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Two days ago president Barry said, “It’s not about me.”

Today he said, “You are not going to destroy my presidency.”

I’m confused.  If it’s not about him then how can we destroy his presidency?  Let me be frank, this president is seeing his popularity fold like a Barnum and Bailey Circus Tent at the end of the week.  I have never seen such a free fall.  Not even Jimmy Carter had this kind of plunge.  We have a saying down here in Texas, “His chickens have come home to roost.”   People are beginning to learn about the lies he has told us.  Not you and me, we saw who he was before the election. We knew he was an empty suit in front of a teleprompter. The few times his notes were not there for him to read, he fell apart.

Remember he is a guy who has never been in charge of anything.  Nothing, zero, zip, nada.  He has no life experience.  He has not even grown up with the American experience. From Kenya to Indonesia, then shuffled to Hawaii when he was 10 to live with his grandmother.  You may not know it, but being in Hawaii is not living in the same America you and I grew up in.  It’s a melting pot and it’s the place of pot.  But even in Hawaii he didn’t go to public schools.  He went to the most expensive private school in the Islands.  How? Because in one of his books he said he and his mother lived on food stamps.

He won’t release the names of the doctors he brought to the White House to get their advice.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t candidate Barry vow that in devising a health care bill he would invite TV cameras (C-SPAN) in on the talks so the American people could have a window into negotiations that normally play out behind closed doors?

He was going to be the most transparent president to ever serve. He was going to disclose who is consulting in the shaping of health care.

He reminds me of the oil field worker whose wife went home to spend a week with her mother.  Not wanting their bed to go unused he brought a young pretty home.  His wife got home early and decided to surprise him.  She walked in and found her husband and the young thang buck naked in her bed. The startled husband jumped up and shouted, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes.”

We are being told not to believe the economy is in the tank. That his stimulus plan has saved the economy.  We are to believe his health care is not socialism.  If you have parents or grandparents watch out. Under the Barry plan some czar in Washington will tell them they are too old for a hip replacement.  Maybe they  have failing kidneys.  If they are 70 the czar might say they are too old for the treatment.  Right now Barry is saying that is not true.  But it’s in the health care bill. The government will decide end of life care, not you or your parents.

Like the adultress husband Barry is saying don’t believe what you see.  Like he told the truth on being transparent. You can trust me.  I’m telling you the truth.

Make no mistake this health care is all about him.  He is the most insecure leader we have ever had and remember we had Carter.  Who by the way has left the Southern Baptist Church after 60.  They won’t ordain women.  He has known this 60 years. Why now?  I’ll tell you.  It’s because his church treated him like a member and not a retired king. His pastor thinks we have only one Messiah and that is Jesus Christ.  He didn’t need an extra one trying to tell him how to pastor his flock.  The way Carter was trying to tell his side made it sound like the Baptist Church treated women like the Taliban.  Christ taught for the man to love his wife as his own body.  The Southern Baptist Church doesn’t ordain women preachers. Or didn’t the last time I checked.  Carter should have left 60 years ago if that is the way he feels.  I can assure his local congregation will not miss him.  Carter is more concerned about sucking up to Hamas than following the word of God.

Back to the Transparent ONE.  Jim DeMint, Senator of South Carolina, said if we beat the health care bill it could be Barry’s Waterloo.  Barry went bonkers at the statement.  BECAUSE he knows it’s true.  He is trying to rush this thing through before anyone can read it.  Barry has not read the bill.  He knows if we defeat him on this his mystique is gone.  In fact it’s already gone.  His poll numbers are falling faster than a mountain mud slide.  Not even some of his loyal followers can cover up for the failed stimulus bill and this health thing is going to be a lot worse.  He wants to give us the kind of health care Canada and the UK have.

A lot of you have made phone calls and written letters. I want to thank you for that, but dear people we have just started the fight.  I spoke with an aide of my Representative and he admitted his boss had not read the bill.  But the aide started reading me his talking points.  This liberal scum I have in my District is a kool-aid drinker. What ever Barry wants he will blindly follow.  We are going to try and replace him in 2010…but it won’t be easy. As I’ve explained.  We are an island of conservatives, with large blocks of Mexican liberals on all sides. They vastly out number us.

Please continue to fight.  Even if this thing gets through the House it can still be stopped in the Senate.  We have no choice, we must win this because it is for certain all of us will grow old…unless we die first.  None of us want some czar in Washington to tell us their chart shows we are too old for a heart bypass or hip replacement.  They will put us on a morphine drip and let us die.  If this is not worth you making more calls then I am a total failure with this blog.     Will <><


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