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I’ve got to tell you kind people, it’s been hot down here in the South Texas sticks.  Another 105 degree day. If you are new to my work you won’t remember that last year we had a horrible drought. Well, we are still in the middle of it.  My part of Texas is the only place considered to be in EXTREME DROUGHT.  That is as dry as they have a name for. Last year we got about 50% less rain than normal and this year we are down 75%.  That means we have only received 25% of the rain we normally get, which ain’t much. We are not a wet area. If most of you had our normal amount of rain you would think you were in a drought.   Water tanks that kept water in the 1950ies drought were dry last year before Christmas.  I’ve thinned my cattle down and sold off twenty horses.  Down here we burn cactus (prickly pear) in the winter for the cattle to eat. You know, burn off the stickers. The drought has made the cactus so thin there is not any juice left for the animals.  I’ve already told you the plight of my deer.  What most people don’t know is the only three animals that continue to grow in population are white tail deer, coyotes and people.  This morning I saw a mother deer with a tiny, spotted fawn. It probably was less than a week old.  Made me sorta sad. I just hope she can produce enough milk to feed it.

King Barry will not tell you and neither will the media, but many people working today are on reduced salaries. I saw an article that the employees at Toyota took a 30% pay cut to keep a job. So when the government tells you we have 9.5% unemployed, they are not telling you the entire story.  I wonder how many with jobs that have taken a big pay cut rather than have no job???   What I love is the president and his brilliant side kick Joe are now saying they didn’t know how bad the economy was until now.  Give me a break.  He was saying we are in the worst depression since the Great Depression to get that big stimulus rushed through.  He and Joe were in our faces saying how bad things were and so was the media.  He and Joe are not being honest now.  They are trying to say George Bush didn’t tell them how bad things were.  Do they need George to tell them???  I would like a little honesty along the way. Even Bill Clinton didn’t lie every time he spoke.

As you may or may not know there is a move to do away with the limited term for president.  The Democrats have the votes to pass that bill and there is nothing we can do. Norm Coleman just got his Senate seat stolen from him by Frankin, the comedian. There is nothing funny about that, because the Republicans can no longer filibuster. Frankin is now number 60 for the Democrats and you know they have a big lead in the House.

Here is my hope. They stay busy trying to get a radical Supreme Court Justice passed and are tied up with health care, plus that evil cap and trade.  If we can keep them distracted until November 2010 we can put a stop to all of this nonsense.  We have to keep doing the old Texas Two Step until we can elect some conservative people.  There are plenty of good people who can make a real change in Washington.  The key to saving America is in our hands.  We have the power to ward off a dictator at the election polls.  I’m laser focused on the 2010 elections.

I know some of you want me to run and if I thought I had a prayer I’d try and sell my piece of dirt and bony cows and throw my hat in the ring.  My District reaches from the South Side of San Antonio down to Larado on the border.  The District is rigged heavy with Mexicans.  The South Side of San Antonio is all Mexican and so are the counties from Larado north.  I just happen to be stuck in the middle with a few Irish, German and Polish folks whose families settled Texas back in the 1840ies.  Yep, I have two Texas Mexicans working for me and they would be happy to stand up and say I’m not biased…but they are also my employees.  Their word would carry zero weight.  Also, may I tell you this. My first year in Washington I would still be looking for the toilet.  I would be on no committees and if I spoke up I would not get on any for years.  I have no political savvy.  I tell it like it is and that doesn’t work in Washington. That town survives on double talk and lies.  Neither are my specialty.

I pledged my loyalty to you back about a year ago and I have been faithful to my promise. I have done my best to write interesting blogs and be truthful to a fault. Now I make you another pledge. I’m going to work my fat butt off to see we get some conservatives in Washington in 2010.  Friends, this is the key to saving America.  If we don’t take advantage of the 2010elections the economy will start to turn and King Barry will take advantage, to set up his re-election.  If we don’t have a bigger representation in House and several more Senators then I have no doubt there will be a power move to make him president for life.  Is that what you want?

Stop complaining and get your fighting boots on.  It’s going to be a battle, but one we can win. Everything is ripe for a conservative sweep in 2010.

And for those of you who are interested, SarahPac had raised $750,000 before she resigned and $250, ooo since she said she was stepping down.  Look out for her in 2012.  She may not win but she can set the plate for whoever becomes our choice.  I can’t wait for her to hit the lower 48 with her message of real hope and real change.

2010…must be ours.   Good night, Will <><


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