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It’s hard to stay focused with so many distractions being thrown at us.  The insanity of Michael Jackson and the media worshiping him is enough to make you sick.  He was a child molester but you would think he was John Kennedy.  I know a lot of you are upset over this circus in Los Angeles. Those folks are bankrupt yet are spending like crazy for a mega funeral for him. I’ve been in the Staples Center and it’s a big expensive building.  You may as well get used to the Jackson distraction, because it is not going away anytime soon. The media will milk this thing as long as they can.  It’s a cash cow for them.  Even those who try to ignore him are dragged into the distraction.  Here I am giving space to that pedophile.

Each day I get up to a dozen angry emails telling me of another government disgrace or screw up.  Those emailing are fit to be tied at the actions of our government and for good reason. But good people this is precisely why there are so many attacks on our way of life.  Everything we hold dear is under assault.  From our flag to our military. Our churches, prayer, the bible, the 10 Commandments and even our Christian Nation.   They are attacking conventional marriage, our schools, our banking, our independence and a litany of other things that are worth fighting for.  Most all of the things you send are dead on worth getting angry over and fighting for, BUT if we try to take on all the lesser battles King Barry and the liberals will win the big battles.  These little battles will not bring our country down.  We can survive all of them; however, the big four will sink us. In fact any one of the big four could bring a fatal blow to America.  Don’t get so distracted that you take your eyes off the real battle, the struggle for the soul of America.

A smart general knows if he can nip at the flanks of his enemy and get the main army distracted then he will eventually be able to win the big battle.  As I see it we have four major battles in our war for America’s survival. There are many, many skirmishes, but they don’t count like the following four.

1. Health Care. If we lose this one we will end up with a British/Canadian style of health care.  What you may not know Canada actively restricts the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In fact Canada has fewer MRI machines per capita than Hungary, South Korea or the Czech Republic.  60% of Canada’s radiology equipment is outdated, some of it is so old  replacement parts are no longer available. It’s very common for Canadians to come to the United States to get testing they cannot get in Canada.

Need a bypass?  British patients needing a heart bypass may wait more than a year for surgery. One patient out of four dies while waiting.  This saves the UK a lot of money.

Do you have lung cancer? One in five British patients with treatable lung cancer waits so long for the treatments they become untreatable by the time they see a specialist.  Sure saves the UK a lot of money.

Do you need intensive care? Following major surgery, patients in the UK died four time more often than a similar patient in the United States. Why?  To save money on health care the UK has only 1/3 the number of intensive care unit beds per capita as we do. Sure saves a lot of money.   Is that the kind of care you want?  This issue is worth your effort to fight. King Barry wants to dump 45 million people into our system and control how much a doctor can earn.  His health care plan will break our backs and kill millions of Americans. This is one battle we cannot afford to lose.  Don’t get so distracted you miss fighting this battle.  It’s as we say in Texas, “A big ‘en.”

2. Cap and Trade. You that read my blogs already know Al Gore’s global warming is a scam.  You know man cannot change the climate.  You also know the past ten years there has been a steady decline in the world’s temperature.  Gore’s hoax has been exposed, but that doesn’t keep the liberal Democrats from pushing Cap and Trade. This is really a Cap and TAX.  This will be the biggest tax raise in the history of the world.  The average home will see their energy bill rise $3,000 a year. Oil companies will be forced to move overseas because of the energy tax will be too great for them to absorb.  Cap and Trade is a battle we must win. This is another place you can pour your efforts into. If you allow the Michael Jackson mess and all the little stuff to keep you from fighting this battle you will witness the fall of America as we know it. People will be taxed into poverty.  This bill has yet to go to the Senate, but when it does we must assault the Senators as if our lives depend on it.  Because they do.  Food will become too expensive and many poor people won’t be able to pay their energy bills.  This week two old women in San Antonio died of heat.  The couldn’t afford to run their air conditioner. If cap and trade passes then thousands will follow them.

3. Illegal Aliens becoming citizens.  If these illegals become citizens with a snap of King Barry’s fingers we are looking at 20 million, maybe 25 million thankful voters. Add those millions to his cult base and we are looking at having King Barry for the next 30 years or longer. He may live a long life like Castro and if that happens then your great grand kids will be calling him King Barry.  Make no mistake, the Illegal Alien push is going to happen and when it does we must not be encumbered with small distractions.  We must be ready to fight this issue with all we have.  He is not going to close the borders, he needs a lot more Illegals when he gives them citizenship.  30 million would be a good round number and if he can get that many in our country, he will be happy.

4. Gun control. First it will be marking ammo and then certain kinds of weapons. They have already tried to blame the deaths in Mexico on American guns.  Florida House member, Connie Mack went before Congress and pointed out the lie about the number of guns going to Mexico. You could hear the laughter from the left as he spoke.  King Barry and his crew tried to demonize guns when they visited Mexico. Folks, the drug cartels are getting guns by the boat loads from other countries. Gun control will come like a thief in the night, when we least expect it.  Be vigilant and ready.

Abortion won’t destroy America, gay marriage won’t destroy America, banning the word God won’t destroy America, but the above four can.  We can hang on with the other stuff until we get a conservative in office, but if these four go into effect we won’t be able to vote in a replacement.  God Bless our country and thank you for listening, Will <><


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