then he should put his magic to work in Michigan where unemployment is over 14%.  Why doesn’t he save the jobs in Cleveland. It reminds me of the faith healers who earn millions off sick people.  Oral Roberts was unable to save a family member dying of cancer.  At the moment I can’t remember the name of the little, high pitched voice  faith healer whose wife died of cancer.  He never told his radio audience. Had he admitted he didn’t have the power to save her then his donations would have dwindled or even come to a screeching halt.  Time and time again investigators have gone to the tent meetings and observed people walking up outside and getting in a wheelchair to be wheeled into the tent. The preacher says a few prayers and sprinkles something on the cripple. Suddenly the man jumps up and runs out.  The truth is he could have run in.  It’s a combination of the illusion and people blindly wanting to believe.

I do believe God heals. But I don’t believe the magic is in a preacher’s hands. If it was true that Oral Roberts could heal, then why did he build a big hospital?

My theory is if you took away the salaries from preachers in one week 75% would quit the ministry. In a month, when they realized they were not going to be paid that number would rise to 90%.  That is what I love about my church under the big oak. We don’t pay a preacher a salary. We pass the hat for gas money.  I promise you it’s not enough to live on. Our preacher spreads the word of God out of Love for his Lord.

We had no way of proving Roberts didn’t heal a blind woman or make her grow teeth on television.  Neither can we prove  Obama is not saving jobs. Those of us with common sense know Roberts didn’t make a woman grow teeth and we also know the president is not saving jobs.

Jobs Saved is a good scam. Those who drank the kool-aid will believe he is saving jobs. The rest of us are getting ready for 2010 and 2012.  We want to make sure he is ‘one and done’. Then we won’t have to worry about jobs saved.  That’s all for tonight, Will Cooper <><


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