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It’s all my fault.  I have helped turn you into a MOB.  This is what the Democrats and the President are saying.  All of us who protest this insane government run health care plan are part of a well organized Mob, paid by the insurance companies and the Republican leadership.  I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting for my check and for someone to tell me I have to go to a TEA Party.

Nancy Pelosi said those at the town hall meetings were carrying swastikas.  These are the kind of lies we are facing. The people at the rallies are God Fearing, America Loving People. We are not the crazies the left is saying we are and I resent the lies.

The TEA Parties that I’ve been to (two) had no real organization to speak of.  The last one is still trying to pay off their debt for renting the Cibilo Ranch to hold the event and whatever they paid Joe the Plumber to speak.  Where is the big money???  Where are the big spenders??? We need them to come forward and assume the party bill. The first one I attended was around the grounds of the small local courthouse.

I learned about the San Antonio TEA Party from a small article in the newspaper. I got no emails and no phone calls. It was a miserably hot day…the therometer in my pickup truck read 107 on the way there.  I think it was 103 or 104 at the actual event. Food was sold, but extremely reasonable.  I paid $3  for a bar-b-que sandwich and a dollar for a bottle of water.  Since attending I have gotten a few emails…I signed up.  No one offered to pay me to attend the next TEA Party event.  They are selling tee shirts and stuff on eBay to try and pay off the rental fee of the ranch.

I’ve seen videos of the people who are showing up at the town hall meetings demanding no government health care.  Sure is an ordinary looking Mob. They look like the people I see in the grocery store or at Home Depot. They look just like the 4,000 or so I saw at the San Antonio TEA Party.

The Democrat line is we are a foaming at the mouth group of people who have been pumped up with lies to the point we are violent. It’s odd they would say that.  I never have seen anyone who looked dangerous other than one little gray haired lady with a big purse.  She was all of 80 pounds and almost 5′-2″, but riled up she could pack a whallop.  Oh, I forgot to mention, she was in her nineties.  Calling us a Mob is the most stupid thing the left has come up with.

Let me tell you about a Mob. Those goons with the Black Panthers who stood with night sticks and intimidated voters…they are the Mob. Then the president dropped all charges against them.

It’s a disgrace for a man whose only job has been as a community organizer to try and stop us from spontaneous meetings to prevent the thing that can destroy our country.

Barbara Boxer said she knew we were a paid Mob, because we were dressed just like the people she saw in Florida during the Bush/Gore battle.  What a goof ball.  Surely California has better people than her.

I will admit I’ve been trying to get you to be part of a Mob. I want you to stand up with me and let’s put a stop to the government health care take over.  I have encouraged you to write letters and make phone calls. If your Congress-person dares show up in your area then I want you to be part of that unruly Mob.  What is stupid, the people at these protests are not radicals, they are not violent, they are Mr. and Mrs. American who loves this country and loves God.  To make us out to be goons is a big time mistake.

A poll was taken today. The question was asked are these genuine or manufactured outrages?  What would you guess the answer to be?

92% said genuine outrage.

7% said manufactured.

1% not sure.

The 7% are the Kool-aid drinkers who believe anything the president says. The 1% are clueless to anything.  92% of the American people know these crowds at the town hall meetings are individuals who are tired and not going to allow a socialist government to grab control of our country.

Why do you think I blog?  It’s darn sure not so you will praise my writing.  I know my limitations. I’m an under-educated, working cowboy who couldn’t construct a sentence if my life depended on it. I graduated from college without an education.  I know nothing about writing other than to pour my heart out for my country.  Some nights I’m almost too tired to bang the keyboard, but I keep on keeping on, hoping I can help a little.  Some days the art doesn’t sell for much, but I keep on painting so I can post my blog.

When they raise the red flag with the yellow star and pull down Old Glory, I want it to be said, Will Cooper did his best to warn the country.  It’s not in my blood to run from a fight and the left has just stirred up a hornets nest calling people like you and me Mob Members.  This is coming from people from Chicago…they know who the real Mob is and it’s not the people showing up at town hall meetings.

Keep the faith and don’t let that bunch in Washington get you off the track of stopping this government health care take over.

Will <><


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