Will We Ever Know?

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One of my eBay family members sent me a perplexing question this morning.  The question is: did King Barry issue an Executive Order his first day in office sealing all presidential records?  I don’t have any access to the White House other than my name is probably already on file with the new website that collects information on those of us who stand against what’s going on in Washington. That email address is flag@WhiteHouse.gov in the event some of you liberals want to re-send my name.

It makes perfect sense for the president to issue an order to seal his records, but if so then why have not some of the birthers uan into this?  At some point it stands to reason they would hit the wall that tells them this is off limits.  As it is the president has spent a million dollars to protect his records.  We can’t even get his kindergarten records.  I have a hunch if he had issued this order he would let people seek the information and then let them be told by the government that it’s classified.

But on other hand there were rumors that President Bill Clinton did something similar during his first term. As many of you know Clinton never released his medical records. As fate would have it I have an older friend who is Bill’s first cousin.  He grew up in Hope, Arkansas.  My friend may be dead now, I have not spoken to him in a decade.  His mother and Bill’s were sisters. My friend is a strong conservative, but he said Bill hugged his neck at the president’s mother’s funeral.  He told me the reason Bill would not let his medical records be released is because they would show treatment for venereal diseases.  Note more than one treatment.  I have been asked if there were also records that Bill’s nose was burned out by cocaine?  Not according to his first cousin. Bill was never a heavy user. He couldn’t risk it. He was a womanizer however and no doubt raped Miss Arkansas in the back seat of a limo. She was the first black to be Miss Arkansas and was afraid to press charges for fear no one would believe her.

Again I have no way of knowing if Mr. Clinton did in fact issue an Executive Order because the press will not tell us those kinds of things on a Democrat president. Trust me, if George W. Bush had issued an Executive Order not to release his Air National Guard information it would have been front page news.

Please understand 99% of the media drank the King Barry kool-aid and were in a dizzy state when he took office. The last thing they would do is inform us that he was covering his rear.

Will we ever know if he was born in this country?  I’m beginning to wonder.  Let’s face it folks, if he was not born a US Citizen those at his side knew this a long time ago.  They built a cover long before he was sworn in.  Every base was covered.  They had to know what snoops we Americans are.  They had to know some would start questioning why he had no birth certificate. That piece of junk they show in the Internet is laughable.  It’s worse than the fake IDs underaged college kids use to get into bars.  It’s worse than $100 bills printed on a Kinko’s machine.

If indeed George Soros or the King Of Saudi Arabia or both of them were behind his election they have enough smart people to help hide evident that could wreck his presidency.  This doesn’t mean we should stop asking.  To be honest I hope for America’s sake he is legitimate. Why would I say that?  I’m not sure our country could stand the destruction that would take place if he were impeached and removed from office.  If you think the riots after the Lakers won the NBA Finals were bad, multiply that by 1o,000 towns all across this land. There is no way to know how much damage would be done by fires alone. The blacks would not understand he was removed because of the US Constitution, but rather they would see it as a racist move.

The blacks tend to forget he is a half breed and has no slave blood.  He is not one of them but his wife is.

We are already on fragile ground.  We are walking on a thin crust. Extra weight just might make the crust to break and cause all of us to fall into an abyss. I had rather battle him at the polls than deal with a nationwide riot.  Make no mistake, I don’t want him to be  president, but if I have the choice of the two I’ll take him.  I drove through Watts and saw what a mini riot can do. Multiply that by the millions of blacks who would take to the streets.  We live in troubled times.

YES, there are a lot of blacks who didn’t drink the kool-aid, but they are so few it doesn’t matter. They spoke out during the election and were called Uncle Toms. They were called stupid and slaves to the whites.  Those blacks would be trampled the same as you and me.

Will we ever know? Frankly I doubt it.  That doesn’t make it right, but it is probably the truth.  You see those in the Supreme Court see the same thing I do…the total destruction of America.  We are not talking about broken windows and stolen televisions, but the death of thousands of Americans, both black and white.  It would not surprise me to see the extreme liberals joining in the burning and looting.

It is not always easy to speak the truth as I see it, but I would not be me if I gave you phony answers.

The ideal thing would be for him to admit to the crime and resign, but that ain’t goin’ to happen.  It would be a cold day in South Texas before that happens and it was 103 today. (smile)

Have a good nights sleep…   Will Cooper <><


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