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I Lost My Boots

July 31, 2009

eBay Will's blog Stirring Up Dust

I need to stop betting.  I lost my boots, my best boots and my butt in last night’s blog.  Let me explain.  I said none of you were writing Washington or calling your elected congressmen.  I said I would bet my boots, my best boots that I was right.  I’m thrilled to report I LOST! A lot of you wrote me steamy emails telling me how wrong I am.  I will admit this is one time I’m happy to be wrong.

Several of you ladies have written to tell me its GRITS and not GRIT.  GRIT is Girls Raised in Texas while GRITS is Girls Raised in the South.  Look ladies, I live in Texas and I have to face Texas women. I would be an idiot to not stand up for them. They would skin me alive and let me watch them tan my hide.  I live where the women can be down right mean. They let us men talk tough in public, but in private they rule the roost. Mandy, my exhousekeeper, was boss. I did what she told me. I can hear her now, “Wash your hands, Will.”

I’d answer, “Yes Mam.”  Unlike Senator Boxer she didn’t mind being called Mam. Remember the Senator who correcting a General when he addressed her as Mam?  I hope the people of California have a long memory and replace that arrogant elitist.

Thank all of you for your support.  One of my eBay family members said he felt like John the Baptist, crying in the wilderness.  I know the feeling. There are nights when I sit down to do my blog and I wonder if two people will be reading what I say. By bedtime I can get pretty low thinking I’m fighting a lone battle and then the next day I start hearing from you.  Some of you even like my attempts at humor.  It’s hard to be humorous when you are out in the 104 degree heat trying to work cattle without causing them to drop weight.  Frankly mine can’t lose much more or they would be walking skeletons.

My twins came to me today and told me if I needed to cut their pay they would understand.  I felt about three feet tall.  No doubt I had been talking with them, they see me feeding hay and helped me sell some of my animals. They know things are tight, but I’m afraid I might have complained to them more than I should.  I assured them if there was money in my bank they would never get a pay cut.  It’s at times like this that I get very upset over what they are doing in Washington.  Had they done NOTHING the economy would be back on track.  Some will ask would that have helped me get rain???   No, but I might have gotten more for the horses and cattle I sold. Make no mistake, this recession hurts everyone. Even my local Dairy Queen has seen a drop off in sales.  Let me brag on my men. How many people do you know who would approach their boss and offer to work for less?  I really appreciate their loyalty, but I also realize they are not getting rich working for me. They each have families to feed and kids to keep in school.  They need every dollar they can get.

Last month we butchered a fairly fat steer.  At least they won’t have to pay for meat. I don’t run milk cows and the few chickens I have don’t produce enough eggs to feed a family.  I get gas at a special farm/ranch price and let them fill up, because they have to drive to work.  I think that’s legal. I hope so.  If not, I would still do it, because of all the extra things they do for me.

Speaking of Mandy, her husband is declining.  She is a strong Texas Lady and is standing courageously, but I can see her fear when I drop in. It’s sorta funny.  My last trip to San Antonio I swung by and checked on her. The first thing she said was, “Leggs called this week asking about you.”

That Mandy, bless her heart!!! She is still dead set on my marrying Leggs. I need that like I need a couple more months without rain.

Finally the King has said he would wait until the end of September to push his health care bill through. This means Washington will be coming home and we will get a chance to face them. Even if you are not making calls and writing letters, you need to show up and speak your mind.  We have to put the fear of a NO VOTE in 2010 on them if they say YES to government health care. The King’s ratings are falling faster than a quarterback’s rating who just threw seven interceptions and no touchdowns in a game.  He has never had this happen and he is panicked. You can see the stunned look on his face.  That is why he had the question about Gates planted so he could cause a distraction and try to save the day in the end.  It backfired. We all saw through the charade.  Tonight all three of them are getting together for beer. The Cambridge cop is being smart. He is bringing a lawyer and police union rep.  He knows what a snake we have in the White House…which chaps me that they are meeting in the backyard.  Why not in the White House?  Is the cop not good enough to be in the White House?  Makes my blood boil…I’m ready for 2010…make sure you are.

Let me leave you with this thought. The Australian Shooter Magazine this week says, “If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theatre of operations during the past 22 months and the total deaths are 2112. This gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.”

The firearm death rate in Washington DC is 80.6 per 100,000.  This means you are 25% more likely to be shot in the Nations capital that you are in Iraq.  My suggestion is the US should pull out of Washington.   Sleep well, Will <><


It’s Bush’s Fault

July 30, 2009

eBay Will's blog Stirring Up Dust

This is a portrait of me kicking up some dust.  I guess I’ve been kicked in the head one time too many by a mule, but I have been struggling with this. Why no rain? Why is it so hot down here? Chicago has broken a 62 year old record of the coldest July in their history.  I have not said anything, because I know you don’t read my blogs to hear me complain. I’ve really had a problem with broken water pipes this summer.  Not the plumbing to the house and barns, but to the cattle. This old ground gets hot and starts to move and my old ‘cheap’ water pipes burst open.  Nothing serious, if we catch the leak in time.  I did have some young kids working for me whose job it was to ride the pipe lines.  I’m sure it would help if I had a modern pipe system, but it comes down to feeding the animals or getting new pipes.

I’ve trimmed the herd again and stuck the money back in the bank. I know when the drought ends I’ll need to replace some of those I sold.  At least I’m still here.  I can imagine the big King Ranch is hurting. They run about 600,000 head of cattle and last I heard 300 horses. Makes me ashamed to call my little place a ranch. All of us down in this neck of the woods (brush) are feeding.  It’s a mistake for me to say I live in the woods.  I have a few giant live oaks, but most of my trees are mesquite and some mountain laurel. Lots of brush rather than woods.

Back to the point at hand. Why am I getting 100 to 105 degree days stacked one on the top of another for weeks?   It’s really simple when you stop to think.  It’s George W. Bush’s fault.  Bush is causing my heat wave.

Bush is causing my pipes to break.

Bush is responsible for my being overrun with rattlesnakes. They are out in droves this summer looking for food and water. We have to be ever so careful to keep from being bit. The danger we face is fully Bush’s fault.

Bush caused my cattle to sell for less. I’m not sure how, but he is guilty of everything else, so why not the drop in prices?

Bush is messing up my love life. Because of Bush I no longer have time to date. I spend my time trying to save this country. This wonderful country hat according to the new president, Bush destroyed.

Now that I know who caused my problems I can lay everything that happens to me at the foot of George W. Bush.  The Democrats are wise beyond their years. They have been blaming Bush for eight years and I wasn’t quick enough to hitch up to their wagon.  I heard part of King Barry’s speech to some folks, I think in South Carolina.  He quickly blamed Bush for our continued recession and everything he could think of in his 40 minute teleprompter talk.

It was wonderful news to learn the recession is NOW over. Newsweek announced it on their cover this week. King Barry agreed.  I just wish those looking for a job and those hurting big time could realize it’s over.  I don’t know why they don’t get their lazy butts out and get a job.  The PRESIDENT of the United States himself  just told us the recession is over. You just watch, those dirty Republicans are going to force the unemployment rate to jump past 10%, even though the president is trying to tell us we are out of the recession.  Trust me, Bush will not let this recession go without a fight.  He is going to force unemployment up and up.

I’m up to my ears and sick and tired of president Bush being blamed. This mess is Democrat all the way. Bush tried to put controls on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae but Chris Dodd and Barney Frank raised a stink and stopped him.  Bush tried to fix Medicare and the Democrats stopped him.  They controlled the House and Senate during most of Bush’s administration. Bush was powerless to get things down after the Democrats took control.  It’s time the Democrats faced their music.

Don’t buy the lie that it’s Bush’s fault.  I don’t know how many of you are writing letters, but I’d bet my boots, my best boots none of you have written a letter to anyone in Washington. Some days I feel like I’m talking to the thin air.

For a long time I couldn’t figure out what Barack Obama meant.  I’m talking about his name.  What mystery is behind his name?  Then I saw a Kenyan translation into English. Barack Obama in English is Jimmy Carter.  Now you should be able to sleep well.    Will

Here’s The Plan

July 29, 2009

eBay Will's blog Stirring Up Dust

If you remember the old radio serials, the Lone Ranger would say to Tonto, “Here’s the plan.”  Then they would fade to the music. You wouldn’t know THE PLAN until the show was almost over.  Two or three years ago, back before I got tangled up with this eBay stuff I listened to Old Time Radio on the Internet. Seems no matter what the story there was always a plan to solve the problem…of course they had to work in thirty minutes.

Here is our plan. I happened to catch Dick Morris on the radio today…I only got about 10 minutes of his conversation.  If you don’t know who Dick Morris is, he is the brain that got Bill Clinton elected two times. Morris ran the show.  He is right up there with Karl Rove in political brilliance.  He said something I knew, but had let wane in my mind.  The most powerful thing we can do is write letters. You know, the kind you write on paper, fold up, insert into an envelope, seal, stamp and put in the mailbox.  Nothing has the impact of letters on Washington.  The host pressed Morris and asked about emails and phone calls.  Dick broke into the conversation and said, “Let me repeat, a letter is worth ten emails.”

Let’s face it Washington is like us in some ways. They are tired of Spam.  I know I am and I bet you are.  I go into the junk file and clean it out without ever opening one email.  Here is what I’m asking you to do. All of you who read this blog.

1. Send (email) the blog to a lot of people. Send it to your entire emailing list…

2. Ask them to write snail mail letters.  I’m going to write at least four letters a day. You are no more busy than I am.  I’m not going to just write my Senators and House Member, but I plan to share the wealth and write all the Senators and most of the House Members.  You can find their mailing information on Google.

3. Make sure you write letters.  Let them know you don’t want government run health care, gun control, cap and trade and amnesty for Illegals.  Right now the pressing issue is health care that wants to kill off the old people.  They want some government person to decide if the old people live or die.

4. Make sure you are not a one shot Johnny. You have to keep up the letter writing. You and people like you can save America one letter at a time.

Here is what I see happening. I think we can win in 2010.  I think we can take back the House and come close in the Senate.  At least we can get enough in the Senate to repeal the crazy things King Barry wants to do.  In fact we must make our move for 2010.  The American Spirit will not stay down forever.  In spite of Washington the American businessmen will start this economy rolling by 2011.  It will have nothing to do with the stimulus bill or anything being down in Washington.  There are no people on the face of the earth like the American Businessman/woman.  We are exceptional people.

Who do you think will get credit for the turn around??? Make no mistake, Barry the King will jump in and say he turned the economy around. The truth has never gotten in his way before and certainly won’t this time.  This means there will be enough kool-aid drinkers to elect him again in 2012.  I know you don’t want to hear this.  You are like me, you are ready for his term to be over, but he has just started.  Sarah Palin is the only person with enough star power to make the race close, but the liberal press will continue to destroy her. They have 2.5 years to bash her and please remember we have a lot of stupid people in this country.  If the press says it enough then those kool-aid drinkers will believe the lies.

We are in a catch 22.  We can beat him in 2012 IF, and the IF is big, the economy is still in the tank the summer of 2012.  That is a lot of IFs…I would never bet against the American Spirit.  When our backs are against the wall that is when we are at our best.  It is never wise to bet against an American with purpose.  We will overcome this recession…but at what cost?  A recovery could mean 4 more years of Barry.  Face the truth, he will be hard to unseat if jobs are up and people are making money.

The time to stop the liberal swoop is now. We have to write letters like crazy. There is a small window of opportunity for us to stop the government run health care mess and put a cap on cap and trade. We have to put the fear of God in Congress, making them know they won’t get our votes in the 2010 election.  Nothing scares Congress more than, “I won’t vote for you.”

Will <><


July 26, 2009

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Let me tell you the true definition of GRIT.  That stands for Girls Raised In Texas.   I love women from all over the world, but there is something very special about Girls Raised In Texas.  As this notes you don’t have to be born in Texas, but it certainly does help.  You definitely need to be raised here.  Our girls are all cheerleaders and if someone gets in their way, a Texas mama will pull out her six iron and settle the matter.  A few years ago over in Liberty a mother hired a hit on a girl that was going to take her daughter’s spot on the cheerleaders squad.  You can run off with her husband or steal from her ranch, but if you try to keep her daughter from being a cheerleader then you have crossed the line.  Our Texas girls start cheerleaders camp before the boys put on a little league football uniform.  If you think Texas high school football is big, just wait till you see the fur fights over becoming a cheerleader.

I know some of you think your state football is big… but in Texas it’s not uncommon for 40,000 people to show up at a rivalry football game.  Attendance at High School Playoffs reaches 60,000.  In small towns when the team plays an away game they have a saying. “Last one to leave please turn out the town lights.”

Someone once noticed that a Texan can get away with the most awful kind of insult just as long as it’s prefaced with the words, “Bless his heart.”  Or, “Bless her heart.”  I don’t know but there is something magical that happens when you say, “Bless their heart.”  For instance you might say, “Bless his heart, if they put his brain on the head of a pin, it’d roll around like a BB on a six lane highway.”

My old rancher buddy was telling me about his friend who lived next door to a new Texas transplant from far up north some place. The transplanted mother was concerned, her toddler had just started to talk and already had a Texas drawl. The transplant told the Texas woman, “Can you believe it, a child of mine is gooonnnnnaaa to be taaaaalikkkin liiiike thiiisss? God forbid.” You saw the grief  President Bush took for his drawl.  He said, “My friend is very kind, bless her heart, she cannot do a thing about those thick thighs of hers. But she was miffed about this with good reason. After all, the mother had chosen to move to Texas a couple of years ago.”

Trust me folks it doesn’t take long to become afflicted with a Texas accent.  What’s really funny is to hear someone from Boston get the Texas dialict. Bless their hearts,  it’s the darnest thing you might ever hear.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of my dear friends are from the North, bless their hearts. I welcome their perspective, their friendship and their recipes for authentic Northern Italian Food.  Bless their hearts, I’ve even gotten past their endless complaints that you cannot find good bread down here. And the heathens, bless their hearts, don’t like cornbread.

The old rancher said, “I have a friend from Bawston, bless her heart, who thinks it’s hilarious when I say I’ve got to carry my wife to the doctor, or when I say cut off the lights. They get the giggles every time I am “fixin’ to do something. Bless their hearts, they don’t know where over yonder is or what ‘I reckon’ means.

While we are talking about GRIT, Girls Raised In Texas, here is something you might hear them say.  “Bless her heart, she can’t help being ugly, but she could-uh stayed home.”

Here are some bad manners GRITs would bless your heart for. Drinking straight out of a can.  Not sending thank you notes. Velvet after Feburary. White shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  You just learn those things being a Texas girl.

GRITs always say, ‘Yes Maam.”  And, ‘Yessir.’

Girls raised in Texas have a fondness for saying, “Yawl come back.”  Of course there is always, “Bless her heart.”  Among the lexicon of girls raised in Texas you will find, “Drop by when ya can.”  “How’s yer mama?” “Love your hair.”   Hair is a big thing with girls raised in Texas.

I remember never to date a girl on her beauty shop day. No necking, because she won’t want to mess up her hair.  You learn those things when you are a Texas Boy.

For Girls Raised In Texas people only have three first names, Hunny, Darlin’ and Shuger.’

Texas raised girls know the three bad sins, Bad hair, bad manners and a bad blind date.

Just in case you are thinking of moving to Texas, both men and women, bless their hearts, will need to know some of the wisdom I just dispensed. Shuger’s you can pass this on to any and all, bless their hearts, cause a lot of people outside Texas need some learning.

Bless your heart and have a good night’s rest.  Will <><

Ted Kennedy

July 26, 2009

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Under the health care plan being proposed by our president Ted Kennedy would not have been given his brain operation. He would be too old. One thing I don’t like about the new bill is it tells people to accept death when they reach a certain age. My grandmother lived to 97 and only died then because all of her friends were gone. She and grandpa kept house until they were 92.  He walked into town and pulled their groceries home in a little red wagon. They lived in a town, but not near stores. He mowed the lawn until he was 90.  Who has the right to tell them when they reach 65 they need to start thinking about the end of life?  Frank Phillips was 66 when he started Phillips 66, the guy that started Nautilus was 74 when he started the company. I can’t remember his name, but he became a billionaire after he started the company.  All of you know Ray Kroc was 56 when he started McDonald’s. Grand Ma Moses was 82 when she started painting. What a loss to the world it would have been if she had been told to end her life at 70….   How dare the government tell us how long we can live.

The old General sent me a poster with Ted Kennedy on it, fat face and all.  The title on the poster is COMPASSION.  Under it is written, ‘ I just couldn’t stand the thought of anyone drowning in a river while trying to make a better life for themselves.’   Teddy the drunk and hero of Chappaquiddick was making his appeal of support of those sneaking across the Rio Grande River. Is this not the height of hypocrisy?

But then maybe not, our frugal president and his family just rented a $20 Million farm on Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vacation. George Bush went to Crawford, Texas for his vacation in his 4,000 square foot home, which by the way was more green than the standards put down by the new government.  While Al Gore lives in a 20,000 sq ft guzzler of a home. He spews out more green house gases than a small town.

Let me tell you what chaps my butt worse than this blazing Texas heat.  Two words…Ted Kennedy.

He was caught cheating at Harvard and expelled twice. One time he was paying a fellow student to take his tests.  How dumb is that? Didn’t he think the professors knew who he was?  He only got in Harvard because of the power of his father.

While expelled he enlisted in the Army, but in his normal stupor he signed up for 4 years.  Here comes daddy, who pulled strings and got it cut back to two and made sure Teddy was stationed in Europe.  And Ted Kennedy had the gall to question the special treatment George Bush received?  At least George learned to fly jets.  Old Papa Joe made his money as a bootleger and gave enough to the Demorcrat Party to be appointed Ambassador to England.

Papa Joe had Teddy asigned to Paris, where he never advanced past the rank of Private.  How can anyone spend two years in the Army with his background and never advance?  Folks, this guy is a dunce and the American people have paid for his stupidity. Now he is pressing for this socialist healthcare bill.

While attending the University of Virginia Law School he was cited for reckless driving FOUR TIMES, including doing 90 in a residential zone, with his headlamps turned off. Yet, thanks to Papa Joe Teddy’s drivers license was never revoked. My question is how did he pass the bar exam in 1959?  Do you think Papa Joe might have had hand in it???

In 1964  Teddy was seriously injured in a plane crash. He was hospitialized for several months. Tests results at the time of his admittance to the hospital showed he was legally drunk at the time. Thanks to Papa Joe those records are sealed. You won’t see this on the evening news.

In 1964 Teddy attended a party on Chappaquidick Island. Around 11 PM he borrowed his chauffeur’s keys to his Oldsmoblie limousine and offered to give Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker, a ride home. Leaving the Island via an unit bridge with no guard rail, Teddy steered the car off the bridge and flipped into Poucha Pond.  It was later proved Mary Jo didn’t die instantly and eventually drowned.

He swam to shore and walked past several fire stations on his way back to the party house. Two friends then returned with him to the scene.  According to their later testiomny, they told him what he already knew…that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorties. Instead he made his way to his hotel and called his lawyer. Teddy called the police the next morning. Before Mary Jo died she scratched the uphostered floor above her head in the upside down car. We will never know how long she lived in terror before she died.

Papa Joe stated calling in favors and Mary Jo’s body was whisked out of state. No one knows for sure how much money her parents were given, but needless to say the parents never had to work again.  Teddy pleaded guilty and got two months probation for leaving the scene of an accident.  If that had been you or me we would have been placed on death row.

Teddy has remained a Senator for 40 years,  I cannot begin to list all the liberal junk he has brought to the floor…he is the number one advocate of amnesty for Illegal Aliens. He is the one pushing for government to give the 20 million illegal aliens citizenship.

How stupid are voters?  Voters gave us Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Cris Dodd, Barney Frank, Al Frankin and Barry the King.   Voters are stupid.  It’s up to us to inform a few. Some are beyond hope.    Good Night, Will <><


July 25, 2009

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I know some of you think you understand drought, but trust me you don’t have a clue.  We had a bad drought in 2008 and it really hurt farmers and ranchers in this section of Texas.  The drought is worst this year.  How much worse???   This year we have had 15% of our normal rain fall, which ain’t much to start with. We are 85% down from normal.

This month more ranches have tossed in the towel. A fairly large ranch over near Beeville sold off the last of their livestock a couple of weeks ago. When I say fairly large I would say they had 5,000 or 6,000 acres.  I don’t know what they will do.  If they are like the rest of us they spent their savings trying to hold out until it rained.

I saw on the news this will be an El Nino season, which means we should get heavy rains in the fall. If we don’t then a lot more of us will have to hang up our spurs.  I’m one of the lucky folks down here that has some good wells.  I should have enough water to hang on for the rain, but if my wells start to dry up which can happen in a deep drought I will be forced to sell out.

I have cut my horses and cattle inventory down pretty good.  I really don’t want to let any more of my good cows go, but during a drought you don’t always get to do that. I think if we were not having record heat on top of no rain it might be easier.  I saw were Central Park in NYC was having a record cold month. One of my eBay family members from CT said they have not turned on their air conditoner this year.  I think we have had two days under 100 since the first of June.  One day we had a lot of clouds and we got down to 97, the other day it was 99.

The San Antonio Express ran an article on our drought that told how it’s killing ranchers and farmers.  The drought has cost South Texas cattle raisers $974 Million dollars.  Corn growers have lost $618 Million and Wheat Farmers $506 Million.  You never hear the president taking about what can I do for those poor slobs in South Texas.  He knows Texas didn’t vote for him.  I’m not asking for a handout, but the government could have helped a lot of farmers and ranchers who had to close their doors.  The ranch in Beeville could have hung on if they had water.  Some of the billions we are giving foreign banks could have provided water trucks to keep their cattle alive.

In my backyard a cardinal family built a nest right next to my kitchen window.  I watched her build the nest while the male sat around making sure she was doing it right. Then she sat on the eggs, finally a chick was born. I took my step ladder and took a peek. Three eggs, but only one hatched. The heat had fried the other two.  This is happening to our wild turkeys and white wing doves.  I assume with other birds as well.  Birds that live here are not made to reproduce in such intense heat.  It’s been hotter than blazes to work out in this furnace.  Out heat is hotter than Arizona, because we have Ocean humidity.  It’s not only 105, it’s humid.

Why do I subject myself to this?  The answer is simple, I’m a cowboy.  ‘Nuff said.

Thank you for your support.  We are still facing this insane health care scam. It will not go softly into the night.  Next week let those folks in Washington know what you think. Trust me, if we stop calling and pressing they will slip this mess through and we will LOSE.

Good night and sleep well. Our military is still the best in the world.  Will <><

Death Warrent

July 24, 2009

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Don’t let the Harvard Professor situation distract you from this health care mess.  I will say this, the cop did the right thing when he arrested the guy.  Professor Gate’s home had been robbed a month or so earlier. He and his driver came home late and couldn’t find the key.  A neighbor saw them breaking in and called 911.  When the cop arrived he asked Gates to step outside the door.  Instead of showing the officer his information he went into a rage.  Gates then called the Chief of Police at which time the cops placed him under arrest and handcuffed him.  He showed them no respect so they hauled his butt to jail.  Now he is shouting racism. White cops arresting a black man. Wouldn’t you know he just happens to teach Racial Studies at Harvard. That just about says it all.

Here is the kicker. The cop who asked him to step outside was the same one who gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to Reggie Lewis, the ‘black’,  Boston Celtics basketball player who was having a heart attack. That doesn’t sound racist to me.

Last night Barry gets into the act and calls the cops stupid.  Look dear people that was a planted question to distract our attention from learning the truth about his health care. This story is all over the news and no one is saying how fast Barry is falling in the polls.

We have to stay on the ball if we want to survive. I’m reminded of the golfer whose ball lands in a red ant bed. He whacks and whacks killing ants with each try, but never touches the ball.  One ant said to the other, “We had better get on the ball if we want to live.”   You cannot let some of his radical appointments and silly news stories keep you from getting on the ball.  Just because the vote may not go to the floor before Congress leaves for their summer recess, it’s not dead.  We are going to have to kill it when they come home and face us.

The president and his wife remind me of a young couple who just got their MBA.  They immediately want a better home than their parents.  Thy demand new cars (BMWs and Range Rovers), huge plasma televisions and the latest in cell phones. They stand in line for the latest I-Pod or Blackberry.  They want it all NOW.   They rush from place to place grabbing things they want.  The young couple refuses to wait.  They buy the monster home on a sub-prime loan so they can make the payments.  They are not concerned that five years down the road their house payments will double.  It’s all about ME and about what I want NOW.

It’s evident with the lavish spending Mrs. Barry is doing on clothes, they never had any finer things of life. She reminds me of the fat girl at the prom wearing a dainty dress.  It makes her look fatter.  No matter what Mrs. Barry puts on she is still going to look tall and fat.  She buys designer tennis shoes for $580 and carries a $6,000 clutch bag to impress the Russians. Let’s face it folks, she is one big woman and no matter what she wears she is still going to look frumpy.  The press can try and make her the next Jacquie Kennedy all they want but you can’t make a big woman look small.

They said the big stimulus bill had to be passed or we would go bankrupt. Thousands would lose their jobs.  Guess what? It was passed quickly and thousands still lost their jobs.  He lied to the American people.  This is very typical of what we see in young movers and shakers with fresh college degrees. They don’t want to wait.  In his case he knows he can’t wait or people will learn what he is really doing.

This health care scam is a death warrent for older people. Medicare is one of the big expenses that the president sees as a stumbling block to us having Canadian and UK healthcare. Too much money is being spent on old people.  What is old?   He has indicated 70 is old.  Czars will be appointed to decide how much medical care a person can receive after a certain age. If 70 is his cut off and you are 69 needing a heart transplant, will you be squeezed in under the wire?   Probably not.   Like the president told one lady who asked about her mother. “Sometime it’s better to give them pain pills rather than to operate.”   I saw where he said we need to cut back on tonsils operations and treat the allergy.  He implied that the kid doctors were taking out tonsils to pay for fancy cars.   Where did he go to medical school?

Do you want some government czar telling you that your mother is 65 and too old for a hip replacement?  That she will need to go to a counsler to see if she is mentally fit for an operation.  150 years ago 65 was old, but not today.  Joe Paterno, the Penn State football coach is 83 and I think Bobby Bowden at Florida State is 80.  President Herbert Walker Bush is 90 and he just parachuted out of an airplane to celebrate his birthday.

You may be 40 today, but when you reach 65 do you want the government telling you what doctor you have to use.? I have a friend who has kidney failure. The first doctor he visited wanted to immediately put him on dialysis. He decided to get a second opinion and that doctor put him on a restricted diet. He lasted 5 more years before he had to go on dialysis. He was given several options and elected to do home dialysis. He has a great team of doctors and excellent medical care. I happen to love that about America.

Make no mistake, the battle is not over. You need to bang on your Representative and Senators during their vacation.  We must not let down for one day.  If we do they will win and that would be a disaster. One we can stop, if we work hard enough NOW.   Good Night Will <><

Which is it???

July 23, 2009

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Two days ago president Barry said, “It’s not about me.”

Today he said, “You are not going to destroy my presidency.”

I’m confused.  If it’s not about him then how can we destroy his presidency?  Let me be frank, this president is seeing his popularity fold like a Barnum and Bailey Circus Tent at the end of the week.  I have never seen such a free fall.  Not even Jimmy Carter had this kind of plunge.  We have a saying down here in Texas, “His chickens have come home to roost.”   People are beginning to learn about the lies he has told us.  Not you and me, we saw who he was before the election. We knew he was an empty suit in front of a teleprompter. The few times his notes were not there for him to read, he fell apart.

Remember he is a guy who has never been in charge of anything.  Nothing, zero, zip, nada.  He has no life experience.  He has not even grown up with the American experience. From Kenya to Indonesia, then shuffled to Hawaii when he was 10 to live with his grandmother.  You may not know it, but being in Hawaii is not living in the same America you and I grew up in.  It’s a melting pot and it’s the place of pot.  But even in Hawaii he didn’t go to public schools.  He went to the most expensive private school in the Islands.  How? Because in one of his books he said he and his mother lived on food stamps.

He won’t release the names of the doctors he brought to the White House to get their advice.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t candidate Barry vow that in devising a health care bill he would invite TV cameras (C-SPAN) in on the talks so the American people could have a window into negotiations that normally play out behind closed doors?

He was going to be the most transparent president to ever serve. He was going to disclose who is consulting in the shaping of health care.

He reminds me of the oil field worker whose wife went home to spend a week with her mother.  Not wanting their bed to go unused he brought a young pretty home.  His wife got home early and decided to surprise him.  She walked in and found her husband and the young thang buck naked in her bed. The startled husband jumped up and shouted, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes.”

We are being told not to believe the economy is in the tank. That his stimulus plan has saved the economy.  We are to believe his health care is not socialism.  If you have parents or grandparents watch out. Under the Barry plan some czar in Washington will tell them they are too old for a hip replacement.  Maybe they  have failing kidneys.  If they are 70 the czar might say they are too old for the treatment.  Right now Barry is saying that is not true.  But it’s in the health care bill. The government will decide end of life care, not you or your parents.

Like the adultress husband Barry is saying don’t believe what you see.  Like he told the truth on being transparent. You can trust me.  I’m telling you the truth.

Make no mistake this health care is all about him.  He is the most insecure leader we have ever had and remember we had Carter.  Who by the way has left the Southern Baptist Church after 60.  They won’t ordain women.  He has known this 60 years. Why now?  I’ll tell you.  It’s because his church treated him like a member and not a retired king. His pastor thinks we have only one Messiah and that is Jesus Christ.  He didn’t need an extra one trying to tell him how to pastor his flock.  The way Carter was trying to tell his side made it sound like the Baptist Church treated women like the Taliban.  Christ taught for the man to love his wife as his own body.  The Southern Baptist Church doesn’t ordain women preachers. Or didn’t the last time I checked.  Carter should have left 60 years ago if that is the way he feels.  I can assure his local congregation will not miss him.  Carter is more concerned about sucking up to Hamas than following the word of God.

Back to the Transparent ONE.  Jim DeMint, Senator of South Carolina, said if we beat the health care bill it could be Barry’s Waterloo.  Barry went bonkers at the statement.  BECAUSE he knows it’s true.  He is trying to rush this thing through before anyone can read it.  Barry has not read the bill.  He knows if we defeat him on this his mystique is gone.  In fact it’s already gone.  His poll numbers are falling faster than a mountain mud slide.  Not even some of his loyal followers can cover up for the failed stimulus bill and this health thing is going to be a lot worse.  He wants to give us the kind of health care Canada and the UK have.

A lot of you have made phone calls and written letters. I want to thank you for that, but dear people we have just started the fight.  I spoke with an aide of my Representative and he admitted his boss had not read the bill.  But the aide started reading me his talking points.  This liberal scum I have in my District is a kool-aid drinker. What ever Barry wants he will blindly follow.  We are going to try and replace him in 2010…but it won’t be easy. As I’ve explained.  We are an island of conservatives, with large blocks of Mexican liberals on all sides. They vastly out number us.

Please continue to fight.  Even if this thing gets through the House it can still be stopped in the Senate.  We have no choice, we must win this because it is for certain all of us will grow old…unless we die first.  None of us want some czar in Washington to tell us their chart shows we are too old for a heart bypass or hip replacement.  They will put us on a morphine drip and let us die.  If this is not worth you making more calls then I am a total failure with this blog.     Will <><

Jalapeno HOT!!!

July 21, 2009

eBay deer and popcorn

This is a Texas deer feeder. It’s so hot the corn popped in the feeder. Look close and you can see the popped corn.   Been trying to tell you folks it’s jalapeno HOT down here.

There is something that happened this week in Washington that most of us will find it difficult to believe, until we stop and remember who our president is. Janet “Nappy” and Barry the President appointed a devout Muslim to a Homeland Security Post.  His name is Arif Alikham and his new title is Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. I find it strange they pointed out he is a devout Muslim. Do you ever hear it pointed out that someone is a devout Catholic, Jew or Protestant?  This little tidbit should make you jalapeno hot.

I got my hands on a personal diary from a guy who moved down here from one of those Northern states.  His entry goes like this:

April 20.   Just arrived in South Texas.  NOW this is living at its finest. The wildflowers are everywhere and the sky is bright blue with balmy evenings. I’m not far from the beach and I am lucky to find a home near Will Cooper’s ranch. He lives in heaven.  AND, No state income tax. Now I know why people are flocking to Texas.

May 20.  It’s starting to heat up. Got up to 100 today, but I’m sure that’s not normal.  Just a high front keeping the heat in. Not a problem, my home is air-conditioned and I drive a new air conditioned pick up truck. What a pleasure to see the sun every morning. I hate do confess it, but I’m turning into a sun worshiper.

June 10.  We have had ten days in a row of temperatures well over 100 degrees. There has not been a drop of rain since I moved here. I decided to Xeriscape my yard. Lots of cactus and rocks. My yard is going to be a piece of cake to take care of. No more mowing and trimming grass. It was another scorcher today, but I LOVE IT!  Best move I’ve ever made.

July 1.  The entire month of June the temperatures never fell below 100. Most days were 104 and above. How do people get used to this heat?  I know they say it’s a dry heat, but come on 105 is hot.  Like all the food you find down here. They can’t even cook bread without adding jalapenos. At least we have an Ocean breeze coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. I guess it’s going to take me a little longer than I had planned to get used to this Texas heat.

July 14.  Fell asleep by the swimming pool.  Got 3rd degree burns over 60% of my body.  Missed three days work.  What a dumb thing for me to do.  I learned my lesson. Got to respect the ol’ sun in a climate like this.

July 10.  Dang it, I miss Kitty, the cat I brought down here with me. She sneaked into the car when I left this morning for work. By the time I got to the hot car at noon, Kitty had died and was ballooned up like a basketball. She popped like a water balloon.  I learned my lesson though. NO more pets in this heat. Good ol’ Mr. Sun strikes again!!!

July 25.  The wind sucks. It feels like a giant blow dryer. It’s so hot I can’t breathe. The home air-conditioner is on the blink and the AC repairman charged me $200 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order parts.

July 30.  Been sleeping outside near the pool for three nights now.  I have a $300,000 home that I can’t even go inside.  Kitty is the lucky one. Why did I ever come here?

August 4. It’s 115 degrees at 8PM.  Finally got the air-conditioner fixed today for a mere $500. Now at least I can get the temperature down in the house to 90 degrees. I hate this stupid state.

August 8.  If another wise butt asks me, “Hot enough for you today?” I’m going to strangle him.  #@%!X@ Heat!!!  By the time I got to work, the radiator was boiling over, my clothes were soaking wet and I smelled like baked Kitty.

August 9. Tried to run some errands after work.  Wore shorts and when I sat on the car seat, my butt caught on fire. My skin melted to the seat. I lost two layers of flesh and all the hair on the back of my legs. Now my car smells like burnt hair, fried butt and baked cat.

August 10.  I’m convinced now that the weather report is a recording. Hot and sunny. Hot and sunny. Hot and sunny. It’s been too hot to do anything for two months and the weatherman says it might really warm up next week.  Doesn’t it ever rain in the @#!&@ State?  Water rationing will be next. My $1,700 worth of cactus has dried up and blown over. Even cactus can’t live in this heat.

August 12.  Welcome to HELL!!! Temperature got up to 118 today. Cactus completely dead. Forgot to crack the window and blew out my windshield. The installer came to fix it and guess what he asked me?  “Hot enough for you today?”   My sister spent $1,500 to bail me out of jail.  @#!&#@% Texas.  What kind of sick demented idiot would want to live here? I’ll let you know how my trial goes.

Have a good night.  Will <><


July 19, 2009

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This is an exhausted, broken down cowboy, who is tired of screaming and begging people to speak out against this insane health care bill.  If you, my eBay family won’t respond, then why should I care. I care because we still have a chance to save our country.  All is not lost, but it’s slipping through our fingers.  Trust me on this, there are dozens of House Members wanting an excuse to vote NO on the health scam.  If enough of us call, fax and email we can pull them to our side.

I’m tired of the Sarah Palin bashing. Some nut from Washington DC filed what is the 20th complaint against her. When will they stop? This idiot said she didn’t proclaim June 19th for the Negros.  Texas is the only state that celebrates Juneteenth, because that is the date the freedom of the slaves was announced in Galveston Bay.  Alaska doesn’t celebrate Juneteenth.  BUT, on Friday July 10th Governor Palin did sign House Joint Resolution 27, a resolution claiming sovereignty for the state under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution.  The resolution passed 37-0 in the House, 3 didn’t vote. 40 to 0 in the Senate.  Six other states have had both houses pass similar resolutions.  Tenn, ID, ND, SD, Okla, LA.  The governor of Tennessee has signed the resolution. King Barry is screaming it’s not legal.  37 states around the country have introduced similar resolutions.  I don’t think Texas has to. We kept our sovereignty when we entered the Union. We are the only state that can legally pull out. I say, what are we waiting for?   Arizona is putting on their ballot where their people can opt out of the National Health Care.  Way to go Sarah and way to go Alaska!  In ten more days she will be free to show the lower 48 what a hockey mom can do.  I’m tired of the government bullying the people and you should be as well.

Today is the first one under 100 degrees is a mighty long time. I think our high today will be 96.  It feels like a cold spell.  I let the twins off.  They have been working like slaves in this blazing heat and I felt they needed a break.  This morning I went to early church and on the way back to the house I was thinking I wish I could join them. That was folly on my part. Someone has to be here to make sure none of my water systems break. It’s critical that the animals have water.  Lucky I did stay, I found a leak in one of my pipes. It was one of those kind that can open wide and before morning the watering troughs would be dry.  This excess heat does mess with water pipes.

Took Cowgirl out boot scooting. I forgot how much I missed her.  Dang,her kids are growing like weeds.  I was shocked to see how much they have grown.  She would make such a pretty, faithful wife, who can cook and ride better than me.  She is a Texas gal and that is saying a lot. In truth that’s the highest honor I can give.  My mother was a Texas gal.  I doubt if I can ever do better. That lady walks the walk. You can hear the Grace of God in her speech, you can feel the love of God in her hugs, you can see Christ in her face.  She deserves more love than I have time to give. She is entitled to have a father for her children. I feel guilty that I’m so selfish. I want to see her, but there is no way I can marry her with things so uncertain.  We had a long talk and to make me feel like more of a jerk than I already am, she said she understood.  Her kids are going to camp for two weeks. I promised to take her out some while they are away.  To be honest I’d like to take her out every night, but if I did my blog would stop and I wouldn’t be able to post things on eBay.  I’d felt better if she had called me a jackass, which is what I am.

There are days when I wonder why I’m so dedicated to speaking out on my blog.  Then I know the answer. I would not be doing what I feel God has called me to do and that is stand up for our country.  If I don’t then who will?

I found myself getting angry that some of the American people were stupid enough to vote for Barry.  Why couldn’t they see who he was?  I felt any dummy could tell he was a fraud.  It was so clear.  Trust me it has nothing to do with him being a half-breed. He was making promises that would be impossible for any human to do.   Remember he was going to lower the oceans???   Who would be stupid enough to believe that?  52 Million people believed him.  He was going to save millions of jobs.  He was going to balance the budget. He was going to lower taxes for 95% of the population.  He was going to save the polar bears and give free education to all.

Many of his ACORN followers thought he would give the poor a new car and home.  He was going to pay their bills. He was going to eliminate the need for foreign oil. His new cap and trade bill would make American oil companies stop producing and have ti import their oil and gas.

He can’t blame President Bush now, but he is still trying.  There is never a day passes that we don’t see him attempting to spend more money. I’m tired of wanton waste.  I’m tired of the lies.  I’m tired of Barry apoligizing for America.  I’m tired of the attempt to destroy all we hold dear.

Are you tired?  Are you ready to take action?  If so then take time to make phone calls, fax and email your Congressmen and Senators.  I’m tired of asking and no one taking action. Frankly I’m tired of Americans sitting on their butts and complaining.

I’m tired. I’m really tired, but the push to save America has just begun.  Will <><