Death Warrent

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Don’t let the Harvard Professor situation distract you from this health care mess.  I will say this, the cop did the right thing when he arrested the guy.  Professor Gate’s home had been robbed a month or so earlier. He and his driver came home late and couldn’t find the key.  A neighbor saw them breaking in and called 911.  When the cop arrived he asked Gates to step outside the door.  Instead of showing the officer his information he went into a rage.  Gates then called the Chief of Police at which time the cops placed him under arrest and handcuffed him.  He showed them no respect so they hauled his butt to jail.  Now he is shouting racism. White cops arresting a black man. Wouldn’t you know he just happens to teach Racial Studies at Harvard. That just about says it all.

Here is the kicker. The cop who asked him to step outside was the same one who gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to Reggie Lewis, the ‘black’,  Boston Celtics basketball player who was having a heart attack. That doesn’t sound racist to me.

Last night Barry gets into the act and calls the cops stupid.  Look dear people that was a planted question to distract our attention from learning the truth about his health care. This story is all over the news and no one is saying how fast Barry is falling in the polls.

We have to stay on the ball if we want to survive. I’m reminded of the golfer whose ball lands in a red ant bed. He whacks and whacks killing ants with each try, but never touches the ball.  One ant said to the other, “We had better get on the ball if we want to live.”   You cannot let some of his radical appointments and silly news stories keep you from getting on the ball.  Just because the vote may not go to the floor before Congress leaves for their summer recess, it’s not dead.  We are going to have to kill it when they come home and face us.

The president and his wife remind me of a young couple who just got their MBA.  They immediately want a better home than their parents.  Thy demand new cars (BMWs and Range Rovers), huge plasma televisions and the latest in cell phones. They stand in line for the latest I-Pod or Blackberry.  They want it all NOW.   They rush from place to place grabbing things they want.  The young couple refuses to wait.  They buy the monster home on a sub-prime loan so they can make the payments.  They are not concerned that five years down the road their house payments will double.  It’s all about ME and about what I want NOW.

It’s evident with the lavish spending Mrs. Barry is doing on clothes, they never had any finer things of life. She reminds me of the fat girl at the prom wearing a dainty dress.  It makes her look fatter.  No matter what Mrs. Barry puts on she is still going to look tall and fat.  She buys designer tennis shoes for $580 and carries a $6,000 clutch bag to impress the Russians. Let’s face it folks, she is one big woman and no matter what she wears she is still going to look frumpy.  The press can try and make her the next Jacquie Kennedy all they want but you can’t make a big woman look small.

They said the big stimulus bill had to be passed or we would go bankrupt. Thousands would lose their jobs.  Guess what? It was passed quickly and thousands still lost their jobs.  He lied to the American people.  This is very typical of what we see in young movers and shakers with fresh college degrees. They don’t want to wait.  In his case he knows he can’t wait or people will learn what he is really doing.

This health care scam is a death warrent for older people. Medicare is one of the big expenses that the president sees as a stumbling block to us having Canadian and UK healthcare. Too much money is being spent on old people.  What is old?   He has indicated 70 is old.  Czars will be appointed to decide how much medical care a person can receive after a certain age. If 70 is his cut off and you are 69 needing a heart transplant, will you be squeezed in under the wire?   Probably not.   Like the president told one lady who asked about her mother. “Sometime it’s better to give them pain pills rather than to operate.”   I saw where he said we need to cut back on tonsils operations and treat the allergy.  He implied that the kid doctors were taking out tonsils to pay for fancy cars.   Where did he go to medical school?

Do you want some government czar telling you that your mother is 65 and too old for a hip replacement?  That she will need to go to a counsler to see if she is mentally fit for an operation.  150 years ago 65 was old, but not today.  Joe Paterno, the Penn State football coach is 83 and I think Bobby Bowden at Florida State is 80.  President Herbert Walker Bush is 90 and he just parachuted out of an airplane to celebrate his birthday.

You may be 40 today, but when you reach 65 do you want the government telling you what doctor you have to use.? I have a friend who has kidney failure. The first doctor he visited wanted to immediately put him on dialysis. He decided to get a second opinion and that doctor put him on a restricted diet. He lasted 5 more years before he had to go on dialysis. He was given several options and elected to do home dialysis. He has a great team of doctors and excellent medical care. I happen to love that about America.

Make no mistake, the battle is not over. You need to bang on your Representative and Senators during their vacation.  We must not let down for one day.  If we do they will win and that would be a disaster. One we can stop, if we work hard enough NOW.   Good Night Will <><


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