I’ll be the first admit we need to show more sympathy for these people. Maxine gave me the idea to write about Minorities. Here are some things to think about.

1. They travel miles and miles in the heat to get where they want to go.

2. The risk their lives crossing a border. Border crossings are dangerous, yet they take the risk.

3. The don’t get paid enough for the jobs they do. They are underpaid for what they do.

4. These minorities do jobs others won’t do or are afraid to do.

5. They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different language.

6. They rarely see their families and they face adversity all day…every day.

7. Death is on their minds from morning through the night.

8. Many think what they are doing is illegal. Lawyers are trying to stop them from doing their job. If captured they will go to jail.

I’m not talking about Illegal Mexican Aliens.  I’m talking about our troops. I find it very strange that many of our people in Congress are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on Illegal Aliens, but when it comes to supporting our troops they go the opposite direction. Case in point. Most of you know about the series of photos that appear to show our military torturing prisoners. The liberals in Congress are wanting to make those photo public.  Nancy Pelosi had the opportunity to stop this insanity, but she didn’t. She doesn’t care if her actions kill our brave men and women fighting in harms way.

The military leaders in the field say if those photos are released then we can expect a surge in bloodshed of our military. Many of our troops will die, yet the liberal, radical left doesn’t care. They want our military dead. Remember this is Bush’s war and the more young men and women we bring home in body bags the better for them. If our young people die then it proves they were right, we should not have fought these wars.

How sick is that?  We have men and women in Congress that want American deaths to prove their point that Bush was Hitler.  We on this side of the aisle see Bush as a Churchill and Ronald Reagan a man of his word. Bush stayed the course no matter how ugly the media got. Even the stupid Code Pink bunch couldn’t stop president Bush from doing what he felt was right. This left bunch in Congress wants to cut off funding for the troops.

The president could classify those questionable photos with and executive order but he is dragging his feet. Nancy Pelosi had the opportunity to block them from being released and she made excuses as to why she has not done so.

If the action on the photos doesn’t make you want to make a change in Washington then you are a lefty. You are not on the side of the American people.  We who work for a living want to see our military protected. We want those photos locked away for 40 years.

Now Jimmy Carter is over being chums with Hamas.  He is going to lobby Barry to remove the terrorist label off of Hamas.  When he was leaving Gaza there was a plot to kill him. Jimmy Carter is a smart man who is doing dumb things.  He has asked Hamas to recognize Israel as an independent state.  He should have known that was not going to happen, but he is such a lefty he thinks if he is kind to them they will give in.  Hamas is using Carter. They know how weak he is. The mess in Iran can be laid at the feet of Jimmy Carter. It was the Iranian Revolution of 11 February 1979, that saw the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Jimmy Carter had turned his back on the only friend other than Israel we had in the middle east. The Shah was western friendly.  We had a great working relationship with the Shah.  The  Ayatollah Khomeini revolutionaries brought an end to the rule of monarchs. Shahs are monarchs.  The Shah of Iran had pilots training at Big Spring. Texas. The old air base is now a federal prison, housing mostly Mexican Illegals.  Jimmy sat back and watched the Ayatollah Khomeini grab control of Iran.  The middle east lost all respect for American power. Jimmy was weak, but no weaker than Barry.

It’s starting to look like we will have to go to war with N. Korea. They see the weakness in our president and are pushing things to the limit. We have 32,000 men and women stationed in the DMZ, a rock’s throw from N. Korea.  They can take us out with one bomb.  As many as 20,000 of our brave young men and women could die in a flash.  The crazy leader in N. Korea would never have done that under Bush, because the “cowboy from Texas” would have hit back fast and hard with the little dictator in his sites. He knew if he killed our people, he would die, when Bush was in command.  Now if he bombs our military he will get a stern letter from our current president. The letter will say, “Lets talk”.

You never solve international problems with appeasement. President Reagan knew the importance of a strong military and so did the Bushes.  Bill Clinton was an appeaser, however not even he was as weak as our current leader. Bill ran at the first sign of trouble in Somila. Blackhawk Down lets us see the lack of courage Bill Clinton had. I think we lost 43 brave men. Bill cut tail and ran. President Bush would have gone back in and retrieved our dead and killed a few hundred Muslim terrorists in the process. Bill let a bunch of street thugs run his military out of town.  The first attack on the World Trade Center was under Bill Clinton’s watch and he treated it like a 7-11 robbery. Bill Clinton hated our military and I have a feeling so does Barry.  Barry has not shown our military respect by going to their hospitals.  He has skipped seeing them on several occasions.   Bill Clinton wouldn’t even return a salute and Hillary treated the soldiers like they were her bus boys.

God save our country.  This is all for tonight.  Will Cooper <><


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