What I Believe about God!

Misunderstanding of the scriptures comes from not rightly dividing the Word of God.  Once you realize only seven books are written for and to the Gentiles and the rest to the Jews you can come to understand the fullness of Christ and His blessing for us.  I will make a small attempt to show you why you need to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

This past week I’ve received several long emails from a sincere soul, who chastened me for saying I didn’t know how to solve the problem of young, unwed mothers. She wrote, “You should have said Jesus Christ is the answer.”

I do believe Christ is all and in all. I believe he is the propitiation for our sins. I think it is important we understand the worn sin. It is derived from the old Testament story of the warriors who could use their sling shots so effective they didn’t sin.  The word sin means to miss the mark. Those warriors didn’t miss their target, thus they didn’t sin. Our target is the perfection of Christ and this is where all of us miss the mark, or sin. We all fall short of Christ’s perfection. We all sin but the blood of Christ protects our weaknesses from God’s eyes.

My reply was, “I know some girls who are born again Christians who have made a mistake and that ended up causing a baby.  Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter is a born again Christian. The local Baptist minister’s daughter is a born again Christian and she ended up with a child at 16.”   Born again Christians are humans and we all are the sons or daughters of Adam. We have a sinful nature. Though washed clean in the eyes of God, we still sin.”

Her next response was many who go to church are not Christian. That I can agree with, but just to become a Christian doesn’t make you live a perfect life. I made the mistake of using what you folks have read dozens of times, “I’m just a broken down cowboy.”  She took it to mean I was broken in spirit and I guess also in faith.

She told me, “Will, you don’t have to be broken down, you can have victory in Christ.”

That is when I knew she was missing the point. I’m broken down, not from lack of faith, but from being kicked or thrown too many times from a horse.  Her core belief is once we accept Christ we are sinless. I believe Christ’s blood covers my sin from the eyes of God, but Will Cooper is still a sinner. It is impossible to live perfect and sinless. This is the problem with the Old Testament, living by the letter of the law.  Christ ripped down the wall and gave us direct access to the Father.  We don’t attain salvation by works. We live forever because Christ died in our place, for our sins.  Our salvation is not dependent on us being perfect, we have One who was perfect to die in our place.  If we had to live sinless to reach glory, then heaven would be empty.

I believe that in the beginning God tumbled the earth over. Alaska was a desert and the desert was glacial. The same Hebrew word for the turning of the earth is used when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. I won’t attempt to spell the Greek version taken from the Greek translation of the Old Testament. When Adam and Eve showed up, they were commanded to replenish the earth.  God gave the command to Noah, replenish the earth.  This means it had originally been plenished in order for it to be replenished.

I think all scripture is for our learning, but only the seven prison letters by the Apostle Paul are private mail for the Body of Christ. It may surprise you to learn you must read all the way to Ephesians to find a place where God speaks directly to Gentiles. Before then His message was to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles. We had to go through Israel. But when Christ ripped down the veil in the temple He gave us direct access to God.

Here is where I hope I don’t lose you. There are three hopes in the bible and there are three blessings.  The first hope is Israel will inherit the earth. The earth is described as having two dimensions, length and breadth. The second hope is the seed of Abraham will inherit the New Jerusalem “coming down” from heaven.  The new Jerusalem has three dimensions mentioned in the scriptures. Length, breadth and height.  The third hope is The Body of Christ will be seated in Heavenly Places. The Body of Christ described in the seven letters of Paul says our hope is heavenly places. You only find heavenly places in these seven books. Heavenly places is where Christ is seated and is also said to have four dimensions:  length, height, breadth and depth.  Take the time to search and you will find the three hopes and you will see God made the first long and wide. The promised New Jerusalem, which descends from the heavens has three dimensions and Paul in Ephesians says Heavenly Places has four. In Ephesians Paul reveals the secret hidden in God before the foundations of the world in Genesis. Had the Jews accepted Christ as King the secret would never have been revealed.  The Three blessings are the Three Hopes that have been carried out.

Paul teaches there will be an Epiphany prior to the second coming of Christ and the Body of Christ will instantly be transported to the Heavenly Places. This is prior to the Rapture. If you will read the seven prison letters looking for this message, you will find it. If you try to tie it to Revelation or elsewhere you won’t see the truth.

I mention Paul writing 14 books. I think he wrote Hebrews.  When he wrote Romans, he was trying to get the Jews to accept the Messiah.  He starts the book with, “To the Jews first and then to the Gentiles.”

Look at the book of Mathew, it is the story of the promised King. The king is presented by John the Baptist, then rejected. Christ presented the King and he was rejected. Mathew is the story of the King of the Jews being presented and rejected. He was not coming to be King of the Gentiles. He came as the Jewish Messiah. He came to sit on King David’s thrown.

Luke, who wrote the gospel by his name and also Acts was a doctor.   Acts opens up with Peter trying to get the JEWS to repent and turn to Christ (their King).  If you will notice when Stephen was stoned Christ was standing in Heaven looking down, waiting for the Jews to repent. He was waiting for the Jews to accept Him as King and he would have returned to earth right then. Paul preached to the Jews and took his message all the way to Rome.  In the end of Acts Paul quotes Isiah and says, “Having ears they will not hear and having eyes they cannot see. Be it known this day salvation is given to the Gentiles. For the accurate quote see Acts 28:28.   This is where Paul turned to the Gentiles and you can read his message in Ephesians.

I believe in the virgin birth.  I believe God created the world. I believe Jesus Christ is His only Son.  I believe I’m a sinner saved by grace.

I’ve tried not to quote a bunch of scripture. It would take me days to document in scripture all I believe. Besides, I don’t like to get letters and emails with a jillion scripture quotes scattered throughout the message.  You can prove almost anything with scripture, that is why God said for us to rightly divide the word.  When you start to see the seven prison letters are the private mail for the Body of Christ and the rest of the bible is for our learning, then and only then can you begin to see God’s message for the Gentiles.

For those of you who may not know what the seven private letters are here is the list.

Ephesians, Philippians,  Colossians, Timothy I and II, Philemon and Titus.

Good night and God bless,  Will <><


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