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I think the Democrats have those of us on the right just where they want us. We are seeing a historic barrage of new bills coming at us with lighting speed. Uncontrolled spending and changes to everything we consider to be the core of America, from gun control, making Illegal Aliens legal, ripping our health care apart and showing the weakest International posturing in recorded American history. All of this and more in total defiance of the people.

This week our president took the side of the ousted president of Honduras. This guy wanted to do away with their constitution and appoint himself dictator. Honduras is a Democratic Republic, the same as we are.  Honduras’s Supreme Court and Congress decided not to let their leader destroy their Constitution so they removed him from office. The military took him from his bed and banished him to Costa Rica. If he returns to Honduras he is facing 20 years in jail.   His removal has Castro, Chavez, Ortaga and the gal that is president of Argentina on edge. By the way the Argentinian people voted her out.  Here we have five third world dictators backing the wanna be dictator from Honduras.  Chavez says he might use military action.  Our leader, instead of applauding the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress for standing for Democracy, is backing the Dictator.  Make no mistake folks if we don’t vote Barry out of office in 2012, he will try to keep his office in 2016.  How I’m not sure, but I do know a lot of his kool-aid followers would like to make him a Dictator. He wants to be a Dictator.

Look what Barry has done to destroy all that we hold dear to the American way.  He is trying to put a racist on the Supreme Court.  Sonja Sotomayer’s last race based ruling was voted down today by the Supreme Court. If my memory is correct she has now had 75% of her cases that have reached the Supreme Court shot down. A brilliant mind, she is NOT. A racist she IS.

No wonder people like you and me are starting to feel a tinge of apathy. It’s easy to become indifferent when you have no hope of winning. I remember a team we played in high school, they had lost something like 40 games in a row. The moral on their team was at an all time low. Then they got a green coach just out of college. In college he was a stud, but sorta dense. His name got him the job. But a strange thing happened. On his first day he challenged those who didn’t think they could win to turn in their uniforms. About a third of his team raised their hands.  Apathy had taken its toll.  The players didn’t believe they could win and as a result they just kept piling losing seasons on top of another. He didn’t install a lot of trick plays or ways to fool the other team. He connected to each player and made that kid believe he could beat the boy in front of him, no matter what school that boy attended.  He was short handed for the first game, but his kids that believed, the ones who had discarded apathy clung on to a 7-7 tie.  For them that was a victory.

The following week some of the Seniors who had walked away asked if they could return.  He got the team together and asked them to vote if they wanted the Seniors back on the team.  Only two said yes.  The Seniors who left because of apathy were told they could not join in the fight after the battle had started. I know we are losing some of you to the disease of apathy. I can feel it in the air. I can smell defeat.  Just know this, if you give up now the rest of us who fight the good fight will not welcome you back with open arms. We want you on our side from the first kick off until the season is over.

The scrappy little football team, with the unlearned coach went on to win 4 games that year. It may not sound like much but four wins and a tie was considered a miracle. The town folks wondered how many more games could they have won if the older players had been on the team.  I have argued with friends from that town and my contention was  they would not have won a game if those players, sick with apathy, had been on the team. The apathetic bunch would have pulled down the less experienced kids.

I wish I could tell you they went on to win state, but I can’t. I can tell you the following year they won their district, something that school had not done is several decades. A bigger school with a fat checkbook hired their green coach away and that next year they went back down to winning one ball game.

We all stand on the cliff of apathy and a negative nudge could send us over the cliff.  I will admit there are days when I’m on the back of a horse in 104 degrees  thinking how seemingly helpless I am to stop this runaway train and I wonder is this worth the effort?  Trust me, it’s not easy to write these blogs knowing some days only a few will read them.

For a football team to be successful all eleven players must do their assignments.  I feel writing these blogs is my assignment. I know if I don’t do my best then how can I lead?  How can I expect others to do their assignment?  If I slack one day, then I have no right to ask you to do anything.  I made you a promise way, way back that I would do my best everyday. Some nights I’m so tired my fingers seem to be made of lead and even a cup of coffee doesn’t give me any jump. Those are the nights I remember my promise to you.

If we lost in 2010, I wouldn’t want one single person to say it was because Will Cooper slacked off on his end. If you are feeling dejected, uncaring and apathetic then you are doing exactly what King Barry and his gang are counting on.  If we keep our resolve and stay the course, we will win, because we have truth on our side. If we allow negative thoughts to sneak in then either we must eliminate them or give up.  If you are full of negative thoughts, thinking it’s impossible for us to win, then leave now so your apathy doesn’t grow on others.

I want to go to battle with believers.  I want to fight with people who believe we can vote out the liberals and replace them with people who think of America first.

That is it for tonight. Thank you for fighting for our America.  Will <><


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