FEMA Internment Camps

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This painting is of the twins who work on my ranch along with my old Dairy Queen friend who tells me all sorts of yarns and jokes every time I make a mistake and go into town. I want to honor them with a portrait that will be around for three hundred years and longer.  I hope one of you will honor them by making them part of your home. They are the good guys of this world.

I’ve received eight to ten emails telling of the National Guard ads for new people. The ad says the Guard will be handling internment camps and taking care of prisioners.  Since we live in a country filled with paranoid folks, they automatically think the government is adding people to arrest the right wingers. They remember our Homeland Security Department warning about right wing, domestic terrorists. They even warned of the military coming home.  The myth is the government is building or has built big internment camps to deal with those of us who dissent. That no doubt includes me and at least 50% of you who bid on my work or read my blogs. 

There is one small problem.  There are no massive camps under construction. I’ve Google Maped and Google Searched and cannot find any of these secret camps. They would have to be massive to hold us.  A Federal Judge in California has just ordered almost 30% of the people they have locked up released. The state can’t pay for their care.  Adding state, county and federal together we have about 2 million people locked up. The cost to house, guard, give medical, feed and cloth is mega.  Some areas are going bankrupt trying to house prisioners. What I’m trying to say is it would be extremely expensive to arrest and lock us up in internment camps.

If the government were to come after those who love God, love their guns, love liberty and don’t like illegal immigration they would have to drag in a minimum of 25 million people.  Let’s say some are able to convert and not be locked up. There would still be 10 million of us who would die in our blood before we would turn our backs on our God, give up our guns or burn our bibles.  The government will need camps large enough for a minimum of ten million loyal Americans.  But the truth be known I think that number would be much higher.  If you think healthcare and cap and trade would be expensive it would be chicken feed compared to housing 10 million angry people.  Unless the right to an attorney is waived then each of us would sue to be released.  If you think the 270 people at Gitmo sounds like a lot to handle in court it’s nothing compared to what would happen if we had FEMA internment camps.

Let me tell you where all this started. It began in the late 1980s with a patriot fax network.  This was before computers. There were fax trees where information was sent out. A spotting of a black helicopter or contrail in the sky and faxes would start flying. An ex Green Beret war hero, Col Bo Gritz, decided to build a compound in Idaho.  He was selling 40 acre tracks where people could go and live off the land. Many of them build bunkers.  What Glen Beck is preaching is nothing new.  This was going on during Kennedy’s administration when there was the atomic bomb scare. Pile up food and build bunkers.  Bo was more enterprising and sold them land.  By the end of the 90ies only a handful of people remained. 

One of Bo’s converts was Randy Weaver whose wife and baby were killed by the FBI on Ruby Ridge. Randy had built a compound on a hill and the feds wanted to get rid of him. They sent a ATF plant in to hire Randy to saw off the end of his shotgun just under the legal length.  In truth Randy did nothing wrong, but help a man he thought was a friend. The FBI came with a show of force and killed his son’s dog before they got to the house. The kid shot back.  Google the story.  This is caused by paronia of the government and the impending doom.

The story back in the 80s and 90ies was UN Troopers were going to do the arresting. White trucks with blue UN on the sides were coming to get us. They were made up of killers from Russia, Mexico and Lord knows where.  When the UN Troopers failed to come some loonies came up with the idea that our National Guard would do the arresting.

Let me speak straight. I don’t know one person in the National Guard who would arrest us for being right wing, domestic terrorists.  Most of those in the Guard feel like we do. They join the Guard to serve their country. They are not signing up to arrest and guard American Citizens. If it ever came time to arrest the American Citizens 80% of those in the National Guard would be locked up with us.  None of our military would obey an order to arrest American Citizens.

Before you get all bent out of shape, think. Think what it would take to house, feed, and put clothes on our backs.  If they decided to kill us that would be a heck of a chore as well. Where would they bury 10 million people?   Folks this is not Germany in the 30ies.  This is not Stalin’s Russia.  Americans know how to fight and most of us have firearms. Don’t you think the government knows this?   Why would they need to lock us up when they can vote to take all we have???  

I found several FEMA camps.  One was a Catholic Church and another a Baptist summer camp in the Arbuckle mountains in Oklahoma.

If you want something to worry about, then focus on the government health care plan being crammed down our necks.  Don’t be distracted by these rumors of  FEMA camps. This is just another distraction of no worth.   Sleep well, you won’t be arrested in the morning because you went to church today.  Will Cooper <><


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