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I have been meaning to tell you that I have a counter on my blog that lets me know how many times it has been read. My blog on child abuse is at  the   bottom of blogs read. How will we ever stop child abuse when the heart and core of America, my eBay family won’t even take time to read a blog on abuse?  You folks are the bedrock of America. I know you. I know you care about children. I know you hate abuse. My confusion is why so many skipped that blog.  I’m going to speak out even if only one person reads my messages and that person is me.

California Charlie called to tell me he has sold his Texas ranch. I really wanted to buy his place, but the thought of borrowing that large sum of money put a damper on my ambitions. Charlie had made several improvements, including installing some mighty fine fences.  He built new cattle guards, fixed up the old ranch house and put in a new fancy entrance gate. That boy spent some serious money on the place, but we are talking around ’bout 5,000 acres and with the president’s health care to pay for I didn’t think I should take on the extra debt. I could have borrowed the money by using my ranch as security. Can you imagine what a big shot I’d be with 7,500 acres?  I would be able to live with myself.  Shaving would be nigh impossible, I’d keep thinking Cattle Baron when I looked at myself.

I spoke with my banker and he said their main office in San Antonio was interested in loaning me the money to buy CA Charlie’s ranch. Then we got in the middle of roundup and I got a dose of reality. I sold 40 head and took a beating. This  drought is going to cause me to cut my herd even deeper. I hate to say it, but we need a hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast for us to get enough rain. We need 12 inches. I know you get tired of my complaining, but when you know all you own is in jeopardy you do starting thinking less than rationally.  I hear from you all over telling me you wish the rain would stop, me I’m just hoping for a drop (smile).

The people who were leasing Charlie’s place offered him a cash deal.  He called me to see if I had worked a way to buy his place. Bless his heart, he even offered to carry the paper if that would help.  I think if the economy had been a little better I mght have jumped in.  Or, if I were 15 years younger I probably would have made the deal.

I’m deeply concerned about our country. We have the weakest leader in the history of our nation. Iran is mocking him and N. Korea has our leader wanting to hide under his bed. No country fears him. Now the Taliban is saying they want to capture the nuclear weapons in Pakistan and use them on Americans. Japan is nervious over N. Korea’s threats. Japan knows we will do nothing to protect them.  Israel, our closest friends in the Middle East, now feels abandoned by our president. People living in Hawaii are on pins and needles. They still remember Pearl Harbor. N. Korea says they are going to hit Hawaii on July 4th.

What I’m trying to say is I didn’t need to borrow a bushel full of money at this time. Too bad, because large chunks of land are hard to find. Especially land in my area. We have some of the best coastal grass in the country. No rocks, just sand and grass burrs. Oh yeah, and rattlesnakes.  I think we have more than our share of rattlesnakes. This hot weather has them on the move. They love the cool shady area of my barns and like to cozy up under a plow. The kid with the broken collarbone was moving some planks and found three. One was at least six feet long. He had their skins tacked to the side of the barn when we came in.  He is a crazy kid.  He grabs the rattler by its tail and bull whips it. You know how the lion tamers pop the end of their whip? Or the way the old wagon masters popped the end of a bull whip.  If you ever get a chance to see Man from Snowy River the young hero uses a bull whip like a master. Anyway that crazy kid grabs the rattlesnakes by the tail and throws them back over his head, giving a yank. When the end pops it smashes the snake’s head.

The twins found a den of rattlesnakes a month or so ago. I may have mentioned it. We had a big burr oak fall and it was hollow inside. The snakes took over the big den in the oak. I can’t remember, but I think they said they killed 9 snakes, two very big ones and the rest were small…probably babies.

I know CA Charlie was dissappointed that I didn’t buy his place. At one point he said he would finance the entire amount at 5% interest, which is extra good.  I got out my pencil and pad and started to do the numbers. The monthly payment on such a place would have been crushing if this drought continues.

Looks like I’ll have to cut my corn into silage. This dry weather has stunted the growth. I do thank God for giving me a few showers to get my seed to sprout and then another shower to get my stalks growing.  I can’t complain, silage is better than no food.

There are so many issues facing us. Gun Control, Amesity, Government Health Care, Supreme Court selection, Gitmo, Huge debt, Gay Marriage, Abortion, States Rights, Individual Freedom, Prayer, Smoking, ACORN and the list just keeps growing. I had planned to talk about the drug cartel’s presence in the United States, but CA Charlie’s call caused me to switch. Not to worry, we have plenty of time to cover all of the above issues and lots more. Nothing can be done ’til 2010 and then we will make the big change in 2012. In the meantime we can swat flies…no wait, that is the president’s job. He is the fly swatter.  The press marvels at what we do everyday down on the farm (smile).

The media reminds me of a proud parent whose brat just marked up the walls with crayons. They clamor about all of the child’s graffiti. The media did the same thing when the president swatted a fly on his arm.  I didn’t know that was so important or I’d have been recording the kills I make each day.  The one thing we can’t do is let small things like the fly swatting get us distracted. Our focus has to remain on 2010 and 2012.  Yes, there are little battles we can fight, but we must not wear out too fast. We need to stay the course.

I do want to say one more thing. We can’t preach to Iran about crooked elections. We have ACORN to thank for our current administration. Make no mistake, the Middle East knew what happened in our election. ACORN is 100% Democrat.

I’m proud for Charlie. I think they will be good neighbors. I hope so.

That’s it for tonight,  Will <><


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