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Thanks to my eBay family member Ed I have the names of the eight Republican turncoats who passed the Cap and Trade bill in the House of Representatives. The bill passed by seven votes. Just two of our Republicans could have stopped the madness. Just like the Stimulus bill in the Senate. We had three turncoats. Had two of those stood firm there would not have been a 800 Billion dollar stimulus/pork bill passed.

I going to give you the names and phone numbers of these turncoats. We need to remember them in 2010 so we can vote them OUT.

1. Mary Bono Mack, the widow of Sonny Bono. She got his seat when he was killed in a skiing accident. She even had Betty Ford as her campaign chairman. Mary Mack is in Palm Springs, CA.  Maybe that explains why she fell for the global warming scam.   Her phone number is 202.225.5330

2 Mike Castle of DE.  He has been in Washington since 1993.  It’s time he retired.   His phone number is 202.225.4165

3. Mark Steven Kirk of Ill.  Yep, he is one of the Chicago boys. I’m sure he was told how to vote. Now he is thinking of running for the Senate. Surly we can find someone better. You will need to go to Google for Kirk’s phone number.

4. Leonard Lance of NJ. Phone 202.225.5361

5. Frank LoBiondo of NJ.  202.225.6572

6. Chris Smith of NJ.  Three of the Republicans who voted for the Cap and Trade bill were from NJ. He has posted on his website that he is not accepting faxes, letter, emails or phone calls from anyone not in the 4th district.  Brings a smile to my face. This means he was deluged with calls, emails, letters and faxes and yet he voted with Nancy Pelosi. Those of you in his district will have to Google his information.

7. Dave Reichert of WA. This is his third term. Why don’t we make it his last?   202.225.7761

8. John McHugh of NY. Just nominated by Barry as Secretary of the US Army. Maybe this is what he sold his vote for.  We don’t need people who take bribes to influence how they vote. We need representatives who do what is right for the American People. 202.225.4611

I had not planned to write about this tonight, but after I got Ed’s information I went on google and found out what I could about these turncoats.  The problem is we don’t have enough people with spines in Washington. The other night I saw Law and Order: SVU.  Robin Williams played a great role.  He said people were sheep and followed. I think he is right. We have a lot who follow in Congress. I know some of you think it’s early, but we need to start now working to electing men and women who have a backbone and can stand up for what is right.

Man doesn’t change the climate. Global warming is a hoax dreamed up to find ways to tax us. Spain tried to go green and discovered they couldn’t afford the cost. Several countries in Europe are no longer green.  China, India, Pakistan, N. Korea, S. Korea and a lot of third world countries are never going to go green.  Even if going green would help, which it won’t, we are a drop in the bucket.  Have you ever been to Beijing?  I have. Pollution is so thick you can’t see ten feet in front of you.  Have you ever been to Mexico City? I have. When you fly in you can’t see the tall buildings because of the brown soupy smog.  I have never been to India and frankly have no desire to go, but I’ve seen enough photos to know they can never go green.

Our only way out of this green house mess is to elect a president who understands man can’t change the climate.  We need to begin now working on 2012 for a leader. Pray nothing happens to our current president. I want to see his reaction when we change administrations three and a half years from now.   You may not think that is possible, but it is. Unemployment is going to rise to over 10% in the next two or three months. School kids with summer jobs might keep up a false employment number, but when they go back to school, then we will see double digit unemployment.  Interest rates are not far behind and so is inflation. By this time next year things will be a lot different. Those who voted for ‘him’ will realize they are not getting what was promised.  The rest of the country will see the rise in interest rates, inflation and unemployment and realize the stimulus/bail outs did nothing.  His luster will start to dull.  Even the media, who is star struck, won’t be able to keep his ratings propped up.

Hang firm and let’s work hard for real changes in 2010.  That’s all I have time for tonight.  Will <><


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