It’s Bush’s Fault

eBay Will's blog Stirring Up Dust

This is a portrait of me kicking up some dust.  I guess I’ve been kicked in the head one time too many by a mule, but I have been struggling with this. Why no rain? Why is it so hot down here? Chicago has broken a 62 year old record of the coldest July in their history.  I have not said anything, because I know you don’t read my blogs to hear me complain. I’ve really had a problem with broken water pipes this summer.  Not the plumbing to the house and barns, but to the cattle. This old ground gets hot and starts to move and my old ‘cheap’ water pipes burst open.  Nothing serious, if we catch the leak in time.  I did have some young kids working for me whose job it was to ride the pipe lines.  I’m sure it would help if I had a modern pipe system, but it comes down to feeding the animals or getting new pipes.

I’ve trimmed the herd again and stuck the money back in the bank. I know when the drought ends I’ll need to replace some of those I sold.  At least I’m still here.  I can imagine the big King Ranch is hurting. They run about 600,000 head of cattle and last I heard 300 horses. Makes me ashamed to call my little place a ranch. All of us down in this neck of the woods (brush) are feeding.  It’s a mistake for me to say I live in the woods.  I have a few giant live oaks, but most of my trees are mesquite and some mountain laurel. Lots of brush rather than woods.

Back to the point at hand. Why am I getting 100 to 105 degree days stacked one on the top of another for weeks?   It’s really simple when you stop to think.  It’s George W. Bush’s fault.  Bush is causing my heat wave.

Bush is causing my pipes to break.

Bush is responsible for my being overrun with rattlesnakes. They are out in droves this summer looking for food and water. We have to be ever so careful to keep from being bit. The danger we face is fully Bush’s fault.

Bush caused my cattle to sell for less. I’m not sure how, but he is guilty of everything else, so why not the drop in prices?

Bush is messing up my love life. Because of Bush I no longer have time to date. I spend my time trying to save this country. This wonderful country hat according to the new president, Bush destroyed.

Now that I know who caused my problems I can lay everything that happens to me at the foot of George W. Bush.  The Democrats are wise beyond their years. They have been blaming Bush for eight years and I wasn’t quick enough to hitch up to their wagon.  I heard part of King Barry’s speech to some folks, I think in South Carolina.  He quickly blamed Bush for our continued recession and everything he could think of in his 40 minute teleprompter talk.

It was wonderful news to learn the recession is NOW over. Newsweek announced it on their cover this week. King Barry agreed.  I just wish those looking for a job and those hurting big time could realize it’s over.  I don’t know why they don’t get their lazy butts out and get a job.  The PRESIDENT of the United States himself  just told us the recession is over. You just watch, those dirty Republicans are going to force the unemployment rate to jump past 10%, even though the president is trying to tell us we are out of the recession.  Trust me, Bush will not let this recession go without a fight.  He is going to force unemployment up and up.

I’m up to my ears and sick and tired of president Bush being blamed. This mess is Democrat all the way. Bush tried to put controls on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae but Chris Dodd and Barney Frank raised a stink and stopped him.  Bush tried to fix Medicare and the Democrats stopped him.  They controlled the House and Senate during most of Bush’s administration. Bush was powerless to get things down after the Democrats took control.  It’s time the Democrats faced their music.

Don’t buy the lie that it’s Bush’s fault.  I don’t know how many of you are writing letters, but I’d bet my boots, my best boots none of you have written a letter to anyone in Washington. Some days I feel like I’m talking to the thin air.

For a long time I couldn’t figure out what Barack Obama meant.  I’m talking about his name.  What mystery is behind his name?  Then I saw a Kenyan translation into English. Barack Obama in English is Jimmy Carter.  Now you should be able to sleep well.    Will


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