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I know some of you think you understand drought, but trust me you don’t have a clue.  We had a bad drought in 2008 and it really hurt farmers and ranchers in this section of Texas.  The drought is worst this year.  How much worse???   This year we have had 15% of our normal rain fall, which ain’t much to start with. We are 85% down from normal.

This month more ranches have tossed in the towel. A fairly large ranch over near Beeville sold off the last of their livestock a couple of weeks ago. When I say fairly large I would say they had 5,000 or 6,000 acres.  I don’t know what they will do.  If they are like the rest of us they spent their savings trying to hold out until it rained.

I saw on the news this will be an El Nino season, which means we should get heavy rains in the fall. If we don’t then a lot more of us will have to hang up our spurs.  I’m one of the lucky folks down here that has some good wells.  I should have enough water to hang on for the rain, but if my wells start to dry up which can happen in a deep drought I will be forced to sell out.

I have cut my horses and cattle inventory down pretty good.  I really don’t want to let any more of my good cows go, but during a drought you don’t always get to do that. I think if we were not having record heat on top of no rain it might be easier.  I saw were Central Park in NYC was having a record cold month. One of my eBay family members from CT said they have not turned on their air conditoner this year.  I think we have had two days under 100 since the first of June.  One day we had a lot of clouds and we got down to 97, the other day it was 99.

The San Antonio Express ran an article on our drought that told how it’s killing ranchers and farmers.  The drought has cost South Texas cattle raisers $974 Million dollars.  Corn growers have lost $618 Million and Wheat Farmers $506 Million.  You never hear the president taking about what can I do for those poor slobs in South Texas.  He knows Texas didn’t vote for him.  I’m not asking for a handout, but the government could have helped a lot of farmers and ranchers who had to close their doors.  The ranch in Beeville could have hung on if they had water.  Some of the billions we are giving foreign banks could have provided water trucks to keep their cattle alive.

In my backyard a cardinal family built a nest right next to my kitchen window.  I watched her build the nest while the male sat around making sure she was doing it right. Then she sat on the eggs, finally a chick was born. I took my step ladder and took a peek. Three eggs, but only one hatched. The heat had fried the other two.  This is happening to our wild turkeys and white wing doves.  I assume with other birds as well.  Birds that live here are not made to reproduce in such intense heat.  It’s been hotter than blazes to work out in this furnace.  Out heat is hotter than Arizona, because we have Ocean humidity.  It’s not only 105, it’s humid.

Why do I subject myself to this?  The answer is simple, I’m a cowboy.  ‘Nuff said.

Thank you for your support.  We are still facing this insane health care scam. It will not go softly into the night.  Next week let those folks in Washington know what you think. Trust me, if we stop calling and pressing they will slip this mess through and we will LOSE.

Good night and sleep well. Our military is still the best in the world.  Will <><


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