Here We Go Again

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You are looking at a self portrait of Dry Creek Lefty…he is typical of the new Mob that is sweeping this country. Thousands of mobsters just like Dry Creek Lefty are descending on the members of Congress as they return for town hall meetings. Some are older, a lot are fatter and many are being hauled in their wheel-chairs; nevertheless they are the MOB. I’m probably the only one holding a gun. In fact I know I am. These new mobsters are not going to town hall meetings carrying firearms, they are carrying knowledge.  Funny thing when I did this portrait two years ago I was thinking I was showing my eBay family that out here on the ranch we had varmits to shoot. Like 6′ rattlesnakes, rabid fox, coyotes and, in one case, feral dogs. Now I’m probably seen as a white, right wing, extremist terrorist. This is the way those people think. I’ll probably end up on some liberal blog as an example of the new wing of the white militia out to destroy this country.

Here we go again. The government has decided there is going to be a revival of “white militia extremists” who are domestic terrorists. In fact they say groups are already forming.  One report I saw the Southern Poverty League said they located 50 new militia groups in the past six month.  The Southern Poverty League was started by Morris Dees who became very wealthy on preaching fear and suing people.  He closed towns with his big lawsuits for discrimination. For instance, a black lady felt she was slighted in a dress shop and took her complaint to the city. Dees took her case and won a judgement against the dress shop and the little town. Both ended up bankrupt.  It was later discovered he sent the woman in the first place.  The Southern Poverty League is in it for the money.  Dees is Jewish and has made his money on civil rights cases.  He has sued a lot of the right wing groups and won. Essentially putting them out of business. A fairly large religious group in Idaho was sued by him and ended up losing their church grounds.  Yes, the group was extremely right wing, but in America they have a right to believe what they choose.

I saw one Congressman saying he was expecting more Timothy McVeighs who want to destroy this country.  I’m glad he brought up that subject. Tim McVeigh was a patsy.  He was targeted by some Muslim terrorists who supplied the money and know how.  Clinton refused to allow that information to be brought out in the trial.  Clinton didn’t want to stir things up with the Muslims…that is why 9-11 was so successful.

McVeigh was seen with a dark skinned man getting gas on the way to Oklahoma City. In the debris they found a leg of a brown skilled man with a military type boot on. This evidence was not allowed in court. DNA was not allowed.  On top of that 4 Muslim men flew immediately from Oklahoma City to NYC where the FBI allowed them to leave the country.  They were never questioned. Maybe if we had waterboarded them we would have got the information to prevent 9-11.

But let’s back up a few months before the Oklahoma City blast.  The daughter of a very prominent business man from Tulsa was caught smoking grass or some such offense. The Feds told her they would free her of all charges if she snitched for them. Her father owned Mapsco…in other words she was not some trailer house trash, who was selling her body to live. Her job was to infiltrate a reclusive ‘white supremest’ group of religious zealots in the mountains along the Arkansas and Oklahoma border.  She became a trusted member and slipped information back to the Feds.  Six weeks before Oklahoma City she told the Feds about several Muslims planning to bomb the Federal Building in OKC.  In other words the Feds knew the bombing was going to happen.  The reason they didn’t stop it is because they need villains.  You do know the FBI and ATF people didn’t show up for work the day of the bombing. Think they didn’t know something was going to happen????

McVeigh worked gun shows, eeking out a living along with his friend Terry Nichols.  I think the terrorists found them, slipped them money and brain washed them into helping with the job. Tim was already upset by the slaughter of American lives under the command of Janet Reno at Waco and the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife and baby.

Stephen Jones, McVeigh’s lawyer said he felt Tim took the blame because if he didn’t the terrorists would kill his sister and the rest of his family. Like a good soldier he put on the martyr uniform and faced his own death rather than help get the truth out. The terrorists used his younger sister as bait. Talk and she dies. Likewise the rest of his family. I remember the sister hinting at her fear for her life.  She was talking about what would happen to her if her brother told what he knew.

McVeigh gives the liberals a target to point to.  Now they have revived the scare of the 90ies. In truth there were only a few small pockets of people who wanted to take this country back by power.  Two of three cases they stepped over the line and robbed banks to get money to run their operations. I don’t condone the violence, but I can understand their frustration.  We all feel so powerless.

I now believe the 9 arrested in NC are not terrorists, but men who the government needs for an example. They needed a white Muslim terrorist so they can demonize the whites. Boyd, his sons, brother are white. I think the rest are black.  Boyd has become the face of the new domestic terrorist, young and white.  It’s been proven he was lying about what all he had done in Afghanistan. The war with Russia was over before he got there.  He committed no crime. He owned a few guns.  Did you ever see photos of his gun stash?  NO, because there were only a handful. The government can tell us he had a stash of weapons and we think a room full…show us photos of only 8 or 9 guns and it’s not very scary.

Now the left is trying to demonize those of us protesting this massive health care bill.  Last week Rep. David Scott D-GA was holding a town hall meeting.  A local doctor asked him a tough question on health care. Scott went off on the man, saying I only want people from my district to speak. You should have made an appointment if you wanted to ask me questions. Small problem with Scott’s statement. The doctor was from his district and had called Scott’s office three times trying to get a meeting. David Scott is black and he is now saying he is getting messages that use the N word on his phone. That I doubt. I also doubt if some white extremist group put the swastika on his office sign.  I bet he or his staff put the swastika on the sign to play up racism. The liberals are doing all they can to make this healthcare issue about race. Below is am image of Rep. David Scotts sign.  This is a fake if I have ever seen one.

Swastika Health care

John Dingle of MINN had a man carrying a swastika sign in protest on the sidewalk in front of where he was speaking.  The guy was black and later in the day the same sign carrying guy was handing out Dingle’s material.  These Democrats will stoop as low as they can to destroy us.  We know Dingle’s sign was a plant.  I believe Scott’s defaced sign is staged. I noticed the news didn’t jump on either the Dingle or Scott deal. I think the press knows the Scott sign is self done and Dingle is a 87 year old man desperate to hold on to his job.

I got a little long tonight….sleep well.  Will <><


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