I’m Dizzy!!!

Obama Joker Poster for eBay

This poster of Barry as the Joker is popping up all over the country. Of course you will not see this on your evening news. I do think his messiah image is starting to show cracks. The people who believe in him are discovering he cannot lower the oceans and pay their mortgage bills.  Even his cash for clunkers is in a mess. Car dealers are having problems being paid for the $3,500 or $4,500 they credited people toward a  new car.  Now the Senate is saying they probably won’t extend the Cash for Clunkers.  And by the way, a lot of the cars being brought in are not clunkers, so the government has instructions for the dealerships on how to destroy them and make them clunkers.  What a country!!!

The simple thing would have been to give tax credit toward a new car. But no, that would have been too easy. Now these guys want to ration our health care.

What makes me dizzy is the president and his drones are trying to force all of us into small cars. My time is short tonight, but I want to show you the kind of car they want you to drive. If the government can get us in Smart Cars then our population will be reduced in short order.

Below is a picture of a Smart Car…your car of the future.

Blog Smart Car New

I’m limited on time tonight but I felt it important to let you see the car Washington wants us to drive and what happens when one of these new cars gets out of view of a truck driver. The next image is on a bridge in Baton Rogue LA, I think.   The truck in the back lost the Smart car from his view. He plowed into it without knowing the little car was there. Welcome to the new America.  Barry’s America.

Blog Smart Car in Wreck

I may be an old broken down cowboy, but I have enough brains left to not get caught on the road in one of those ‘gas saving, green house safe’  tin cans.  Who cares how safe the climate is if we all die in these little nothings.  I can see the people in Rome driving these postage stamp vehicles where the streets are so narrow bikes can’t pass without bumping each other. Here in Texas we want our gas guzzlers.

Don’t let the liberals distract you away from the government run health care. People are turning out in droves to let Congress know what they think when one makes a mistake and shows up in public.  Old Lloyd Dogget from Austin got blasted from people when he tried to explain government health care. This is happening all over the country. Now is the time for us to keep up the pressure.  We cannot give them an inch.

On a different note. I sold 40 head of cattle last week. I sure didn’t want to sell them, but neither do I want to feed them.  I picked the cattle I wanted to sell and an old boy with a big feedlot operation took them at a fair price. If you are wondering if we have had any rain,  NO.  And none is expected.  It’s been a rare day when our heat gets under 100 degrees, but even then it’s either 98 or 99.

I have to pay bills and try to find some time to paint.  Good night Will <><


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