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Before I get into tonight’s blog, I have something of interest to tell you. A guy on eBay says he has obtained a certified copy of Barry Soetoro’s Kenya Birth Certificate. He had it for auction on eBay for a Buy Now of $1,000,000.  To no one’s surprise, he was yanked.  He posted it a second time after correcting what eBay said was wrong with his auction. With this auction he posted a photo of Barry with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. World Net Daily this afternoon (Sat. 27th) said the listing had been posted again and this time the seller was letting people bid on his story how he got the birth certificate and that the winner would receive a gift of the Kenyan birth certificate.  Guess what, by the time I got home it was kicked off again. I did get to see either the first or second listing.  World Net Daily had the wrong eBay number, but one of my eBay family members found the listing.  I, better than most, know you will get kicked off if you are the least big negative towards King Barry.  It will be interesting to see if he does have a actual certified copy of the birth certificate. Talk about a barn burner. I’ll keep a watch on World Net Daily ( ) to see how this unfolds.

I feel betrayed by Washington for their actions Friday afternoon. I’m especially angered by the 8 Republicans who switched over and joined the Democrats in the Cap and Trade vote in the House. The bill passed by 7 votes.  Had the 8 Republicans stood firm, the bill would have failed. Barry and Nancy pushed as hard as they could to get the 7 vote win. I feel betrayed by those turn-coats the American people elected to protect us. Without going into details, the Cap and Trade deal is nothing but the biggest tax raise in the history of the United States.

I don’t feel betrayed by King Barry. We knew who he was long before he was elected. He is doing everything we expected him to do, back when he and Hillary were fighting to be the Democrat presidential candidate.  I told you back then, if he beat the Clinton machine, LOOK OUT.  He crushed Bill and Hillary, which is no easy thing. He stole the Clinton’s key people. When people do what you expect then that is not betrayal, but when a ‘conservative’ switches sides to pass the biggest tax hike EVER, then that is betrayal.

We need to find the names of the 8 traitors and make sure they are gone the next time they are up for election. We have to have the memory of elephants. Any of you that com up with the names of the 8 traitors, please write me and I’ll post their names so we can target them for defeat.  This Cap and Trade vote has my dander up. Fortunately at this time there are not enough votes in the Senate. Last I heard Democrats had less than 50 for the Cap and Trade.

All is not lost…but it will be unless we stay hot and heavy on the Senators. People don’t want Cap and Trade.   I understand Friday the House switchboard had one point five million calls and 97% were against the Cap and Trade.

Set your sites on 2010.  We have to begin working now to vote the liberal Republicans and Democrats out on their butts.

Yesterday it was 105 degrees, but today we had a cool spell. Got down to 103.  I came home and switched on the news. All I could find was Michael Jackson. You would think a president had died in office. I have never seen such news coverage. Why?  Everyone knows O. J. killed his wife and everyone knows Michael Jackson is a pedophile.  He paid off the families whose sons he abused. There is no telling how many children he has abused all over the world. I feel betrayed that the American people are overlooking what Jackson did. Frankly I never saw anything special about his music. I want a man to sound like a man, not a teen aged girl. Television is 24-7 on Jackson. There are other things more important than his  death and what is going to happen to his money.  Enough news about Jackson. Let’s focus on the saving of America. Jackson doesn’t represent the American people.

We MUST get the message to the Senators we don’t want Cap and Trade.  Even if you have not called in the past, emailed or sent faxes, please start now.  I implore you to call, write letters, fax and send emails.   You can find the information  on your Senators on

This global warming thing is a money making scam for those who invested in green. The United States could become the greenest country in the world and it would have NO impact on carbon pollution. India or China belch out so much, our little efforts would go un-noticed. It’s arrogant for man to think he can affect the climate. We can’t prevent hurricanes. We can’t make it rain.  If we could south Texas would not be in the worst drougth in recorded history. We can’t warm the climate, because if we could we would stop the record cold in the northern states.  Cap and Trade has nothing to do with global warming, but an excuse to tax the American people and for friends of the administration to clean up. Al Gore is set to become a billionaire if Cap and Trade passes.

It’s also an agenda driven program. King Barry wants us all to drive Smart Cars. You know, those golf carts with tops on them. He would be satisfied if all of us were on one level. That level is 100% dependent on the government. In his heart of hearts he believes a big government is the answer. The American people and the president are at what we call a Mexican standoff.  We know he is wrong and he is deeply devoted to seeing us become government slaves.

I want my independence and I know you do as well. I can think of nothing the government can do better than the free market.

We were betrayed by Nancy Pelosi and the president rushing the bill through. What was the urgency? The urgency was if the people had time to find out what was in the Cap and Trade tax bill they would have rejected it.  Just like the stimulus bill. They rushed it through before it could be read.  The president is going to try and push Sonja Sotomayor through in a rush.  He is going to try and rush health care through.  He is going to try and rush gun control through. He is going to try and rush amnesty for Illegal Aliens through. Rush, rush, rush, rush, this keeps the opposition from having time to focus their efforts.

He betrayed us when he promised everything would be posted on the Internet and we would have five days to read all the bills before they were voted on.  King Barry makes Bill Clinton seem like a priest.  We expected Bill to lie to us. Those of us in Texas knew Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. We knew he was a walking lie, but this president is much better than smooth talking Bill. Perhaps he has better speech writers.

One thing you can look for. When the president makes a promise, you can expect the direct opposite. He said no new taxes and now is jamming through Cap and Trade which is the largest tax increase in the history of the world.  He promised we, the citizens, would have 5 days to read a bill before it was voted on. But he shoves them through so fast, not even the Members of Congress have time to read them. So much for transparency.

If this won’t push you to the polls then you need a blood transfusion. You are walking around dead.  That is all I have time for tonight.  Will <><


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