Failure To Communicate

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One of my favorite sayings in the movies is when the prison warden told Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

No doubt Cool Hand Luke was a mobster, like us.  Sean Hannity is making all of his callers give him their mob name.  I guess mine would be “Dry Creek Lefty”.  The lady whose company does my shipping and money collecting on eBay told me today, she is One Shot Mik.  In fact she is the one who told me about Hannity.  I don’t carry a radio around with me. First of all one would be soaking wet in a few hours.  We had another hot one today, 102 degrees.  I’m not sure but I think that is 50 days this summer over 100 degrees.

I can’t remember if I told you but in June we had less than half an inch of rain.  For July we had less than half of an inch.  No rain at all for August. This means we have received less than 3/4″ all summer long.  Now you know why I choose Dry Creek Lefty.

What do the Democrats not understand about we don’t want government run health care?  What we have here is a failure to communicate. They honestly don’t get it.  Many in Congress think we are a bunch of paid mobsters like they use.  They use the Union thugs and ACORN to bus people to meetings.  They cannot comprehend that folks like you and me go because we care about our country.  There is no mass mobilization to bus us to the town hall meetings.

Nancy Pelosi said we were swastika wearing hate mongers.  Nancy and another bright mind in the House did an op-ed piece in USA Today saying we are UN-American.  Dingle said we remind him of the KKK.  I’m sure you saw the video of a citizen who wheeled his son with cerebral palsy up in front of Dingle and asked if the new bill would take care of his son.  Dingle lied and said that provisions have been put in the bill.  A bald face lie.  Then he tells the press that the guy with his son in a wheelchair reminded him of the days of right wing extremists and the KKK.

But the thing that urks me the most is the Speaker of the House and one of her lap dogs saying you are Un-American because you want to stop this insane government take over of our health.  How dare she say you are Un-American. What gives her the right to slander you?   Let me tell you something, she knew what she was doing.  The article in USA Today was written and vetted before it was printed.

Obama had a so called town hall meeting today in New Hampshire.  The meeting was filled with his plants. He was not going to take a chance that some of you Mobsters would show up and ask hardball questions. They planted a 13 year old girl to ask about the ugly signs out in front. What we have here is a failure to communicate.  King Barry refuses to look at the dissenters as  wonderful, God fearing, America loving people.  He sees us as Republican plants who want to bring down his presidency.

I want to show you a photo and you tell me who is Un-American in this image.

Obama and Pledge of Allegience Iowa state fair

How dare that leftist bunch say you are Un-American because you don’t want a heath care system that will pull the plug when you reach 65 or 70.  There is a provision in the bill that says when we reach 70 we will have to go before an End of Life government worker.  Some ACORN worker will sit down with us and tell us where to buy hemlock.  Where is Jack Kavorkian now that the president needs him.  When I reach 70 I darn sure don’t want to be talking about end of life. I want to be talking about reaching 100.  I think this is what the government is afraid of.  Joe Biden said we should all want to be taxed more if we are patriotic. Now the president has topped his vice president, he wants to pull the plug on us when we reach 70.

I thought Biden was the one who walked around with a shoe in his mouth, but the president stepped in it today.  He was trying to make a point that private health insurance companies could compete with the government run health care. He said, “We have FedEx, UPS and the Post Office. Fed Ex and UPS are doing great. It’s the Post Office that is having problems.”  I bet his handlers dropped their dentures. But you know what, the president is right.  We have FedEx and UPS that kick butt.  I guess you know the Post Office uses FedEx for their overnight mail.  Like they say, when it positively has to be there the overnight use FedEx.

Maybe we are not turning out in large enough numbers. Maybe not enough of us are writing letters. But right now we have failed to communicate to the liberal Senators and Representatives that America doesn’t want the government sticking their nose in our heath care.  If you are not making phone calls and writing letters then why not?  Do you want to prove them right that only a small group is protesting???  If I have time then you do as well.

Sleep well, your government is going to take care of you. Or they will if we don’t stop them now.  Will Cooper <><

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Finally, Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst president in our history.


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