Child Abuse

This week in New Jersey the police arrested an 18 year old, Illegal Alien Mexican for sexually molesting seven girls under the age of 9.  The girls ranged in age from 4 to8.  He knew the little girls and the cops believe these seven are just the tip of the iceberg.  They think he has molested a dozen more and are asking families to come forward and help nail him. Here is the kicker, he was friends with all the victim’s parents. I have read that sexual abuse to Mexican children is extremely high. It is difficult to find a Mexican boy or girl that has not suffered some from of sexual abuse. Incest is common place.

I personally think a man caught sexually abusing a child should have his testicles cut out. Women who abuse should have part of their tongue whacked off.  Just as a reminder not to do it again or their entire tongue will be removed.  We need to tattoo a 2″ tall, red letter P in the middle of all abuser’s foreheads. P for pervert or pedophile.

Most of the young girls who are promiscuous  in high school are victims of sexual abuse. It’s sad to say the number one abuser of girls is the father. The very person she should be able to turn to for protection is the one making her do all sorts of evil.  When I hear one of those sicko’s say, “She wanted it” or “She came on to me”, he is describing his 5 year old daughter. The stupid @%X!#&@ is too sick to realize his lovely child only wants to please her father. He taught her to flirt. Babies don’t want sex, they want to please their parent.

After fathers come brothers, uncles and close friends of the family. I’ve read several horror stories where the stupid parents hired a neighborhood teenage boy to babysit while they went to the movies. That is asking for a disaster. You have just provided the perfect setting for the boy to rape your girls. I mention girls, a lot of boys are also sexually abused.

Most men who molest have been molested.  Those molested stand a much higher risk of being child abusers. It’s a viscious cycle. The molested becomes the molester. The cycle of child molestation is a continuous rotation until one of those molested breaks the string.

Almost 100% of girls selling their bodies were sexually molested. Their only worth is their body. They were taught that by their youth minister or father. I don’t want to leave out stepfathers. Many pedophiles marry women with small girls. It is also common for the stepfather to get the mother to engage in abusing her daughters.

This past year San Antonio arrested 9 teachers for having sex with their students.  Two were women having sex with boys as young as 12.  We live in a strange world. If a boy has sex with an older woman it’s “he became a man today.”  When in truth he is confused and damaged. Boys who are abused by a man carry deep guilt. Stats show 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused. 1 in 4 girls. I think the girl number may be low.

Once a child is abused they feel WORTH-LESS.  Grades will fall to the bottom or they may compensate and score off the roof to try and prove they are normal.

Those who abuse know how to scare a child into not telling.  One lady I know was abused by her father and older brother. Her father told her if she ever said a word he would kill her and cut her body into tiny pieces . Then he would scatter them all over town, so when Jesus returned He would not be able to find her. Even ’til this day Easter is a tough time for her. She knows it’s not true that Christ couldn’t find her, but that image is set in her mind. Even though she knows it’s false it still haunts her when the resurrection is being preached.

Leggs, the tall drink of water I dated a year or so back is the victim of sexual abuse. Her choice of men is off the charts.  I think I’m the only man she has dated who didn’t beat her up. In her mind if a man doesn’t hit her, he doesn’t love her.  She is getting help, but it’s going to be a long, slow road to recovery. One of the toughest aspects to deal with is low self esteem. Abused children live in fear even as adults that someone will find out how horrible they are. Perpetrators are so skilled at blaming the victim, the shame is carried over into adulthood. They think, “If you really knew what a bad person I am you wouldn’t like me.”

It’s very common for a victim to be overtly sexual. Woman will ‘sleep around’ and men try to show their prowess by seduction. In truth they are acting out the abuse, trying to get it ‘right’. The victim believes that if they could do it ‘right’ one time everything would be okay. Women who are victims marry men like their fathers. Men marry women like their mothers.  The power of abuse is profound.

I have found dealing with Leggs, her confidence level is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I liked her a lot and at the time didn’t understand much about child abuse. I thought it was old men with tobacco dripping down their chins and wearing patched overalls who abused children.  I now know child molesters come in all forms, doctors, coaches, teachers, police, preachers, social workers, Scout leaders, mail carriers, truck drivers and an endless list of so called respected professionals.

I knew nothing about the horrors of child abuse until I met Leggs. Since then I’ve read at least a dozen books on the subject. I have been meaning to write about this tragedy for a very long time. Especially after I became comfortable with my knowledge on the subject.

Some signs are anorexia, compulsive spending or compulsive stealing. Some girls turn to drugs and prostitution. Others become alcoholics and most marry an abuser. He may not physically abuse, but verbal can be as bad. Abuse is abuse. Since the woman feels so Worth-Less they will think it’s their fault.

If you have been abused write this down and put it on your wall.  You did nothing to cause the abuse. There was nothing you could do to prevent it. Children are powerless. You are not to blame, blame the scumbag that abused you.

The best thing you can do is start a journal and write every day any memory you might have. No one needs to see this journal. It’s your private journal. Put down any little thing. As long as you keep it stuffed inside the bad feelings are like a brick on your chest. What happens to garbage in a sealed plastic bag? It begins to rot. If you want healing then you need to put what happened to you in the light. The sun will dry it up and cause the ugly memories to go away. As long as you keep the secret you will endure pain.  Free yourself by exposing the abuser.  May God be with you. Will Cooper <><


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