Have we ever had change?  This is not the change we hoped for, but the one we feared.  As those of you who have followed my rants and now my blogs know I was warning you two years ago what Barry was.  In fact I got yanked several times from eBay for being too honest.  One thing the man of change will not tolerate is opposition. It’s his way or the highway.

It was fun to see Helen Thomas, the crusty faced, graveled voiced, seasoned reporter go after Barry’s Press Secretary, Gibbs.  She ripped him a new one and shamed him for the lack of transparency. This is the first time I’ve seen the press not bow and kiss the King’s feet.  Helen pulled the bark off the tree and exposed the sham of the ”Town Hall Meetings.’  She told him having preplanned questions was something she had never experienced in all of her years covering presidents.  Helen told Gibbs, “I thought this president said he was going to be transparent.  He is anything but transparent.”

Welcome Helen to what we have been saying for a mighty long time. If King Barry won’t show his school records, his passport, his real birth certificate, then why would you expect him to show transparency in government.  We are moving toward Russia hourly.  How many Czars are there now?  I think they are up to twenty. This is unconstitutional and yet no one has stopped him.  Congress could stop the appointment of Czars if they wished.  These are people who answer to the King and no one else. Our government is set up where they should answer to Congress, but the Senate and House are either afraid of the King or in the tank for him.  My old daddy would turn over in his grave if he knew we had Czars running things.

I will admit that I didn’t see the Czars coming. I knew there would be radical change, but CZARS????  Not in my wildest dreams. I know some of you can’t believe I’d say I didn’t see this curve ball coming.  There was never a hint before he was elected.  No one was given a sniff of this radical twist.  Folks, Czars are one more step toward dictatorship.  Three years before the election, before his hat was tossed in the ring he had a bevy of lawyers in Chicago looking into the ways he could work around the Constitutional requirements for becoming a president and the term limits.  This is three years before he decided to announce his run for office.  He was looking at ways for him to become our dictator way back then. He was looking to get around the natural birth requirements, three years before he announced.  A person would have to be pretty stupid to believe Czars was an after thought.

Make no mistake, a team of radicals put him together and they tell him what to think.  You see how lost he is without his teleprompter. Remember a week or so ago he was going to make an address in the Rose Garden?  Suddenly they went inside. I forget what the excuse was, but the truth of the matter is the glaring sun made it impossible for him to read off the teleprompter.  He is like an actor. He is great when he is reading his script, but take the words away and he is lost.  I was watching some show and Sean Penn was on. He stammered and seem lost as to what to say, yet when he is playing his role in a movie he is flawless. Trust me I didn’t watch Penn very long. He is a hyper-socialist, one that Karl Marx would be proud to call comrade.

Why is the birth certificate important?  If you don’t have to be born in America then George Soros or Arnold Schwarzenegger could become president. Our founders set it up so no outsider could come in and take over our country.  What they didn’t count on was our state representatives wearing blinders and not vetting candidates. Trust me, John McCain got drilled, because he was born in Panama.  His father was stationed there and the base is considered American soil.

I also never saw his change of grabbing the car companies and giving them to the Unions and the government.  I knew he would pay back those who helped get him elected, but to grab major auto companies was never on my radar.

My problem is I can’t think radically enough to predict his changes. He has broken the barriers of reason. His change is bent on making him ruler of these United States for the rest of his life. You may be looking at the same leader for the next 32 years.  You think I’m joking.  Just look at the banks. Did you ever dream the government would grab the banks?  Did you ever think the government would take the car companies?  Be honest.  You didn’t see that coming. I darn sure didn’t, but I do see his bid to be our dictator in the works.

This is the reason the 2010 and 2012 elections are so important.  We have to win big in 2010 in order to defeat him in 2012.  If he wins in 2012 then he will find a way to keep the office for many, many years. Perhaps through a crisis, like war with Russia, or Iran or another depression.  He will find a crisis that makes changing presidents a bad idea.  Make no mistake this president has a brilliant team of ruthless men working out all of  the details.  If they can find a way to make him King, they will.

Should you be scared?  Dang right!!!  We have never witnessed such a grab for power in the history of our great country. The early fathers wanted to make George Washington, King. But he refused and told them we had just won a war not to be ruled by Kings.  What is frightening is a lot of people would love to have Barry as King.

Have a happy 4th of July.  I’m going to let my men off and I will do the chores myself.  The twins have families and this is a great time for them to be with their kids. I think I’m going to a ranch east of San Antonio for a TEA Party.  Joe The Plumber will speak.  Not many will know me…I might get some free time (smile).

Good night,  Will  <><


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