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Before I talk about yellow and blue dogs…let me tell you what upsets me big time. The president now wants his snitches to turn people like us in to the White House if we say anything against him or his health care plan. He has a snitch reporting email  and hotline. Does this sound a little like Germany in the 1930s?  Rest assured, most of us will be on that list. Now don’t go getting paranoid on me.  If they report all who say bad things and don’t agree with the “King”, the list will be 50 million long. It’s a whacked idea to start with. It shows what an amateur we have for president.

We are hearing so much lately about the Blue Dog Democrats vs the Yellow Dog Democrats.  What’s the difference and where did all this dog stuff start.? When Democrat Al Smith was running against Herbert Hoover in the late 1920s a Democrat Senator from Alabama crossed over and voted for Hoover.  There was outrage in the south. Lincoln had freed the slaves and he was a Republican.  No self respecting southerner would ever vote Republican.  When the Alabama Senator crossed over some said, “If a yellow dog was on the ticket against a Republican, I’d vote for the dog.  It stuck and Democrats of the south became Yeller Dawg Democrats.

In the 1950s a group of Democrats who were less radical got the name of Boweevel Democrats. This derogatory name was given them by the Yeller Dawg bunch.  Pete Green, a Congressman from Texas said he was so blue about where his party was going he felt like he was a blue dog.  Like wild fire there term stuck.  It stands for Democrats that are more conservative and don’t want to go along with every radical thing their party stands for.

Today some think it’s because they are in blue states, but that is more of an accident than the real reason.

Today a Yeller Dawg Democrat is one who votes the party ticket no matter what.

Rabid Yeller Dawg Democrats are like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid.  We would say they are radical, but in truth they are rabid. They are foaming at the corners of their mouths when it comes to the liberal agenda of the extreme end of the Democrat party.

Not many years ago Texas was a Democrat State. Livberal Senatoros, Lyndon Johnson and Lloyd Bentsen, from the valley, were screaming yeller dawg Democrats. If you wanted to get elected in Texas you had to be a Democrat. Then miracle of Miracles happened. A history professor from a small college in Wichita Falls took his conservative thoughts to the people of Texas. There was a special election and John Tower, all 5 foot 7 inches of him, won the election.  We had a Republican in Washington. He was followed by Phil Gramm, another professor. Phil was teaching at Texas A&M and very conservative. The yeller dawg wall was pulled down. I’m not sure but I think President George W. Bush was our first Republican Governor in ages. We had sterling governors like Ann Richards, Mark White, Dolph Brisco and the farmer from west Texas whose name slips me. I should remember his name, he just donated 13 million dollars to the University of Texas.

There was a time in Texas you had to be a closet Republican.  Admit you cross-dressed, but never that you were a conservative Republican.  Now days it’s sorta cool.  We have two semi-conservative Senators…I guess I shouldn’t complain, they are better than most of you have.  I do like our governor Rick Perry.

One more thing on this dog issue. Those who call themselves Blue Dog Democrats need to be concerned. If they vote for this government health care plan they will be looking for work at the end of 2010. Those folks come from conservative areas and they will not stand for a bigger government.  Recently the Blue Dogs turned out to be pups. All bark and no bite.

If we don’t stop them now America will be destroyed.  Below is the new Obama healthcare logo and the Logo of Hitler.  If this doesn’t scare the pants off you then you are blind.

eBay Obama Logo

The new government caduceus pin is shown below.  I think the image says it all. Good Night…sleep well…Will Cooper

ebAy Obama Pin


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