eBay Bush and Harry Bird...

Obama failing to help Gates

The top photo shows President Bush helping Senator Robert Byrd down a flight of stairs while Harry Reid watches.  Keep in mind Byrd and Reid never missed an opportunity to slam president Bush. In truth those men were his political enemies, yet Bush had the compassion to help an old man down a flight of stairs.

In the second image President Barry is unaware that his ‘dear friend’ needs help. Gates had to be helped down the steps by a man he said was a racist.  I find it amazing how unaware our president is.  If these two photos don’t say it all then I don’t know what can.

Do you realize our president sat in the church of the Rev. J. Wright for twenty years and was not aware his pastor was a racist?  He was unaware that Wright hated America.  Maybe I only heard the radical sermons of the Rev. J. Wright and they may be the only ones so full of vile hated toward the white race, but I doubt it.  Our president was filling his heart with that same dribble of how bad blacks have it in America.  Wright said 9-11 was the chickens coming home to roost.  In other words we deserved to have 3,000 people killed because of how bad we are.  Looks like we treat blacks badly. Michael Jordan still makes a sinful amount of money each year and he has been in retirement for eons.  What about Tiger Woods?   Don’t we have a Supreme Court Justice that is black?  Isn’t the head of the Republican Party Black?  The last time I looked Steele was black.

Our president was unaware that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were terrorists and had been on the FBI’s top ten list.  He wasn’t even aware he started his political campaign in their living room.  He is a little young to have a memory that faulty. He was unaware that Ayers said the day after 9-11 he didn’t do enough destruction when he was an active terrorist.

He didn’t realize Frank Marshall Davis was a Marxist and communist. Davis, originally a radical black man from Arkansas, ended up in Hawaii where he mentored the young future president through his high school years.  Davis was a poet and journalist.  Extremely radical.  A perfect time to mold a mind.  The president wasn’t aware that Davis had an appetite for young girls, like a 13 year old in his care. Some say no one had a bigger influence over the future president than Davis.  Look at what we are seeing and it’s right out of Frank Marshall Davis’s playbook.

Not long ago the president said he was unaware of any TEA Parties.  He was not sure what they were.  We have made him aware of us.  Now he calls us a Mob.  Now he is sending his goons to the protest meetings and beating people up.  A 38 year old black man, Kenneth Gladlen in Saint Louis was beaten so badly he was sent to intensive care. He was selling Don’t Tread On Me flags and some buttons.  He was unemployed and trying to make a dollar.  Three men and one woman beat him up. They were wearing union tee shirts. Where is the president’s outrage over this black man???   Gates was his buddy so he slammed the cops.  This black guy is against his policies and the president is silent.  Look again at the photo of president Bush helping his enemy.  I think that’s pretty Christian like, don’t you?

Our president was unaware ‘Tony Rezko was a big time criminal.  The president was so unaware he let Rezko help the then Senator buy a million dollar home. When they got the house the president had not been aware the lot was small so Rezko came to the rescue and purchased the lot next to the gaudy mansion and then gave half of that lot to the future King and Queen.

He was unaware that he was buddies with the dirty governor, Blagojevich.  At first he didn’t even know the governor and then dozens of photos of them together started to showing up. Photos King Barry was not aware of.

He was unaware that his aunt was living in the United States as an Illegal Alien. When it surfaced the government was deporting her, he remember her. By the way she was given orders of deportation 5 years earlier but never left. Now that her nephew is president something magical happened. The government is going to let her stay.

He was not aware one of his brothers is a pedophile.  The UK will not let him into their country.

He was not aware another brother lives in a hut on $12 a month.  Even after he was made aware he and the Queen sent no money to poor brother. Yet I remember the president saying, “I am my brother’s keeper.”   Who is his brother…Syria…Hamas…Bill Ayers…Rev. J. Wright…who is he taking care of? It’s sure not people like you and me.

He was unaware his two award winning books were ghost written.  Many people say Bill Ayers wrote the books. One thing is clea, the president didn’t write them.  In fact no one has seen anything he has written. Did you know Ronald Reagan hand wrote all of his own radio addresses for years?  They are in the Reagan library.

President Barry was unaware that the AIG massive bonuses were in the bill he approved and signed.

He was unaware the man he nominated to be his Secretary of Commerce was under investigation for bribery.

He was unaware that his Secretary of the Treasury is a tax cheat.

He was unaware that the woman he nominated to be Chief Performance Officer was a tax cheat.

He was unaware the man he nominated to be number two at the Environmental Protection Agency was under criminal investigation for mismanaging $25 million in EPA grants.

He didn’t even know the man he nominated to be the U. S. Trade Representative was a tax cheat.

He wasn’t aware of Tom Daschel’s tax cheating.

What I find most interesting, he wasn’t aware that to be president of the United States of America you must be a natural born citizen of this country. He has spent about a million dollars keeping what he was not aware of covered up. Think of the money he can save by showing the American people his long form birth certificate and while he is at it his college records.

Sleep well. Your government is aware of you and if this health care bill passes they will have instant access to all of your banking and personal records.   Will Cooper


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