Calm Down !!!

Mercy me, some of you are letting the lefties get you all upset.  Folks this is a long, long, long battle. If you are frustrated now then what will you do two years from now when the mess is even worse?  We can only fight one fire at a time. Let me tell you what’s happening.  During the pre-season in the NFL teams insert all sorts of gadget plays. They set formations that they won’t use during the season. For instance they will show the Wildcat formation, but probably never use it.

What this does is make your opponent be forced to spend time working on how to defend your offense.  If you can force the enemy to exert energy and time working on things that will never happen that gives you an advantage. The wise NFL coaches know how to let it “slip” to the media he is considering starting his backup quarterback.  He knows the reporter will have his story on the front page. The other team then has to work up a defense to stop the backup quarterback.

Can’t you see this is what our Tele-Prompter president is doing?  He is throwing huge piles of things at us. If we try to fight them all then we are playing into his hands. I recall as a young man, I think I was still in high school.  We had a lot of post oak trees and they shed their leaves in such numbers it was a chore to keep them cleared away from our burn pit. We country folks burn rubbish.  We feed scraps to our pigs.   I was burning some trash when the fire jumped into the leaves.  Soon I was in a circle of fire.  Leaves were burning all around me and spreading out. The circle was growing in size.  I grabbed a tow sack, dipped it into a bucket of water and began fighting fire. The moment I got it snuffed out on the north the south side was blazing.  I ran around and around before I finally got the leaves put out. The fire  was lapping at our old dry porch when I finally won the battle.

Had I panicked or became overwhelmed we would have lost our modest home.  In fact it was not our home, it was a house the rancher let us live in while my dad worked for him. The fire was a great lesson for me.  I learned to take care of the task in front of me. Had I not fought one section until the blaze was extinguished then I’d kept running around in circles.

It’s a smart marketing ploy by the people telling the president what to do.  First of all they rush every project. They use the theme, if we don’t get this passed the world will come to an end. There is great urgency in every bill he presents, every change in policy.  He knows if the process slows down then people will see the flaws. He is like a skilled magician, he performs his tricks with distraction.

We need to calm down and understand it’s a long race.  The Grand Nationals in England is 4.5 miles. Those horses can not run all out like the 1/4 mile sprint of a quarter horse. Those horses have to pace themselves or they will burn out before the race gets into the heart of the event.  Pick what you want to fight and do the best job you can with what’s at hand. If you get the left to pull you into their trap of fighting every suggestion then you will lose heart at a time we all need you.

I have as much passion for this great country as anyone who reads my blogs. I’m also wise enough to know I have to put my efforts where I have the best chance of having some positive effect.  If we sit steady in the boat, we will reach the other shore. If you are up bouncing around, you will cause the boat to list and we all may drown.

Our president has been doing the same pressure shuffle on Israel.  Sunday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed a Palestinian state beside Israel for the first time, reversing himself under U.S. pressure.  Ah, but Netanyahu is a fox, he agreed to a Palestinan state with conditions. They cannot have an army and they must put down their arms. They must recognize Israel as a sovereign state, with Jersuleum belonging to the Jews.  Netanyahu knew when he made those demands the Palestinian group would reject his offer.  He made it look to Barry that he was going to comply, but made the conditions such that the other side would reject his offer.  He also said Israel would continue building in the West Bank. In other words nothing has changed. The media is trying to make it sound like Barry’s pressure is working, but that is far from the truth.  The Jews are not going to give up their home land, just because our Tele-Prompter president tells them to.

The Jews know Barry is no friend of Israel. He has insulted them and now Prime Misnister Netanyahu has one upped our president.  He did so while appearing to concede his stance on a two state solution. He places restrictions that he knew the Palestinian’s wouldn’t go for.

That’s all for tonight. Thank you for reading my blog. Will Cooper


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