Ted Kennedy

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Under the health care plan being proposed by our president Ted Kennedy would not have been given his brain operation. He would be too old. One thing I don’t like about the new bill is it tells people to accept death when they reach a certain age. My grandmother lived to 97 and only died then because all of her friends were gone. She and grandpa kept house until they were 92.  He walked into town and pulled their groceries home in a little red wagon. They lived in a town, but not near stores. He mowed the lawn until he was 90.  Who has the right to tell them when they reach 65 they need to start thinking about the end of life?  Frank Phillips was 66 when he started Phillips 66, the guy that started Nautilus was 74 when he started the company. I can’t remember his name, but he became a billionaire after he started the company.  All of you know Ray Kroc was 56 when he started McDonald’s. Grand Ma Moses was 82 when she started painting. What a loss to the world it would have been if she had been told to end her life at 70….   How dare the government tell us how long we can live.

The old General sent me a poster with Ted Kennedy on it, fat face and all.  The title on the poster is COMPASSION.  Under it is written, ‘ I just couldn’t stand the thought of anyone drowning in a river while trying to make a better life for themselves.’   Teddy the drunk and hero of Chappaquiddick was making his appeal of support of those sneaking across the Rio Grande River. Is this not the height of hypocrisy?

But then maybe not, our frugal president and his family just rented a $20 Million farm on Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vacation. George Bush went to Crawford, Texas for his vacation in his 4,000 square foot home, which by the way was more green than the standards put down by the new government.  While Al Gore lives in a 20,000 sq ft guzzler of a home. He spews out more green house gases than a small town.

Let me tell you what chaps my butt worse than this blazing Texas heat.  Two words…Ted Kennedy.

He was caught cheating at Harvard and expelled twice. One time he was paying a fellow student to take his tests.  How dumb is that? Didn’t he think the professors knew who he was?  He only got in Harvard because of the power of his father.

While expelled he enlisted in the Army, but in his normal stupor he signed up for 4 years.  Here comes daddy, who pulled strings and got it cut back to two and made sure Teddy was stationed in Europe.  And Ted Kennedy had the gall to question the special treatment George Bush received?  At least George learned to fly jets.  Old Papa Joe made his money as a bootleger and gave enough to the Demorcrat Party to be appointed Ambassador to England.

Papa Joe had Teddy asigned to Paris, where he never advanced past the rank of Private.  How can anyone spend two years in the Army with his background and never advance?  Folks, this guy is a dunce and the American people have paid for his stupidity. Now he is pressing for this socialist healthcare bill.

While attending the University of Virginia Law School he was cited for reckless driving FOUR TIMES, including doing 90 in a residential zone, with his headlamps turned off. Yet, thanks to Papa Joe Teddy’s drivers license was never revoked. My question is how did he pass the bar exam in 1959?  Do you think Papa Joe might have had hand in it???

In 1964  Teddy was seriously injured in a plane crash. He was hospitialized for several months. Tests results at the time of his admittance to the hospital showed he was legally drunk at the time. Thanks to Papa Joe those records are sealed. You won’t see this on the evening news.

In 1964 Teddy attended a party on Chappaquidick Island. Around 11 PM he borrowed his chauffeur’s keys to his Oldsmoblie limousine and offered to give Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker, a ride home. Leaving the Island via an unit bridge with no guard rail, Teddy steered the car off the bridge and flipped into Poucha Pond.  It was later proved Mary Jo didn’t die instantly and eventually drowned.

He swam to shore and walked past several fire stations on his way back to the party house. Two friends then returned with him to the scene.  According to their later testiomny, they told him what he already knew…that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorties. Instead he made his way to his hotel and called his lawyer. Teddy called the police the next morning. Before Mary Jo died she scratched the uphostered floor above her head in the upside down car. We will never know how long she lived in terror before she died.

Papa Joe stated calling in favors and Mary Jo’s body was whisked out of state. No one knows for sure how much money her parents were given, but needless to say the parents never had to work again.  Teddy pleaded guilty and got two months probation for leaving the scene of an accident.  If that had been you or me we would have been placed on death row.

Teddy has remained a Senator for 40 years,  I cannot begin to list all the liberal junk he has brought to the floor…he is the number one advocate of amnesty for Illegal Aliens. He is the one pushing for government to give the 20 million illegal aliens citizenship.

How stupid are voters?  Voters gave us Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Cris Dodd, Barney Frank, Al Frankin and Barry the King.   Voters are stupid.  It’s up to us to inform a few. Some are beyond hope.    Good Night, Will <><


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