Hate Crimes

I wrote about hating not long ago; however tonight I want to question the issue of hate crimes.  I can see that when the KKK was dragging black men from their homes in the middle of the night and hanging that could be considered a hate crime. That was horrible.  But was it a hate crime or was it the Souths’ way of dealing out what they thought was justice?

Let’s go back 130 years to a time when if a man was caught on a stolen horse he was hanged on the spot. I was reminded of that the other night as I was watching Lonesome Dove for the jillionth time. Jake Spoon, an ex Texas Ranger fell in with a mean bunch.  As Call and Gus were moving a cattle heard north to Montana they came upon a wounded man. He told them horse thieves had killed three of his friends and stolen their horses.  Call said, “We can’t let them get away with stealing horses.”   He was not concerned about the dead men, but he wasn’t going to tolerate stolen horses. When they caught the gang of four killers and horse thieves, their old buddy Jake Spoon is in the group.  Call tells his men to get out their ropes. Within an hour of catching the bad guys, the four, including Jake were hung.  Hanging horse thieves was not considered a hate crime, but rather a Texas brand of justice.

Do you see what I mean?  The KKK lynchings may not have been because of hate, but their warped idea of controlling the blacks, who they believed to be some kind of dark skinned animal. Remember back then many people didn’t consider blacks to be equal beings. Lincoln said they had one third of a white man’s brain. They were often referred to as animals. Maybe the lynchings were to the south what hanging horse thieves was to the Texans.  Justice as they saw it, swift and final.

I want to put in a disclaimer. I have never hung a horse thief or been at a hanging. I know very little about the KKK, other than what I’ve seen on television and read in books. I am not justifying either.  I’m just saying in most cases hate had very little to do with either. Instant rage, yes. The report of a white woman being raped by a black man fired the KKK men into a frenzy. The word that a horse had been stolen did the same thing to the old time Texans.

It’s true white women would have an affair with a black men and when caught say she was raped. Her lies always ended up with a black man being hung.  Sometimes a fellow would end up on a stolen horse that he recently traded for. That was his misfortune, he would be hanged from a tall tree.

I think the guy who killed the Holocaust Museum guard was off his rocker. He hated everything and everyone.  Now the press is saying he killed a black guard. Trust me folks, he would have killed a white guard just as fast. The color of the museum guard was not in question, but it’s an opportunity for the press to tout hate crimes by a ‘right wing extremist’. Even though this guy hated everyone on the right, the media has made him right wing. That sounds more impressive than an old man who lost his marbles went to the Museum to kill. He went there to make a big splash. His last great thing. He was only carrying a 22. This shows me he was nuts. His wife said he wanted to do something big before he died. Is wanting to kill people so you can make the news really a hate crime? I think he probably expected to be killed in the confrontation, in his mind going out in a blaze of glory.

Why is it a hate crime when a white kills a black and not one when a black kills a black or a black kills a white?   Why is it a hate crime when a white man rapes a black woman and not a hate crime when a black man rapes a white woman?   I’m from the country and being stuck out in the woods doesn’t let me understand these complicated things. I don’t see things as black and white.  The truth is more blacks kills blacks than whites do. Black men rape black women at a much higher percentage than white men rape black women.  Black on black crime is at a mega level.  Black men raping black women is very common, but that doesn’t make sensational news.  Remember it’s all about the headlines. It’s about ratings. If they can tag a story with HATE CRIME, then it has more weight.

There are crimes of hate. One white man may hate his neighbor, then one day snap and kill him. That is a hate crime, but the media will call it a feud. Don’t you think the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s hated each other?  No one called their killings a hate crime. Texas has a history of family feuds. These feuds grew out of  hate.

Harry Reid is trying to push through a hate crime bill he is calling the Mathew Shepherd Hate Bill.  I may not be exact on the wording but this is a farce. Mathew Shepherd was not killed because he was gay. The press has spun the story that the two guys who killed him had been listening to the Christian right and they built up a hatred for gays. This is a bald faced lie. One of the two that killed Mathew was bi-sexual.

The night Shepherd was killed he went to the seedy bar to score some meth. He had the misfortune of running into Arron McKinney and Russell Henderson, two local thugs who had a rap sheet six feet long.  They each had a history of violence and drug use.  Mathew was looking to buy methamphetamine (meth) and they needed money to buy meth for their use. Mathew was a troubled University of Wyoming student who was HIV positive. He was not “GAY and PROUD”.  He was profoundly troubled. He was depressed and on the verge of suicide. He was a drug addict. The pair persuaded  Mathew to leave the bar with them on the pretext they would go get him some meth.

Let me side track for a moment. I don’t care to write about the gay lifestyle.  I don’t know enough about it and I don’t want to come off as a bigot. From what I’ve read in most cases being gay is not a choice.  Many gays, both women and men say they knew they were different at an early age. I honestly don’t think anyone would chose to be gay, considering all the shame and despondence associated with being different. I could be wrong because I’ve not spent much time with gay men or women. I suspect I’ve known gays who remained in the closet and never let me know of their sexual orientation. It’s not my position to judge people.

I did have one experience with a gay woman. I was dancing with a pretty young ‘thang’ and a tough looking woman slipped up to my side and whispered, “Don’t get any ideas young man. She is mine and I’d just as soon stick a knife in your neck as look at you.”  That dance ended pretty fast and I found another young lady to spin around the dance floor.

Back to the Mathew Shepherd case.  His mother has started the Mathew Shepherd Foundation and to fan the flames she is telling everyone it was a hate crime. Her son was killed because he was a homosexual.  If  proved wrong then her bird nest on the ground would vanish. The foundation would close and she would no longer get a free ride off the death of her son.

The night Shepherd was killed McKinney and Henderson were out looking to see who they could rob. Mathew fell into their laps. They thought he had money so they got him to leave with them. Once they got his money they decided to kill him so he couldn’t identify them.  To prove it wasn’t a hate crime, these two thugs tried to rob two straight men after they left Shepherd. One of them pistol whipped one of the victims and 22 stitches were required to stitch up his head.  The other victim fought back and hit one of the robbers with a stick, fracturing his skull or those two victims probably would be dead as well. It didn’t matter to the two thugs, if the victim was straight or gay as long as they had some money.

McKinney and Henderson were each given life without parole. In Texas they would have been sentenced to death.  Our justice has always been pretty stiff.

What I’m saying is the death of young Shepherd was no different than hundreds of robbery/murders that occur across our country each year. His sexual preference was not what got him killed, but his addiction to meth was.  Drugs cause more murders than hate ever could.

I do think the radical members of the gay lifestyle are doing more harm than good. I think in America today very few have a problem with two men or two women living together and going through a commitment ceremony. The issue comes when the radicals decided to push gay marriage and make it the same as a man and woman. I have no problem with a gay couple having a legal union that gives their partner the same benefits as a married couple.  I think the problem arises when gays want to change the meaning of the word marriage. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. When you are told by a man, “I’m married,”  you know he has a wife.  Legally gays can have the same benefit without hijacking the traditional word marriage which means a union between a man and a woman.

Using the word marriage doesn’t make the gay couple closer. Their closeness is in their hearts and not the word. A legal union could do the same and not cause so much discord. Just because we are not lining up to support gay marriage doesn’t mean we hate.  The left uses any little thing to say we are homophobic, which is stupid. I don’t go to known gay bars and I doubt if many gays go to where I sometimes do a little dancing.

I can’t judge a person for their sexual orientation. I can judge them if they flaunt it in my face. That goes for ‘straights’ was well.  I don’t want anyone flaunting their sexual preference in my face. I think that sex is private. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been had I been born with a gay gene. Before we slam another person, we need to walk in their shoes.

I’m running long, but I want to close by saying there is no need for a hate crime law. We have enough laws to cover every crime imaginable. The thugs that killed Mathew Shepherd were not convicted of a hate crime. They were convicted of murder. I think the hate crime law is widening the divide between gays and straights. If any thing the hate crime bill only makes people more aware and increases resentment.   Murder is murder, rape is rape. The why is not all that important. I know I’m going to make some liberals angry. I just hope he or she doesn’t turn to hate crimes (smile).

That’s all for tonight, Will <><


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