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August 30, 2009

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I wanted to give you something to think about while I’m gone. These three people are running our government. Joe Biden doesn’t count. I’m leaving early, early Sunday morning and will be back after Labor Day. We will finish the job before we return. While I’m away, please keep the pressure on Washington to stop this government health care bill.  I was listening to a recording of president Ronald Reagan the other day and he said, “Write letters. I need for you to write letters so we can stop this government health care bill.”   I’m no Reagan, but I have a heart that loves this country as much as he did. Please write letters.  Letters are the most powerful thing you can do. Please don’t put off writing. Reagan said write those you agree with and lend them support as well as those we don’t agree with.  Seems we are fighting the same fight as they did back then.  I wanted you to have something that would motivate you to act. If this photo won’t do the trick then you are dead already and don’t know it.  It will only take you five minutes to write a letter telling them NO government take over of our health care system.

I got an inch of rain this week.  I was so overjoyed I stayed awake, listening to the thunder crash and the rain hitting my roof way into the morning hours.  It has been a long time since I even heard thunder. We are in the driest 23 months in the history of Texas.  I loved getting the inch of rain but my earth is so dry it sponged up the moisture almost before it hit the ground.  We could use a 10″ gully washer.  How dry is it?  In a 23 month span back in 1910 this area got 28.94 inches.  Please note that’s almost two years.  From September 2007 until August 2009 we have only received 23.8 inches of rain. We are almost 6″ under the worst dry spell ever recorded.

Not only has it been dry, it’s been hot.  In 2001 Del Rio had 72 days with the temperature over 100 degrees.

Austin in 1925 went 69 days with the temperature over 100 degrees.

We have already had 65 days with the temperature over 100 degrees and summer is not over.

I have made up my mind. If we don’t get rain in the next couple of months I’m going to reduce my herd by at least 200 head and try to hang on until we see some moisture. I’ve got plenty of water, but feeding a big slug of cattle can run into serious money.  Especially when your operation is set up to grass feed your livestock.  I know this is not an interesting blog, but there is just so many warnings I can give without being redundant.  I probably could write every day about the president, but by now you know what we have in office. He is the most radical man to ever serve in the highest office in the world.

The left press is saying threats on his life are 400 times higher than any other president. That’s hogwash. Remember the picture they were showing of a man with an automatic rifle over his shoulder in Arizona when the president was inside speaking? What the left media didn’t show was his head. He was a black man. The media wanted to portray him as some white, right wing nut job. No doubt people have threatened him. But no more than president Bush. The difference is with the current president people are arrested for a home made sign, whereas with Bush they could write books and make movies about killing him.  Let’s pray nothing happens other than we vote him out in 2012.  America doesn’t need a Civil War.

I will admit I’m discouraged with the final prices of my work on eBay. I just sold a Hopi Snake Priest that would have been a steal at $400.  It went for $90.  I’ve been asked many times to paint larger pieces for eBay. Pieces that I would put in a gallery. My question back is WHY?  Why would I want to spend a week on a painting and see it auction off on eBay for $150???

The fine people who do my shipping, or I guess I should say have their people do the shipping are great folks.  He is a master artist and she is one of the top female artists in the country. Their gallery in Santa Fe has asked me several times to paint some things for them. They want 30″x40″ and larger.  I’m flattered a major gallery wants to represent me, but it’s like me winning an around the world trip. I don’t have time to travel around the world, even if everything was paid.  I don’t have time to paint them a half dozen major paintings and without having my ranch suffer.  If my grass were green and the economy better, I might be tempted.  The Lord knows I want to paint.  I love painting.

I will also admit I love writing blogs.  I love to write period.  I just wish I knew more about writing.  My writing, like my painting is self taught.  Before one of you wise guys says it shows you are under educated, I quickly admit my flaws and weaknesses in both painting and writing.  In the back of my mind, I know how well I can paint if I had the time.  I feel I could write pretty good if I had time to re-work my drafts three of four times. Dress things out and re-say what I wrote until it flowed. That’s a dream, but as long as I’m fighting to keep my cattle from starving, I can’t entertain those kind of thoughts.

If you have Direct TV then I have a great idea for you.  I have been wanting  TIVO for a long time, but just never got around to going into San Antonio or Corpus Christi to shop for one. I was eating at the local Dairy Queen and listening to my old rancher buddy and his friends chatter.  Out of the blue one of them said, “I just got TIVO for free.”

My ears perked up. “How?” I enquired.

In a slow Texas drawl he mumbled, “The Dish Network is giving ’em for free. I called my Direct TV folks and told them what Dish was doing.  I’ll be durned if they didn’t up and give me TIVO. They had these young fellers come out, hook it up and show me how to record. It’s the slickest thing since sliced bread.”

I called Direct TV. I thought maybe he was jerking my chain. To my shock they gave me a free TIVO set and hooked it up last week. Now I can record one football game and look at another on a different channel. You have to listen to those old folks, they are pretty slick.  It will be the seniors who stop this government take over of our health care.

See you when I get back.  Will Cooper <><


Pressure on the Blue Dogs

August 29, 2009

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Old age is a  certainty unless you die young.  All of us have older people in our lives.  This is just the normal cycle of life. Let’s look at some of the myths and lies from the left about aging.  The universal health care plan being pushed by the Democrats plans to add 47 to 50 million more people to the system without adding new doctors.  Okay, I’ll admit I’m a slow talking, cantankerous cowboy stuck down in the sticks between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  I don’t get the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.  Starting in September I’ll get USA Today, because they have the best coverage of college and professional football of any newspaper I know.  I readily admit I’m lacking in education. I didn’t attend an Ivy League school and didn’t make the best grades at the college I attended.  So perhaps some of you really highly educated, smart people can explain to me how we can add 47 million new people on the medical rolls with no new doctors and NOT cut back on the time spent with each person.  My mind is like play-do, you can mold me into the right shape.

If I’m running 500 head of cattle and my grass is struggling to feed them, what would happen if I added a couple hundred more?  The grass would be chewed down to the roots and none of the cows would be getting enough food.  Most doctors are seeing all the patients they can.  Toss another 20 people a day at each doctor and no one is going to get the attention and time needed. We will see an immediate decline in the care we currently have.  Which is pretty darn good.

The new universal health bill wants to cut a half trillion dollars out of Medicare.  The Democrats say they will not reduce the quality and quantity of care senior Americans receive. Give me a break.  You can’t reduce the amount spent by a half trillion dollars and not limit care. Old people will see a reduction in their medical options. You reach 77 and need a coronary artery bi-pass, chances are not good the government will want to spend that money on you.  As the president suggested, maybe it’s better you take a blue pill.

You can look forward to less MRI’s, CAT Scans and Bone Scans.  The president said he wants to see a reduction in tests. I suspect knee and hip replacements will not be an option for older Americans.

The talking points for the Democrats are mendacity.  Every time the president speaks he says, “You can keep yourdoctor, you can keep your insurer.” This is Myth I and it  just isn’t true. Under their universal health care plan almost all businesses can opt out of their current plan providing insurance for their employees and move them into the government option. There is no way to deny you will lose your insurance coverage or do without. There is a great chance a lot of doctors will not provide care to those with the government health care plan, because the fees will be so low. Even today a lot of doctors don’t take Medicare and Medicade.  The odds are you are more likely to lose your doctor and insurance program under the Obama plan than you are now.

Myth 2. The old folks won’t face rationing or Medicare cuts. This is a fabrication. I explained what’s going to happen in the first part of this blog. Even the liberal New York Times said, “It’s not irrational for the elderly to have fears of losing services.”  In other words the old folks can bank on losing care under the Obama universal health care plan. You can’t dump 47 to 50 million new people into the system and not ration others. It just can’t happen.  Yet the Democrats will preach the party line, knowing full well they are not being truthful.

Myth 3.  There will be no death panels.  Sarah Palin got it right on FaceBook when she exposed this falsehood.  The Democrats knew enough not to call them death panels, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.  The Obama government health care plan is going to see a name change. The Democrats want to name it the Kennedy Memorial health care plan but it’s the same ugly stuff.  Government committees will get guidelines, where faceless government workers will make decisions about YOUR health care. Do you get the MRI? Do you get the hip replacement?  Will the cancer be treated? Will you get that heart transplant? A new kidney?   Not your doctor, but a government panel will tell you what you can have.  They will have a chart that says how much longer you have to live and then will decide if you are worth the money for the operation. It won’t be personal, just a bottom line.

The VETS already have an end of life book, where some government workers asks them if they feel they are a burden on their family. Is life worth living?  The government worker has a guide that pushes the VET into wanting to give up the fight for life.  If they can get you to surrender your will to live, then you will soon die and save the government money.

Myth 4. The new plan will save money. It might, because we will stop giving care to the elderly. After all the older people are the ones costing the most.  Normally the last three months can be expensive. But who are they to say when are those last three months?  Doesn’t God call those shots?  I want Him to in my case.  The Democrats new plan will cost an extra trillion dollars. Liberman said this extra trillion will come from what it will cost to insure the 47 to 50 million new people.

Myth 5. No illegals will be covered in the new plan.  Every time the Democrats speak they all say no health care for illegal aliens.  WE already have health care for the illegals. It’s called the Emergency Room.  Here is the truth. The Republicans proposed an amendment to the bill that would block all health care to illegal aliens and Nancy Pelosi refused to allow it to be part.

Don’t get side tracked while I’m gone. Keep one eyed. In two weeks things will heat back up in Washington. Obama will return from Camp David, where he and his hit men will be planning their counter attack.  Look for them to take each blue dog Democrat to the wood shed and spank their butts until they give in and vote for the bill. It comes down to who do the blue dogs fear the most, the president or the people.  If they vote for the bill, their people will vote them out. If they don’t vote for the bill then the president will see that they get no pork.  Their character will be tested. Will money talk or will character walk?   We will just have to wait and see.  Will Cooper <><

I’m Here to Tell YOU…

August 28, 2009

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Just wanted you to see Harry Waxman.  If this doesn’t make you want to get out and go to work to clean out the liberals in Washington then you are beyond hope.

These past ten days I’ve received dozens of emails. Each with the suggestion this was an emergency and needed immediate attention.  A couple of months ago I told you this would happen.  Back in the Clinton presidency we got accoustomed to a term called “Wagging the Dog”.   Clinton bombed an asprine factory when the Monica Lenskey thing was flooding the news.  Every time Clinton got his tail under the rocking chair rocker, he Wagged the Dog.  They even made a movie by that title showing how the Clintons invented a war to draw attention away from what was really happening.  Know this at least 75% of the Obama people once worked for Clinton. They know how to wag the dog with the best of them.

His poll numbers are falling faster than anyone could have expected. The more he talks health care the lower his numbers get. What’s his answer. Wag the Dog.  Immediately they went after the CIA. This diverted the news from his failures to sell universal health care.  His lackeys in the news media are thrilled to support his Wagging the Dog.  They are hoping we will forget the health care and get our attention on the CIA.  Trust me, nothing will happen other than we will see a new round of blame Bush.  When things go bad the play book says, blame Bush. 

Our main focus has to be this government health take over.  I got a bunch of stuff on Ted Kennedy. I know what all he did, but  I don’t talk about the dead.  I wrote at length what I thought of him while he was alive. Down in this neck of the woods we don’t speak evil of the dead even if it’s Ted Kennedy.  If you can’t say something good, then say nothing.  There is one thing good I can say about Ted Kennedy.  He stood by what he believed. He didn’t give an inch. He was a lefty and proud of it.  The Bushes treated him with respect and he spit on them if they didn’t go far enough left.   I hope we have some conservatives that have his hard headed resolve. I can say two things. He married well above himself on his second marriage and stood by what he believed.  Other than that this is not a format were you will see me bashing the dead. 

I told you we have a four legged stool to contend with.  1. Cap and Trade (tax)  2. Healthcare take over by the government. 3. Gun control.  4. Citizenship for the Illegal Aliens.  We have to deal with those issues as they arise.  The president’s men/women want us to be splintered in all directions.   FOCUS.  Focus today on universal healtcare. When the others come up we will deal with them then.  One problem I see with conservatives, we have trouble fighting one battle at a time.  Yet we must or we will fail.  Divide and conqure.  This is an axium.

Cap and tax is on hold. They jammed it through the House, but the Senate said no.  Now a lot of the House that voted for something they didn’t read are catching hell from the folks back home.  It’s become a hot issue at Town Hall Meetings.  We need to keep aware they will try again, but for now they don’t have the votes in the Senate. So don’t let cap and tax be a wag the dog thing for you. Universal Health Care…focus on this issue.

Don’t let Ted Kennedy’s death be a wag the dog thing for you. If you are not careful you will get so wraped up in the Kennedy thing you will fail to stay on top of our number one issue. Government Controled Health Care.  Keep in your mind this  is the thing we must defeat now.  We can only fight one strong battle at a time.

If they fail with the government healthcare then either gun control or citizenship for the illegals will be the next thing they try to ram through Congress.  Right now they are sending up wag the dog signs to distract us away from the government take over of our health care.  I try to remain one eyed and not get caught up on phoning and letter writing about the minor issues. This is what the Democrats want. They are thrilled when we re divided.

Abortion is part of the new government proposed health care bill.  I’ve heard the president and several of his lackies (House and Senate) that says the government won’t be paying for abortions. This is  lie.  Government money goes to Planned Parent Hood. There are no words that say no money will be spent on killing babies.  Either the left doesn’t know or they are telling you a lie. The new health care bill will fund abortions.

The latest wag the dog is the Swine Flu  Headlines, 90,000 will die from the flu.  Did you know 60% of those who work in health care are going to refuse to take the swine flu shot?  Each year 30,000 Americans die from flu.  I can promise you a lot of those deaths this year will be blamed on swine flu.  If you are worried about swine flu you won’t be thinking about the universal health care bill.  Trust me this is a pure wag the dog. 

Gates and the Cop were distractions.  The beer summit was a distraction.  The Democrats are promising to shove the bill through with a Resolution vote in the Senate. I have my doubts they will.  Keep in mind Joe Liberman has said he wants to wait and only do small parts.  So  he is a no vote.  Kennedy’s replacement will take three months or longer. They have to hold an election. I’d like to see Milt Romney to run.  He migh win.  Byrd is too sick to come to Washington. So the Democrats are already down three votes.  I suspect there are 7 blue dog Democrats that we be reluctant to force the vote though. I think they need 51 votes.  I don’t think they have enough votes in the Senate to get it through even with a Resolution vote.

Harry Reid is 11 points down in Nevada.  I got to get some information on the guy running against him and make a donation. I’m going to suggest you also send the guy who is running against Reid some $$$.  He has a real chance to win and we could be rid of Harry Reid.  So you see there are things we can do.  Just stay steady in the boat. It’s not time to panic yet.

Good night, Will <><

Dry Creek

August 27, 2009

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My best windmill decided it was too hot to work and took the day off.  In fact it decided to just shut down and retire. Lucky I caught the problem early in the day.  I spent yesterday trying to make that old windmill happy.  I gave it a new set of guts and replaced its heart.  In fact I installed a much bigger heart (motor).  Seems my kind treatment did the trick.  We have water flowing again.  All of my creeks and water tanks are bone dry and have been for a long time.  Without windmill water I’d be out of business.  One thing about running a ranch like mine, every day is an adventure. This drought has me operating on fumes. I could use two more men. It’s time to get the tractors going, but there are just not enough hours in a day.

After I got back from the border and got settled in I let the twins off to help their wives get the kids ready for school. Rick Perry, our governor gave a tax free weekend for kid’s school stuff.  That really helps large families and my guys have large families.

I’d planned to go shopping with Cowgirl, but my windmill got jealous and demanded my time.  Maybe when the men get back to work I’ll take an evening and treat her to a mess of bar-b-que.  I really have not paid her enough attention.  I’m not sure she will want to be seen out in public with me.

I think I’ll be heading out Sunday. That’s our plan.  We’ve ended up with nine men.  This tough economy has thinned the number who can afford to make the trip. One of our group called the same ranch we helped last year and she was in tears after he asked if she wanted us to come again this year.  Trust me, I’m not looking forward to working her wild cows.  Mercy, some of them are downright mean.  Some only see a man during round-up and since the ranch is so big a lot of cattle are missed. It may be three years before some of those old angry cows encounter a human.  The ranch is 85,000 acres.  Trust me folks, you can get a sore butt riding that much land.  The terrain is rocky with steep mountains, big cliffs, cactus of every shape and form and it’s the home of more rattlesnakes than most any place in the country.

California Charlie wanted to come down and be our cook again, but his new wife wouldn’t let him go. She was afraid he would get hurt. Smart woman. He would have gotten hurt. I doubt if all of us will return unscathed. Working with wild cattle is not like herding my docile bunch.

A lot of churches go on missions to build hospitals and homes in third world countries. Our thoughts are we need to help our real neighbors. One year we built a barn.  One year we cleared mesquite from a small ranch.  We never do glorious things, but I do believe Christ Jesus our Lord approves of our efforts. Part of being a Christian is giving. Giving is doing without expecting something in return. We give to people who can’t give back to us.

I got several emails wanted to know how we got the dogs to track and bark (howl).   General G. is brilliant.  He had one cowboy leave a shirt or piece of clothing, mount his horse and take off.  An hour or so later the dogs were given the scent and ton cue they went after the rider.  The rider was instructed to ride the bank of the river and then double back a few hundred yards inland.  When the dogs finally catch and tree him they are given treats.  They really put up a ruckus when they are in the chase.  General G. suggested we change out riders to be chased and vary the route.  The idea is so the dogs end up in the area of the river and cam be heard south of the border.  The idea is to chase with four and let four rest.  So far our ploy has stopped anyone from trying to sneak through.  Some wonder why the rancher is so upset that a few people want to cross his land. They are so trashy. They leave six pack plastic holders that a calf can step in and cause injury to himself.  Plastic bags, plastic bottles, beer cans, wrappers. They cut fences. They turn on a water faucet and let it run.  Trust me you wouldn’t want them on your property. If they get hungry they butcher a calf.  They rob homes. It’s not a pretty thing.

I mentioned in the eBay listing, but please hold your emails from Sunday August 30th until Labor Day.  You can comment on this blog, but I cannot answer until I return. The place we are going is not wireless and I doubt if I’ll sleep where there is electricity.  We are taking a couple of big tents and folding cots.  There won’t be any room service…(smile).

Dominique Dunn died today.  It’s a shame, because Ted Kennedy’s death will dominate the news.  I loved reading Dunn in Vanity Fair. Don’t faint, we do get the magazine even down in these sticks.  Dunn was 83 and was the victim of bladder cancer.  The lady whose company does my shipping had bladder cancer when she was 19.  I don’t why I’m talking about this other than I think it’s wonderful she and her husband are both cancer survivors.  We American’s have the best health care in the world.  I don’t want the president to ‘fix’ my health care. I want the government to keep their hands off our medical care.  I don’t want to be like the UK or Canada.  I like what we have.  I don’t want a death panel telling me to consider giving up because it will be good for my family.  I don’t want some government worker giving me advice on how to die in a hospice.

This old broken down cowboy is too tired to eat, so good night, Will Cooper <><

Getting Personal

August 27, 2009

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I have come to two conclusions:

1. The president doesn’t have a US Birth Certificate.

2. We will never know for sure where he was born.

Those of us who question the legality of his being Constitutionally sound to serve will not know the truth in our lifetime. The left calls us ‘birthers’.  Know this, who ever backed his run for presidency knew the truth years before he got into politics. They began to build a cover well in advance of his first venture into politics.  They had the power to seal his grammar school, Jr. High, Sr. High, Jr. College, Colombia and Harvard records.  No one has ever read any thing the current president has written.

Before you jump on my neck and tell me of his two books, may I remind you that most experts think Bill Ayers wrote those books.  When you hear the president speak without a teleprompter he is not as fluid as the books. His word choices are not those found in the two books.  His unscripted words betray him.

I admire World Net for trying to unseal the truth about the birth certificate.  They sent a man to Kenya to seek the truth and he ended up having to bribe guards to be allowed to get out of the country.  Dozens of lawsuits have been filed and each one is stopped short of finding the truth. I’ve read thousands of pages on the birth certificate issue.

One new theory is he was born in Canada.  His mother enrolled in college in Washington State 15 days after he was born.  As many of you know most people believe Chester Authur was born in Canada and was the first man who was not native born to serve as an American president. Authur is known as the accidental president. He took office upon the death of Garfield.  Many think he was born over the border in Canada and assumed the birth certificate of his baby brother who died but was born in the States.

Some of the mystery is clouded by Chester saying he was born in 1830, but the family bible says 1829.  His lying about the date poured gasoline on the fire.  Authur never addressed the birth issue, even though asked many times.  His father was a Baptist minister who moved often and did live in Canada for a short time.

You may remember the young man from Iowa who was trying to auction off the president’s Kenyan birth certificate on  The bidding got up to one million dollars before eBay removed his listing.  He tried four or five times only to have it pulled.  He finally made a very poor quality YouTube showing the birth certificate. It was fairly blurry so you couldn’t tell a lot.  I understand is trying to get him to let them independently test the document.

Let’s say they prove it’s real.  What will happen? Will the Supreme Court yank him from office?  No!!!  If proves the paper is real, we will see another group of experts from the other side step in and they will prove it is a fake.  We are not going to win. He is going to remain president.  Our grand kids’ grand kids will argue this like we are talking about Chester A. Arthur and him being born in Canada.

Be honest with yourself. If we removed the president from office we would face a Civil War. Hundreds of thousands would be killed. The country would split so deep we may never recover. Please trust me, I’ve given this much thought.  I think about what would happen if he were proved to have been born in Kenya and no picture I see would be pretty.  Stop and think how convoluted the laws signed would be. Would orders given to the military or the money given to banks be reversed?  Would the car companies be returned to their owners? Could we reverse the massive spending?

I don’t suggest you stop digging or reading. I won’t.  I would love to know the truth. I would love to read what he wrote in college. I would like to know how they duped us. That’s just the kind of person I am.  My knowing won’t change one tiny thing, but I still want to know.

While I was down on the border trying to devise a system that would prevent hoards of illegals from trashing my old friend’s place, we three got deep into this birth certificate issue. We all agreed something was out of place for a president to hide all of his history.  The wise old rancher thinks the president is a Muslim plant.  General G. thought he is a pawn of George Soros and me? I think he may be a combination of both.

Which is a nice segue into telling you the latest from the ranch. One of the twins stopped in to have coffee with me before he saddled the horses this morning.  His old cousin called him last night bragging what a genius I am.  At least my twin knew the truth. I’m no genius, a blind hog will find an acorn from time to time.  It seems the old man was visited by the local Sheriff yesterday questioning him about the people he was killing.  Which really is funny. The Sheriff has known the old man for 40 years.  Yet the story is being told so real it made the Sheriff question what he already knew. The old rancher would never harm a child.  He might shoot a trespasser, but never a baby.  He took the Sheriff on a tour and showed him our signs. Then re-told the scare story.  Evidently the Sheriff laughed so hard he got choked up and the old man had to slap him on the back.  The Sheriff thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.  He assured the old rancher no one in the area was laughing. They all thought he had man eating dogs on his ranch.

This has been as rewarding as when I nail a painting or write a good blog.  It’s a good feeling to come up with an idea that works. I’ve thrown a lot of mud against the wall, but when a lump sticks it’s a great feeling.  I know eventually the newness of the dogs will wear off. Some group from Central America will venture onto his place and make it through and others will follow, but for now he is enjoying the ride.

One final word on the birth certificate. There are things in life we have no control over and this is one of them. Change the things we can and don’t fret over that we cannot control.

Good night, Will <><

A Howling Success

August 25, 2009

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I need to let you know the fine people who do my shipping will be gone the first week in September. They are both famous artists and she has her annual one artist show in Santa Fe. They are big time artists but kind enough to have their people box and ship my art. Since they will be closed and I can’t ship, I’m going to take my annual mission trip to help a rancher in need. Each year several men from our little church under the big oak go help a fellow rancher in need. Last year we went to Alpine…actually west of there and wrangled cattle on a 85,000 acre ranch.  I think we will go back this year.  I’m going to try to have some things listed while I’m gone, but I won’t have my laptop. The ranch is not wireless.

The old border rancher called me about 5 this morning laughing so hard he could hardly talk.  I was dead to the world when the phone rang. It was pitch black and it seemed to take forever for me to find the receiver.  As you know I don’t own a cell phone and I don’t want one.  I’m connected enough without a phone on my hip. I asked in my sleepy voice, “What’s so all fired funny?”

He was still cracking up. “The Border Patrol sent out a couple young kids yesterday afternoon to check on me. They were not dry behind the ears. Seems the word is out all over the area I have a pack of man eating dogs. I’ve already had the dogs kill several dozen kids and let the dogs eat them in front of their parents. The Border Patrol couldn’t understand why I was laughing so hard. I invited them in for some coffee and told them of your plan.  I explained how we scared the britches off that bunch we caught while you were here.  I guess I did a good job of acting. The word has spread south of the Border and all up and down my side of the  river.  They think I’ve gone crazy.  That I really am having my killer dogs eat people’s kids.  You thought that might happen and you were dead center on.  I think the two older boys in the group we caught were coyotes and they also believed me.  As you know they don’t care if the people they are bringing over are harmed after they get the money but they do care about getting chewed up by a big dog or dogs.”

By then I was awake. “What did the Border Patrol say?”

“Well, first I took them to the river and showed them my signs. They were pretty impressed.  Then I introduced them to the killer dogs.  The younger officer was the smartest and he told me, ‘Sir, these dogs are not killers.’  No wonder the illegals are winning.  We hire some of the dumbest people on earth to secure our border.  I explained to them that was the idea.  I know bloodhounds don’t kill, you know bloodhounds don’t kill, but the illegals don’t know bloodhounds don’t kill.  Just the name bloodhound makes them sound mean. One of the bloodhounds must have realized the situation so he walked up to the older agent and began licking his hand.  You should have seen the agent’s face turn red.”

By then I was laughing.  I asked, “How did it turn out?”

“One of the two, I can’t remember which said, ‘You mean the dogs are a ploy to scare immigrants from crossing over on your ranch?’   I explained if I wanted dogs to kill I’d have gotten Pit Bulls of Rotweilers.  I wanted to scare. I wanted to play on their fears.  I gave you credit for the idea.  The best part is they all think I’m crazy.  At least they got that part right.  I will admit when you told me to tell the family my dogs ate children and we buried the bodies, that was a hard thing for me to say, but it was the key to the entire operation. I set fear deep into their hearts and in another week there will not be a person on either side of the river who will not think it’s true. In fact by now they already know there are three dozen children’s bodies buried that my dogs have eaten.  When my lease is up on the dogs I’m going to see if your buddy General G. will sell me four.  It’s comforting to hear them at night.  Darkness doubles fear and their voices only make the fears real.  By the way we got the rest of the signs up. With the sound of the dogs the signs have meaning. Thanks my friend.”

I will admit I have a smidgen of pride with the success of my idea.  I knew the key would be to catch some and let the old man do his thing.  He is a scary looking dude. Trust me, he has a mean looking face, long handlebar moustache and keen black eyes that look like drops of coal in their sockets.  He sits a horse like a king and the  5″ rowells on his Mexican spurs  make him seem even more sinister. He did such a great job acting, I started to believe him. I started to ask him to show me the graves. (smile)

I did tell him, before I’ll come again he has to get me a real bed to sleep in. That corn shuck mattress has my back so stiff I have a hard time sitting a saddle.  He offered to pay me, but I had too much fun to take his money. Besides General G’s dogs didn’t come cheap.

When I was trying to find General G. I called his grandmother in Snyder, Texas.  Pure Texas Lady all the way.  General G. told me a couple of stories on his elderly grandmother. When she went to get her Texas driver’s license renewed she failed the eye test. Doctors did some laser work and she passed the eye test.  He asked her if she had ever taken a drivers test.  She answered, “Why no, I got my drivers license at the grocery store when I was 12.  The license cost me $.25 cents. I just keep getting them renewed.”  Not long ago a young Snyder policeman started following her. She was driving slow and perhaps weaving a little.  He followed her to her home, where she pulled into the garage. As she got out of her car he was standing in the garage. As only a Texas Lady could do she said, “What a lovely and thoughtful young man you are to follow an old woman like me home to make sure I arrived safely.  Thank you for being so kind. ” The cop mumbled, put up his ticket book and sheepishly said, ” my pleasure mam”. I hope if I live to be 94 I can be as sharp as she is at that age. She made it impossible for him to write her a ticket.

I called General G. to tell him of our apparent success.  He admitted he thought I was crazy, but after thinking it over he figured it just might work.  He told me the old man needs to go to Hollywood.  He had us both thinking he was serious about having the dogs kill the illegals.  I think a lot of the emotions were real.  His place looked like a trash dump in places. He wouldn’t be human if he didn’t have some deep seated rage.

Good night my friends, Will Cooper

WHO Let The Dogs Out!!!

August 24, 2009

Mercy am I ever glad to be home.  I can’t wait to crawl in my bed tonight.  I’ve been sleeping on a shuck mattress down on the border ranch.  If you don’ t know what a shuck mattress is, this is where you put corn shucks in a cotton sack and sleep on it.  Not complaining, jus’ tellin’ how it went.

As most of you know I have been down on the Texas/Mexican border trying to help a cousin of my twins with his illegal alien problems. I love a challenge, but this is one time I stepped in over my head. I knew it was bad on the border, but I had no idea how bad.  I have a new respect for those who ranch on the border. The US Government has tied their hands. If they were to shoot a trespasser and that invader happened to be an illegal alien then they would spend the rest of their life in jail.  If a regular cattle thief was caught, you could shoot him for trespassing and get a thank you note from the local sheriff.  It’s a sad double standard.  If they arrest and hold these invaders for the Border Patrol, the ACLU will sue them for breaking the civil rights of the illegal aliens.  Especially if they speak harshly or treat any of the illegals rough.

You have never seen trash until you visit a border ranch.  I got down there Wednesday before dark, so the owner took me for a ride in his old rusty blue pickup truck. It had no shocks, I swear we were riding on the axles.  He ranches just over 15,000 acres, which stretches along the Rio Grande River.  There are only about a dozen good places for the illegals to cross over. A lot of the river bank is so very steep it would be difficult for anyone to scale down and then get back up on the other side.  He had done one smart thing. He had cleared the brush and cactus away from the bank in a swath about a hundred yards wide.  That was part of my plan. I was going to ask him to do the clearing, but he was ahead of me. This allows a horse and rider to ride the fence line.  Illegals cut a lot of fences and there is a constant need to repair them, otherwise the cattle would swim over to Mexico and it’s hard to get them back because of all the Mexican disease on the other side.

I felt we had to make the Illegals FEAR coming onto his property.  FEAR can be a big deterrent, but it had to be done with much skill.  The Illegals know the law. They know the rancher can’t shoot them and not get in trouble.  Now if they attacked him he could then shoot them, but only those carrying drugs would risk a gun fight with a rancher. ALL border ranchers are heavily armed.

Before I left my place I made a call to an old boy from Snyder, Texas.  I call him General G.  He’s no general, but acts like one, because he is free with giving orders. We go a long way back.  We go back to Tom Green County.  I didn’t have General G.’s phone number, so I called his 94 year old grandmother in Snyder. What a delight. I have a couple of great stories to tell you about her. Stories General G shared with me. Anyway, back to the General. He trains bloodhounds for police work.  Not only trains, but raises them.  General G. has his compound hidden in the heart of west Texas. I won’t give up his location. He knows the Mexican Drug cartels would love to slip in and kill all of his dogs.  Bloodhounds have the best noses of any dog. They are not all that tall, but weigh between 110 and 150 lbs.  They have the most blood curdling bark of any dog.  Fear rattles in the heart of one hearing their constant barking.  Or I guess I should say howling. Once they pick up a scent they start off with their constant howling and trust me their voices carry for miles.

General G. was waiting at the ranch when I arrived. He brought 8 dogs for my rancher buddy to lease. If the dogs work then the rancher will have the opportunity to buy them. At a lot of ball games they play the song, “Who Let the Dogs Out!!!”   I am hoping letting the dogs out will send fear into the hearts of those who were thinking of cutting through this ranch. I know we can’t stop them, but we can “invite” them to move to another ranch to make their crossing. My only concern is with the twins’ cousin.

The three of us crammed in the old man’s antique pick up truck and traveled on the roughest roads in America. I cannot remember even a bronc bouncing me around like his pickup truck.  In the back of the pickup truck were 100 silk screened signs with metal holders. Much like those used by real estate companies.  Before I left my ranch I called the old rancher and had him pick up the signs in Laredo.  The sign company put on a rush order. General G., the old man and I put out signs until it was too dark to see.  The silk screen company in Laredo out did themselves.  I have just got to stop and tell you about my signs.  My idea was to put up enough signs along the river so any place some one came across they would see these signs.  A lot depended on General G. being willing to provide the bloodhounds.  I didn’t think just any dog would do. I felt it had to be a blood hound.  Two reasons. First, their name is frightening and second, their voice. WOW, if you hear them at night it makes you want to find a cave to hide in.

Once the company making the signs learned what I was trying to do they suggested they add some art work.  He had a drawing of a dog with fangs dripping blood.  He placed the dog in the top middle of the sign with blood running from its mouth.  The wording is excellent.

BEWARE Killer Bloodhound

Enter at your own Risk

Not responsible when the bloodhounds maul you to death.

I will not be responsible for your death if you step on my property.

I’m letting the dogs out…I suggest you find another ranch to cross if you want to live.

This is all in Spanish. We wanted to give them enough information to cause their imaginations to work overtime.  I tried to word it so when they stopped to read the sign and heard the dogs howling at the same time their hearts would grow weak. They would go back across the river to find another place to cross.

What has brought on the extra large number of Mexicans crossing through ranches is overnight the Mexican Government changed out all of their custom agents and replaced them with new people.  For a few weeks there will be no one bribing their way into the United States.  Thus the next best places to cross the border is through ranches.

On the second day the old man got General G. and me up about 4:30 am.  We had a great breakfast, saddled our horses and off we went with the dogs. Eight of the old man’s men came with us. After General G. goes home it will be up to teams of two to take the dogs out.  Perhaps that’s not clear.  Four dogs work the daylight hours and four dogs work at night.  We want a constant howling from the bloodhounds day and night.  General G. taught the men how to set the dogs on a scent and then follow them.  We stopped at noon for some jerky and coffee.  Their jerky was like shoe leather, but when you are hungry it tasted pretty good.  By mid afternoon the men were getting the hang of working the dogs.  We made a point to ride two men and two dogs along the clearings.  We wanted the Illegals to see what the sign said was true.

That afternoon a family of ten tried to brave the dogs.  They got about a half mile into the ranch before the dogs “treed” them.  There are no trees, just scrub brush, but a pair of dogs had them at bay when we arrived. The old rancher told them he was going to spare their lives so they could tell their friends the next time the dogs would be ordered to kill.  I know enough Spanish to realize he told the mothers the first things his dogs would kill are the babies. He’d let them eat the babies after the adults were dead.  He said he’d bury the bones so no one would ever know what happened to them.  The old man probably would have done that. He sure made a believer out of me.

I have never seen such fear in anyone’s face as those young people.  Out of the ten, three were small children, a couple were teens and the oldest about 35.  I think the word will spread like wildfire that the old man is crazy. He will turn the bloodhounds loose on any who venture onto his ranch.  Bloodhounds are not killers, but 99.999% of those south of the Rio Grand don’t know that.

I called the old rancher this evening when I got home.  He said the word was spreading that he had gone crazy and was KILLING illegals by siccing his bloodhounds on them. He was laughing so hard I could hardly understand what he was saying.  So far so good.   Sometimes it’s not the poker player with the best hand, but the one with the best bluff.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.  I’m ready for a shower, some cold buttermilk and hot cornbread. The wife of one of the twins sent me some cornbread.  Good night, Will Cooper <><

True Lies

August 20, 2009

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It’s been so darn dry my sand ants are choking on the dust.  It’s so dry down here the local Baptist Church is sprinkling when they baptize. The Methodists are using wet wipes and our Lutheran Church is handing out rain checks. Our Catholics are praying to change their wine back into water.  Just wanted you to know we are still without rain.

Frankly I’m tired of all the lies falling from the lips of those in Washington. It’s a town full of self interest and personal aggrandisements. Arlen $pector is a perfect example. He realized he could no longer get elected as a Republican so he switched parties. While a Republican he vowed to not vote for the government health care bill.  The moment he changed hats he suddenly saw the benefits of the government running our lives.  Arlen $pector is a shining example of a living lie. He said this week, “Those attending my meetings are not representative of America.”

What hole does he live in? I’ve seen a half dozen videos of his town hall meetings and the people asking questions look a lot like the people at our TEA Parties.  Where do these leftists live?  Arlen $pector is now hauling in bus loads of ACORN people for his meetings.  I guess he thinks the ACORN group represents America better than the hard working folks who have been showing up for his meetings.  Please note how I spelled $pector.  The president bribed $pector and now he is a top class kool-aid drinker.

The big lie is to call government run health care, public  health care. There is nothing public about it.  If the American people knew this was a government run health care system they would be a lot more enraged than they are. Give the left credit.  They knew the truth would kill the bill, so cleaver wordsmiths did polls and discovered public health care had less sting and was less offensive to the American people.  But we old under-educated country folks and a lot of our city slicker friends got wise. We saw what they were doing and pulled the covers back.  This is why AARP has had 60,000 members pull their membership. AARP endorsed the government health bill.  Now they are doing the two step, but in truth AARP did back the bill.  They backed it and now they are lying about their actions. The president said we have the backing of AARP.  AARP is a liberal bunch, while most of their members are conservative and don’t want the government meddling with their health care.

We have raised such a ruckus that the president is backing off his ‘public’ (government) health care and going to back a co-op plan.  This is another well camouflaged ploy. Co-op is the same as public (government) health care, only the words poll better. Trust me this was poll tested before the president backed off his public plan. Here is the truth. Co-ops will be functionally indistinguishable from a public option; because they will similarly benefit from free capital grabbed from us taxpayers.  In other words, the referee will begin playing the game and the same as public option the co-0ps will kill off private insurance.

DO NOT believe the lie that public (government) option is going away. DO NOT believe the Democrats are going to give up on universal health care. It’s their sacred cow. Let me give you and example.  Let’s say the Washington NFL Redskins are getting beat at the half time and during their break they changed into the old Houston Oilers uniforms and wore them the second half.  The team would be the same, just the color of the jersey would be different.  The Democrats are going to change the language to rate better in the polls, but they are going to keep the same goal and plan. It may take them longer, but they are who they are.  They will not let a bunch of  ignorant constituents tell them what to do. They are going to keep on keeping on to ram through universal health care.

Keep the pressure on the Republicans. Some might drink the kool-aid of the new CO-OP deal.  They might believe the lie.  It’s up to us who are under-educated and have little ‘cooth’ to keep them in line.  We must stop the Republicans from making a fool of themselves.

If the government really wanted to bring down the cost of health care they would do tort reform.  Our doctors have to do dozens of tests to protect themselves from lawyers and frivolous lawsuits.  We could cut the cost of health care by 35% with tort reform.  Since 80% of those in Congress are lawyers, tort reform is out of the question.

My horses are in the trailer, my guns loaded, clothes packed and the pick up truck is full of gas.  I felt this message was important enough for me to delay my trip and let you know, a wolf in sheep’s clothes is still a wolf.  Don’t fall for the soft sounding co-op.  Government run health care is government run health care no matter what name is hung on it.

Send up a few prayers for me.  I need the prayers and I know you need the practice.  Will Cooper <><

The Mexican Border

August 19, 2009

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Before I get into the meat of my blog I want to tell you about this.  An elderly couple in Georgia were killed this week by feral dogs.  He was 77 and she 65.  The dogs killed her and when he went to her aid they killed him.  The law picked up 15 dogs that had formed a pack, running wild. Remember a few months ago I killed a pack of feral dogs on my ranch.  Just wanted you to know mine was not some isolated case. My only question is why did the cops pick up the dogs. They should have shot them on the spot.  Feral dogs are dangerous.

Thank you for your messages of concern. I’ll be safe.  I’m leaving Wednesday for the Mexican border.  I’ll try to get something written for the blog and list a piece on Wednesday before I go.  I will not take a laptop on this trip.  So please hold your emails forwarding me things to read.  Please do comment on the blog page if you wish, I’ll get those messages when I return. Your input is important. I rely on you guys more than you know.

My two key men are twins and their first cousin owns a big spread along the Rio Grande River.  I don’t know for sure but I suspect he has 12,000 to 15,000 acres on his ranch.  I won’t tell you his exact location, but I can say he is east of Laredo in a perfect area for drugs and people to be smuggled into the country through his property.   So far he has managed to keep the traffic to a small stream, but that is going to change immediately. Most of the river banks on his place are sloping, making it easy to get down to the river and back up on level ground. The river is a trickle in places as it passes his ranch.  He is an older Mexican, who got caught in the tick fever quarantine and now he is going to have to deal with a rash of drugs and humans. His area is not high on the Border Patrol’s priority. No cameras and few if any agents.  It’s him against the Mexican drug cartels.  Not real good odds and I’m not Clint Eastwood who is going to make things equal. We are over matched and out gunned. I hope my brain works a little better than those of the drug gangs.

If you have not seen pictures or videos on the damage these folks who come across do to our land then you would be shocked.  They leave trash like you see in the slums. Plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, dirty diapers, bags for chips, candy wrappers and clothes.  Frankly the area will look like Gulfport/Biloxi after the hurricane came through. We know we can’t stop them, but perhaps I can help him slow them down or cause them to go some other places.

He employees about a dozen men. Some of them mere boys. None are gunfighters. But all of them are American citizens. I’m sure he is tempted to hire the cheaper illegal labor, but he like the Twins, loves our state and our country. They are not happy that Illegal Aliens are invading us. If the president gets his wish he will make all the illegals citizens so they can vote.

This week the Mexican Government made a massive change in border security personal and customs agents.  From San Diego to Brownsville TX the Mexican government swooped in and removed everyone working the border crossings.  They didn’t actually fire them, but refused to renew their contracts.  They removed 1,100 border security customs people and replaced them with 1440 who had been secretly trained.  This had to be a shock to the drug cartels. The old agents were taking bribes to look the other way when a load of money, people or dope was coming through.  At least the bribes will stop now for a while. 90% of the new agents are college graduates and only 10% of the old ones graduated from colleges.  I’m not sure how long it will take the cartels to buy the new folks off, but it’s not going to be an instant transition back to complete corruption.  This means human and drug smugglers will have to find other ways to get their merchandise into the States.  The Twins’ cousin is a perfect target.  He has what is equilivant to Palm Beach Ocean front property.  There is a backroad in Mexico that drives by his place south of the river.  A lot of people traveling from Brownsville and Mc Allen go over into Mexico and use this back road to get to Laredo. What I’m saying is his ranch is an ideal place to cross over in and in fact the traffic has already picked up. He called one of the twins in a panic. He is scared and asked me to come down.

He wants me to come and show him how to stop the Illegals and drug runners from trashing his ranch. Killing his beef and cutting his fences.  His property is different than mine.  If I ever get any rain I’ll have coastal bermuda up to the belly of my animals.  He is in a rocky soil with lots of small sage trees not much taller than a big mule.  Even if you are on a ridge it’s difficult to see movement.  A few years back the twins and me when down to his place to hunt deer.  He has some white tail bucks that look like a mule deer.  I remember then the hard time we had finding a clear shot. But when we went back on horse back we had better visibility.

I’m taking a couple of my better mares.  I have a hunch how to stop some of this assault, but I won’t tell you until I’ve proved my theory.  For those of you who tend to worry I will be taking my rifle and old WWII Army .45.  I’m fully aware those people bringing drugs in have no compunction about killing an American.  There have been over 1,000 Americans killed in the United States by these drug dealers in the past few years.  I think it’s going to really get nasty now that essentially the Mexican Government has shut off the pay as you go policy. Drugs are still going to flow into our country and with them not being able to use the legal entry points, people like the cousin are going to be in the crossfire.

I want to get to his ranch before dark Wednesday.  I called and told him what I thought would work and where to get what was needed. I suggested he put in a rush order, because the cartels will not put things on hold for him. I gave him phone numbers after I called them first to make sure they could do the job ASAP.

We are being assaulted from Washingon and Mexico. I often wonder which is worse.

Let me leave you with this thought.  A well dressed lady answered a Florida Lemon grower’s ad for lemon pickers.  He asked, “You don’t look like someone who has picked lemons. Have you had any experience?”

Without hesitation she answered, “I voted for Obama and have been married three times.”   She got the job!   Will Cooper <><

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The Vituperative Left

August 18, 2009

Obama Gun Poster

One of my eBay family sent me this poster. This is true. Gun and ammo sales have gone through the roof here in the Lone Star State.

Bet I gotcha with this title.  The left are not the only ones who can toss out four-bit words.  Vituperative means insulting, abusive, offensive, malicious, slanderous and scathing.  Is this not what we conservatives are getting from the left’s leaders?  If you don’t think Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barney Frank, top White House officials and Harry Reid have been vituperative toward us who don’t want a bigger government then you have been living in a hut in Africa, like the president’s brother.

Back in the 1800s in jolly old England a man was known for his rapier wit.  No one had a sharper tongue than Oscar Wilde. He was invited to parties to cut the guests down to size with a few well chosen words. Ann Coulter is the nearest person today that has the rapier wit of Oscar.  The word rapier comes from rape.  In other words you were raped with words.  Most of those conversations were in fun.  Today’s vituperative insults are for real.  The left knows what they are doing and who they are targeting.  The left speaks with malice and Oscar Wilde made his rapier wit a game. Besides there is no wit in the words the left uses. We on the right know how to joke and take a joke on ourselves.  Have you ever known a funny left winger? The president can’t tell a joke, but funny things just fell off George W. Bush’s lips.

There are signs the president is backing off government controlled insurance and will give in to a co-op run program.  Several of his Democrat House and Senate members told the president he was paddling up stream without an oar and there was no way to pass the Universal Health care he is pushing.  I don’t fully trust the matter, because Howard Dean is still pushing hard for government run health care.  Dean never saw a government program he didn’t like.

The president has done all he can to vilify American Doctors. His last insult was when he said our doctors treating diabetics look at the patient and think, “I can treat him or cut a foot off. If I cut a foot off I’ll get $40,000 to $50,000 dollars.”  I looked up what the doctor normally gets to amputate a  foot, including follow up medical attention. They get between $700 and $1,000 dollars.  And the president is wondering why his poll number are falling like a rock into The Grand Canyon. I’ll call it what it is…the president is lying to the American people to push his government control of our lives. Suddenly doctors are evil. Doctors are the demons.  They charge too much. We must control what doctors make.  We do that and we won’t have any doctors.

The left has decided to pull out the death panel part of the bill, even though this weekend the president was still saying he never meant to pull the plug on grandmother.  No matter what he says, it’s in the bill and Sarah Palin broke it down to words we all can understand.  She called it a death panel.  That resonated with the American People and in the face of being called a Mob, Un-American and Nazis we pushed forward and stood up to their maligning us. First we are paid to rebel and then we are misguided urchants from the backwoods who know nothing.  It doesn’t matter what we are called as long as we stand tall for our way of life and freedom in America.  I’m very proud of every one of you who are making calls and writing letters.  We cannot stop now.  We punched them, they punched back twice as hard and then we bloodied their noses. We have them back on their heels.  Now is the time to increase the pressure.  We can win if we don’t slack off.  Remember we have an election in 2010 to win.  There is no victory if we let them slip in and steal 2010.

I will be out of pocket later in the week.  My Twins, who for those of you new to my blog, run my ranch. They have worked for me since day one. The twins are Mexican and seventh or eighth generation Texans. Their families helped fight in the war with Mexico that gave Texas its Independence.  No native Texas  born Mexican that I know is in favor of mass citizenship for those here Illegally.  This is a battle we will be facing around Christmas time.  It’s coming as sure as we can use some rain. The twins have a cousin down near the border who owns a nice sized ranch. Since his property runs along the Rio Grande he has serious problems with Illegal Aliens and drug smugglers using his land as a highway.  I’m leaving Wednesday and will be back, I hope, Sunday.  If you don’t see a blog or listing, you will know I’m on the border dealing with the bad guys.  It’s just something I need to do. The twins wouldn’t have asked if it was not as serious as a heart attack.

I have a friend about my age who has coached high school football for twenty five years, maybe longer.  He has never been able to get a job as a head coach. He works in the AA and AAA schools as a defensive coordinator and coaches track.  He is a pretty darn good track coach. He is always taking kids to state.  His father, whom I know, had a heart operation last week. They replaced three damaged arteries…or whatever they do when they cut you open. During the operation his kidneys were damaged.  Perhaps they were already in bad shape, I’m not sure.  The doctors told my friend’s father he would need to go on dialysis.  The father was distraught and is making life miserable for all.   In rides Will Cooper on the white horse, I decided to rescue the situation.  I wrote a long email to my coach friend recommending peritoneal dialysis for his father.  I explained this could be done at home. They would not need to go to those depressing dialysis clinics three times a week and sit for hours in a chair for his treatment.  I explained the benefit of daily treatment vs the clinic way where he would get three dialysis treatments a week.  I think peritoneal dialysis is a fairly new procedure.  Dialysis fluids are placed in the peritoneum (abdomen), about a gallon, and left for a few hours and then drained and replaced. Once a person is adjusted they are given a machine. The patient plugs in at bedtime and the dialysis is done when they wake up.  It also allows the patient to travel.  In short this is the closest thing to having a real kidney on the market.

Coach was elated. They asked his father’s kidney doctor if he could use this form of dialysis.  The doctor answered, “No, you are too fat.  Your belly is too big.”

I had no idea, but the father now weighs about 300 pounds.  I need to get him down here for a few months.  I’ve dropped 15 lbs this summer.  I’m down to 195.  I was not trying to lose pounds, but the pounds were sweated off out in the 102 degree sun.

His dad got me to thinking about our health care system. Obesity is a menace to our health costs. In Texas we are losing billions in medical care and loss of productivity because of obesity. Let’s face it obesity is the elephant in the room of health care reform. What do we do with obesity?  If you are heavy, I’m not picking on you.  In truth I don’t know what any of you look like.  I need to clarify, a few of my loyal eBay family members have sent me photos.  I treasure those photos, but by and large I don’t have a clue if you are thin or heavy, so this is not to single any one person out.

Our government doesn’t seem concerned. The new surgeon general is a rather rotund woman.  How can anyone as obese as her tell us how to be healthy? The president smokes and he is trying to tell us how to live healthier lives.  And our vice president has had more face lifts then Barbara Walters.

Please let me share some facts. Obesity is killing 100,000 people a year.

Obesity will cost Texas $15.6 Billion in loss of productivity and health related problems.

For the first time since the Civil War the life expectancy will decline.  This is due to our overabundance of obese and heavy people.

Two out of three adults in the United States are overweight.

In the past twenty years the obesity rates have doubled.

Every third child born in 2000 is likely to wind up diabetic.

Obesity hits the minorities, especially black women the hardest.

I don’t have the answer.  I do know kids no longer play games outside, they are texting or playing computer games.  Parents don’t limit the amount of sodas they can drink. I see it at the Dairy Queen, a family with three fat kids buying them extra large shakes, fries and a greazy triple burger.  I know, I eat there, but only once a week.  These kids are fed a daily diet of fat foods.  I will admit it’s difficult to live in Texas and not eat Tex-Mex food.  We have the best in the world, but it carries pounds in every bite. If the kids worked as hard as I do then they might could burn off the fat, but these kids are couch muffins.  I bet if I visited their homes I’d find cans of soda and big bags of salty chips or a bag of candy.

The government can’t nanny us to exercise and eat right. No one needs to tell you if you are overweight.  You know it.  Here is a tip that will help. Drink water. Drink water when you are hungry for a snack. Read labels and find stuff with less fat causing stuff. Mothers who breast feed raise children who tend not to get fat.  If you or your friends are overweight, it’s time for you to take control of your life.  It’s no fun to sit in a movie when your butt is so big it won’t fit in the seat.  When flying you have to buy two seats.   I don’t know the answer, but I do know that obesity is the most pressing issue we have in America.       Thank you for listening, Will Cooper

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