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I will never forget the first time I heard our “Queen” say before she was crowned, “I am proud to be an American for the first time in my life.”   I thought that was odd for a woman who got into Princeton because of her color. I thought that was an odd statement by a woman whose husband was an United States Senator.  At the time Laura Bush was our first lady, we have grown accustomed to class.  Laura exuded grace and beauty in her way of live and dealing with both the rich and the poor.

Then recently our “Queen” said, “In my own life, in my own way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. You see, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service.”

I ran across an interesting piece in the Canadian Free Press.  They reminded me that our “Queen” doesn’t get paid to serve as First Lady and she performs no official duty. That has not stopped our “Queen” from living like the post she mans. Can I say mans?  Should I say womans?

No First Lady has spent more money than our current “Queen”. She has a staff whose payroll is $1,104,700.00 a year.  I also wonder what it’s costing the tax payers for the upkeep of “Mama Queen” (Mrs. Obama’s mother). I can’t find the figures of how many she has on her staff.   Never forget “Mama Queen” goes with the “Queen” where ever she travels.  “Mama Queen” was on the World trip. In fact she has gone on all the world trips.  You don’t see her in the photo-op photos, but trust me, she is in the background ready for the next fancy meal.

Let’s look at Mary Todd Lincoln. Mrs. Lincoln purchased the china for the White House and picked out the drapery material. The Lincoln’s are who the “King” and “Queen” like to be identified with. He used Lincoln’s old bible for the swearing in ceremonies. He traveled Lincoln’s route to the event.

Mamie Eisenhower had to get money from Ike to pay for her personal secretary. Good thing Ike was a big shot general before he was elected.

According to the Canadian Free Press our “Queen’s” staff is the following:

1. Susan Sher………$172,000 a year.  That’s what a Senator makes.

2. Jocelyn Frye……..$140,000

3, Desiree Rogers………$113,000

4. Camille Johnston………$102,000

5. Melissa Winter………….$100,000

6. David Medina…….$90,000

7. Catherine Lelyved…………….$84,000

8. Frances Starkey………….$$75,000

9. Trooper Sanders…………$70,000

10. Erinn Burnough………….$65,000

11. Jennifer Goodman….$$62,000

12.  Joseph Reinstein…..the same

13. Alan Fitts………$60,000

14. Dana Lewis….salary unknown but you can bet she is not a charity case.

15. Semonti Mustaphi…………….$52,000

16. Kristen Jarvis……..$50,000

17. Tyler Lechtenber………..$45,000

18.  Samantha Tubman……………Salary unknown…but she ain’t working for free.

19.  Joseph Boswell…………..$40,000

20. Sally Armbruster…………….$36,000

21. Natalie Bookey…………….Unknown

22. Delia Jackson………………..Unknown.

Folks, there has never been anyone in the White House that spends like our “Queen”.  Hillary Clinton only had  staff of three and we all know what spenders Bill and Hil were. Jackie Kennedy only had one helper as did Laura Bush.  I mentioned earlier, Mrs. Eisenhower got the money from her husband to pay her help.

BUT remember this list of the staff doesn’t include the “Queen’s” make up artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles. A 49 year old pro, who we know doesn’t come cheap. Then there is the “Queen’s” Hairstylist Johnny Wright, a 31 year old who travels on Air Force One. Yep, he went on the World trips.  He goes any where the “Queen” goes and I wonder what that is costing us???

Her Victory Garden is producing food that cannot be eaten. Their compost is made from sewage that would make a person sick if they ate the vegetables grown.

This is our “King” and “Queen” being frugal in this current recession. I wonder what they would do if our economy was cooking like in the Dot Com days.   Lord help us.

I saw Laura on television this weekend and was reminded of Grace Personified. I miss Mrs. Bush speaking for our country. I can promise that gurl from Midland has been proud of American from the time she could talk.  And why not, we live in the greatest country in the history of the world.  When they said Change, I didn’t thank Change would mean disgracing our White House with such wasteful spending.

I was in the Dairy Queen today and my old rancher buddy was at his best. He asked me how can I tell if my dog or girlfriend loves me.  He knows I’m seeing Cowgirl.  Naturally I didn’t have a clue. His answer, Lock both of them in the trunk of your car.  After 15 minutes open the trunk and see which one is glad to see you.  (smile)  Gotta look out for those old folks.

Sleep well…and dream of what we can do in 2010.     Will <><


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