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I feel a lot like the guy whose Range Rover went off a cliff with his mother-in-law in it.  He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad.  Our president has been Globetrotting at a blazing rate.  I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. If he is gone he can’t spend, but then he is destroying America’s image abroad.  He has done more travel in his first six months than any of the presidents before him.  He has traveled enough miles to take him around the world two times. That would be okay if he accomplished something.

He visited Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and gave away our missles and our shield of protection.  What he got in return was a smile, but the rest of the Russian big shots refused to shake his hand. I have never seen that happen to an American president before.  He went to Turkey and confessed we are not a Christian Nation. That also was news to me. I live so far down here in the sticks that news had not reached my part of the country. We still believe in Jesus and go to church on Sunday.  I wish the president had first informed the American people we are no longer Christians.  He went to Egypt, bowed to their King and called the Koran a Holy Book.  Down in my part of the woods we happen to believe the Bible is the only Holy book around.  He apoligized to the Muslims for us getting upset over 9-11.  Those 19 were not terrorists, they were mis-directed youth.  In fact it was George Bush’s fault they flew airplanes into the Twin Towers. 

While he was gone he signed on to lower the temperatures of the world.  Even though India, China and Mexico thumbed their noses at him. Spain said they tried it and it doesn’t work. Germans backed out and most of Africa has never heard of what he was talking about.

We were told during the campaign that his background gave him a leg up on International diplomacy.  Yeah, like living in Kenya and Indonisia is being Internationally exposed. He did visit Pakistan when he was a college kid, using some passport other than American.  I had more International travel than he did when he was elected.

How many countries did he visit since he has been presidant?  14??? If that is not correct, it’s close. 

Russian’s Vladimir Putin showed him no respect. Putin saw him as an amature in a professional game.  I’ve seen photos of the two together. Putin is open and relaxed. Our guy is crunched down like a whipped dog.  His legs and arms are crossed. He is blocking out Putin, for fear the Russian exKGB will see him for who he is.  A raw amature trying to play a man’s game.

He went to France and apoligized for us saving their country. He didn’t invite the Queen of England to the Day of Honor at Normandy.  Without England there would not have been a successful battle in the first place.  When he and the first lady visited the Queen, Mrs. Barry didn’t even know you are to never touch the Queen unless she touches you first.  Even Bill Clinton knew better than that.  The biggest insult was him giving her an I-Pod with his speeches on it.  My Lord, this is pure ego. 

The president of Germany can’t stand him.  Gordon Brown doesn’t like him. The French persident is nice to him, because he knows he can move our president in any direction he wants him to go. 

In six months he has made 5 foriegn trips.  I think it’s 14 countries.  He has spent one month of his first six out of this country.  I can’t remember who said this but it was great advice. They told his staff, “Put some super glue in his chair.”   The guy is constantly flying all over this country making speeches.  He is giving our country away. 

He made a committment to NATO to put 5,000 more non-combat troops and trainers in Afghanistan.

In the first six months of President Bush’s term he spent 40 days on the road in America.  Barry has only spent 19.  Yet he thinks he has the mind of the people with this National Health Care program.  I have yet to talk to anyone who is in favor of letting the government decide what doctor we use and if we are worth the money being spent on our health. 

If you don’t call, fax or email your House and Senate members then I’m going to be mighty ticked off.  You simply cannot sit back on your butt and let others do it for you. Right now we must cover them up with “NO” messages. I read where one Democrat said he can’t vote for the health care bill, too many of his people think it’s a bad idea. I write and write and beg, but some of you still are sitting on your thumbs waiting for others to do it.  PLEASE, Get involved NOW

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