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If you remember the old radio serials, the Lone Ranger would say to Tonto, “Here’s the plan.”  Then they would fade to the music. You wouldn’t know THE PLAN until the show was almost over.  Two or three years ago, back before I got tangled up with this eBay stuff I listened to Old Time Radio on the Internet. Seems no matter what the story there was always a plan to solve the problem…of course they had to work in thirty minutes.

Here is our plan. I happened to catch Dick Morris on the radio today…I only got about 10 minutes of his conversation.  If you don’t know who Dick Morris is, he is the brain that got Bill Clinton elected two times. Morris ran the show.  He is right up there with Karl Rove in political brilliance.  He said something I knew, but had let wane in my mind.  The most powerful thing we can do is write letters. You know, the kind you write on paper, fold up, insert into an envelope, seal, stamp and put in the mailbox.  Nothing has the impact of letters on Washington.  The host pressed Morris and asked about emails and phone calls.  Dick broke into the conversation and said, “Let me repeat, a letter is worth ten emails.”

Let’s face it Washington is like us in some ways. They are tired of Spam.  I know I am and I bet you are.  I go into the junk file and clean it out without ever opening one email.  Here is what I’m asking you to do. All of you who read this blog.

1. Send (email) the blog to a lot of people. Send it to your entire emailing list…

2. Ask them to write snail mail letters.  I’m going to write at least four letters a day. You are no more busy than I am.  I’m not going to just write my Senators and House Member, but I plan to share the wealth and write all the Senators and most of the House Members.  You can find their mailing information on Google.

3. Make sure you write letters.  Let them know you don’t want government run health care, gun control, cap and trade and amnesty for Illegals.  Right now the pressing issue is health care that wants to kill off the old people.  They want some government person to decide if the old people live or die.

4. Make sure you are not a one shot Johnny. You have to keep up the letter writing. You and people like you can save America one letter at a time.

Here is what I see happening. I think we can win in 2010.  I think we can take back the House and come close in the Senate.  At least we can get enough in the Senate to repeal the crazy things King Barry wants to do.  In fact we must make our move for 2010.  The American Spirit will not stay down forever.  In spite of Washington the American businessmen will start this economy rolling by 2011.  It will have nothing to do with the stimulus bill or anything being down in Washington.  There are no people on the face of the earth like the American Businessman/woman.  We are exceptional people.

Who do you think will get credit for the turn around??? Make no mistake, Barry the King will jump in and say he turned the economy around. The truth has never gotten in his way before and certainly won’t this time.  This means there will be enough kool-aid drinkers to elect him again in 2012.  I know you don’t want to hear this.  You are like me, you are ready for his term to be over, but he has just started.  Sarah Palin is the only person with enough star power to make the race close, but the liberal press will continue to destroy her. They have 2.5 years to bash her and please remember we have a lot of stupid people in this country.  If the press says it enough then those kool-aid drinkers will believe the lies.

We are in a catch 22.  We can beat him in 2012 IF, and the IF is big, the economy is still in the tank the summer of 2012.  That is a lot of IFs…I would never bet against the American Spirit.  When our backs are against the wall that is when we are at our best.  It is never wise to bet against an American with purpose.  We will overcome this recession…but at what cost?  A recovery could mean 4 more years of Barry.  Face the truth, he will be hard to unseat if jobs are up and people are making money.

The time to stop the liberal swoop is now. We have to write letters like crazy. There is a small window of opportunity for us to stop the government run health care mess and put a cap on cap and trade. We have to put the fear of God in Congress, making them know they won’t get our votes in the 2010 election.  Nothing scares Congress more than, “I won’t vote for you.”

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