What do you call a man who smokes, who can’t quit but yet has demanded the rest of the country stop?  You call him Mr. President. The news media won’t tell you, but the president is still a smoker. He has smoked since high school. During the campaign a high school photo surfaced of him smoking.  His crew tried to not let him be photographed smoking, but you know photographers. Tell them they can’t and they will find a way.  Last summer when a current photo of him smoking surfaced, he was forced to admit he is trying to stop.  That’s like an alcoholic getting caught drinking. “This is my last one,” he will say.  He told voters he was going to try to quit if he was elected. I can tell you I’m going to try to stop sleeping, but you know the moment I open my mouth that I’m not being truthful.  You should have seen his Press Secretary do the two foot shuffle trying to avoid answering the question, is the president still smoking?

Some say he is hiding in the small oval office rest room to puff on his smokes. He can’t slip outside, too many would see him.  I wonder where he smokes on Air Force One.  The next president will be forced to breath the second hand smell.  I guess we should be happy that he is not smoking dope as well.  What kind of world leader is a man who doesn’t have the self discipline to stop smoking when he is going to ban others from the habit?  My answer is, WEAK.  He is weak, that is why North Korea has no fear of him and is threatening to attack our troops in the DMZ Zone.  We have 32,000 men and women in South Korea.  Even if North Korea doesn’t have long range missiles, they can hit our base.

I don’t smoke, never have. I don’t date women who smoke. I can’t stand cigarette breath in a man or woman. But I would never be hypocritical enough to smoke and tell others they can’t.  I think tobacco is dangerous. Too many die each year due to smoking.  But for the president to praise Congress for passing regulations on tobacco companies that supporters say they hope will curb the urge by new smokers and begin lowering the number of deaths annually.  If that is the case then set the example Mr. President and announce you have stopped smoking on one of your weekly national television addresses.

How about let’s have a president who is willing to not be hypocritical and stop smoking as an example to young people. He could make one of his famous Tele-Prompter speeches to the youth of this country on the dangers of tobacco and how he overcame the addiction.  That one speech would do more than any other thing he can think of. Young people worship him. I think one of the reasons I never smoked or drank is my cowboy heroes in the movies and on television drank root beer and didn’t cuss or smoke.  I would have been devastated to see one of the Cartwright boys on Bonanza smoke or drink.  Marshall Dillion was all man and they never had his character abuse women, cuss, drink or smoke.

The bill crashed through the House 307-97 and the Senate 79-17.

The president says the bill aims to curb roughly 400,000 deaths a year attributed to smoking. It allows the FDA to reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. It bans most flavor in cigarettes and totally excludes menthol.  The government can dictate how tobacco firms can advertise their product. This I don’t understand. Store displays can only be printed in black and white. What does that accomplish? If anything a black and white poster will get more attention, because it will stand out.  No longer can the tobacco folks use, low tar and light to describe their cigarettes. Boy oh boy, that is really going to cut down on people smoking. If they can’t get light or low tar they are going to quit?  How stupid is our government? People who are addicted will take what they can get.  During the time booze was banned, drunks purchased liniment, cough syrup and anything with alcohol. They made a wood alcohol that caused those who drank it to have the “jake leg”.   Drunks buy the cheapest wine.  It’s not the taste, but the alcohol they are wanting.  Smokers will smoke anything with nicotine.  I understand smoking is an addiction equal to heron. But there is help in the form of a little pill called Chantix.  I know scores of people who took the pill and today are nicotine free.  Maybe I need to write the president.

Like a friend from North Carolina, a big tobacco state said, why don’t they ban tobacco all together?  They were being sarcastic. There is too much tax money for the government to ban smoking. The sad thing is the poor people, who can least afford to smoke are the ones hooked.  I wonder have many children go without food so mom and dad can buy smokes???   I’m not sure but doesn’t the government subside tobacco farmers?  I know so little about that industry. I’ve seen the tobacco barns in Kentucky and know how they dry the green leaves, but my knowledge stops there.

I know some of you will be shocked. You think I know everything (smile).  This just proves I’m a man and my feet are made of clay. I guess I’m allowed not to know one thing.

All week long we have been told how Barry’s pro Muslim speech in Cairo where he spent an hour bashing America has reached the people of Iran and they are going to vote the mad man, Ahmadinejad out.  Guess what, Iran must not have been listening. Perhaps they don’t have radios, televisions or computers.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just won re-election by a landslide. He won by almost 63%.   The people of Iran see our president as being weak and for good reason, he is weak.  Ahmadinejad is seen by the people of Iran to be strong, even thought he is a physical wimp.  He looks about 5′ tall, but the people believe he is strong enough to stand up to the evil Americans. Please remember, no matter what side won, there was still going be a country filled with hate for the west.

The past three days you could not turn on the television, without someone giving Barry’s Cairo speech credit for defeating Ahmadinejad. I made the mistake of flipping channels and no matter which one, including Shepherd Smith of Fox,  they were praising the speech that changed the world.  They said it was equal to Reagan’s, “Tear down that Wall” speech. They will have egg on their faces this morning, but being the suck ups they are they will be saying not enough people in Iran heard the speech.  They will never admit the speech did nothing but bash America and show the Middle East he is no friend of Israel and that under his leadership we are weak.

I remember in high school you could see the weakness in the eyes of the other teams when they saw my size and speed. I could tell the weak ones without running a play. It was those little bulldog types that drooled from the corners of their mouths that I knew would hit me with all they had. Bush was a bulldog and Barry a….. I don’t want to insult a breed.  It’s enough to say he is weak and the rest of the world knows it.

We are going to have to vote the weak ones out starting in 2010 and finishing in 2012.  Don’t think violence, think voting. We have the power of the voting box to make big changes. Get on board now for the fight to save America.  That’s it for tonight.  Will Cooper


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